The Novice Teams

The Springhill Novice teams are a new initiative for the club this term, drawing together some of the stables most talented and enthusiastic riders, many of whom have never had access to high quality training and competitions. We meet on a weekly basis in three teams and travel to compete in London, as well as having lots of fun and learning together.

We will open applications for next year’s term at the end of the summer, but there may be possibilities for keen new members to join in the Lent term.

Our teams are as follows:

Novice A Team

Kirsty Jones (captain)

Laura van Holstein

Leanne Philpot

Novice B team

Rosie Brandreth

Roland Schwarz

Roumen Marinov

Tamsin Spelman

Hettie Winsor

Novice C team

Jenni Scurr

Suzy Eames

Le Qin

Eleanora K