Beyond Part III

Young Researchers in Mathematics 2009

16-18 April 2009

Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge

The mathematical walk on the Saturday of Beyond Part III will be an opportunity for participants to learn more about the rich history of mathematics in Cambridge, exploring many of the famous mathematical landmarks around the city, some of which are normally inaccessible to the public.

After coffee and brownies in the CMS, we will make our way past the University Library to Selwyn College, to see one of the last wooden spoons – a "prize" that used to be awarded to the student who passed the final examinations with the lowest mark. We will then pass the Mathematical Bridge and the old Cavendish laboratories to get to the Senate House, where the results of Part II and III of the Maths Tripos have been announced for centuries. In Trinity college we will perform Newton's experiment to measure the speed of sound under the cloisters of Nevile's court, as well as seeing one of the descendents of Newton's originial apple tree. After that we continue to St John's college, where another wooden spoon is exhibited, as well as Dirac's Nobel Prize medal and much more.

Passing through St John's playing fields we return to the Centre for Mathematical Sciences (completed in 2002) to learn about the innovative architecture of its buildings, before the final conference lunch.