Dressage Clinic 2011

We all woke up to a wet, rather miserable day, but never the less we set out to practice our dressage, keen as always to get on a horse for a couple of hours. Everybody rode the test through once, then after getting feedback from Georgie, had the chance to try any bits again that were a bit shaky the first time around, in order to polish up for cuppers. As the afternoon progressed the weather got worse and worse and those flasks if hot tea were definitely a good idea! I have to say a massive congratulations to all the riders for braving the weather and keeping their heads high and riding some beautiful tests dispite the sideways sleet and plummeting temperatures and a special thank you to Georgie, who gave us all such fantastic feedback! I hope everyone enjoyed the afternoon and managed to defrost (hot showers and hot chocolate cannot be beaten in this sort of situation!)