Rowing is the quintessential Cambridge sport, and there's no better place to give it a go than at Downing. The college boasts some of the best facilities on the Cam and offers a friendly, relaxed atmosphere to learn in.

If you haven't rowed before, you'll be taught in a well structured programme by your Lower Boats Captains (LBCs) and other members of the boat club. Absolutely anyone is welcome to try it out, whether you wish to pursue rowing to a high level and chase a place in the 1st VIII or just have fun rowing with your friends.

During the Michaelmas term novices will typically have two or three outings a week, starting out in tubs (small stable boats ideal for learning the parts of the stroke in) and quickly moving into VIIIs, which are the boats raced in at Fairbairns (the main competition at the end of term) and the Lent and May bumps races. There will also be land training sessions where basic technique and fitness can be improved on rowing machines. Meetings are held each week with the LBCs to catch up and organise outing times.

At the end of the Michaelmas term you'll have the option of moving up to the senior squads or remaining with the lower boats for the Lent and Easter terms. The club will be hosting a week long training camp in Spain in January which is highly recommended for those wishing to progress. If you have any questions about novicing at Downing take a look at the Novice FAQs or contact the LBCs, who will always be happy to help.