Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Police List

Here is a list of members of our loyal police, charged with protecting Cambridge from murderers of innocents and people that annoy the all powerful Umpire:

RankPseudonymReal NameEmail AddressAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusNotes
Owner of the \'Gray Corporation\'Cornelius Gray AKA The Royal Mail InternAndrew Newnham HouseCorpus ChristiWater With Care1/2 of the Umpire's Power has been bestowed upon them, the most prominent businessman of 2156.
President of the CapitalPresident SnowAlex Allenalexandra.allen@cantab.netThe CapitalThe Real WorldNo Water1/2 of the umpire's power has been bestowed upon them.
Overseer of the automatonsThe Geiger CountessSinead 3, Trumpington Street 8Corpus ChristiWater With CareMy building has CCTV, so please do try not to look too suspicious.
Overseer of the automatonsWandererKim Wardkimltward@gmail.comYour Nightmares (OoB)ChurchillNo Water
Trusted EnforcerIvanova KoestlerAvigail 3, Old LodgeMagdaleneWater With CareAvoid desk with water.
Enforcer droid of questionable moralsThe Royal Mail InternAlexander Hardwickalexander.hardwick@gmail.comRoom 7, The House, Holywell Ford, college main siteMagdalen College, OxfordNo WaterMaster Assassin and Former Umpire. I came here to drink hot chocolate and kill incompetents. And I'm all out of hot chocolate.
Enforcer droidNoob-NoobEdwin WaterFeel free to bike-snipe me (but with a dry/WWC weapon as per rules). I'm allergic to various foodstuffs (dw, I can't die from it) so cookies and treats are welcome but may be politely refused. If they're vegan and nut-free they'll be OK though.
Enforcer droidCarl Friedrich GaussHadi, Bishop's HostelTrinityWater With Care
Enforcer droidG-23 Paxilon HydrochlorateChoong Ling D4MagdaleneNo WaterOut of Bounds whilst cycling.
Enforcer droidtheblackspotCharley 223, Old HallNewnhamNo Water
Enforcer droidThisIsThePoliceAlison, Friars BuildingQueens'No Water
Enforcer droidBlast(er), I forgot to give a pseudonym, so the umpire gave me this one.Romaric Massonromaric_m@yahoo.fr70 Gough way, CambridgeThe Real WorldNo Water
Enforcer droidVon IgelfeldMaya de WaterOut of Bounds whilst cycling.
Enforcer droidY.T.Pamela Jurczakpamelajurczak@yahoo.comOoBReal WorldNo Water
Enforcer droidPink PantherPaige 11, Staircase 5, Chapel CourtJesusWater With Care
Enforcer droidPseudonymous BoschColin Kaljeecjkaljee@gmail.comRoom 10, M Staircase, Old South CourtEmmanuelNo WaterPreferably don't knock me off my bike.
Enforcer droidBrian BayMatthew E6MagdaleneNo Water
Enforcer droidTigrisAleca, Cripps BuildingSt John'sNo Water
Enforcer droidPuck the KittySarah 102, Brian Heap BuildingSt Edmund'sNo Water
Enforcer droidFalcon JonesMatt M4.9, New South CourtEmmanuelNo Water
Enforcer droidIan CognitoPhoebe John'sNo WaterOoB when not hunting.
Enforcer droidLaTeX Forest AKA Verbatim Tart AKA Spicy ParmigianinoLeo 251, West HouseHomertonNo WaterNo water when on bike.
Newly AutomatedUlex SturpusAlex L10, Cripps CourtSelwynNo WaterDefinitely no water in my room. Squirting water into my desktop PC is a good way to break it and get everyone involved electrocuted.
Newly AutomatedThe Innocuous Postman who keeps bumping into people while carrying very sharp objects (re-employed)Dani WaterPlease avoid my desk with water. I'm going to be away for the first weekend of the game (although if you want to get a coach to Oxford and have at me, be my guest - it has been done :)).
Newly AutomatedTibGCecily (Keynes' building)King'sNo Water
Newly AutomatedAlexandra BitterstaffElla 8, Chapel 6JesusNo WaterDon't wet rucksack. Out of Bounds whilst cycling.
Newly AutomatedReginald 2.0Sam F3RobinsonNo WaterOut of bounds while on a bike on a road (cycle paths are fine though).
Newly AutomatedDoodleBobBuffPantsAjay K405, Keynes BuildingKing'sNo WaterDo not damage personal belongings (umpire's note: this should go without saying anyway).
Newly Automated8848Michael 6, J StaircaseDowningNo Water
Newly AutomatedTracer BulletMatthew With Care
Newly AutomatedElvisNathaniel 13, Spalding HostelKing'sNo WaterOut of Bounds whilst cycling.
Newly AutomatedKarm WoodKathleen A14, Cripps CourtSt John'sNo WaterI'm out of bounds every alternate Sunday when I'm playing college football. Out of bounds between midnight and 7am.
Newly AutomatedSebastian MelmothMolly O' 12, Spalding HostelKing'sWater With CarePlease avoid using water when I am carrying books to and from lectures, they are probably the libary's!
Newly AutomatedThe AutoUmpireTwm Stonetwm.stone@cantab.netRoom 1, 67 Glebe RoadFormerly of Christ'sFull WaterI can often be found in New Court, St. Johns, but I'd rather be at Oxford. [Umpire's notes: This is our resident PhD (Won two games). Bonus points (and cookies) to whoever takes him out.]
Newly AutomatedDaario N'haerisTheo 33, X StaircaseClareWater With CareOut of Bounds whilst on a bike.
Newly AutomatedBubblegumAmanda WaterOoB from 11pm to 8am
Newly AutomatedNobusAlex timetable: Cockroft Theatre: Tuesdays (10am) & Thursdays (10am) 3 Lady Mitchell: Mondays (10am) & Wednesdays (10am) 9 Mill Lane: Thursdays (11-1pm) 1 Mill Lane: Fridays (2pm).Gonville and CaiusNo WaterOut of Bounds whilst cycling. Do not damage personal property (Umpire's Note: This should go without saying).
Newly AutomatedAgent BreadpersonJoseph Townsendjosephtownsend3@gmail.comRoom Q10RobinsonNo Water
Newly AutomatedMad Lord GeoffreyGeorge H, room 13Corpus ChristiNo Water
Newly AutomatedHides-From-ViewRebecca 3, Staircase 5, Chapel CourtJesusWater With CarePlease avoid my bed with water weapons and also the area to the left of the desk, where I keep charging cables. I would also ask for care to be taken if carrying out an attempt while I am cycling, as I am not brilliant and distractions may cause me to crash. (Umpire's note: with a note like that, OoB while on a bike).
Newly AutomatedThe Shadow SurferDavid 15, Block BFitzwilliamNo Water
Newly AutomatedJohnny LetterbombAlex, Cromwell CourtSidney SussexNo Water
Newly AutomatedUnit 1NC0Alastair Haigallywhaig@gmail.comRoom 78, Swirles Court, Flat A1GirtonWater With CareOut of Bounds at society (CSUFS) meetings on Sundays or Tuesdays. Meetings on other days are fine Don't assassinate me when I'm wearing pink. Out of bounds Thursday 16th of November from 5pm to 5am the next day.
Newly AutomatedAlexander HomertonRoddy 223, West HouseHomertonNo Water

Killed in the line of duty:

And these are the names of those who turned to the dark side, and paid the price:

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