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Assassins' Socials

The Assassins' Guild is not just about the termly games, it's about making new friends and meeting people from all over the University. To facilitate this, we run social events over the course of the game. You're welcome to attend any, all, or none of these events: don't ever feel that because you've missed the socials to date you can't attend!

If you don't know how to get to any of the events, want to have a chat about assassins, or feel that you could use police protection en route, then email the Umpire, and a policeman will meet you in college (or at another convenient location) and walk to the event with you. They will also do their best to protect you while travelling, but will not join you for attempts on other players!

Note to Live Players: We'd like to encourage people to turn up to assassins socials without feeling quite like they're walking into a trap. With this in mind, there will be quite sizeable OOB zones surrounding all of these events. There is also the opportunity for police protection (see the previous paragraph), so don't let fear of death put you off attending.

What's On?

Events for this term will be posted as they are planned.

Organised social meetup on Thursday the 16th November at 8:00 pm at the Eagle pub

How do I find out about Assassins Events?

There are several ways to find out about events:

Related societies may also run events of interest.

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