Welcome to ChemSoc!

We are a Cambridge-based society hosting chemistry talks, usually on Friday nights in term time. Our events are always free to attend, and usually feature wine and refreshments.

Our talks are usually held in the Pfizer Lecture Theatre, in the Department of Chemistry. To find this, enter the Department in accordance with the red arrows on this map.

Upcoming events

The new committee is planning and organising events for next year. Please wait till the beginning of term for our eagerly awaited termcard release.

    Recent Past

    We hope you our talks last year:

    • Talk by Dr Peter Wothers on 13/10/17 on Gods, Devils and Alcohol
    • Talk by Dr Julian Huppert on 10/11/17 about Science and Politics
    • Talk by Prof. Chris Hunter FRS on 24/11/17 about The Chemistry of Life
    • Talk by Prof. Harry Anderson FRS on 23/02/18 about Organic Electronics
    • Talk by Dr Graham Smith of AstraZeneca on 09/03/18 about Drug Design - His Views
    • Talk by Dr Erwin Reisner on 27/4/18 on Sunlight-driven Synthesis of Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals

    As well as our quiz nights, socials and garden party.