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Expo 2018

This section of the wiki is just a tool to help get expo 2018 preparation done in a coordinated fashion. The main expo website is

Once the tasks and discussions below become more concrete they should be transferred to the main Expo website so that the expo website remains up to date.

Expo Dates

This year's expo dates are 7th of July until the 19th of August (6 weeks); followed by the Eurospeleo Conference the week after.

Things that need Attention

Everyone is welcome on expo - it is not just for CUCC people. We expect some ULSA and UBSS people at least. There is plenty of cave to go round, although we try to keep it below 20 people at any one time to avoid 'nowhere to kip at the bivi' syndrome.

Mission Statement

Go caving, drink Gosser, don't die.


Discussion happens on the Expo Mailing List. You need to be on here if you are thinking of coming.

Chat: The Expo IRC Channel is #expo on Use any IRC client or Web access

Pre-Expedition Tasks

Task Person in charge Status
General Admin
Sponsorship ??? ToDo
Austrian permission Haydon+Elaine ToDo
Grant Applications Ruiraidh Done
Toll Road Luke Stangroom ToDo
Expo Training Weekend Rachel Turnbull Done
Bierbook and Seshbook Paul Fox ToDo
Transport Haydon ToDo
Flapjack ToDo
Food Rob Watson ToDo
Expo Stash Radost/Tom ToDo
Mini Surveys ??? ToDo
Gear Order Rob Watson ToDo
Survey Equipment Becka ToDo
First Aid Kits Cat Hulse ToDo
Drill Batteries Wookey/Hayden InProgress
CaveLink Radios Wookey/Becka/ChrisD InProgress
Technical Stuff
Expo Computer Wookey InProgress
Website Update Wookey+Paul Fox+Sam Wenham InProgress
Surveys Becka ToDo
Sponsorship photos ToDo

Post-Expedition Tasks

Need to ensure expo 2016/2017 are completely finished up before moving on to expo 2018.


These aren't specific tasks that need to be done but things to think about and discuss:

  • How much flapjack is too much flapjack?