Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild: Rules Updates

Rules Updates

This page documents major changes to the pocket rules, main rules and weaponry rules made since the last game.

Currently this page shows the changes between Michaelmas 2017 and Lent 2018.

Main Rules:

Water Safety:

Do not use water weapons on people who are outside in cold weather (unless they have consented, such as by using water weaponry themselves); we do not want anyone developing hypothermia. By "cold", we mean 2 degrees Celsius or lower. For consistency, this will be assessed by using the freely available smartphone app "Weather Underground"; you may wish to download it if you're planning to drench anyone in wintery conditions (we will be unmoved by "but BBC said it was 3", etc.).

A Codeword:

A codeword has been placed somewhere in the Main Rules document for this term. It should stand out, but is on its own (so you can't just "Ctrl+F" it!). Those who send it in before sign ups close will be added to a list of those who will be in credit a day of competence that they can redeem whenever they wish. If you've signed up using the Google Form, you can include the codeword in the 'Notes to the Umpire' section.

Weaponry Rules:

Ricocheting Bullets:

For the Lent 2018 game, ricocheting bullets WILL KILL, on account that they are supposed to be simulating real or cartoon physics bullets, which function in this manner.

Weapon Blocking:

Weapons are no longer able to be used to block bullets, and cannot bw used as makeshift shields, on account that a sideways rifle would not stop a real bullet. The only exceptions to this are lightsabers, on account that it thematically fits, is sufficiently difficult that attempts to block would likely be a tactical disadvantage, and is a sufficiently awesome prospect to allow.

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