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New on Monday, 11 December

[13 Nov, 18:00 PM] Pseudonymous Bosch and his accomplice fail to gain entry
[19 Nov, 21:30 PM] With a single shot, Totem Pole takes out Furston LeDolier AKA The Empty Man AKA The Frustrated Fishmonger (Nicholas Heitler)
[19 Nov, 19:50 PM] Ivanova Koestler's rampage continues as they dispatch Emile Ward. Gray sees fit to restore life to this individual, however.
[19 Nov, 19:30 PM] The Geiger Countess destroys the corrupt Back From Retirement, claiming several bounties in the process
[17 Nov, 19:00 PM] The self proclaimed Parchment Eaters begin a joint venture. Trillian (Mi Trinh) and Trexer are their first victims.
[13 Nov, 13:00 PM] The paranoia gets to Cuddly Attack Bear, who decides The Shadow Surfer (David Horstmann) and Reginald 2.0 (Sam Sully) are too suspicious
[31 Oct, 13:30 PM] Anastasia Chibulkova and his squad catch Oya Sumi (Daniel Howard) with his [REDACTED] down.
[25 Oct, 21:45 PM] Jul Tamer tracks down Karl Keynes (Nick Monioudis)
[16 Oct, 09:50 AM] Haytham "dispatches" their target, Jack Napier (Karamvir Kumar)
[14 Oct, 00:00 AM] An interview with the world's most prominent businessman is aired across the galactic network.
[30 Nov, 23:59 PM] And so the game ends, not with a bang but a dispute.
[28 Nov, 22:20 PM] Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillenia declares themselves corrupt, stabbing Nobus
[28 Nov, 21:45 PM] The Gentleman (Alexander (Alex) Hibbert) shifts the balance of power in the duel by being killed by Magdala Buckley
[28 Nov, 08:45 AM] Mop continues to come out of nowhere and dispatches fellow duellist Omar Patel AKA Jose Haqq-Lee AKA Der Shooter (Kanyi Tochukwu Joshua Onuora)
[21 Nov, 19:00 PM] We were right to add this one to the force. Furston LeDolier remains loyal.
[18 Nov, 19:00 PM] The parchment eaters and their new ally Chelsea dispatch The Spanish Inquisition (Alonso Campos) and then stumble across the giant Teresa AKA Winnie the Pooh AKA Starkey (Andrew Carlotti)
[17 Nov, 17:00 PM] Stacey wanders.
[17 Nov, 01:00 AM] Starkey makes a plan
[16 Nov, 12:00 PM] Cuddly Attack Bear is once again attacked by the police
[15 Nov, 16:20 PM] Dr. Mangos (Tim Trayhurn) gets cocky, Chelsea puts an end to that
[15 Nov, 14:00 PM] Magdala Buckley adventures to the empty homes of many assassins
[15 Nov, 10:40 AM] Winnie the Pooh strikes an innocent, sending themselves wanted!

New on Sunday, 10 December

[14 Nov, 19:20 PM] Miguel Jaksoni AKA Professor Incompetent's (Alastair Haig's) reign of terror is ended by Totem Pole. The one advantage of a knife over a gun, reliability.
[13 Nov, 13:02 PM] A rather confused series of events.
[12 Nov, 11:00 AM] Teresa is foiled many many times by GrayCorp security measures.
[11 Nov, 15:00 PM] The Royal Mail Intern encounters a stressful workplace scenario, thanks to The Innocuous Postman who keeps bumping into people while carrying very sharp objects (re-employed)
[11 Nov, 00:00 AM] The Shadow Surfer's (David Horstmann) complacency gives Omar Patel an opening
[10 Nov, 19:08 PM] A fine bit of information gathering from Queenslayer lands her a clean kill on Alistair Chakravati (Anthony Lim)
[10 Nov, 12:15 PM] The Shadow Surfer gets more frustrated with the absence of others.
[9 Nov, 18:30 PM] The Geiger Countess and a few allies go wandering, but only find one victim, Hides-From-View (Rebecca Harris)
[7 Nov, 13:05 PM] The Geiger Countess brings peace to our streets, at the cost of Mad Lord Geoffrey's (George Little's) life
[7 Nov, 09:55 AM] Wilson Overdrive intercepts Mr. Razor (David Lever) with their knife
[3 Nov, 23:00 PM] Teresa hunts, but comes up with nothing.
[3 Nov, 22:00 PM] Queenslayer and Hazie find themselves foiled by 'the lock' (TM)
[3 Nov, 14:00 PM] theboi (Amit Balter) is taken down in a merciless act by Queenslayer
[2 Nov, 16:00 PM] Caules Forvegde Yggdmillenia exhibits some distressing tendencies.
[3 Nov, 14:00 PM] Good Citizen Totem Pole carries out their duty on Nobus (Alex Kanavos)
[3 Nov, 11:15 AM] Stacey unwittingly evades a frustrated The Shadow Surfer
[31 Oct, 13:00 PM] Helmholtz Watson (Josh Rose) should have kept his senses clear rather than relying on soma. Maybe he'd have noticed G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate if so.
[30 Oct, 18:00 PM] Misty Patricia mercilessly cuts down Albireo (James Rawson)
[30 Oct, 11:00 AM] The Fundamental Group breaks The Clockwork Orange (Morgan Rogers), smash!
[29 Oct, 23:20 PM] A deadly reminder for Gerald (Sam Burry), Incompetents are never safe from Verbatim Tart
[29 Oct, 22:20 PM] The Shadow Broker makes a rare move against Bonnie Prince Charlie (Rachel Loughran)
[29 Oct, 19:00 PM] Newly corrupt Anastasia Chibulkova goes on a killing spree, unfortunately for David Hasselhoff (Joe Thrush), Spilt Milk (Kelvir Thandi) and LaTeX Forest (Leo Zlotnikov)
[29 Oct, 14:30 PM] Saq Madiq lead Albireo and Andromeda on a dramatic chase
[28 Oct, 21:30 PM] Carl Friedrich Gauss recounts the disastrous attempt on Shadow Kirito
[28 Oct, 21:00 PM] The unstoppable The Geiger Countess leads Carl Friedrich Gauss, LaTeX Forest and Back From Retirement to their targets, demonstrating the power of the Force of the Law
[28 Oct, 21:00 PM] Back From Retirement leads the excursion to [REDACTED COLLEGE], leading to the death of Homo Economicus (Yi Song), Sabrinasingh (Neal Patel), Sue Do Nym (Isabel Clancy), The Stallion (Carlo Scarian), ComeGetMeBruv (Kayden Xie)
[28 Oct, 20:50 PM] Pseudonymous Bosch and Falcon Jones kill Breaux (Charlie Worsley) and shoot the corpse of The Lantern Bearer
[28 Oct, 17:00 PM] Yet another success of the incobash, Monsieur Breadperson stops loafing around and kills Zoro (Carlos Val Mas)
[28 Oct, 16:30 PM] Monsieur Breadperson takes the cake, claiming the kill of Magpie (Bathsheba Lockwood Brook)
[28 Oct, 14:30 PM] The AutoUmpire malfunctions, The Guest (Elizabeth Guest) is removed from the game
[28 Oct, 14:00 PM] A word of warning from our Chief Enforcer of the Law, The Geiger Countess. All lawbreakers will be punished
[28 Oct, 14:00 PM] The incobash!
[28 Oct, 13:45 PM] Monsieur Breadperson is sent on the incobash by Cornelius Gray
[24 Oct, 22:00 PM] The Empty Man kills TheLegend27 (Ross Sullivan) and Nobus pulls off a terrible betrayal
[27 Oct, 16:30 PM] Gorgeous Git and Holey Hick perfectly perform an aggressive attack. The umpire sucks at alliteration and somewhere along the way, Bubblegum (Amanda Hu) dies and Burt Reynold's Sentient Pancakes is attempted on.
[23 Oct, 23:00 PM] The Fundamental Group stares down their hunter, Yacapo
[22 Oct, 17:00 PM] Lulu Beatson (Anastasia Price) mistakenly answers the door to their killer, Jaqen C137
[27 Oct, 21:10 PM] Something WICKED this way comes! Kriemhild Gretchen, Teresa and Hazie obey its call
[20 Oct, 14:00 PM] Alexander (James Quentin) Duggan searches for victims, to no avail
[17 Oct, 17:00 PM] A brief exchange between The Clockwork Orange and Mr. Weenie
[16 Oct, 15:00 PM] Miss Macaron (Cheryl Jiang) was impaled upon Trillian's sword, proving lectures can be fatal
[7 Oct, 00:00 AM] Unit 1NC0 sets a bounty on themselves to lure unsuspecting victims to their panto

New on Thursday, 7 December

[1 Dec, 12:00 PM] Parting words from our new M.A., Mop AKA Thomas Carey
[1 Dec, 12:00 PM] Alexander (Alex) Hibbert provides a factual report on the duel, as they are convinced they are still the Umpire
[30 Nov, 10:00 AM] Anastasia Chibulkova ponders the identity of the mysterious loyalist
[29 Nov, 19:15 PM] The AutoUmpire removes Alexander (James Quentin) Duggan, a potential duellist from the game!
[29 Nov, 11:10 AM] Furston LeDolier miraculously kills Ivanova Koestler. How these two are assassins, I will never know
[29 Nov, 15:25 PM] The Invisible Hand demonstrates a dislike for lectures

New on Tuesday, 28 November

[25 Nov, 11:30 AM] Furston LeDolier kills Ivanova Koestler... again.
[27 Nov, 13:20 PM] The Fundamental Group and Trexer go looking, but Mop is nowhere to be found.
[27 Nov, 18:00 PM] The battle between Ivanova Koestler and Furston LeDolier rages on
[27 Nov, 19:30 PM] The Innocuous Postman who keeps bumping into people while carrying very sharp objects (re-employed) detours from their usual route to take care of TibG and Kriemhild Gretchen (Alice Bennett)
[27 Nov, 19:00 PM] Mop cleans up the inco list, removing Friedrich Van Caspar (Lorenzo Marzano)
[27 Nov, 16:00 PM] Flip Flop Thief fails to learn their lesson

New on Monday, 27 November

[24 Nov, 10:00 AM] Ulex Sturpus finds The Geiger Countess under-prepared.
[25 Nov, 18:30 PM] LaTeX Forest bravely defeats the incompetent Holey Hick (Tim Havard)

New on Sunday, 26 November

[25 Nov, 19:20 PM] Emile Ward (Ward van der Schoot) is punished by the bloodthirsty LaTeX Forest

New on Saturday, 25 November

[24 Nov, 20:03 PM] A tense situation is resolved with no assassin casualties, but Emile Ward's accomplice goes down.
[24 Nov, 18:20 PM] Ivanova Koestler does exactly what Twitches should do and turns Furston LeDolier's ambush around... just, they're on the wrong side.
[23 Nov, 19:33 PM] The Innocuous Postman who keeps bumping into people while carrying very sharp objects (re-employed) and Furston LeDolier 'bump' into each other.
[25 Nov, 00:31 AM] Queenslayer sends The Invisible Hand a message.
[23 Nov, 16:26 PM] [REDACTED]
[23 Nov, 13:22 PM] The Geiger Countess continues to carry her side.

New on Friday, 24 November

[23 Nov, 13:00 PM] Queenslayer and Hazie (Seyma Sever) execute a not-so-perfect ambush on Sneaky Sashimi AKA Extinct Turtle AKA Totem Pole AKA Wilson Overdrive (Evgeny Slavin)

New on Thursday, 23 November

[23 Nov, 01:47 AM] Cornelius Gray drifts through the city. Eventually, he finds what he's looking for, Deodorant Flavour Crisps (Aidan McConnell) is one of the few Gray removes from the city.
[22 Nov, 14:26 PM] Der Shooter 'shadows' The Fundamental Group to Sainsbury's.
[22 Nov, 10:00 AM] Ivanova Koestler continues to rebel against Gray. Such an interesting glitch...
[22 Nov, 21:00 PM] The Invisible Hand actually makes a move... it's not a successful move, but it is a move.
[22 Nov, 01:10 AM] The Innocuous Postman who keeps bumping into people while carrying very sharp objects (re-employed) still does not work for GrayCorp... and has made this very very obvious now.
[22 Nov, 11:52 AM] Ulex Sturpus downloads a 'patch'. Brian Bay falls.
[22 Nov, 10:20 AM] LaTeX Forest remembers that incompetents are a thing and picks up after Gray's shoddy work with Cuddly Attack Bear (India-Jane Barry)
[21 Nov, 16:00 PM] The Geiger Countess keeps the side of order going, nearly single handed, retrieving data from Anastasia Chibulkova

New on Wednesday, 22 November

[21 Nov, 17:30 PM] Hazie stabs Pleia in a classic stalk and kill
[19 Nov, 22:15 PM] Totem Pole betrays our number one player, Makishima AKA Caules Forvegde Yggdmillenia AKA The Shadow Broker AKA Alisa Reinford AKA Chelsea (Andrew Browne), killing them in cold blood

New on Tuesday, 21 November

[21 Nov, 20:26 PM] Some reports from an old game.

New on Monday, 20 November

[19 Nov, 19:17 PM] Ivanova Koestler announces their corruption by slaughtering DoodleBobBuffPants and Agent Breadperson
[20 Nov, 12:24 PM] A concise kill of Stacey (Francis Madden)
[19 Nov, 21:00 PM] Burt Reynold's Sentient Pancakes (Nathan Smith) is eliminated by ThE C0lLeCtIvE

New on Sunday, 19 November

[18 Nov, 15:45 PM] Caules Forvegde Yggdmillenia continues to be a good citizen. We need to watch this one.
[18 Nov, 08:12 AM] The Shadow Broker helps The Frustrated Fishmonger escape from the blades of the Twitch enforcers by offering up Haytham (Lee Jia Jun) instead.
[19 Nov, 01:11 AM] The beginning of the end.

New on Saturday, 18 November

[17 Nov, 18:52 PM] Killing innocents... apparently all the cool assassins are doing it, as is The Frustrated Fishmonger
[17 Nov, 21:22 PM] The deadly trio goes hunting again, but find their targets sufficiently paranoid.
[17 Nov, 17:10 PM] Omar Patel visits [REDACTED].

New on Friday, 17 November

[17 Nov, 13:30 PM] Makishima finds that no one seems to attend lectures
[17 Nov, 10:50 AM] Makishima chases an invisible target
[16 Nov, 07:50 AM] Winnie the Pooh is having a bad day
[16 Nov, 13:45 PM] WICKED demands blood. Teresa provides, at the expense of Misty Patricia's (Clara Bayley's) life

New on Thursday, 16 November

[15 Nov, 20:00 PM] Professor incompetent is reanimated, Unit 1NC0 joins the Twitch Program
[15 Nov, 13:00 PM] A hit on Cuddly Attack Bear goes wrong and Cornelius Gray is destroyed
[14 Nov, 10:45 AM] Noob-Noob does a wonderful job of suppressing that little glitch in his system and removes non contributor Gorgeous Git (Georgia Everest) from the city.

New on Tuesday, 14 November

[12 Nov, 14:20 PM] An unlikely pairing of Caules Forvegde Yggdmillenia and The Geiger Countess come together to move in on Johnny Letterbomb (Alex Hancock)
[13 Nov, 13:00 PM] The fools at GrayComm (why do I even keep that branch running?) discover a recording.
[13 Nov, 21:00 PM] Wilson Overdrive loses their arms to a terrible twosome
[13 Nov, 15:00 PM] Professor Incompetent's reign of terror continues to not go according to plan
[13 Nov, 12:00 PM] The Shadow Broker beats Aaron Burr to the shot, killing Alexander Homerton (Roddy MacSween)

New on Monday, 13 November

[10 Nov, 12:00 PM] The police attempt to take out The Gentleman... it doesn't end well and Back From Retirement goes very, very corrupt

New on Sunday, 12 November

[10 Nov, 22:00 PM] Professor Incompetent proves themselves to be more incompetent than previously thought
[10 Nov, 21:20 PM] Queenslayer and Hazie go hunting but only find dead assassins
[7 Oct, 00:00 AM] An assortment of intriguing bounties, courtesy of the anonymous 'Bart Schaf'

New on Saturday, 11 November

[9 Nov, 19:46 PM] Spicy Parmigianino goes on a trip and finds Mr. Weenie (Oliver Bilbie)
[10 Nov, 18:45 PM] The Empty Man finally makes a move again, his target, Electronite (Yanhao Wang)
[9 Nov, 10:54 AM] Ivanova Koestler goes after Emile Ward. They are saved by Gray Corp medics.

New on Friday, 10 November

[10 Nov, 14:04 PM] On the bus and away to adventure for Kriemhild Gretchen and Alisa Reinford!
[10 Nov, 18:47 PM] Makishima goes wandering. That is all.
[9 Nov, 09:42 AM] Yacapo (Jake Bruchez) stumbles and Emile Ward takes the kill.
[9 Nov, 16:00 PM] The Innocuous Postman who keeps bumping into people while carrying very sharp objects (re-employed) delivers to a rather unwilling receiver, Uncreative pseudonym (Aristotle Lau)
[9 Nov, 23:59 PM] Emile Ward evades the deadly Starkey
[9 Nov, 19:00 PM] Seb Moran has an unlucky evening
[9 Nov, 14:00 PM] Magdala Buckley fails to bump into Trexer
[9 Nov, 18:30 PM] Seb Moran attempts to find Trexer at dinner
[8 Nov, 20:00 PM] Triple Nipple (Conrad Barclay) was definitely right to be suspicious of Guy Incognito
[7 Nov, 22:00 PM] Winnie the Pooh travels to the far ends of the Hundred Acre Woods

New on Wednesday, 8 November

[8 Nov, 17:00 PM] A busy day for LaTeX Forest as he removes Xerxes Rockatansky (Maxim Clarke) and NJT (Nusrath Tapadar) from the streets permanently. A brief exchange of fire leaves Holey Hick injured, but still standing.
[8 Nov, 13:20 PM] The Geiger Countess removes a corrupted Twitch from the city, Flip Flop Thief (Barnaby Medhurst)
[7 Nov, 10:36 AM] Hazie goes wandering with a companion, but nothing comes of it.
[8 Nov, 22:33 PM] Alisa Reinford actually has no bus and has to walk!? What madness is this?
[8 Nov, 09:30 AM] Nothing will stop Alisa Reinford from catching their bus... nothing.
[6 Nov, 19:15 PM] Totem Pole's guilt and Andromeda (Grace McQuillan-Howard)'s misplaced weapon still aren't enough to save her.
[5 Nov, 11:00 AM] Not even sleep could keep Verbatim Tart from Bridget Spike (Paul Wernicke)
[7 Nov, 15:50 PM] The incredibly incompetent Professor Incompetent incompetently stabs a dead Mad Lord Geoffrey
[7 Nov, 13:00 PM] The Innocuous Postman who keeps bumping into people while carrying very sharp objects (re-employed) is always prepared for a delivery, unfortunately for Deathy McDeathface (Nayan Thakurani)
[7 Nov, 14:40 PM] Mr. Weenie destroys the serenity of the library and must be punished
[7 Nov, 16:00 PM] Xerxes Rockatansky escapes the deadly clutches of Caules Forvegde Yggdmillenia
[7 Nov, 10:30 AM] The Fundamental Group goes on a long, confusing journey
[7 Nov, 08:40 AM] The Shadow Broker succeeds in an early morning attack on Kitty Harper (Seren Jones-Reddy)
[6 Nov, 20:30 PM] Makishima has an unlucky day

New on Monday, 6 November

[6 Nov, 23:11 PM] LaTeX Forest should either pretest his bullets or offer more prayers to whatever deity presides over luck... 2 misfires give Gorgeous Git the opportunity to fight back.
[5 Nov, 19:00 PM] Alexander (James Quentin) Duggan makes quick work of Andrew Marlow (Paul Gardner)
[7 Oct, 00:00 AM] A nostalgic bounty from our very own CoP, Sinead Foley
[4 Nov, 22:00 PM] Jose Haqq-Lee enjoys a nice refreshing murder of The Gallant Galos (Gabriella Gormley)
[4 Nov, 10:00 AM] Guy Incognito overhears The nastily physical physical natsci (Freddie Bartlett-Evans) talking of their incompetency, and promptly dispatches of them

New on Sunday, 5 November

[4 Nov, 23:04 PM] The Frustrated Fishmonger has an eventful, but unsuccessful week.
[4 Nov, 21:37 PM] Ivanova Koestler is going to cost Gray some time to put her back together. Blame Yacapo for that.
[4 Nov, 18:00 PM] Another pair of wanderers return empty handed.
[4 Nov, 11:20 AM] Mop gets a bit lost and makes the most of where he is, but still comes up empty.
[3 Nov, 16:15 PM] Alexander (James Quentin) Duggan, like so many others, simply goes wandering.

New on Saturday, 4 November

[26 Oct, 22:45 PM] Jul Tamer (David Levi) is taken down by a winged vigilante, Starkey
[3 Nov, 14:30 PM] The vigilante Starkey strikes again, unfortunately for Daario N'haeris (Theo Redfern-Nichols)
[3 Nov, 16:50 PM] Alistair Chakravati narrowly escapes death at the hands of Mr. Razor
[3 Nov, 13:00 PM] LaTeX Forest and Vertatim Tart visit the residence of The nastily physical physical natsci
[3 Nov, 13:30 PM] No rest for the wicked, LaTeX Forest removes another inco, Ratagan (Ewan Redpath) from our streets
[3 Nov, 11:15 AM] Kai Reed attempts on Friedrich Van Caspar once again
[2 Nov, 09:00 AM] Starkey leads the brigade on a failed mission
[2 Nov, 21:55 PM] Winnie the Pooh mistakes Arthur Dent (Alex Watson) for honey
[30 Oct, 19:30 PM] Winnie the Pooh attempts to return a coat
[2 Nov, 11:00 AM] Anastasia Chibulkova decides loyalty isn't quite for them after all
[1 Nov, 21:30 PM] The not-quite-corrupt Anastasia Chibulkova is killed, once again, by Verbatim Tart
[2 Nov, 15:30 PM] Kai Reed gives up trying to get to Friedrich Van Caspar at an early hurdle.
[2 Nov, 22:00 PM] Magdala Buckley pays Daario N'haeris a visit, but nobody's home.
[2 Nov, 22:50 PM] Caules Forvegde Yggdmillenia miscasts, something that allows theboi to escape.
[2 Nov, 10:35 AM] Alisa Reinford catches their bus, but not their target.
[2 Nov, 12:45 PM] Monsieur Breadperson (Joseph Townsend) almost turns Alexander Homerton's ambush around by killing their accomplice LaTeX Forest and removing a limb from their attacker, but is finally brought down.

New on Friday, 3 November

[1 Nov, 21:30 PM] Fat Flube (Jacques Elliott), like many others, seems not to have learned to employ 'the lock', available at all good Gray Corp stores.

New on Thursday, 2 November

[1 Nov, 16:00 PM] Professor Incompetent's patience pays off as he finally gets his target, Diogenes the Cynic (Adam Reeves)
[1 Nov, 10:50 AM] Professor Incompetent's target skips lectures. A wise move
[1 Nov, 13:00 PM] Future anomalies of "The Shrike" (Adam Kucz) type in the Grey Matter building believed extremely unlikely due to actions of Verbatim Tart twitch
[1 Nov, 11:00 AM] The Geiger Countess defeats the corrupt Anastasia Chibulkova (Adrian Del Ser) and they pledge their loyalty to the police once again
[31 Oct, 10:00 AM] The Innocuous Postman who keeps bumping into people while carrying very sharp objects (re-employed) finally manages their delivery to John Maynard Keynes (Sherwood Lam), we are lucky to have such a dedicated postman
[31 Oct, 18:30 PM] Ivanova Koestler turns The Bandit (Kit Livsey) into Kit Deadsey
[31 Oct, 19:05 PM] Ivanova Koestler takes revenge upon Walshy (James Walsh)
[31 Oct, 23:55 PM] Makishima relaxes with Antares (Taras Kolomatski) before stabbing them
[28 Oct, 14:00 PM] Cornelius Gray himself takes a team through Cambridge and clean up Merlin (Ollie Evans), Spaghetti (Luca Righetti), Sam Stephenson (Cesca Lisle), Eky JJ (Emma-Kate Jones) and Serene Symphony (Jerry Tam)
[31 Oct, 21:00 PM] Makishima, The Innocuous Postman who keeps bumping into people while carrying very sharp objects (re-employed) and Furston LeDolier go reverse trick or treating and James Smith (Sean McGuire) takes the bait
[31 Oct, 13:40 PM] Pink Panther (Paige Yallop)'s bulletproof glasses fail them and Hides-From-View escapes.

New on Tuesday, 31 October

[31 Oct, 18:30 PM] Verbatim Tart seems to be quite literally thirsty for blood, mixing Doc Emmett Brown (Andreas Soteriou)'s blood with his food.
[30 Oct, 20:30 PM] Traitorous The Shadow Surfer takes to the streets, but Stacey is too smart for their attempts
[28 Oct, 21:35 PM] The duo, Brian Bay and Noob-Noob take out another incompetent, Amapola Escarlata (Aida Sanchez Ricol)
[30 Oct, 16:20 PM] Incompetent and foolish, Mr. TiddlyWinkes (Miteyan Patel) easily falls to Verbatim Tart
[30 Oct, 19:00 PM] Shadow Kirito (Omar Khassal) is finally taken down by our loyal police member, Verbatim Tart
[30 Oct, 10:00 AM] Albireo was lucky to have plenty of bullets, eventually managing to hit Saq Madiq (Keji Neri)
[30 Oct, 13:20 PM] Le Champignon (Yvan Bollet) finds their own death amongst the shopping isles, courtesy of Makishima
[30 Oct, 11:00 AM] A failed attempt, and shameless plug, from Diogenes the Cynic
[28 Oct, 21:30 PM] Brian Bay and Noob-Noob use Basil Spence (Henry Aldridge) as target practice
[28 Oct, 21:00 PM] Carl Friedrich Gauss joins the incobash to a far away College, ending the life of Homo Economicus (Yi Song)
[29 Oct, 18:00 PM] Anastasia Chibulkova upholds the law, killing the corrupt Flip Flop Thief (Barnaby Medhurst) but kills an innocent in the process, going corrupt themselves!
[29 Oct, 22:00 PM] Our loyal police LaTeX Forest reports a concerning issue with Shadow Kirito
[29 Oct, 14:30 PM] Our valued citizens, The Innocuous Postman who keeps bumping into people while carrying very sharp objects (re-employed) and The Royal Mail Intern deliver two packages to Monsieur Andromeda (Nathan Douglas)

New on Monday, 30 October

[29 Oct, 15:00 PM] The Empty Man attempts to find the remaining hidden incompetents, but returns disappointed
[29 Oct, 11:00 AM] Queenslayer 's rampage continues as they take out May (Helen Ridout) and Fluffy Retribution (Zoe Gyamfi) with a little help this time. All men (and women) must die.
[27 Oct, 18:00 PM] Merlin really should have reported their kill of ThomasTheSkankEngine (Anastasia Dalchanina)

New on Sunday, 29 October

[29 Oct, 18:26 PM] Professor Incompetent proves himself not to be quite so incompetent as he dispatches Gavrilo Princip (Seb Horton)
[28 Oct, 20:00 PM] Miguel Jaksoni dons a disguise for Halloween and takes out K West (Pretesh Patel)
[28 Oct, 14:00 PM] Ivanova Koestler has a very busy incobash, personally taking out Smangoman (Shyam Dhokia) and datboi (Dan Lloyd-Davies)
[28 Oct, 19:10 PM] Andromeda hits The Lantern Bearer (Lauren Turner) over the head with a radioactive brick
[28 Oct, 19:00 PM] Flip Flop Thief kills two incos with one bullet at dinner
[28 Oct, 15:30 PM] Another successful delivery, The Innocuous Postman who keeps bumping into people while carrying very sharp objects (re-employed) makes Mr. F (Karthik Subramaniam)'s day
[28 Oct, 14:30 PM] The Innocuous Postman who keeps bumping into people while carrying very sharp objects (re-employed) returns to their usual postal route and Geoffrey Pritchard (Jonathan Iceton) receives a package
[28 Oct, 18:40 PM] Hides-From-View takes out TheBSMouse (Max Williamson) and an innocent, making them wanted!
[28 Oct, 16:15 PM] Andrew Marlow does the unthinkable, destroying The AutoUmpire (Twm Stone). I needed that...
[7 Oct, 00:00 AM] George little puts a bounty on himself!
[28 Oct, 16:00 PM] Mad Lord Geoffrey survives an encounter with the incobash and kills the Umpire himself
[27 Oct, 18:50 PM] Triple Nipple is reminded why they call it 'experimental' technology, but still manages to relaunch and kill Fishpan (Ishaan Bhardwaj)
[28 Oct, 13:30 PM] Cornelius Gray's second news announcement.
[27 Oct, 23:00 PM] Queenslayer settles the score with Red-bellied black (Lewis Nicolson) with the help of Hazie
[24 Oct, 23:00 PM] Miguel Jaksoni has a rather amusing experience.
[23 Oct, 20:10 PM] Makishima makes an attempt on Diamond Dog's education
[23 Oct, 13:45 PM] A public service announcement on honesty. Do not be like A. A. Ron Rodgers (Richard Pickup) and give your name to assassins like Alexander (James Quentin) Duggan when asked.
[22 Oct, 01:00 AM] The Beast of Burden goes on a midnight wander to Mr. Pizza (Jaehyeon Kim)
[14 Oct, 22:00 PM] Monsieur Breadperson is reanimated by the Gray Corporation.

New on Saturday, 28 October

[28 Oct, 09:50 AM] Haytham saves the police a job, taking out the soon-to-be incompetent Rihfok (Lukas Cincikas)
[28 Oct, 11:40 AM] Electronite narrowly avoids the incobash by killing Phalanx Centrus (Dan Gordon) at the last possible moment.
[27 Oct, 13:00 PM] Stacey interupts Charlie Worsley (Will Styles)'s meal

New on Friday, 27 October

[21 Oct, 15:30 PM] The postal service makes a delivery to The Man who was Thursday (Sebastian Putman)
[26 Oct, 21:15 PM] Yacapo commits a sinful act, murdering Edward House (Dominykas Ruibys)
[25 Oct, 17:00 PM] Cuddly Attack Bear makes a kill on Dr. Zaius (Kieran Kejiou) with an unspecified tactic.
[24 Oct, 16:45 PM] Nolan Dforme (Matthew Barton) loses his will in this harsh society
[25 Oct, 10:55 AM] Jaqen C137 (Henry de Spoelberch) might have noticed Bridget Spike if they were a bit less distracted.
[25 Oct, 10:00 AM] Pileup! Karm Wood (Kathleen Bowman) is taken out by Alexandra Bickerstaff (Ella Inwald), but is also swiftly avenged by Magdala Buckley
[25 Oct, 08:15 AM] A dull start for Makishima
[22 Oct, 21:00 PM] The Bandit and Xerxes Rockatansky escape the clutches of Friedrich Van Caspar and Bridget Spike
[21 Oct, 19:10 PM] Cornelius encourages paranoia, but this time it was unnecessary, Hides-From-View carefully takes out AdA (Alice Wenban)
[21 Oct, 14:00 PM] Emile Ward's deadly ruse fools Draco Mouthboy (Michael Collingwood) and manages to get past Gray's experimental 'lock' technology.
[21 Oct, 10:30 AM] 1, 2 and 3, Omar Patel clears out DoodleBobBuffPants (Ajay Ahir), Miss Scarlet (Alex Smallwood) and Jackie Chan (Joycelyn Li) in the space of 80 minutes with the help of Anastasia Chibulkova.
[21 Oct, 10:00 AM] A not so quiet Saturday lecture sees a clash between The Fundamental Group and Alcibiades (Luke Gardiner)
[14 Oct, 21:45 PM] The Were-Bear (Teddy Mack) is brought to justice by The Geiger Countess, Furston LeDolier and Ivanova Koestler
[20 Oct, 19:05 PM] A rather Rat like individual, J. Ratty (Irene Svoronos), tries to kill Emile Ward, but runs themselves into a corner instead and is dispatched.
[27 Oct, 10:00 AM] Alexander Homerton did not throw away his shot, unfortunately for Noot Noot Pingu (Birranavan Parthmasri)
[26 Oct, 21:30 PM] Alexander (James Quentin) Duggan cuts the date of Commander Christian Cuck (C Cubed on the streets) (Alex Denny) short with their blade
[25 Oct, 08:00 AM] Charlotte Corday (Olga Trinder) kills Bourne (Zhaomou Song), but Anastasia Chibulkova shows their true allegiance, betraying them to Omar Patel
[26 Oct, 17:40 PM] Makishima strikes down a Bear (Faris Khan)
[26 Oct, 18:45 PM] Miguel Jaksoni doesn't quite cut it as a villain, maybe he should join the Henchmen's Union
[26 Oct, 18:30 PM] Caules Forvegde Yggdmillenia takes down Diamond Dog (Josh Garfinkel), and Winnie the Pooh misses out on his honey
[26 Oct, 18:30 PM] Last week, Winnie the Pooh went on a little journey
[26 Oct, 11:00 AM] Guy Incognito learns the importance of an accomplice
[25 Oct, 17:20 PM] Andromeda makes a second attempt, but The nastily physical physical natsci isn't home
[26 Oct, 09:30 AM] Bubblegum goes for an early morning walk, Kokich (Kaloyan Nikolov) gets in the way
[25 Oct, 16:50 PM] Andromeda makes an attempt on Bonnie Prince Charlie's life
[25 Oct, 23:20 PM] Hazie kills Clarissa Moon (Zoe Cavendish) thanks to Queenslayer's door opening ability

New on Thursday, 26 October

[25 Oct, 20:00 PM] Bubblegum dispatches of their first target, Isildur (Daniel Harwood)
[25 Oct, 09:00 AM] The Shadow Surfer chooses his target list over his allegiance to Reginald (Sam Sully)

New on Wednesday, 25 October

[25 Oct, 19:50 PM] Extinct Turtle circumnavigates some security and manages to take out Jacques Descole (Robert Hudson)
[24 Oct, 11:00 AM] TheLegend27 dispatch of Freesa Everforest (Friso de Graaf)
[24 Oct, 18:30 PM] A Mop cleans up The Beast of Burden (Kip White-Saini)
[21 Oct, 12:30 PM] We're still having teething problems with The AutoUmpire, as the targeting module fails to deliver.
[24 Oct, 17:00 PM] Mr. Razor leaves a note for the evasive Jul Tamer
[24 Oct, 19:00 PM] Alexander (James Quentin) Duggan learns it's a bad idea to visit a target unarmed!
[24 Oct, 14:00 PM] 8848 (Michael Djali) comes home to an unwelcome visitor, Haytham
[23 Oct, 23:00 PM]
[23 Oct, 17:30 PM] Albireo butchers Bilinda the Butcher (Thomas Peirce), how ironic
[23 Oct, 18:00 PM] Haytham provides a free security system check
[23 Oct, 19:05 PM] Ulex Stultus AKA Hatman AKA The Gibbering Man (Alex Craggs), the highest scoring player in the game, is brought down by the relentless hunt of the Queenslayer.
[21 Oct, 23:30 PM] Stacey goes wandering and sees something that cannot be unseen.

New on Monday, 23 October

[21 Oct, 23:00 PM] Teresa exterminates Dr. Song (Emilie Colliar) and Sebastian Melmoth (Molly O'Gorman). Maybe they'd be interested in returning as 'cyber men'?
[23 Oct, 00:20 AM] Teresa returns to the scene of the crime to find Nicholas Flammel (Lucas Booker-Munoz)
[22 Oct, 10:00 AM] Furston LeDolier slays the defenseless The Innocuous Postman Who Keeps Accidentally Bumping Into People While Carrying Very Sharp Parcels (Dani Cugini)

New on Sunday, 22 October

[7 Oct, 00:00 AM] Our first bounty, compliments of an anonymous player!
[22 Oct, 11:00 AM] The early bird, Ratagan, catches The Mongol (Zdravkov Zahariev)

New on Saturday, 21 October

[21 Oct, 13:00 PM] Grand theft bicycle is averted by Trexer... if only it wasn't Spoons (Lulu Beatson)'s own bike.
[19 Oct, 12:00 PM] An unknown entity associated with spacetime anomaly, dubbed "The Shrike", caused major disruption in Grey corporation AI research facility which resulted in death of LaTeX Forest (Leo Zlotnikov)
[20 Oct, 15:00 PM] Emile Ward pays a visit to PotatOS (Li Xin) and makes a new friend
[17 Oct, 20:00 PM] Kitty Harper's cunning water polo based ruse pays off as Pennywise (Krystian Bober) should have been more wary.
[17 Oct, 18:20 PM] Locks, they save lives, a lesson that Sneaky Sashimi teaches Stabbity Stab McStab (Vincent Proud)
[17 Oct, 17:30 PM] Furston LeDolier does their duty. Yoesph Thawne (James Farley) should have employed 'the lock', available at all good Gray corp stores.
[17 Oct, 14:20 PM] 8848 is foiled by Gray corp's experimental technology (it's called a 'lock').
[17 Oct, 14:00 PM] 8848 has a narrow escape from Falcon Jones (Matt Hutton)'s blade, but Falcon Jones is not so lucky
[17 Oct, 11:00 AM] LaTeX Forest and their assailant Reginald find themselves 'mostly armless'.
[17 Oct, 10:55 AM] Elvis (Nathaniel Cooke) and Hatman play ring around the innocent.
[17 Oct, 11:00 AM] LaTeX Forest kills Bob (Peter Rugg) and ruins their morning
[17 Oct, 08:30 AM] Alexander (James Quentin) Duggan begins his life as a killer, dispatching Pedro Salinas (Hannan Saddiq)
[15 Oct, 20:45 PM] Ulex Stultus stylishly dispatches Tigris (Aleca Haeger) while Cornelius Gray looks on
[16 Oct, 13:00 PM] AJ and Emile Ward clash. After extensive discussion, both walk away unharmed
[16 Oct, 11:00 AM] The Geiger Countess strikes down Anastasia Chibulkova (Adrian Del Ser), but is seriously injured in the process
[15 Oct, 21:30 PM] Kitty Shade nearly kills Commander Christian Cuck (C Cubed on the streets), but he is saved by the umpire's power
[15 Oct, 18:50 PM] Pseudonymous Bosch (Colin Kaljee) mistakes a business call for a social one, giving Falcon Jones the opening he needs.
[15 Oct, 18:00 PM] An attack by Flip Flop Thief (Barnaby Medhurst) goes terribly wrong! Omar Patel gets the kill and Anastasia Chibulkova goes wanted
[15 Oct, 17:30 PM] Karm Wood and Magdala Buckley go hunting. The dynamic duo catch Russianlove (Marius Stensrud), but Karm Wood illicitly coshes them, going wanted.
[14 Oct, 13:20 PM] The Were-Bear strikes, killing an innocent. Kitty Shade lives to see another day.
[20 Oct, 21:00 PM] The Gibbering Man lies in wait for white_rabbit (Jacob Coxon)
[20 Oct, 20:00 PM] Arthur Dent is overcome by the need to kill Murmadon (Marida Ianni-Ravn)

New on Friday, 20 October

[20 Oct, 13:30 PM] Jesabethabethabell (Calliope Ryan-Smith) is lured out of their room by Makishima's cookies
[16 Oct, 11:00 AM] The Innocuous Postman Who Keeps Accidentally Bumping Into People While Carrying Very Sharp Parcels attempts to deliver a very interesting looking package
[20 Oct, 14:00 PM] The nastily physical physical natsci takes a lesson in assassination and practices on Sullivan Slaughter (Hugo Blondel)
[20 Oct, 13:00 PM] theboi takes down Ezio Ibn La'Ahad (Razvan-Cristian Nicolescu)
[19 Oct, 20:00 PM] The hunter becomes the hunted as Kitty Shade (Hannah Lagorio) is shot down by Commander Christian Cuck (C Cubed on the streets)
[19 Oct, 19:00 PM] An Extinct Turtle learns how to use guns, shooting Cher Lloyd by Cher Lloyd (Kendal Karaduman)

New on Thursday, 19 October

[19 Oct, 15:00 PM] The Innocuous Postman Who Keeps Accidentally Bumping Into People While Carrying Very Sharp Parcels continues to struggle to find the recipient of the ticking package
[19 Oct, 17:25 PM] Hatman delivers a hat, and death, to White Peeta Bread (Gautam Mahapatra)
[19 Oct, 12:00 PM] The Shadow Surfer is just moments too late, stabbing the corpse of LaTeX Forest

New on Wednesday, 18 October

[14 Oct, 00:00 AM] The AutoUmpire makes an attempt on the Umpires' nerves
[18 Oct, 17:30 PM] The Beast of Burden reminds Alcibiades to lock their door
[18 Oct, 13:15 PM] Mr. Weenie enjoys a delicious Jellybean (Judith Offenberg)
[17 Oct, 22:30 PM] Jul Tamer betrays AJ (Alex Janowska), their ex-partner
[18 Oct, 09:00 AM] Mack-Attack (Chloe Mackley) is rudely awoken by their own death, Sebastian Melmoth
[17 Oct, 21:00 PM] The hunt between Reginald and LaTeX Forest continues.

New on Tuesday, 17 October

[17 Oct, 17:00 PM] Saq Madiq Wins the waiting game against Elliejc (Ellie Coverdale)
[17 Oct, 14:00 PM] LaTeX Forest can't quite kill Miss Scarlet through the door's crack.
[16 Oct, 18:15 PM] imacyclepath (Natalie Chapman) and theboi's rivalry finally ends in a dramatic encounter
[16 Oct, 16:50 PM] Sneaky Sashimi sneaks a knife into Puck the Kitty (Sarah Racicot)'s heart
[16 Oct, 15:45 PM] Cuddly Attack Bear visits White Peeta Bread, but no one was home
[16 Oct, 15:00 PM] The Innocuous Postman Who Keeps Accidentally Bumping Into People While Carrying Very Sharp Parcels attempts a second delivery but fails to identify the recipient
[16 Oct, 12:00 PM] Makishima goes searching for Jesabethabethabell and Bear, but they unwittingly escape

New on Monday, 16 October

[15 Oct, 20:00 PM] Magpie takes to the wing
[15 Oct, 21:20 PM] Karm Wood kills Brian Bay (Matthew Alderton), redeeming themselves in the eyes of the Umpire
[15 Oct, 17:25 PM] The Shadow Surfer makes an attempt on Stacey but can't quite get their foot in the door
[15 Oct, 17:00 PM] Diogenes the Cynic goes wandering. Gray is distressed at how many assassins have more style than he does.
[14 Oct, 22:30 PM] Knives beat batons, as Misty Patricia demonstrates to Ascalon Hendricks (Will Harvey-Powell)
[15 Oct, 16:20 PM] Ulex Stultus does not give up his style as he drinks a Vanilla Latte (Elizabeth Hanna)

New on Sunday, 15 October

[14 Oct, 17:45 PM] A close call, imacyclepath meets their attacker, theboi
[14 Oct, 23:00 PM] Brock Lee (Lily Bao) meets an explosive end at the hands of theboi
[14 Oct, 19:10 PM] Saq Madiq introduces Pink Panther (Paige Yallop) to the sharp end of their sword
[14 Oct, 14:00 PM] Miguel Jaksoni visits Reginald but is foiled by a locked door
[14 Oct, 20:00 PM] Pseudonymous Bosch offers a friendly handshake to Baron von Slavski (Zak Lakota-Baldwin)... that's a strange looking hand

New on Saturday, 14 October

[14 Oct, 20:30 PM] Emile Ward lands a deadly blow to Big booty man (Ed Gilford)
[14 Oct, 11:50 AM] Dr. Song stabs Max Sinclair (Oliver Layzell) in the heart.
[14 Oct, 11:00 AM] The breaded fiend, Monsieur Breadperson, kills Pseudocrem (Imogen Sandford) in their own home!

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