Young Researchers in Mathematics

Young Researchers in Mathematics was launched at the Beyond Part III (aka YRM 2009) postgraduate conference held at the University of Cambridge on 16-18 April 2009. Over two hundred young mathematicians and physicists came from as far afield as New Zealand and the USA to take part in a three day conference at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, which also tied in with the 800th anniversary of the founding of the University.

During the the conference we ran thirteen parallel streams in areas as diverse as Algebraic Geometry, Quantitative Finance, String Theory and Fluid Mechanics. Established academics gave keynote lectures in each of the streams, Professor David Spiegelhalter gave an entertaining plenary lecture and we also featured a careers-focused panel discussion with leading figures from finance, industry, government and academia.

Here are photos from the event. Feedback we received included:

"Events like this should be organised more often."

"Great people and great random maths conversations"

"I would encourage all "young" mathematicians to attend this conference and to experience its unique, stimulating atmosphere."

We are presently in the process of organising the Young Researchers in Mathematics 2010 conference. We hope to make this conference an annual event. As a result we are currently looking for people from outside Cambridge to organise Young Researchers in Mathematics 2011. If you would like to be involved, please fill in the form here.

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