Cloak & Dagger Varsity 2009 Report – Leeds

Leeds and Cambridge Vs Durham and Sheffield

Dramatis Personæ

Cambridge Team:

Leeds Team:

Durhan Team:

Sheffield Team:

Round One


To hold the high ground and retain control of the Durham prisoner, holding off enemy attacks from the pathway which approached and circumnavigated the mound.

William Brooks led a series of pre-emptive and deterrent attacks against the oncoming Durhamites and Jake Corteen, supported by a scouting force of Adam Guterres, Coryan Wilson-Shah, Alasdair Wilkins and Brook Roberts. Meanwhile Amy Booth and Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis organised the defensive lines on the high ground, with Charlie Schoonman assigned to watch over the Durhamite prisoner. The remainder of the Cambridge team and Leeds took up positions overlooking the road.

The scouting forays and skirmishes proved effective for a while, forcing Durham back and decimating their troops repeatedly, until they eventually broke through and drove Cambridge onto the mound. The terrain around this proved too difficult to assault, however, and some courageous defensive counter-attacking held the onslaught off for the duration of the round. At the end of the allotted time, the Durham prisoner was executed by a firing squad of CPS-wielding Cambridge and Leeds team members.

Round Victors: Cambridge and Leeds

Round Two


To seize a key briefcase of documents from a pre-designed bunker drop-off and defend it until the end of the round.

A mix-up with round starting times and confusion from the Durham team about the nature of the objective led to their seizing the briefcase and, rather than defend its location as originally agreed, they retreated to the previous round's mound and took up defensive positions. The Cambridge and Leeds teams pursued and launched a lengthy attack against the defenders, frequently reducing their numbers to less than half but impeded by the terrain from making any real progress. Real courage was displayed, particularly from the younger members of the Cambridge team, charging into attack before expediting hasty retreats when surrounded on all sides by higher-placed experienced Durham fighters.

A series of stand-offs led to extended fight sequences, with the central fighters of William Brooks and Coryan Wilson-Shah facing off repeatedly with key opponents, while several flanking manoeuvres forced Jake Corteen and others to expose themselves in dangerous positions. Ultimately, however, the round was brought to a close without a significant impetus and Durham claimed the victory.

Round Victors: Durham and Sheffield

Round Three


The Cambridge and Leeds team were tasked with protecting a large cuddly toy cat (named Big Cat) while he carried out shady business, before a swift retreat at a pre-decided time.

The multiple branching side-streets of the local area created a number of approach options to the Fat Cat, so the Cambridge and Leeds team decided to head off the attackers close to their starting point, with only a few defenders left to protect the Cat. Emily Scragg and a couple of the Leeds team watched the local area, Alicia Danks and Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis advanced to the first major junction, while the remainder pushed forward to the spawning point of the Durham and Sheffield team. A series of firefights broke out down narrow allies and green land in the back streets, with the Durham nerf weapons effective (rebounds allowed) in small spaces while the Cambridge water weaponry dominated in open areas and flanking attacks. A few breakthroughs led by Jake Corteen were swiftly dealt with by the rear guard of the Cambridge team.

Once again the Durham team found themselves pushed back into their starting site on several occasions, and made little headway until a few minutes from the end. At this point they rallied and defended themselves until the full team was available to fight, when they advanced with renewed vigour and broke most of the way through to the objective. One of their team charged through to the Fat Cat around the exact end of the round, and although the Cambridge and Leeds rear guard claimed to have shot him, he claimed a kill of the Cat. Due to the proximity of the round's end as well as the dispute, it was decided to call the round a draw and fight a decider.

Round Victors: None (Drawn)

Deciding Round

Both sides agreed after negotiation that a final Capture the Flag round would decide the outcome of the entire match. The play area was reversed, with Cambridge and Leeds starting at the bottom of the estate but with the wind to their back. The teams then took their places, and the final onslaught began. Many fights ensued, with deaths matching one another on both sides and little ground given to either team. Frequent regrouping and respawning meant the round looked headed for another draw, when the Cambridge team captains called for a final charging push by everyone, led by the usual advance party.

Brave, destructive but ultimately doomed, the attack left both sides reeling but Cambridge and Leeds on the negative side of the bodycount. By the final stages Cambridge was left with Paul Tinton and Alasdair Wilkins (with Joshua Guy Blanchard Lewis having pursued Jake Corteen from the game area), while Durham had seven of their best fighters. The last of the Cambridge team regrouped and launched a final attack on the Durham flag, although outnumbered and tired. Slow advance was tempered by the deaths of Alasdair and Paul, leaving Joshua as the final combatant. Against the odds he took down the remainder of the Durham team, seized the flag and sprinted back to the Cambridge base to claim a final overall victory for Cambridge and Leeds in both the round and the match as a whole.

Round Victors: Cambridge and Leeds

Overall Victors: Cambridge and Leeds

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