Dressage Cuppers 2011

A week after the dressage clinic, the weather had mercifully changed from snow and sleet to spring sunshine. We were putting into practice the advice from the clinic on our tests (Novice 39 and Elementary 41), but this time competing against each other while Sharon acted as judge.
Thanks to the improved weather, the horses were in a better mood and we all enjoyed watching and supporting each other. There was a wide choice of cookies to choose from once the riding was over and rosettes for all the teams. It


1st Place: Mixed College Team
Jade Peace – Trinity
Nicola Heckeburg
Alexandra Hepburn – Christ’s

2nd Place: Mixed College Team
Stephanie Ng – Robinson
Vera Hunnekuhl – Robinson
Khadija Carroll – Pembroke

3rd Place: Newnham
Caitlin Myers
Trisna Tungadi
Elizabeth Campion

4th Place: Mixed College Team
Lindsey Tate – Queens
Tess Foxcroft – Homerton
Kate Horan – Girton

After the prizegiving, with Sharon