Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Police List

Here is a list of members of our loyal police, charged with protecting Cambridge from murderers of innocents and people that annoy the all powerful Umpire:

RankPseudonymReal NameEmail AddressAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusNotes
The InevitableStitches the S.T.A.B. AKA The Cloak???stitchesthestab@gmail.comThe Next RealityGirtonFull WaterWelcome.
MayorMayor QuimbyMichael Warmanmichael.warman2@googlemail.comSpringfield Town HallPeterhouseFull WaterVote Quimby
Fan FavouriteCop RickMahika Court A2St John'sNo WaterOoB when carrying violin, I have a room-mate
Fan FavouriteChief WiggumThomas, Friars' BuildingQueens'No Water
Off-Screen KillerParanoid HyperboloidLeo House 251HomertonNo WaterOoB on a bike and while typesetting
Gaaa Gn Gnann Ganaa Gaa Gaaa Gaaaa!Stabbity RabbitySinead Trumpington Street Room 3Corpus ChristiWater With CareMy building has CCTV, so do try not to look too shifty. The cabinet just inside my room has glassware on it, so please bear that in mind if you're planning to charge through the door guns blazing.
Background CharacterBig ShaqAlexander Hardwickalexander.hardwick@gmail.comThe Main House, Holywell Ford, Magdalen College OxfordThe Real World (no college)Full WaterMaster Assassin, now resident in Oxford, very friendly, likes chocolate.
Background CharacterMr PlodEdwin Balanieb677@srcf.netOoBMagdaleneNo WaterConsult me if offering Scooby Snacks (cookies), for I have requirements.
Background CharacterLucia KonohanaHaruka Asahiluciasunbright@gmail.comSomewhere on campus, find me and I might give you a cookie~Kazamatsuri AcademyNo WaterOut of Bounds when on a bike. Please no skin contact weapons, we'd both regret it!
Background CharacterOfficer JennyAlex Allenalexandra.allen@cantab.net10 Marmora RoadThe Real World (no college)Full WaterMaster Assassin, Master Lemming . . . Vote Quimby
Background CharacterProfessor CalculusCatherine With Care
Background CharacterLorkRomaric Massonromaric_m@yahoo.fr70 Gough way, Cambridge CB3 9LN (use short cut pathway from Grange road)Anglia RuskinWater With CareI have house mates, so do make sure you have the right person!
Not Safe for TVScooby and the GangDavid B, Room 15FitzwilliamNo Water
Not Safe for TVKennethJames WaterOut of bounds on bike
Not Safe for TVThe Names of Recent PlayersRoddy West HouseHomertonNo Water
Not Safe for TVGentleman's VengeanceAlexander (Alex) Court, Staircase F, Room 5MagdaleneNo WaterThere is often another person in my room. For the avoidance of doubt, I am not female.
Not Safe for TVIan CompetentMatthew (Matt) South Court, M4.9EmmanuelNo Water
Not Safe for TVMr MeeseeksSam F3RobinsonNo WaterOoB when cycling.
Not Safe for TVEric CartmanMichael Djalimkdjali@gmail.comJ06, Main CourtDowningNo WaterOoB on a bike
Not Safe for TVVictor VoltPaul D17, 3rd Floor, D Staircase, Robinson CollegeRobinsonNo WaterOoB on a bike
Not Safe for TVMe-MowRebecca Court 5, Room 3JesusWater With CareOut of Bounds on a bike
Not Safe for TVThe reanimated corpse of Private Snafu, now armed with Dip and unfettered by concerns for personal safety AKA A Long PseudonymAvigail Lodge 3MagdaleneNo WaterOut of bounds 12am-8am
Not Safe for TVZuZsuzsanna Baran (Zsuzsa) Angel CourtTrinityNo Water
Not Safe for TVHatmanAlex, Cripps CourtSelwynNo Water
Not Safe for TVTheFifthKnockColin Kaljeecjkaljee@gmail.comOld South Court M10EmmanuelWater With CareHe will knock four times.
Not Safe for TVNight AngelPovilas Slekyspovilas.slekys@gmail.comAsh Court 2.14GirtonWater With Care
Not Safe for TVUndefined BehaviourJoe 6A, North Court, Churchill CollegeChurchillNo WaterOoB when cycling anywhere I could be hit by a car. [Umpire's Note: This is general bike rules for everyone]
Not Safe for TVWabbitNicholas Lodge 5MagdaleneWater With Care

Killed in the line of duty:

RankPseudonymReal NameCollege
Evil MastermindProfessor IncompetentAlastair HaigGirton
Especially Not Safe for TVParanoid HyperboloidLeo ZlotnikovHomerton

And these are the names of those who turned to the dark side, and paid the price:

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