• 'It is the constant and undying hope
    for improvement that makes golf so
    exquisitely worth the playing'

    Bernard Darwin

  • 'Art and nature thus in line
    Go to make a pefrect nine'

    W.S. Gilbert on Royal Worlington

  • 'Don't play too much golf.
    Two rounds a day is plenty'

    Harry Vardon

  • 'Saturday by Saturday and mostly on Sundays too,
    we did receive a golfing education which could
    be matched by young fellows of that age in no
    other way'
    Henry Longhurst

The CUGC has a mandate to play and promote the game of golf among the members of the university community. Accordingly, it is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students, including those attending the university from abroad.

Men’s golf at Cambridge is a Full Blue sport, and there are two men’s match teams - the Blues (first) team and the Stymies (second) team. The Blues are solid single-figure handicap players, with the Stymies being single-figure to mid-handicap players. However, it is important to note that there is often considerable movement between the teams through the season.

Ladies’ golf at Cambridge is a Half Blue sport, and the Ladies team includes solid single-figure to mid-handicap players. The In-Laws golfing society caters to the CUGC’s recreational players.

To follow our progress throughout the season, please click Blues, Stymies or Ladies for the weekly match reports.

For information on joining us, please click here.