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Welcome to the Cambridge University European Union Society! 

”Bienvenidos! - Добре дошли! - Vķtejte! - Velkommen! - Willkommen! - Tere tulemast! - Καλοσορķσατε! - Bienvenue ! - Fįilte! - Benvenuti! - Iepazistieties! - Susipažinkite! - Üdvözöljük! - Merhba! - Welkom! - Witamy! - Bem-vindos! - Bun venit! - Vitajte! - Dobrodošli! - Tervetuloa! - Välkommen!

Whether you are European or not, if you like meeting people from all different backgrounds, this is the Society for you. All centred around Europe, but not strictly pro-European, we offer lively political debate, exciting talks and fantastic social events.

The highlight of the year is the Cambridge Model European Council which takes place at the end of each February with students from all over Europe attending. Photos from the 2006 event can be found in our gallery.

Upcoming Events

EGM - Elections

October 2008 - Date TBA

We are still looking for enthusiastic candidates for the positions below. CUEUS is a fun and informal society to join, and most of the positions below involve only about an hour's work a week. Please email Andy Jones (aj327) for more information!

The available posts are listed below:
  • President
    * Represents the Society as a whole
    * Coordinates the Committee's work and sets the Society's agenda
    * Liases other bodies of the University
    * Assumes the responsibility for all tasks that do not explicitly belong to the portfolio of another Committee member
  • CMEC Executive
    * Organises the annual CMEC at his/her discretion in consultation with the Committee
    * Acquires CMEC-specific sponsorship in coordination with the Treasurer
    * Establishes a sub-committee of his/her own
  • Secretary
    * Ensures a smooth administration of the Society
    * Manages all correspondence that does not pertain to individual Committee members
    * Manages the Society's membership
    * Takes minutes at Committee meetings and circulates them subsequently
  • Treasurer
    * Manages the Society's accounts in close coordination with the President
    * Administers bank accounts and chequebooks
    * Acquires public and private sponsorship for the Society
    * Supports the Secretary in membership issues
  • Events Officer
    * Organises the Society's social events on his/her own responsibility in close coordination with the Committee
    * Organises all other Society events that may be held at the Committee's discretion
    * Establishes a sub-committee of his/her own
  • Public Relations Officer
    * Deals with the Society's PR activities
    * Advertises social events and other events of interest to the Society's membership
    * Coordinates and publishes the weekly newsletter
  • AEGEE Officer
    * Manages the Society's relations with AEGEE-Europe in coordination with the Committee
    * Is technically the President of AEGEE-Cambridge
    * Organises AEGEE-specific events in collaboration with the Ents Officer
  • Speakers Officer
    * Organises talks with speakers from within the University and from outside
    * Coordinates the visits of external speakers
    * Acquires speakers-specific sponsorship in collaboration with the Treasurer
  • IT Officer
    * Manages the Society's IT business
    * Is in overall charge of the website
    * Manages the mailing lists
    * Upgrades and improves the website
    * Provides Society-related IT support to the Committee and individual Committee members, if necessary
    * Manages the membership database in collaboration with the Secretary

European Food Fair

November 2008, Date and Location TBA

You are warmly invited to an evening of cross-cultural gaiety and merriment at the 2008 European Food Fair. Come to sample back-to-back food from the Central European, Cypriot, French, and Russian societies (more to be confirmed). The Union bar will be open for our use and free Fez International Night tickets will be given out at the end of the evening for those who want to finish the night off in style, Wonderful food and a chilled, friendly and diverse crowd awaits you at the now legendary European Food Fair!

In advance: £4 for participating societies, £6 for non-members
On the door: £5 for participating societies, £7 for non-members

Cambridge University European Union Society

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