Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Open Season

Real NameAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusNotesKillsConker Score
Evgeny SlavinBetween 3-5 times a week:I come into work from Botanic Gardens along hills road between 915 and 955.I usually go into town (eat/itsu) between 12pm and 13:30pm to get lunch for myself/colleagues.I leave usually in the direction of the Botanic Gardens but at unpredictable times.Real world, works at waterOoB at my office. If flat is discovered, it is no water. Timetable provides potential convenient encounters for an assassin. 1250
Kanyi Tochukwu Joshua OnuoraRoom 38N, East CourtChurchillNo WaterOoB while cycling79
Hanna HassanRoom 315, Old HallNewnhamNo WaterOut of Bounds Whilst cycling.716
Ward van der SchootRoom J16ClareWater With CarePlease no water around my bed, desk and laptop.56
Philine HagenmeyerG7St Catharine'sWater with CareN/A47
Thomas Carey04, Friars BuildingQueens'No waterN/A221
Tim JepsenRoom 10, Staircase 3, Library CourtJesusNo WaterN/A24
Mahika DixitA2B, North CourtSt John'sNo WaterI have a roommate. OoB if carrying violin.24
Clara DingK6, Second CourtSt John'sNo WaterN/A22
Tim HavardZ10Sidney SussexWater With CareVery occasionally OoB while working.13
India-Jane BarryRoom 135, Clough HallNewnhamNo waterN/A11
Sam TarverK6, Second CourtSt John'sNo water[Umpire's Note: Yes, he should be here.]11
Seyma SeverRoom 202, SidgwickNewnhamNo WaterOut of Bounds whilst cycling.22
Aidan McConnellRoom 211, Stephen Hawking BuildingGonville and CaiusNo WaterN/A00
Alexander (Alex) HibbertMallory F5MagdaleneNo WaterI'm a Part II Zoologist. I'm also an M.A (Master Assassin). I look forward to meeting you, I'll try and remember to do cookies this time... (note that I am currently about 30 cookies in debt to various people). OoB on a Bike.00
Alice BennettS227NewnhamNo WaterOoB in Waterstones.00
Lorenzo MarzanoRoom 55, Spalding HostelKing'sWater With CareN/A00
Nathan SmithRoom 4, 36A Storey's WayChurchillNo WaterN/A00
Peter Andreas Nielsen28 Argyle StreetClare HallNo waterN/A00
Robert KunzmannRoom 9, Singer Building DowningWater with CareOut of bounds when cooking or meditating. (Umpire's note: Everybody is out of bounds while handling hot things.)00

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