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Mission Statement

The Cambridge University European Union Society strives to

  • promote cultural exchange and political debate amongst all with an interest in European issues
  • enhance knowledge and appreciation of European culture, languages and politics
in the University of Cambridge.

What is the driving force that has brought us together to create the European Union?

The answer to this question is what members of the European Union Society experience every day. We believe that the essence of European integration lies, above all, in the cultural and social exchange among the multiplicity of its peoples. It is this interactive experience that lends an ever lasting meaning to the whole understanding of the European Union.

To some extent, the European Union was born as reaction to centuries of intracontinental tensions and divisions. Following the ratification of the Rome Treaty, it has quickly developed into the world's most successful free trade area, single market and, most recently, loose political union. It represents an extraordinary philosophical exercise of unity, with a common denominator that is diversity.

Diversity in coexistence is both beautiful and difficult. The European Union Society takes up the challenge of bringing home to people an understanding of what the European Union is about and what we want it to become. We believe unity is not synonymous for homogenous, and national identities are not exclusive but complementary.

The European Union should become an example of how to preserve the cultural richness of each and every one of its regions while still being able to act together as a whole. We see the European institutions as the matrix that reconciles these apparently conflicting goals, as an essential building block of the emerging globalised society.

The Cambridge University European Union Society was founded by Jaime Royo Olid.

Garden Party, Cambridge