Account short name: David
Number of transactions: 5

Negative amounts indicate that David is indebted to a creditor.

Date (YYYY-MM-DD)Creditor/DebtorAmountDescription
2017-10-19expense -17.081/8 of the total from expense (-136.66)
2017-10-19expense 100.98 (112.21 EURO)food shopping
2017-10-19sesh1 -13.5015.00/40.90 of the total from sesh1 (-36.81)
2017-10-19sesh2 -13.6815.20/39.10 of the total from sesh2 (-35.19)
2017-10-19sesh3 -14.3115.90/54.40 of the total from sesh3 (-48.96)
Grand total:42.41

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Processed at 21:49 on 2017-10-19.