Education For The Needy In China

We have provided the much needed educational resources for the people in China who need it the most —— migrant children, rural residents and impoverished children

Since establishment, we have raised one million RMB for our projects in China.

In 2005, we raised 200 thousand and founded DaMiao primary school in Hebei, which accommodates 350 pupils currently.

In 2009, we sponsored 24 pupils in YunXiangXi primary school in Sichuan, who had experienced the earthquake in 2008. We hope our support could help them restore their lives.

In 2014, we sponsored 18 impoverished college students in Capital Normal University. To appreciate the support from the society, they worked as volunteer teachers once a week, teaching children from migrant families.

In March 2017, Capital Normal University and we initiated a "Dandelion Plan", aim to tutor the children of migrant workers. We will send volunteer teachers to areas in need of education and will also actively collect feedback, such as videoing their classes, receiving opinion cards from children, etc. Besides, we assist the "Dynamic Community" plan originated by Capital Normal University. By achieving this, our volunteers help organize extra-curricular activities. We hope we can make substantial progress in terms of organizing activities, arranging programs, selecting volunteers, giving scholarships and receiving feedback. Additionally, we will work closely with Capital Normal University and become genuinely helpful.