We are a group formed to protest the US-led 'war against terror', most recently the invasion of Iraq by the US and UK. We believe that the consequences of this war have been and will continue to be disastrous for the Iraq people. We are opposed to the ongoing occupation of Iraq and to any further military action against Syria, Iran or North Korea. We also campaign against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

If you want to get in contact with us please phone Jonathan (07818651124), Josh (07764498410) or Dan (07870689866) - or email info@camsaw.org.uk

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CamSAW Activities last year

To give you an idea of what CamSAW is all about - here's a sample of some of the stuff that we got up to last year.

  • CamSAW people joined thousands from around the country at the national march on September 27th to oppose the ongoing occupation of Iraq. This march was called by the Stop the War Coalition, CND and The Muslim Association of Britain. CamSAW people also participated in a peace conference over the week-end as part of the Grass Roots Anti-War Network.
  • Over the summer break, CamSAW people were involved in the campagain to disarm the DSEi Arms Fair. Photos of some of the things that happened there are on this page at Cambridge IndyMedia.
  • On March 29th, people marched through Cambridge to voice their outrage at the ongoing aggression in Iraq.
  • On March 20th, over 400 people took part in the country's longest sit-down protest at the junction of Lensfield Rd and Hills Rd, bringing traffic to a standstill in protest against this act of aggression. Twenty-three were arrested and thirteen charged. After several showings in court, all charges against protestors were eventually dropped.
  • Since February 15th, we have had protests at the visit of Junior Defence Minister, Adam Ingram, and at the Army Recruitment evening. The former protest involved mooning!
  • On Saturday February 15th over a million people marched through London to protest against the proposed war on Iraq. 15 coaches and lots of very full trains went from Cambridge, helping to make this the biggest march in British history. To see some photos of this great day of peace, click here. For IndyMedia coverage, click here and look at more photos here. To see some of the chants and banners from the march, go here.
  • CamSAW and others recently collected a large number of petitions from academics in Cambridge. CamSAW person, Ali Draper, and others were on Channel 4 news presenting the statement with over 500 Cambridge academics to Downing Street. There are plans afoot to get petitions happening elsewhere as well as continuing this petition - for details go to this web page.
  • We held a computer security workshop recently. Those interested in following up the computer security workshop should go here.
  • A group of Cambridge students participated in demonstrations at the Northwood military base on the 18th and 19th of January. For a report go here.
  • On the 15th of December a group of CamSAW `Weapons' Inspectors' broached the perimeter fence of nearby air base RAF Lakenheath. Lakenheath is a nuclear armed US air base within 25 miles of Cambridge. It is THE primary tactical American air base in Europe, and was used to bomb Iraq in 1991 and subsequently. If there is another war on Iraq, the 48th Fighter Wing based at Lakenheath will play a major role.

    Our actions caught the attention of parliament, hence the text of Early Day Motion 435 reads:


    That this House congratulates the Cambridge students who carried out an inspection to confirm the presence of weapons of mass destrucion on British soil by visiting the American airbase at RAF Lakenheath on 12th December; and notes that the world will be made more secure through the global elimination of all such weapons of mass destruction.

    Vigils are held at Lakenheath on the first Wednesday of every month at the main gate from 5pm to 6pm. The next one is New Year's Day 2003.

  • Another inspection was carried out at Feltwell military base in January which also received significant press coverage.
  • On the 5th of December 2002 a Tour of shame was undertaken by a group of Cambridge students highlighting the local connections to the war on Iraq. Colleges with shares in arms companies were targeted as well as the council (which also has such shares) and Army Recruitment Centre.
  • On the 2nd of December 2002, 14 Cambridge students were arrested in Whitehall making their protest against the proposed war on Iraq through civil disobedience (more information, email npg20@cam.ac.uk).
  • At the end of November, as parliament debated the implications of Security Council Resolutionh 1441 concerning weapons inspections in Iraq. Our efforts were mentioned in parliament by Anne Campbell (see hansard.)
  • In Cambridge on October 31st 2002 thousands who wore armbands and 230 people occupied a university building - nothing could have demonstrated more clearly how strong anti-war feeling is here.

The aim of all of these activities has been to give a voice to the large sector of the population which has opposed this war. We want to make sure the lawmakers of this land know that policies which inflict such suffering on human beings will not be tolerated...

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