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Who and When

  • The table below is a visual guide to the number of people that will be on Expo during each week.

red means you're there that week, orange means 'undecided/flexible', yellow means 'there for half week', grey means you're not there.

Name                                         Length of  expoage
Week 0

(18Jun -> 24Jun)

Week 1

(25Jun -> 1Jul)

Week 2

(2Jul -> 8Jul)

Week 3

(9Jul -> 15Jul)

Week 4

(16Jul -> 22Jul)

Week 5

(23Jul -> 30Jul)

Wookey 1.8 weeks 2 weeks-ish, Need to be back in Cam on 9th July. Coming out by Train from Croatia. Should arrive 07:48 BA stn Sunday 26th. Train back on Sat 9th. Intending to underground camp.
Elliott Smith (UBSS) 6 weeks Heading out with Haydon and Ash for Week 0, will need transport on the way back, if possible. Graduation on the 16th July, so will likely be back in England for a few days around then.
Mark S 2 weeks Will bring gear for start of week1 in my car. Or maybe I'll change my mind.
Mark Dougherty 4 weeks Flying from Sweden. Arrive Vienna 30th June. Planning to leave to Geneva on 26th July
Michael Sargent 3 weeks Hopefully driving out with Elaine but staying a week longer.
Elaine Oliver 2 weeks Flying from BC then plan is drive out from Cambridge if I can get my car to England. 1 more space if so. Need to be in Switzerland for work during last week of Expo but could potentially leave my car at Expo and someone (Michael?) drive it to CH to get me? Then gear can come home in it.
Katey Bender (ULSA) 4 weeks
Ian Peachey 4 weeks
Rob Watson 4/5 weeks Traveling out in martha with KateyB from Leeds
Andrew Atkinson (UBSS) 3 weeks Out and back in own car (car 5) driving from Bristol; taking Becka and Sioned as passengers out and back plus some gear or one more passenger; probably not caving in week zero
Becka Lawson 3 weeks Out and back in Andrew Atkinson's car (car 5); probably not caving in week zero
Sioned Haughton 3 weeks Out and back in Andrew Atkinson's car (car 5); probably not caving in week zero
Nat Dalton (ULSA) 3.6 weeks Out in Julians car (week 0), public transport (might fly) back around 13th/14th July
Julian Todd 3 weeks Will drive our Berlingo (car 4) - room for 2-3 passengers; currently Olly and Nat Dalton plus gear out; possible continuing to france post expo
Anthony Day 5 weeks Independent travel from Berlin, arriving late Thursday of week 0. Heading towards northern France at end (Thursday or Friday of week 5). Van will be in Austria all the time I am there.
Julia Day 1 week Non-caving activities
Chris Densham 3 weeks Car3 - Frank, heading out, Frank, Roshni returning back. S1.
Frank Tully 3 weeks Traveling with Chris Densham in Car3
Roshni Gohil 2.5 weeks Returning with Chris Densham Car3, Going out with David. Starting from Reading.
David Walker 3/4 weeks Driving from Shifnal, Shropshire.
Pete Talling 2 weeks fly drive
Fleur Loveridge 2 weeks fly drive, Pete will pick up a car the week before and then collect me when I arrive
Matthew Watson 0 weeks
Martin Green 3 weeks
Alice Smith (ULSA) 2.4 weeks 30th June-14th July, public transport unless I can grab a lift with someone
George Breley (ULSA) 4 weeks Driving from France in a tiny car, arriving hopefully 27th
Luke Stangroom (ULSA) 4 weeks Travelling from France with George
Nathan Walker (ULSA) 4 weeks Travelling from France with George
Ashley Gregg (UBSS) 6 weeks Plan to get lift out with Haydon and Elliott, currently no return plan.
Olly Betts 5 weeks Out from UK (Hertford or Higham Ferrars), returning to NZ 25th July. Will be based at 76/107 bivi. Has NZ driving licence.
Jenny Black 5 weeks Train from Monaco, returning to NZ 25th July. Will be based at 76/107 bivi.
Haydon Saunders (UBSS) 4 weeks Driving a large estate car from Bristol. Bringing Elliot and Ashley. Space on return.
Aidan Marks 3 weeks Leaving UK around 8th-9th July, planning to make my own way there without car (from London or Sussex, depending on other plans), but a lift from Bad Aussee would be appreciated. If anyone has advice about trains, I'll take it. Alternatively, if there is a seat in a car going around this time, I'm happy to split fuel with the driver. Travelling back with David W on 25th July.

Transport: by week

Updated 29/05

Colour key: Week 0 , Week 1 , Week 2 , Week 3 , Week 4 , Week 5

TBA=To be advised, S0=No spare seats, S1=One spare seat

Week Going                                
Gear going                   Returning                           
Gear returning               Expoers on Expo Cars on Expo
W0 Car4(Julian) - Liverpool
Julian, Olly, Nat

Train - Monaco
Car5(Andrew) - Bristol
Andrew, Becka, Sioned
Car10(Haydon) - Bristol
Haydon, Elliott, Ash

10 people 3 cars

Car8(MarkS) - Cambridge
Car2(David) - Shropshire
David, Roshni
Car3(Densham) - Oxford
ChrisD, Frank
Car6(George) - France
George, Luke, Nathan
Train - Croatia

All Cambridge gear +food in Car8 + Car2?

Tarp in Car3

13 people 5 cars
W2 Plane - Pete Talling

Car9(Katey) - Leeds
Katey, Peachey, Rob

Train - Cambridge

Car8(MarkS) - Cambridge
MarkS, Wookey's gear

W3 Car 1(Elaine) - Cambridge
Elaine, Michael
Car5(Andrew) - Bristol
Andrew, Sioned, Becka, Nat Dalton

Car3(Densham) - Oxford
ChrisD, Frank, Roshni

W4 Train? - Switzerland

Car6(George) - France
George, Luke, Nathan
Car10(Haydon) - Bristol
Haydon, Elliott, Ash
Car(David) - Shropshire
David, Aidan

W5 Car9(Katey) - Leeds
Katey, Peachey, Rob

Car 1(Elaine) - Cambridge
Michael, (+Elaine pickup)
Car 11(Anthony) - France

Transport: by person, Who With Whom

Updated on 24/05.

Colour key: Week 0 , Week 1 , Week 2 , Week 3 , Week 4 , Week 5

Name____________ Travelling from/to Have a car?__ Can drive?___ Goes in car number Start date / arrives by week... End date / goes after week...__ Comes back in car number Comment_______________________
Communal Travel
Elaine Cambridge/Cambridge via Switzerland hopefully y Car 1 TBA 24 July Car 1 Travelling with Michael and 1 more space.
Michael S Cambridge n y Car 1 TBA TBA Car 1 Travelling with Elaine
David W Shropshire y y Car 2 30/6 23/7 Car 2 Travelling with Roshni, lots of room for gear.
Roshni Reading Car 2 30/6 23/7 Car 3
Chris Densham Oxford y y Car 3 24/06 15/07 Car 3 Frank out, Frank & Roshni returning.
Frank Bristol y y Car3 24/6 16/7 Car3 With Chris Densham
Julian Liverpool n y Car4 18/6 TBA Car4 Berlingo
Nat Leeds n n Car4 18/6 TBA Car5
Olly Hertford or Higham Ferrars n nz licence Car4 18/6 TBA Plane
Andrew A Bristol y y Car 5 Car 5 Taking Becka, Sioned
George B South of France y y Car 6 27th 21st Car 6 Taking Nathan W. and Luke S.
Joe Bache Germany/UK? y y Car 7 TBA TBA Car 7 Bringing mate
Mark Shinwell Cambridge y y Car 8 25 June 9th July Car 8 Bringing lots of gear
Katey Bender Leeds y y Car 9 TBA TBA Car 9 Driving out with Ian Peachey, Rob Watson, likely room for some kit
Ian Peachey Leeds y y Car 9 TBA TBA Car 9
Rob Watson Leeds Car 9 TBA TBA Car 9
Independent Transport (from/to) (car?) (drives?) (num?) (start date) (end date) (num?) (comments)
Jenny Monaco/NZ Train 19th June 21st? July Plane
Wookey Zadar/Cambridge Train 26th June 9th July Train Arrive 07:48 26th June. Leave 04:57 9th July
Fleur UK Plane 9th? June 22nd? July Plane