Cambridge Contemporary Dance

Founded in 2007, Cambridge Contemporary Dance is a non-profit dance company committed to enriching the dance community in Cambridge by providing a platform for dancers in the region to collaboratively choreograph and perform high quality and innovative new works, both locally and further afield.

For company members, we hope to enable those who have had experience of working at the professional and semi-professional level behind them and who have since come to Cambridge to continue to work at that level, whilst also providing new talents the space to explore their ideas with an eye to moving on into the professional dance scene. As the only company of its kind in Cambridge, we also hope to continue to bring exciting, new and accessible work to the university and town public, which in recent years has increasingly shown an avid interest in contemporary dance performances at venues across Cambridge both traditional and uniquely site-specific.

If you would like to find out more about us, join our mailing list, or are interested in commissioning the company for performances or workshops, feel free to email us at cambridgecontemporarydance (at)