Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Police List

Here is a list of members of our loyal police, charged with protecting Cambridge from murderers of innocents and people that annoy the all powerful Umpire:

RankPseudonymReal NameEmail AddressAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusNotes
The Goblin KingJarethValentin Foleyassassins-umpire@srcf.ucam.org6 Trumpington Street, Room 1Corpus ChristiWater With CareThe all-powerful Umpire! Will gladly: provide advice on all things assassinatorial; arrange police backup for those hunting Wanted or Incompentent players; duel anyone for competency/cookies/the aesthetic. Feel free to get in touch at any time.
General of the Goblin ArmyHoggleNicholas Heitlernickheitler@gmail.com43 Gilbert RoadThe Real WorldNo Water
General of the Goblin ArmyMandosLeo 308HomertonWater With Care
Lance-Corporal of the Goblin ArmySawuman the RightDavid Evansdav1d_evans@icloud.comSherlock Court I09ASt Catharine'sNo Water
Grenadier GoblinScared, Potter?Mahika Court B3St John'sNo WaterOoB if holding a violin. I have a roommate.
Grenadier GoblinSad SamuraiBence Court Rb5Christ'sNo WaterOoB while cycling
Grenadier GoblinMr ResourcefulJacob Court R, Room 8JesusNo Water
Grenadier GoblinThe Thirteenth HourTarun Building 27, Third CourtChrist'sNo Water
Grenadier GoblinRandomiumRoss Water
Grenadier GoblinSir Lamp of the MothlandsJack Water
Grenadier GoblinAriana StarkSarah Central SiteTrinity HallNo WaterOoB while cycling
Goblin FootsoldierSir Michael, Knight of the slanted desk, nth herald of Bob the magnificentThomas Court, Room G18HomertonNo WaterOoB while cycling. OoB in motorcycle leathers.
Goblin FootsoldierHelp! My Neighbour Is The Chief Of Police!Roddy 309HomertonNo Water
Goblin FootsoldierTorVictoria (Tor) WaterOoB whilce cycling
Recent ChangelingThe GentlemanAlexander (Alex)[Some distance away]Formerly of MagdaleneNo WaterFormer Umpire, current Guild Facilitator. No longer resident in Cambridge, but that doesn't mean I won't be back...
Recent ChangelingAmy SantiagoSophie Court T9Corpus ChristiNo Water
Recent ChangelingCommander Sam VimesJonah Court N6Corpus ChristiNo Water
Recent ChangelingTed HastingsThomas (Tom) Court T1Corpus ChristiNo Water
Recent ChangelingGroLee Boar P1TrinityNo Water
Recent Changelingrescue.power.digsJoe, North CourtChurchillWater With Care
Recent ChangelingThe Plot Hole Fixing WizardMichael Warmanmichael.warman2@googlemail.comEastern LondonThe Real WorldNo Water
Recent ChangelingThe Vicious GoblinAdrian del Court 38MChurchillNo WaterOoB while cycling and when carrying my cello. Please don't knock at my door asking for me to show you where I keep my pasta, I'm sure you can do better!
Recent ChangelingHeavy brassSamuel Site P2Trinity HallNo Water
Recent ChangelingAliAli Farahali-farah@hotmail.comFriar's P2Queens'Water With Care
Recent ChangelingCakeMixGokulan (Gok) HallWater With Care
Recent ChangelingGansokuNissim lectures timetable is as follows : MWF 10-11 and 12-13 in Mill lane lecture room 9; Tue, Thu, Sat 9-10 in Bristol Myers-Squibb Lecture Theatre; Tue, Thu 11-12 in William Gates Building Lecture Theatre 1.Sidney SussexNo WaterOoB while cycling
Recent ChangelingSir PerfluousBenjamin St Peter's Terrace, Room 1PeterhouseWater With Care
Recent ChangelingEm, a clueless fresherEmily Angel CourtTrinityWater With CareOoB while cycling
Recent ChangelingThe LegsPatrick 30, Spalding Hostel, Pea's HillKing'sNo Water
Recent ChangelinglillithAbigail (Abi) T13Queens'No WaterOoB while cycling
Recent ChangelingKai'saKevin Court BB04Queens'Full Water
Recent ChangelingButtercopCharles but frequently spotted in CU botanical gardenRobinsonWater With CareOoB while cycling
Recent ChangelingBenTheChickenEleanor (Ellie) North CourtChurchillWater With Care
Recent ChangelingInconceivable!Ruby Real WorldNo Water
Recent ChangelingThe DoctorSergio Court 401Sidney SussexNo WaterOoB while cycling
Recent ChangelingCelaena SardothienLouise WaterI have a room-mate in P13
Recent ChangelingFerdinand TophamAnthony Michael's Court A4Gonville and CaiusNo Water
Recent ChangelingHutmann, the Prematurely Obliterated of the Western MarshlandsAlex (Old Court), Selwyn College, Grange RoadSelwynWater With CareOoB while cycling
Recent ChangelingRikt GrulkLuc Court B8bSt John'sNo WaterOoB while cycling
Recent ChangelingMarloSheamol 408King'sNo Water
Recent ChangelingAgrajag the Mostly HarmlessSean, Thursday, Saturday - 09:00-10:00 - Bristol-Myers Squibb lecture theatre Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 10:00-11:00 and 12:00-13:00 - Mill Lane room 9 Tuesday, Thursday - 11:00-12:00 - Lecture Theatre 1, William Gates BuildingChurchillNo WaterAddress OoB. Water with care when I've got my backpack because it'll have my laptop in it.
Recent ChangelingZack AttackZarya' Court M20SelwynWater With Care
Recent ChangelingGerblerb the GerblinLisa Cripps CourtSelwynWater With CareOoB while cycling
Recent ChangelingLord FarquaardYuhang Garden Hostel C8King'sWater With Care
Recent ChangelingAsahi KugaAndrew With CareNo contact weapons. OoB on the way to external sporting fixtures on the 10th, 17th and 24th of November. OoB while transporting society equipment on the 14th of October.
Recent ChangelingPatient ManAndrew Trumpinton Street, Room 6Corpus ChristiWater With CareMy route to lectures has a lot of traffic hazards, so extreme care should be taken during any attempts there. Also, a reminder that laboratories are OoB.

Killed in the line of duty:

RankPseudonymReal NameCollege
General of the Goblin ArmyMandosLeo ZlotnikovHomerton
Recent ChangelingZack AttackZarya OhSelwyn
Recent ChangelingGerblerb the GerblinLisa She-YinSelwyn

And these are the names of those who turned to the dark side, and paid the price:

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