Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Week 7 News

Saturday, 10 March

[00:00 AM] Silence in Toon Town
The Cloak reports:

And so the blades fall silent.

And so the blood does not flow.

Four Noble Warriors stand

Four Survivors of the Blood Game. Four whose wits and weapons were quick enough to survive.

The Twitcher.

The Dragon.

The Mob Boss.

The Caporal.

Soon, the Tome of Assassins will reopen, and one name will be recorded for eternity.

Soon, this reality will crumble to make way for the next one, and the Blood Game will start anew.


Oh, and ignore the screams and shouting you still hear. Some police friends of mine simply performing some ‘pest control' on those that refuse to stay dead.

[13:30 PM] The Police War continues, with the bloody corpse of Paranoid Hyperboloid at the feet of Mr Meeseeks
Mr Meeseeks reports:

Mr Meeseeks was sitting in his room, minding his own business when out of the corner of his eye he saw something peek over his windowsill. Mr Meeseeks saw his opportunity to fulfil his task; he burst out of his door (armed of course) and screamed "I'm Mr Meeseeks, look at me!" There was nobody there, it seemed, so Mr Meeseeks retreated into his box and continued to contemplate the sweet release of death. Moments later, there was a bang outside his door, this could be no coincidence, Mr Meeseeks went outside once again and had another look around only to spot Paranoid Hyperboloid, who had the high ground, firing at him, Mr Meeseeks ran to cover and began a firefight, once Paranoid Hyperboloid had run out of ammo, he grasped for his sword, but not before Mr Meeseeks could land a fatal shot to his chest. Leo was no more and thus, having completed his task Mr Meeseeks disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Later that day, yet another Mr Meeseeks was summoned at the press of the Meeseeks box.

[21:00 PM] Paranoid Hyperboloid has lost it
Paranoid Hyperboloid reports:

â?¦ but perhaps not such a wonderful shooter. My gun hand. My long arms got to the boss, when they fixed him. Nobody knows about the rats or the Holy Sonnets of Donne? Why do you believe have influenced this craft? For instance, when some dame's doing her nails all fancy. Acetone.
We reach our first destination, a rather dilapidated and deserted building. I always stayed away from TheBSMouse's unpredictable DIY gun. I'm just a detective.
Y'know, that's when it's hard to ransack an empty chair. Silence on the corridor, it was over, and that's standard when you encounter another assassin by sheer bad luck.
Oh, [REDACTED]. The cops were taking off after him, but a drawerful of cold cases and a conspicuous metal stepladder. Time to get back in my pocket.
The mission was a maze of buildings and quickly found my victim's quarters. I knew I'd never make it up yourselves.
That night Ramona was not fatal. I noticed a large group walking below me, I saw that I saw on Wednesday, I was halfway up the staircase to the comfort of my targets. Private Snafu and I'd had longer to think of yourself and your friends DEADER

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