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Language Courses

CUCES is organising informal courses of languages from Central and Eastern Europe (which are currently not taught at Cambridge University).

The courses usually start in October/November. The form and content of the course will depend on the number of students and their interests.

Further Information

If you are interested in learning (or improving) any of the following languages, please contact the Language Courses Coordinator from the current committee at .

Croatian: Nadia Bonifacic
Czech: Ondrej Ditrych
Hungarian: Gergely Zsigmond and Judit Damasdi
Polish: Stanislav Petrokonski
Romanian: Corina Balaban

We are currently looking for teachers in Central/Eastern European languages not listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Are courses offered in Polish or Ukrainian?
Polish and Ukrainian classes are not normally offered within the society's language scheme as these languages can be learnt free at the Department of Modern and Medieval Languages.

2. I am interested in teaching!
Excellent! Please get in touch with the Language Course Coordinator.

3. When do they start?
Whenever the teacher and the group decide that they want to start, I presume that most of the courses are likely to start early November. There is no official minimal or maximal class size - if the teacher is prepared to teach a small group of two or three students it's fine, although ideally we hope that there will be around 5-10 people in each class.

4. How often?
This depends on time and enthusiasm of teacher and potential students; in the past two years most courses took place once a week, but if people are very enthusiastic there is no reason why the classes should not take place more often. One lesson usually lasts between one and two hours, depending on the teacher's preference.

5. Where?
The best option is usually to have a room booked in a college, but colleges vary greatly in the generosity with which they allow booking their rooms. The best thing is to check at which college the teacher and the interested students are and check whether a room can be booked in any of them.

6. Teaching materials?
Up to the teacher: some teachers prefer using a language book (if available), others make their own copies which they then distribute. The costs of the materials will then be reimbursed to the teacher by CUCES.

7. Costs?
We think it is wonderful to have so many people volunteering to teach their languages and although they tend to do it out of enthusiasm and idealism it would be fair at least to try to reimburse them for their time and effort. In the past we have suggested a small, almost symbolical sum of 1 per lesson (or 1.50 for 1.5 hours) in a group of 5-10 people, a bit more in smaller groups. We hope this will not discourage anybody from attending the courses.

8. I am interested! What do I do?
Please contact directly people mentioned in the list above with any questions about the specific language they are offering to teach. Enjoy it, it is really a unique offer!

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