Even if you haven't rowed before, rowing provides one of the best ways to make friends quickly during your first term at Cambridge. Most members of the Club had never rowed prior to University, but quickly progress due to the excellent coaching on offer. Moreover, the possibility of participating in a sport with such strong links to the tradition of the University is an unmissable opportunity. Of course, the social aspect of the Club is also a huge attraction for all members.

Lower Boats Captains (LBCs) are usually 2nd years who have themselves noviced at Downing and with whom you will be quickly familiar with as Freshers Reps or College Parents. Novicing in your first term is relatively relaxed, informal and ultimately very enjoyable. There are a number of competitions in which the Club participates, including Queens Ergs; a 500m sprint amongst other colleges in a charged and exciting atmosphere. The term culminates in Clare Novices and the Fairbairns Cup, prior to the traditional Boat Club Dinner.

Whilst most of the new members will join the Club in Michaelmas, the opportunity to learn to row is offered throughout the year and new members are always hugely welcome. For those who have rowed with either school or town clubs, the senior squad provides a great chance to further your rowing career taking advantage of the best equipment and coaching available and in an enjoyable and rewarding atmosphere. Please contact the Men's Captain or the Women's Captain as appropriate.

If you have rowed before but feel you would be better suited to novicing, then the LBCs are again a great first point of contact.