Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Week 0 News

Saturday, 7 October

[00:00 AM] Our first bounty, compliments of an anonymous player!
President Snow reports:

Reports containing image memes will be entered into a competition. The author of the best (and possibly second-best) report will then earn Green and Black's chocolate of a variety of their choice at the game's end, just in time for Christmas. - Santa Baby


[00:00 AM] George little puts a bounty on himself!
George Little reports:

-Assassinate George Little after giving him a chocolate bar

-Half a chocolate bar

[00:00 AM] A nostalgic bounty from our very own CoP, Sinead Foley
Sinead Foley reports:

In fond recollection of my death in last year's Michaelmas game, I'd like to set a bounty on any kills made whilst wearing a wig. The more outlandish and unsubtle the wig, the better. Additional items of disguise are not necessary, but will be regarded favourably. Out of further nostalgia for last Michaelmas and its many proffered bounties, the reward for these bewigged kills will be paid in chocolate oranges. Go forth and wreak havoc.

[00:00 AM] An assortment of intriguing bounties, courtesy of the anonymous 'Bart Schaf'
President Snow reports:

Hoisted by their own Petard:

Kill someone using a weapon they had previously used to attempt (or succeed) to kill you.

Reward for first completion:

A Pack of Sausages (or suitable vegetarian/vegan alternative/a Chocolate approximation of a Sausage), cooked on request. Pride.

Death from Above! (Or Below!):

Kill someone whilst being on a different storey of a building to them.

Reward for first completion:

A Homemade Baked Good of your choosing (limited to availability of ingredients and skill of the Baker)

Love is in the Air:

Make a post on the Facebook Page Crushbridge (or Memebridge, or any other -bridge) directly referencing someone's assassin activities (their Pseudonym, or just that they are an assassin), and tag them in it. Then kill them.

Reward for first completion:

A Scented Candle, a Chocolate Orange, my utmost respect

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