Where do you recruit from?

We recruit from the following Universities:
Cambridge University
University of East Anglia
Anglia Ruskin University

What do I have to do before I can join?

Before you are able to join the URNU, you will need to express your interest, attend a meet and greet evening, fill in an application form and attend a short interview.

What is the interview like, and what should I know?

If you have applied and are offered an interview, you should brush up on recent naval and current affairs, and think about why you want to join. You should be able to sell yourself, and give us an idea of what what you would bring to the unit.

Do I have to be a fresher to join?

No, although preferably you will have at least 3 years left on your degree course.

What if my degree course involves a year out?

This is not a problem, and many of our unit members are in the same position. You are able to take a year out from the unit and your place is guaranteed for when you return from your placement year.

Will I be liable to go to war?

No, although as a member of the URNU you are a member of the military, you hold an honorary rank in the Royal Naval Reserve and cannot be called up to war.

Do I have to attend a certain amount of the time?

We ask that all our members attend 16 drill nights, 3 sea weekends and 2 weeks of continuous training, usually a deployment phase, spread out over the year. We understand people may not be able to attend some of these, so some leniency is possible, but there is a bounty paid for students who meet this minimum training time

Will I have a rank?

Yes. In your first year you will be an Officer Cadet in the Royal Naval Reserve (RNR), and in your second and third years (if you complete your navigation and seamanship training) you will hold the rank of Midshipman in the RNR.

Do I need to join the Royal Navy when I graduate?

No, the URNU does not require people to join the Royal Navy after graduation. However, if you are interested in joining, the URNU provides insight into the varied opportunities within the RN

Will I need to have a medical check?

Yes, you will need to have a medical check if you are invited to join the unit. This is not as scary as it sounds, and is a straightforward medical examination to ensure you are not suffering from any medical condition which would endanger you or others while at sea. This medical is not as stringent as those for the regular Royal Navy and Royal Naval Reserve. If you have any worries about your eligibility to join the unit on medical grounds, please do contact us in confidence, and we will try our best to advise and help!

Will I be paid as a member of the URNU?

Yes, while on duty, members of the URNU are paid a standard daily rate of pay, currently around £40. You are also paid 1/4 days pay for each drill night you attend. Whilst you will be expected to pay for some functions such as dinner, you will also be paid for your attendance, so you will not find yourself out of pocket. If you meet the minimum training requirements, a bounty will be paid which is currently around £140 for a first year member. This means that a first year who completes all their minimum training requirements will earn around £1000 a year!