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Saturday, 14 October

[00:00 AM] An interview with the world's most prominent businessman is aired across the galactic network.
[11:00 AM] The breaded fiend, Monsieur Breadperson, kills Pseudocrem (Imogen Sandford) in their own home!
[11:50 AM] Dr. Song stabs Max Sinclair (Oliver Layzell) in the heart.
[13:20 PM] The Were-Bear strikes, killing an innocent. Kitty Shade lives to see another day.
[14:00 PM] Miguel Jaksoni visits Reginald but is foiled by a locked door
[17:45 PM] A close call, imacyclepath meets their attacker, theboi
[19:10 PM] Saq Madiq introduces Pink Panther (Paige Yallop) to the sharp end of their sword
[20:00 PM] Pseudonymous Bosch offers a friendly handshake to Baron von Slavski (Zak Lakota-Baldwin)... that's a strange looking hand
[20:30 PM] Emile Ward lands a deadly blow to Big booty man (Ed Gilford)
[21:45 PM] The Were-Bear (Teddy Mack) is brought to justice by The Geiger Countess, Furston LeDolier and Ivanova Koestler
[22:00 PM] Monsieur Breadperson is reanimated by the Gray Corporation.
[22:30 PM] Knives beat batons, as Misty Patricia demonstrates to Ascalon Hendricks (Will Harvey-Powell)
[23:00 PM] Brock Lee (Lily Bao) meets an explosive end at the hands of theboi

Sunday, 15 October

[16:20 PM] Ulex Stultus does not give up his style as he drinks a Vanilla Latte (Elizabeth Hanna)
[17:00 PM] Diogenes the Cynic goes wandering. Gray is distressed at how many assassins have more style than he does.
[17:25 PM] The Shadow Surfer makes an attempt on Stacey but can't quite get their foot in the door
[17:30 PM] Karm Wood and Magdala Buckley go hunting. The dynamic duo catch Russianlove (Marius Stensrud), but Karm Wood illicitly coshes them, going wanted.
[18:00 PM] An attack by Flip Flop Thief (Barnaby Medhurst) goes terribly wrong! Omar Patel gets the kill and Anastasia Chibulkova goes wanted
[18:50 PM] Pseudonymous Bosch (Colin Kaljee) mistakes a business call for a social one, giving Falcon Jones the opening he needs.
[20:00 PM] Magpie takes to the wing
[20:45 PM] Ulex Stultus stylishly dispatches Tigris (Aleca Haeger) while Cornelius Gray looks on
[21:20 PM] Karm Wood kills Brian Bay (Matthew Alderton), redeeming themselves in the eyes of the Umpire
[21:30 PM] Kitty Shade nearly kills Commander Christian Cuck (C Cubed on the streets), but he is saved by the umpire's power

Monday, 16 October

[09:50 AM] Haytham dispatches their target, Jack Napier (Karamvir Kumar)
[11:00 AM] The Geiger Countess strikes down Anastasia Chibulkova (Adrian Del Ser), but is seriously injured in the process
[12:00 PM] Makishima goes searching for Jesabethabethabell and Bear, but they unwittingly escape
[15:00 PM] The Innocuous Postman Who Keeps Accidentally Bumping Into People While Carrying Very Sharp Parcels attempts a second delivery but fails to identify the recipient
[15:45 PM] Cuddly Attack Bear visits White Peeta Bread, but no one was home
[16:50 PM] Sneaky Sashimi sneaks a knife into Puck the Kitty (Sarah Racicot)'s heart

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