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Here's the list of those who made an impression...

Paranoia Hardened Death-masters (PhDs):

The title of a Paranoia Hardened Death-master (PhD) is awarded to assassins who have won two games. Eleven PhDs have been awarded so far:

Master Assassins (MAs):

The title of Master Assassin (MA) is awarded to assassins who win a game or make an outstanding performance in one or more games. The following assassins have been awarded MAs in the past:

Badge of Assassination (BAs):

The Badge of Assassination (BA) is awarded to assassins who, despite showing excellent skills in the field of assassination and making significant contributions to the game as a whole, are not eligible for an M.A. (usually due to playing as Police). The following assassins have been awarded BAs in the past:

Other Awards

Each game many awards are given out to the best, most amusing, most dedicated players (and others). These have been archived with the games in question and can be found here.

A list of each award and the winners of that award, with a link to the respective games, can be found on the collated awards page.

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