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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Data Protection Act

CUEUS is a Data Controller under the Data Protection Act 1998. We hold information for the purpose of organising the CMEC 2009. We comply with the data protection principles set out in the Data Protection Act 1998 in relation to personal data which you provide in this application form. These principles restrict the powers of a Data Controller to disclose to third parties data which it is processing.

In particular, we collect data for the following purposes: (i) organisation of the CMEC; and (ii) provision of membership services. Your information will be held securely and only made available to the CMEC Team, as well as the Secretary and the Treasurer of CUEUS, or other responsible Society officers, as the case may be, owing to restructurings of the Committee from time to time.

Should you have any queries about how your information is used, please contact the CMEC President whose contact details may be obtained from our website.

2. Liability

Neither the organisers of the CMEC, nor CUEUS, nor The Cambridge Union on whose premises the event is held, can be held liable for any incidences that might occur before, during or after  the conference, such as theft, accidents, food poisoning and the like. If you wish to be covered for such events, it is your responsibility to take out private travel insurance.

External delegates must make themselves aware of the liability policy of the college to whom their Cambridge host belongs.

CUEUS will not be liable for any damages or fines which external delegates or their hosts incur by breaking college rules, byelaws, national laws, or international laws.

3. Payment Details

The participation fee for the 2009 event is 45 GBP for applicants outside Cambridge, and 35 GBP for applicants from Cambridge.

Our preferred method of payment is by cheque. Cheques (drawn on a UK bank) should be made payable to 'CU European Union Society' and sent to:

Sergio Milheiras
CMEC Committee
Darwin College
United Kingdom

However, we do accept bank transfers and cash payments, but it is your responsibility to ensure the payment reaches us, in full and with no deductions, i.e. all possible bank charges have to met by the participant(s).

For bank transfers:
Account name: Cambridge University European Union Society
Bank: HSBC PO Box 85 City Office, Cambridge, CB2 3HZ, UK
Account number: 82154382
Sort code: 40-16-08
IBAN GB20 MIDL 40160882154382

You will be informed about the receipt of your payment via email.

4. Late Payments

Fees have to be paid within 2 weeks of receiving your confirmation. If, for whatever reason, we have not received your payment within a forthnight, it is up to the discretion of the CMEC team to reallocate your place.

5. Cancellations

If, for whatever reason, you cannot take part in the CMEC in February, you need to notify us as soon as possible via email to the CMEC Secretary.

We will refund your participation fee according to the table below. These figures are final.

Applicants from outside Cambridge: Of your £45 we will refund

£35                   up to (and including) 8 December 2008

£25                   up to (and including) 5 January 2009

£15                   up to (and including) 31 January 2009

£0                     after 31 January 2009.

Applicants from Cambridge: Of your £35 we will refund

£35                   up to (and including) 8 December 2008

£15                   up to (and including) 5 January 2009

£5                     up to (and including) 31 January 2009.

£0                     after 31 January 2009.

In any case, you can get around this process, if and only if you find a replacement for yourself that is acceptable to the organisers. You will need to tell us their name and contact details in the very same email in which you cancel your own participation.

If you find a replacement, rather than returning your participation fee to you, we will treat it as if your replacement has paid the money. Hence they will not have to pay us, but it is your responsibility to get your money back from them.

CMEC 2009, St John's College Cambridge

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