Boat House

The new £1,000,000 Boat House was completed in 2000 providing us with some of the best training facilities on the Cam.

Facilities at the new Boat House include:

  • Weight-training room
  • Ergo (rowing machine) room
  • Spacious boat bay Large club room
  • Full shower and changing rooms
  • Two briefing rooms
  • Boatman's workshop and office
  • 6 en-suite student rooms
  • The fleet of boats is extensive, and of a very high quality and includes:

  • 2 Men's Filippi Italia 2 fine racing VIIIs
  • 1 Women's Filippi Italia fine racing VIII
  • 1 Women's Stampfl fine racing VIII
  • 2 Men's Janousek VIII
  • 1 Women's Janousek VIII
  • 1 Women's Stampfli IV+
  • 1 Men's Stampfli VI+
  • 2 Janousek IV+s 1
  • Janousek IV-
  • 3 Janousek II-/x
  • Several 1x, for all weights
  • Several novice-level VIIIs
  • The Boat House is located just upstream of the Elizabeth Way roadbridge, next to Emma's boat house. To get there on foot or bike:

    1. Head out of college's main gates, round Pizza Hut, and along the side of Parker's Piece by the University Arms (Park Terrace).
    2. From the corner of Parker's Piece head down Clarendon Street and continue to head straight on until you reach Midsummer Common.
    3. Follow the path straight ahead, and follow it round to the right. You'll see a white and magenta footbridge - head for that, and cross over.
    4. Downing's Boat House is the second one, to the right along the river. There is a gate on Cutter Ferry Path (turn right from the bridge), or you can turn right down the side of the bridge and walk along the riverside to the front of the Boat House.

    A map can be found here.