Cambridge URNU and HMS Trumpeter participate in 2 deployments annually, one over the Easter break, and one in the summer. These deployments consist of several two-week long phases, and crews change over between each phase, allowing all the students the opportunity to get to sea. Because of this extended time on board, we are able to travel further afield than in a normal sea weekend and get the chance to travel all over Europe. Last year's summer deployment included visits to Finland, the Baltic States, Poland, Germany, Sweden and Denmark.

Deployments are the highlight of the year for many. Not only does the normal student training occur, but we are able to explore different locations which many other larger ships of the RN are unable to reach, which emphasises a key role we play for the RN, getting to places to publicise the Royal Navy where no one else can.

Most deployments are inter URNU, meaning we get to work alongside other URNUs and P2000s. Together we take part in many activities which are impossible to do alone, and these joint deployments also enable inter URNU relations to become even stronger. Furthermore during deployments, we host cocktail parties on board our ships, and many social evenings are enjoyed by all.

CURNU Deployment