Show Jumping Cuppers 2011

(The event which was organised twice. Traditionally scheduled for the Thursday as Michealmas term ends unfortunately this year was in the midst of a very cold snap. So we had to rearrange for the Thursday as Lent term ends and try again.)

The format was designed to encourage high, clear, stylish jumping, with no points for speed. Each rider had a free choice of which height course to attempt and was awarded more starting points the higher they choose. Jumping penalities were deduced from this starting score. Everyone was also scored on style, just incase we had a tie for jumping penalities.

Team results:
1st place – mixed colleges (166 jumping points, 25 style)
2nd place – Trinity and Fitzwilliam (158 jumping points, 22 style)
3rd place – Selwyn and Darwin (130 jumping points, 19 style)

Another slightly dull morning but again an impressive spread of tea and cake to keep us warm. Much fun was had by the first car load to arrive when Sharon let us loose to finding anything suitable for course building we could see on the yard. We never knew she had a set of brightly painted planks and so many wings. We built a friendly course, then Sharon came in and built a course to stop us all getting clear rounds. After much debate during the course walk as to if the line from 1 to 2 was actually possible, we mounted up. First rider, Harriet Davies on Treveo, demonstrated that it most certainly was possible to make to line between the first 2 fences, on her way to a stylish clear. Summer didn’t want to face to issue of the awkward turn and took exception to the first fence, refusing with Becky Hunter and Luisa Moretto. Commendations to Steph Ng for some determined riding to score the only clear round Summer was persuaded to jump. Then the fences were dropped as all the riders who would take Piper had decided he should jump small. Piper, freed from his usual duty of caring for novices, had other ideas and attacked the small course with gusto, jumping 3 clear round including the highest style score of the day, convincing everyone he deserves a go at the big fences next year.