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Cambridge Model European Council 2010

5th February - 7th February 2010

Applications for CMEC 2010 are no longer open as it has unfortunately not been possible to find a suitable venue for the conference.


We hope to run the CMEC again in 2011 and we hope to see you there!

For seven years running the Cambridge Model European Council (CMEC) has been a highly popular and successful conference run by the CUEUS that has attracted students from all over Europe.

As in previous years, about 150 students from all over Europe will descend on Cambridge, in late February, to learn from each other and to find out how difficult negotiating and compromising really is in the world of European politics. Assuming the roles of Commissioners, Heads of Government/State, and Ministers, they will debate a wide range of issues on the European agenda, from foreign affairs to the Common Agricultural Policy.

This weekend offers a unique chance to learn about Europe and its institutions. There is much room for idealism, but, going by experience, the horse-trading that develops between delegations brings you closer to the reality of politics than you might have hoped! However, a rich framework programme including a Cambridge-style formal hall offers plenty of opportunities to meet the other delegates, make friends, and overcome diplomatic deadlocks...

The conference is entirely organised by students; students will take all the roles in our simulation - and students will also report on proceedings and decisions in the role of journalists. The ministers will have to declare themselves in interviews and press conferences, and some will no doubt use the press skilfully to their ends. The control exercised by the journalists is a vital ingredient to the realistic atmosphere of the conference.

CMEC 2009, St John's College Cambridge

"We don't need direct elections but rather far more transparency and willingness to take responsibility. At the moment you have political dishonesty, a black hole of bureaucracy, instead of knowing who made what decision and how to hold that person to account."
Gisela Stuart, Member of the European Convention, addressing the students at the conference

"EU laws are like sausages. If you like them, you shouldn't see them made."
Stephen Cave, UK Foreign Office

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