Dressage Cuppers 2012

The following report was written by Lindsey Tate, CURC President from 2011-12 and Secretary from 2012-13:

It was a Friday afternoon in late November and unusually bright for the time of year. We had a choice of a Novice or Elementary test. Unfortunately everyone was busy and not quite concentrating before competition day and we turned up with an Elementary test for a 20m x 60m arena – a much larger arena than the one we had… It was all a bit squished and complicated but we
managed somehow and no one fell over.

Steph Ng completing her test on Travao

We rode in three teams, selected by Steph’s random number generator in the absence of more than one person from the same college. Each team had two
riders, one of whom rode the Novice and the other the Elementary test.


1st: Nicola Heckeberg on Fenya (Elementary) and Lindsey Tate on Max (Novice)

2nd: Steph Ng on Treveo and a mystery team mate who has unfortunately been lost to the mists of time…

3rd: Khadija Carroll on
Imran (Elementary) and Amy Reynolds on Harvey (Novice)

It was a small field this year but everyone enjoyed themselves. The dressage clinic two weeks beforehand was useful preparation for the day, with some good test scores, particularly from Nicola who gained the individual high score.

Thanks to Tamsin for being official photographer and organiser of the event, and of course to everyone at Hilltop and the drivers who got us all there.

L-R: Steph Ng, Amy Reynolds, Sharon Newbound, Imran, Khadija Carroll, Nicola Heckeburg, Lindsey Tate