Show Jumping Cuppers 2012

First a confession: we forgot to write a report for this. Off  we went to Yelling, had a great day, posted photos on facebook,  handed out trophies and no one wrote anything for the website. So here are my memories 6 months on.

Unlike last year, the worst of the winter held off, so we could stick with our traditional schedule and go jumping on the last Sunday of Michaelmas term. We didn’t even get rained on.

We all wandered around the arena with Sharon having a bit discussion about where to build the jumps. After much fidgeting and trying to make the old wings stand up on the sand, we agreed a course. Then we realised that most of Hill Top’s professional jumping horses were lame or on loan, so it became a pony day. We lowered the height of the main class to between 2’6” and 2’9” and anyone light enough got the challenge of one of the newly broken children’s ponies.

Staying loyal to the Scottish, Jade immediately fell in love with a 13hh Highland, Mishka, and rode a lovely round, with just one cheeky bypass of a double that wasn’t really set on a little pony stride. Steph and Bayleaf had a less harmonious time. When the little mare jumps she has an astonishing bounce for her size, but is very new to the idea of a course and she didn’t quite want to go over all the jumps. They did finish after some firm negotiation and a solid seat in the meantime from Steph.

Having spent all term helping school the children’s ponies, Trisna jumped at the chance to ride Pebbles. One of the newer horses at Hill Top, she’s only been show jumping for a few months and did both her rounds at full throttle, hunting style.

Piper, as ever, was as gentle and steady as they come, guiding the less confident jumpers around the smaller course earlier in the afternoon, then finding the spirit from his competing  days over the bigger jumps later. This was very much a cob round: lots of enthusiasm but absolutely no looking for strides.

Of the 10 riders who came on the day to compete, none happened to be from the same college. Steph used her random number generator to put us into three mixed teams. The normal college loyalty and rivalry was a bit dulled but as much fun was had as always.

Apologies to those whose round I have forgotten. This Facebook photo album  suggests Travao jumped several nice rounds (check you are logged in to Facebook if you are having problems viewing it.) Congratulations to Khadije, Kate and Harriet on their team victory. Report by Lindsey Tate (President 2011, Secretary 2012).

Results (Teams):

1st Place:
Harriet Davies – Selwyn
Khadija Carroll – Pembroke
Kate Horan – Girton

2nd Place:
Trisna Tungadi – Newnham
Lindsey Tate – Queens’
Hannah Molyneux – Selwyn
Verity Myers – Corpus Christi

3rd Place:
Steph Ng – Robinson
Tess Foxcroft – Homerton
Jade Peace – Trinity
Lottie Buttar – St. John’s

Spanish chestnut jumping 2ft9 spread

Travao in the 3ft class