Adventurous Training (AT) is a central part of military life, and CURNU is no exception. As well as access to centrally organised activities, we organise a number of our own weekend expeditions. These have recently included climbing, caving, abseiling and mountain biking. We have also sent students to Operation Bavarian Surprise, a week of varied adventurous activities open to anyone in the Navy and held in Germany.

Each year CURNU competes in the URNU sports weekend, where all 14 URNUs from around the country come together in a spirit of (mostly) friendly competition for the chance to win the prestigious title of best URNU at sport. All levels are included: beginners have the chance to try new sports (some of which are idiosyncratically Naval) and elite players have an excuse to show off their skills. There is also the chance to meet new and old friends from other URNUs at the social on Saturday night.

At and sport