University of Cambridge Assassin's Guild
Varsity 1997 - Oxbridge Interguild Warfare

Report courtesy of Overkill...

Well, four people did turn up and take the coach to Oxford to do pre-arranged violence against their Guild: The Nyth, the Wildebeast, Mark and the Overkill.

It was fought out in a narrow strip of woodland, in the pouring rain. Oxford, with a 1-person advantage and a very heavy calibre bazooka to boot, stealthily advanced at the Cambridge defense, but Overkill blew up two of them in a heavy exchange of hand-grenades. As they pressed Cambridge back, they shot dead our brave rearguard of Nyth and Mark, and now the Bazooka and two machineguns faced Overkill's submachinegun openly on the path. But where was the Wildebeast? Oxford charged, and Overkill counted a 1/4 shot followed by an unwise 3/4 shot from the bazooka, at which point he sprung and mowed down the defenceless and encumbered Oliver. Meanwhile, the two support machinegunners ran past the tree the Wildebeast was hiding behind, and this ferocious killer gave them no chance, as the tree absorbed the desperate return fire.

Then by necromancy, the dead were raised again for the second round, with Oxford defending this time. they pulled a slow retreat and kept Cambridge unsure as to where Oliver and his Bazooka were hidden. Soon, Nyth took out an opponent, only to be himself cut down. And Oxford left behind a nasty little surprise - a well-concealed low-calibre sniper. But the sharp-eyed Wildebeast discovered him and ruthlessly executed him. With Cambridge thinking the Bazooka to be positioned on the left of the path, Wildebeast went left into a violent melee in which he was wasted, just as the bazooka emerged on the right... But brave Mark charged Oliver down as he fired and both were consumed. This left Overkill against two better-armed Oxford murderers. They pressed him back slowly, and his ammo was running out, so he attempted to give Oxford the slip by jumping into a canal. But Oxford made no mistakes, a ruthless marksman using the height advantage to blast Overkill's head off from behind.

We then raised our dead again, and got into dry clothes, and were shown high-quality equipment at a nearby Oxford mafia headquarters, and some of us then went to the pub to chat over a drink.

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