Combined Training 2011

Easter Term began and we realised all the competitions this year had been for teams, so we thought it was time to let the individuals shine.

Then we looked down the entries and decided we had an international competition on our hands. An international competition helped by the English weather. One of the windiest days in Cambridge this year and Hill Top is, unsurprisingly, on a hill and rather exposed. The strain of exam term had prevented learning of dressage tests and thanks to everyone who took their turn shouting against the wind for the other riders. We also had take the jumps down to 2ft6, so we could use the plastic blocks which don’t blow down; although this was probably kinder on Bayleaf. Recently broken and standing at only 13.2hh, today was his first CURC competition experience.


Combinations doing dressage and show-jumping

1. Abby Waldman (Australia) and Treveo – 67 pen.
2. Lindsey Tate (England) and Piper – 88 pen.
3. Luisa Morretto and Summer – 92 pen.
4. Stephanie Ng (Singapore) and Ruby – 119 pen.
5. Trisna Tungadi (Indonesia) and Bayleaf – 128 pen.

Combinations riding dressage only:

1. Vera Hunnehukl (Germany) and Max – 65.6%
2. Ali Hepburn (England) and Ruby – 53.2%
3. Svava Wetzel (Switzerland) and Treveo – 48.8%

Sadly, the representative from Belgium had to withdraw through injury.