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Colour Name Often seen?
Black, Red, Black Red is thin Paul Fox Current member
Blue with Ns Sophie Draper Current member
Yellow, Black, Yellow Tom Crossley Current member
Blue, Brown Ruairidh Macleod Current member
Blue, White, Blue White is thin Radost Waszkiewicz Current member
Blue James Hickson Current member
Blue, Red Sam Wenham Current member
Brown Aiora Zabala Current member
Brown, Green Wookey & Tess Current members
Earth, Black Aidan Marks Current member
Green, Black Jon Arne Toft Current member
Grey, Yellow David Walker Current member
Purple, Yellow Mark Shinwell Current member
Red, Grey Elaine Oliver Current member
White Adrian Horrell Current member
White Philip Sargent Expo member
White, Red Philip Sargent Expo member
Red, White Michael Sargent Current member
White, Blue Haydon Saunders Official non-member
Blue, Yellow Becka Lawson Frequently
Earth Frank Tully Frequently
Grey Sam Lieberman Frequently
Orange, Orange Martin Green Frequently
Red, Blue, Red Julian Todd Frequently
Earth, White Olly Madge Sometimes
Black, Blue Chris Densham Sometimes
Blue, Purple Lydia-Clare Leather Exped member
Green, White Julia Day Sometimes
Black, Yellow, Black Toby Speight Sometimes
Black, Yellow Anthony Day Sometimes
Brown, Red Emma Wilson Sometimes
Blue, White Stuart Bennett Sometimes
Brown, Grey, Earth Tom Handford Rarely
Earth, Red Pete Harley* Rarely
Black, Black Steve Jones Rarely
Green, Yellow Nial Peters Rarely
Green, White, Red Serena Povia Rarely
Blue, Black, White Kathryn Hopkins Rarely
Black, Brown Tony Rooke Rarely
Black, Blue, Black Edvin Deadman Rarely
Blue, Black, Red Ollie Stevens Rarely
Blue, Earth Alex Crow and Jess Stirrups Rarely
Black, Red, Black Erin Lynch Rarely
Black, White, Red Adam Kessler Rarely
Blue Mike Richardson Rarely
Blue, Orange Richard Mundy Rarely
Earth Jenny Black Rarely (expo)
Earth, Earth Earl Merson Rarely
Earth, Purple Duncan Collis Rarely
Earth, Red Brian Outram* Ever?
Green, Orange Olly Betts Rarely (expo)
Green, Red Aaron Curtis Rarely
Purple, Red Julian Haines Rarely
Red, White Simon Redhead Rarely
Yellow, White David Loeffler Rarely
Orange, Yellow Djuke Veldhuis Ever?
Black, Grey Alex Cheesman Ever?
Black, Red Steve Bishop Ever?
Black, Yellow Penny Reeves Ever?
Blue, Black, Red Jeremy Rodgers Ever?
Blue, Green Tanya Savage Ever?
Blue, Green Letty ten Harkel Ever?
Blue, Green, Red John Billings Ever?
Blue, White, Red Chantalle Mouwer Ever?
Blue, Yellow, Red Ally Graff-Fearon Ever?
Orange, Red Peter Clifton Ever?
Red, Yellow Mark Fearon Ever?
Yellow Andy Waddington Ever?
Yellow, White, Yellow Dave Fearon Ever?
Red, Black, Red Aled Elmore ...
*Pete Harley's colours currently conflict with Brian Outram's, but he will change them if it becomes an issue or there are complaints.

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