• Summer Cuppers a Success

    20 June 2005

    There was a large turnout to this year's Summer Cup, which was one by Trinity Hall in a hotly contested final against Trinity. Some excellent volleyball was played throughout the day, and it was seen very clearly that volleyball is alive and happening at Cambridge.

    Special thanks to Kristen for great organization.

    Group stage (teams listed in finishing order)
    Pool A
    Caius/ John's
    Catz II

    Pool B
    This was a very evenly matched pool, and final ranking had to go down to the number of sets against!
    wins losses sets for sets against
    Pembroke 3 1 6 3
    Emma 2 2 6 5
    Catz I 2 2 5 2
    Robinson 2 2 5 3
    Selwyn 1 3 2 6

    Pool C

    Pool D
    Trinity Hall
    Catz I
    New Hall

    **Consolation division**
    Quarter finals
    Caius/ John's beat Robinson
    Peterhouse beat Catz I
    Astronomy beat Selwyn
    New Hall beat Catz II

    Semi finals
    Caius/John's beat Astronomy, 2-0
    Peterhouse beat New Hall, 2-1

    Caius/John's beat Peterhouse, 2-0

    Quarter finals
    Emma beat Jesus
    Pembroke beat Churchill
    Trinity Hall beat Kings
    Trinity beat Girton

    Semi finals
    Trinity Hall beat Emma
    Trinity beat Pembroke, 2-1

    After having lost to Trinity in the group stage, Trinity Hall came back to win a very close final: 16-21, 21-17, 15-13.
    Posted by Stephen Sarkozy