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CUSAGC (Cambridge University Scout and Guide Club) is unique amongst Cambridge societies in terms of the variety of events run for its members - ensuring there's something for everyone, whether you like adventurous activities (including hiking, climbing and kayaking), social activities (such as lunches, formal halls and bowling) or working with other sections of Scouting and Guiding (on the service events and through our strong links with the movements locally). Find out what we've currently got planned by taking a look at the programme section, while the other links above will go into some more detail about what we do. Students from Anglia Ruskin University and Cambridge Regional College have always been welcomed by the club too - don't be misled by our name!

CUSAGC recruitment posterWe organise trips or camps in term and the holidays, and there is also the opportunity to meet Scouts and Guides from other universities at SSAGO Rally - held three times a year. All club equipment is free for members to use, so it's not expensive to take part either.

There's no need to have any prior links to either Scouts or Guides to get involved, you just need an interest in some of the many things we do! That said, if you're interested in getting involved in a local Scout or Guide section then we have good links to local units and can help put you in touch and find one that fits in with you. Offers of help are always welcome, regular or occasional, experienced or eager to learn.

If you have any unanswered questions or would like to know more, then please do contact me. Happy browsing!

Tom Webster, CUSAGC Chairman 2016-2017.

You can contact Tom at .
For more information about joining CUSAGC, see the Joining FAQ page. You can now also join online!