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Videos Click on the pictures below to be taken to the YouTube video. Further videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

Light Matter Documentary
A short documentary on the inspiration behind and making of our Senate House Gala performance 'Light Matter', in celebration of the University's 800th Anniversary, December 2009.

Lux Aeterna
Lux Aeterna, choreographed by Netta Shamir in collaboration with the dancers. Performed as part of the Sprung! in March 2009 at Queens' College Cambridge.

The Breathing Room - The Quiet Spaces
Excerpts from the third section of Jennifer Hersch's "The Breathing Room", performed at the Mumford Theatre in November 2008.

The Breathing Room - Point of Entry and Boxed in Memories
Excerpts from the first two sections of Jennifer Hersch's "The Breathing Room", performed at the Mumford Theatre in November 2008.

Linear Transitive
Excerpts from Tzo Zen Ang's "Linear Transitive", performed at the Mumford Theatre in November 2008.

New Works in Rehearsal
A short showreel of the company in reherasal for our first full length show New Works, performed in November 2008.

Excerpts of our recent show 'Impressions' performed under the Wren Library in Trinity College, Cambridge. Includes parts of Jennifer Hersch's 'Prelude' and 'Mirror in the Mirror', Tzo Zen Ang's 'Movement for Four' and Lise Smith's 'Such Stuff As Dreams'.

Mirror in the Mirror
Choreographed by Jennifer Hersch
Danced by Sinead Boughey, Elaine Cameron, Lucy Duane, Jenny Gardner, Emily Green, Merrilees Harris, Saba Hinrichs, Sandy Kwok, Vicky Le-May, Phyllis Mengchuan Li, Netta Shamir and Sarah Wilkinson

When Push Comes to Shove
Choreographed by Netta Shamir
Danced by Sinead Boughey and Jennifer Hersch

Parts of a Psalm
Choreographed by Sinead Boughey
Danced by Sinead Boughey, Jennifer Gardner, Emily Green and Jennifer Hersch

Five Breaths
Choreographed by Tzo Zen Ang
Danced by Tzo Zen Ang and Sinead Boughey

Samsui Water Women
Choreographed by Josephine Chiang
Danced by Sinead Boughey, Josephine Chiang and Arantza del Pozo


Cloud Dance Festival, 18 July 2010, Cochrane Theatre, London
In summer 2010 we were excited to make our London debut, performing Lise Smith's "Please, please, please" at the Cloud Dance Festival at the Cochrane Theatre. The festival website can be found here for further details. Video of the performance is available on the festival website here.

CRASSH Conference, 'Pain in Performance and Moving Beauty', 21 May 2010, Robinson College Chapel, Cambridge
We performed two repertoire works, Jennifer Hersch's "Boxed In Memories" and Lise Smith's "Please, please, please" at the CRASSH conference on Pain in Performance and 'Moving Beauty'. There was also a chance to listen to talks from the choreographers and ask questions of dancers. Please visit the conference page for more general information. Videos from the day are available for both Boxed In Memories and Please, please, please.

Signatures, 19th-23rd January 2010, ADC Theatre, Cambridge
For the third year running we guested at the Cambridge University Contemporary Dance Workshop annual performance, this year reprising three new commissions from December's Senate House performance: "Properties of Light" choreographed by Isobel Cohen, "Swan in Shadow" choreographed by Netta Shamir, and "Polyphony" choreographed by Tzo Zen Ang.

Light Matter, 4th and 5th December 2009, University Senate House, Cambridge
In our most ambitious project to date, in December 2010 the company produced and performed a gala performance in the University Senate House, for which we collaborated with Cambridge and London choreographers, composers and visual artists to create new work celebrating the university's 800th anniversary. Please visit our separate website for Light Matter: Celebrating 800 years of science through art.

Three Short Works, 20th October 2009, ADC Theatre, Cambridge
In our first independent performance at the ADC Theatre, we premiered Lise Smith's new suite of work "Please, please, please" in a triple bill with the Beatles Suite (revived from 2008) and a guest performance from SIN Cru Theatre. Programme details (PDF)

Darwin's Notebook, 8th July 2009, Cambridge University Museum of Zoology, 9th July 2009, The Junction, Cambridge
In July 2009 we guested with Lise Smith's M'Intenda at the summer show of Cambridge-based hiphop collective SIN Cru, exploring the theme of Darwin's notebooks. The first performance, part of the Darwin Festival, was site specific under the giant finback whale skeleton of the University's Museum of Zoology, and the second a presentation of the same work in a theatre setting.

Experience Dante, 25th April and 23rd June 2009, Robinson College, Cambridge
We worked collaboratively with composers, musicians, poets, academics, choreographers and filmmakers on a multidisciplinary performance project based on Dante's Commedia in April 2009. For the project we initially made three new major dance works, with new music by David Earl and Jeremy Thurlow, and choreography by Vanessa Fenton (Royal Ballet), Susie Crow, Netta Shamir and company members. The performance returned in June 2009 by popular demand, with two additional new dances by Lise Smith and Tzo Zen Ang.

Sprung! 09, 10th-11th March 2009, Fitzpatrick Theatre, Queens' College, Cambridge
We guested for the first time in 2009 at the Queen's Contemporary Dance Group annual performance Sprung!, this year celebrating its 10th anniversary. We presented three works: an excerpt from "Linear Transitive", and two premieres, "Lux Aeterna", a new piece to choral music exploring breath and lightness that was developed from material being made for the Dante Project, and "What I Want", a trio choreographed by Lise Smith.

Beauty, 20th-24th January 2009, ADC Theatre, Cambridge
In our second year guesting at the Cambridge University Contemporary Dance Workshop annual show, we presented three works, "Boxed In Memories", "Luna" and "Movement for Four". Photos by Claude Schneider | Photos by Duncan Grisby

New Works by Cambridge Contemporary Dance, 28th-29th November 2008, Mumford Theatre, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge
In our first full-evening performance, we premiered exciting new additions to our repertory, with pieces set to music ranging from new classical compositions to the Beatles and the legendary jazz music of Charles Mingus. Photos by Claude Schneider | Photos by Duncan Grisby

Impressions, 19th June 2008, Wren Library Cloisters, Trinity College, Cambridge
Impressions was our first independent performance as a company, presenting a selection of repertoire and new work in the elegant and unique venue of the cloisters under the Wren Library in Trinity. Photos by Claude Schneider | Photos by Duncan Grisby | Programme details

Perspectives, 22nd-26th January 2008, ADC Theatre, Cambridge
We performed several company works as part of the Cambridge University Contemporary Dance Workshop annual show Perspectives in January 2008. Photos by Duncan Grisby | Photos by Claude Schneider