#townspeople IRC Log

19:34 [@Pavanne] no, sure, do come along
19:37 [@Pavanne] thanks a lot
19:38 [@Pavanne] (Er. That was to Kirika, who set up the logging)
19:41 * Kirika is slightly puzzled by the last comment as he and she are the oinly ones on channel at,m
19:41 [Kirika] when is it, Issac newton at ?8pm?
19:41 [Kirika] ah, as per #assassins topiuc, cunning
20:00 --> Snap joins
20:00 [Snap] rah
20:00 [Snap] I'm evil I am
20:00 [Snap] dead set against anything
20:01 [Snap] especially letting anyone else live
20:03 [Snap] urge to kill rising ... Rising ... fading .. RISING !
20:03 * Snap wonders what the people that actually bother to read the log will think of this
20:06 [Snap] right, I'll stop being silly, see everyone tomorrow
20:06 [Snap] :-)
20:06 <-- Snap leaves (Leaving)
21:40 --> Banichi joins
21:40 [Banichi] bwahahaha
21:51 --> Katamarino joins
22:03 * Banichi should point out that he's sweet and innocent and while not fluffy very very trustworthy
22:06 * Katamarino doesn't believe that for a minute :p
22:10 --> Snap joins
22:11 --> Scotsman joins
22:16 [Snap] arrgh, Scotsman is evil mafia
22:16 [Snap] I saw him do it
22:16 [Scotsman] eek
22:17 <-- Snap leaves (Umm, Like, Whatever)
22:21 [Katamarino] ????
22:21 [Katamarino] well, that was exciting :)
22:22 [Banichi] does anyone know what arguments you have to give nmap so that the cs doesn't notice/complain?
22:24 [Scotsman] -sF
22:25 [Scotsman] -f
22:26 [Scotsman] -F
22:27 [Scotsman] -g 80 [perhaps
22:28 [Scotsman] -n
22:28 [Scotsman] -T Sneaky
22:28 [Scotsman] [or mebbe Polite]
22:28 [Scotsman] [-T 3]
22:29 [Scotsman] should do it
22:30 [Scotsman] who are you nmapping?
22:31 [Scotsman] "nmap -sF -f -F -g 80 -n -T 3 foo.bar.com"
22:32 [Banichi] heh
22:32 [Banichi] nobody, honest ;)
22:33 [Banichi] hrrm
22:34 [Banichi] surely port 135 shouldn't be open....
22:34 [Banichi] I thought the cs were blocking it....
22:37 [Scotsman] who are you nmapping?
22:38 [Scotsman] hmm, I have 515 open
22:40 [Banichi] Katamarino
22:40 [Scotsman] :)
22:40 [Banichi] but I don't think I can do an OS id without the cs noticing
22:40 [Banichi] which is what I was after
22:40 [Scotsman] you should be able to
22:40 [Scotsman] just add -O
22:40 [Banichi] you think?
22:40 [Scotsman] yeah
22:41 [Banichi] I've turned my linux box off now anyway
22:41 [Scotsman] oh ok
22:41 [Scotsman] what's the IP?
22:41 [Banichi] :P
22:42 [Scotsman] :)
22:42 * Banichi thinks about writing an rfc for an extension to finger
22:42 [Scotsman] hmmm, interesting...
22:43 [Scotsman] "No exact matches for OS"
22:43 [Banichi] to have, in addition to plan and project, a .clue file
22:43 [Scotsman] only 1 port open
22:43 * Banichi wonders whether Katamarino is noticing any of this...
22:43 * Scotsman should have added -v -v to his command line
22:43 [Banichi] Scotsman: erm, isn't that very bad?
22:44 [Scotsman] no, just more verbose
22:44 [Scotsman] so I know what's happening
22:44 [Banichi] I meant port 1 being open
22:44 [Scotsman] read my line again
22:44 [Scotsman] only port 135 is open
22:44 [Scotsman] apparently
22:44 [Scotsman] [only searching for known services at any rate]
22:45 [Banichi] ah, sorry
22:45 [Scotsman] :)
22:46 [Banichi] I think port 135 being open might just be the cs firewall(s)
22:46 [Scotsman] hmmm, mebbe
22:46 [Banichi] as they're blocking it between colleges
22:46 [Scotsman] why? what does it do?
22:46 [Scotsman] loc-srv ?
22:46 [Banichi] and presumably analysing traffic
22:46 [Banichi] netbios stuff
22:46 [Scotsman] ahh
22:47 [Banichi] it's the main one that the recent worms exploit
22:47 [Banichi] but you haven't been on the internet to notice....
22:47 [Scotsman] no
22:47 [Banichi] winXP has major security flaws
22:48 [Scotsman] wow, colour me stunned
22:48 [Banichi] this seemed to surprise a lot of people over the summer ;)
22:48 [Banichi] ms did have a patch out weeks before the worms appeared....
22:48 [Scotsman] wow
22:48 [Banichi] but most people just don't patch
22:48 [Scotsman] yeah
22:48 [Banichi] this caused huge problems
22:49 [Banichi] hence the draconian measures imposed by some CO's for the start of this term
22:55 * Scotsman wonders when others will get back from pubmeet
22:58 * Scotsman misses his windows and stuff
22:58 [Banichi] heh
22:59 [Scotsman] I had pretty pictures :(
22:59 [Banichi] aww
22:59 [Banichi] surely you can just get the pictures off a windows cd....
22:59 [Scotsman] no I mean like gnome windows and stuff
22:59 [Scotsman] like, X
22:59 [Scotsman] it was looking nice and stuff
22:59 [Scotsman] but I broke it
22:59 * Scotsman hates computers
23:01 * Scotsman needs a new harddrive
23:01 * Scotsman wants to dual-boot windows again
23:01 [Scotsman] mebbe
23:02 [Banichi] ah yeah
23:08 * Pavanne gets home
23:09 [Scotsman] hey Pavanne
23:09 [@Pavanne] hello
23:09 --> adam joins
23:09 [Scotsman] adam
23:09 [adam] whee
23:09 [adam] game starts at midnight, right?
23:10 [Scotsman] yup
23:10 [Scotsman] locks door
23:10 * adam will leave his open for another three-quarters of an hour, then
23:10 [Banichi] ooh
23:10 [Banichi] had better get my washing in on time ;)
23:10 [Scotsman] :)
23:11 [adam] ooh, hey, I should look at my card
23:11 [Scotsman] might be useful
23:12 * adam finds it, after worrying briefly that he'd lost it
23:12 * Pavanne finishes sending out emails
23:13 * Scotsman watches as his laptop downloads about 40 updates he's missed over the summer holidays
23:13 [@Pavanne] grrrr, sb is compsci stuff
23:13 [@Pavanne] you have your own channel for that
23:13 [@Pavanne] it may be #assassins, but...
23:13 [Scotsman] sorry
23:14 [Scotsman] It's clandestine computer stuff
23:14 * Scotsman reboots laptop
23:17 [@Pavanne] If any of you know how to get the logs to be nicely formatted, please tell me how to do it (step by step)
23:18 [Scotsman] i had a perl prog do it
23:18 [Scotsman] it's kicking around somewhere
23:18 [Scotsman] goes to look
23:18 [Banichi] Pavanne: plain-text is nicely formatted :P
23:18 [@Pavanne] Banichi: only to compscis
23:18 [Banichi] joking apart, what's wrong with the current format?
23:19 [Banichi] it has time-stamps and author tags
23:19 [@Pavanne] It's horrible to read.
23:19 [@Pavanne] should be formatted in columns
23:19 [Banichi] in what way?
23:19 [Banichi] columns?
23:19 [@Pavanne] it's just all a mess, no paragraphs or anything
23:19 * Scotsman finds his scroll thingy
23:20 [Users #townspeople] 23:20 [@Pavanne] [ adam] [ Banichi] [ Katamarino] [ Kirika] [ Scotsman]
23:20 -!- Irssi: #townspeople: Total of 6 nicks [1 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 5 normal] 23:21 [adam] how are you intending to paragraph it?
23:21 * Scotsman needs to fiddle with it a bit before it's actually usable
23:21 [Banichi] Pavanne: why should it be in paragraphs or columns?
23:21 [Banichi] it's a bloody irc log
23:21 * Scotsman thwaps Banichi - no call for that language
23:22 [@Pavanne] yes, but it should be readable like a script (I think)
23:22 [@Pavanne] since a new person is talking every line, it needs a new paragraph.
23:22 [Banichi] Pavanne: it is readable like a script
23:22 [Banichi] it can be easily read by a script in fact
23:23 --> Inquisitor joins
23:23 [Banichi] erm, do you mean paragraphs as in indentation? or paragraphs as in leaving lines between?
23:23 [adam] I think she meant blank lines
23:23 [@Pavanne] indentation
23:23 [adam] oh
23:24 [@Pavanne] the way it comes up on screen, or the way you were taught in language classes
23:25 [Banichi] erm, /me really cannot see how indentation would help
23:25 [Banichi] as the vast majority are one-liners it would make it look worse
23:25 [@Pavanne] it just reads more prettily, like a book or script rather than a dense jungle of words
23:26 [Banichi] erm
23:26 [Banichi] if you want pretty convert it to a pdf or something
23:27 [Scotsman] shush
23:27 [Banichi] I realise it's possible that I'm irretrievably biased here and if so then I apologise
23:28 [Banichi] but I think the current format with the timestamps down the left is nice and easy to see
23:28 [Banichi] actually, I may know what the problem is
23:28 [Banichi] Pavanne: what resolution are you using?
23:29 [@Pavanne] I don't knoew, but on mine it opens in notepad as a continuous block of text
23:29 [Banichi] erm, right
23:30 [Banichi] it shouldn't
23:30 [Banichi] the problem is that you're pointing a webbrowser at a raw text file
23:30 [Scotsman] Banichi: it'll be DOS linebreaks vs Unix ones?
23:30 [Banichi] and the behavious is unspecified
23:30 [@Pavanne] I ncan read it easier on the srcf, yes, but most people won't use that
23:30 [Banichi] some browsers will open it a random app, or save it
23:30 [Banichi] some will try to interpret it as html
23:31 [Banichi] the second option actually works best in this case
23:31 [@Pavanne] I figure most people likely to not be on here permanently will use windows
23:31 [Banichi] as browsers are designed to only need CR's
23:31 [Banichi] I am using windows :P
23:31 [Banichi] IE no less
23:34 [@Pavanne] hmmm, Guru told me I had very low resolution today
23:34 [Scotsman] :)
23:35 [adam] Pavanne: do you know what it is?
23:35 [@Pavanne] no idea whatsoever.
23:37 [Scotsman] woo! coloured logs are back folks
23:37 [Scotsman] http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~jmc80/mafia3/nice_log.cgi?log=townspeople
23:38 [@Pavanne] that's very nice, thank you Scotsman
23:38 * Scotsman bows
23:40 [Scotsman] eek it's b0rked a bit
23:40 [Scotsman] ah ! i know the problem
23:46 [Banichi] Pavanne: it should be one line per thingy, but if your screen isn't wide enough and you have word wrap turned on it'll look messy
23:46 [Banichi] hint: turn word wrap off ;)
23:46 [Banichi] alternatively, use some magic to generate a proper html page from the raw text file and it'll work in any browser
23:47 [@Pavanne] well, it's better for me now
23:47 [@Pavanne] stop talking about compsci stiuff and start considering who the mafia are
23:47 [Scotsman] Banichi!
23:48 [Banichi] er
23:48 [Banichi] sorry
23:48 [Banichi] just trying to help :P
23:49 [Banichi] eep!
23:49 * Banichi gets washing in

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00:00 [@Pavanne] Midnight. Lock your doors.
00:00 [adam] game on!
00:00 * adam just locked his
00:00 [@Pavanne] the aliens have landed, though I'm afraid there is some uncertainty as to whether they're going to do anything
00:00 [Scotsman] lol
00:00 [Scotsman] take them to our dealers
00:00 * Banichi has locked his
00:00 [@Pavanne] I figure lights in the sky are enough without murdering some random
00:01 [@Pavanne] and I csan't bring myself to kill Catherine :)
00:01 * Scotsman volunteers to do so
00:01 [adam] Scotsman: the rules say not to
00:01 [adam] specifically, I believe
00:01 [Scotsman] oh shush
00:07 * Banichi notes the lack of certain players here....
00:07 [Scotsman] mebbe they're too intoxicated
00:07 [@Pavanne] or they can't make it online
00:08 [Banichi] like Jeff you mean?
00:08 [Banichi] did everyone leave the pub at the same time?
00:08 [Scotsman] I didn't
00:08 [adam] no
00:08 [@Pavanne] no, some very early
00:09 [Scotsman] waves
00:09 [Banichi] I'm particularly worried about Jeff specifically as he knows the layout of my house...
00:09 [@Pavanne] though everyone left by game start
00:09 [Banichi] Pavanne: I left early, I mean, after that
00:09 [Scotsman] Pavanne: not surprising
00:09 [Banichi] though obviously you can't tell me :)
00:09 [adam] Banichi/Scotsman/asphalt, then Inquisitor/Edith, then Phate/thr33, then everyone else, I think
00:09 [Banichi] ah
00:10 [Banichi] then why aren't phate and thr33 back on yet....
00:10 * Banichi decides a quiet Banichi is a live Banichi
00:10 * Banichi shuts up
00:11 [@Pavanne] Actually, a dead Banichi would be quieter.
00:20 [Banichi] true
00:20 [Banichi] but it's alive that's important, not volume
00:33 [@Pavanne] 32 minutes in is too early to start worrying that no-one is going to kill anyone else
00:34 [adam] Pavanne: yes it is
00:34 [adam] Pavanne: can I license the magic word "Shroooooom"?
00:34 [@Pavanne] as what?
00:35 * Inquisitor files all of those odd things people did to Kim today.
00:35 [adam] an instant-death spell? as in the first mafia game?
00:35 [@Pavanne] if you are pointing a gun at someone from less than a metre away while in bounds, it will kill them.
00:35 [adam] bah, ok
00:36 [adam] what about differentiating them?
00:36 [@Pavanne] if you are pointing a gun at someone from less than a metre away while in bounds, it will kill them.
00:37 [adam] is there any word that won't kill someone if I say it while pointing a gun at them from less than a metre away while in bounds?
00:37 [@Pavanne] ummmm, yes. "Hi"
00:38 [@Pavanne] yoiu do have to license these words specially you know
00:38 [adam] ah, ok
00:38 [adam] can I license them in bulk?
00:38 [@Pavanne] not by dccing me a dictionary, no.
00:38 [adam] damn, there goes that plan
00:39 [@Pavanne] stick to "bang", "shrooooooom" and d/dx
00:39 * adam . o O ( /dcc Pavanne /usr/share/dict/words )
00:40 [@Pavanne] If you say all of the words in an approved dictionary, in alphabetical order, under the previously stated conditions, they are dead.
00:41 * adam wonders how long that would take
00:41 [adam] alternatively, what constitutes an approved dictionary?#
00:41 [@Pavanne] One you show me and I tell you it's okay.
00:41 [adam] I don't think this scam is going to work
00:41 [adam] fortunately I had nothing to gain from it anyway
00:42 [@Pavanne] No, and I think you should just shoot people when they're a metre away and you hold a gun
00:42 [@Pavanne] not talk to them
00:42 [adam] what if the gun doesn't work?
00:44 [Banichi] then you're a muppet obviously
00:44 [@Pavanne] Ummmm. If it's empty of bullets, it doesn't work as a cap gun either
00:44 [adam] exactly!
00:44 [@Pavanne] unless you never load it, and refer to it as a pure cap gun
00:45 [adam] rather than an applied cap gun?
00:45 [@Pavanne] (e.g. a banana)
00:45 [adam] we can use bananas as cap guns?
00:45 * adam 's first knife was a banana
00:45 [@Pavanne] Yes. Label them cap gun, though.
00:46 [adam] it went quite squishy after a few days
00:46 [@Pavanne] or maybe bayonet
00:46 [@Pavanne] so you can use it as a knife instead
00:46 [adam] can I label it 'banana'?
00:46 [@Pavanne] if you like
00:46 [adam] will it have any in-game properties if I do?
00:46 [@Pavanne] but don't expect it to have any in-game effect if you stab/ shoot someone with it
00:47 [adam] what if I label it banana and then eat it?
00:47 [Banichi] then in-game, you get nourished
00:47 [@Pavanne] indeed :)
00:48 [adam] what if I label it 'banana of invulnerability' and then eat it?
00:48 [@Pavanne] You get nourished as usual. There is no such thing as a banana of invulnerability
00:49 [adam] in which case how can I be nourished by eating one?
00:49 [@Pavanne] you get nourished, not invulnerable
00:50 [adam] can I license a banana which makes me invulnerable until I'm attacked?
00:51 [@Pavanne] No, because then you might be invulnerable when attacking.
00:52 [adam] only until they attack back
00:52 [@Pavanne] Still no. Sorry
00:52 [@Pavanne] goodnight
00:52 [adam] awww
00:52 [adam] goodnight
00:52 * adam goes to bed
01:36 --> Phate joins
01:38 [Inquisitor] Are .hack//Dusk and .hack//Legend of Twilight's Bracelet different? For some reason I thought they weren't...
01:39 [Inquisitor] Ah, no. Just listed many times.
01:39 [Inquisitor] GAH. Wrong channel...
01:54 --> thr33 joins
03:17 * Katamarino notices Banichi and wonders what he has done to my pretty computer
03:24 * Katamarino tells Banichi where to go stick his nmap :p
03:41 <-- Katamarino leaves (AnacųnŠa · "When eating an elephant, take one bite at a time")
09:50 * Scotsman wonders where people are
10:08 * adam is here
10:08 [Scotsman] hey adam
10:08 [adam] morning
10:22 --> edith|bed joins
10:23 [Scotsman] morning edith|bed
10:23 [edith|bed] morning
10:23 [edith|bed] Anyone dead yet?
10:24 [Scotsman] not that I know of
10:24 [Scotsman] are you just up?
10:24 [Scotsman] there's a distinct lack of people on this channel
10:26 [edith|bed] Nope. I'm off to make breakfast.
10:26 [edith|bed] Tom is currently at Sainsburys
10:27 [edith|bed] And definatly not in bed.
10:27 [Scotsman] oh right?
10:27 [edith|bed] (note: Edith may be confusing for the hell of it)
10:28 [edith|bed] Right, breakfast.
10:30 * Banichi wonders when Pavanne will be up
10:31 [Banichi] mmm, liquorice :)
10:31 * Scotsman would volunteer to wake her but she's a bit far away this year :s
10:32 [Banichi] aww
10:32 [Scotsman] yeah
10:32 [Banichi] Scotsman: so, did you get X working?
10:32 [Scotsman] yep
10:32 [Scotsman] I had to comment a couple of lines in my XF86Config-4 file
10:32 [Banichi] do you think you can fix mine?
10:32 [Scotsman] shrug
10:32 [Scotsman] doubt it :)
10:33 [Scotsman] not without b0rking other bits
10:34 [Banichi] the current situation is: X doens't work at all, not even a bit
10:35 [Scotsman] what's the error message
10:35 [Scotsman] shall we move somewhere where Pavanne isn't going to get pissed off with us talking CompSci again?
10:40 [Banichi] heh
10:41 [Banichi] thcs maybe
10:44 [Scotsman] hey Kirika
10:45 [Kirika] re Scotsman
10:45 * Pavanne wakes again
10:45 * Kirika wonders why Pavanne has yet to voice only players in here and set +m
10:45 [Scotsman] hey Pavanne
10:45 [Scotsman] Kirika: interesting point
10:45 Pavanne set +v Scotsman
10:46 Pavanne set +m
10:46 [Users #townspeople] 10:46 [@Pavanne ] [ adam ] [ Edith|breakfast] [ Kirika] [ thr33]
10:46 [+Scotsman] [ Banichi] [ Inquisitor ] [ Phate ]
10:46 -!- Irssi: #townspeople: Total of 9 nicks [1 ops, 0 halfops, 1 voices, 7 normal] 10:46 Pavanne set +v adam
10:46 * Scotsman giggles muchly
10:46 Pavanne set +v Edith|breakfast
10:46 [@Pavanne] what have I done?
10:46 [+edith|bed] Yay! I can speak!
10:46 Pavanne set +v thr33
10:46 [+thr33] :)
10:47 Pavanne set +v Banichi
10:47 Pavanne set +v Inquisitor
10:47 Pavanne set +v Phate
10:47 Pavanne set +o Kirika
10:47 [Users #townspeople] 10:47 [@Kirika ] [+adam ] [+Edith|breakfast] [+Phate ] [+thr33]
10:47 [@Pavanne] [+Banichi] [+Inquisitor ] [+Scotsman]
10:47 -!- Irssi: #townspeople: Total of 9 nicks [2 ops, 0 halfops, 7 voices, 0 normal] 10:47 [+Scotsman] +o?
10:47 [@Kirika] :)
10:47 [+Scotsman] ah, he's not playing, is he?
10:47 [+Scotsman] s/he/you
10:48 [@Pavanne] no, and since I don't know what things like +m and +v actually mean, he is much beter qualified to op
10:48 [+Scotsman] :)
10:49 [+Banichi] oh, and join #corpses
10:49 [+edith|bed] ?
10:49 [+edith|bed] I'm not dead yet
10:49 [+Scotsman] Edith|breakfast: I think that was directed at Pavanne
10:49 [+Banichi] heh
10:49 [+edith|bed] ah
10:49 [+Banichi] yup
10:50 [+thr33] can you set #corpses +s?
10:50 [+Banichi] yup
10:52 [+edith|bed] Anyone fancy going to see a film tonight?
10:52 [+Scotsman] what film?
10:52 [+Banichi] Edith|breakfast: sure :)
10:52 [+Banichi] Edith|breakfast: is it anime?
10:53 [+edith|bed] nah. I was thinking of luring as many people to the cinema as possible and then killing them all to reduce the number of people trying to kill me.
10:53 [+Scotsman] why would anyone want to kill you?
10:54 [+edith|bed] Like I said: "Random Homicide: A 10% sucess rate is pretty good!"
10:54 [+Banichi] heh
10:55 [+edith|bed] Well, Scotsman, I'M A FECKING INNOCENT and you all slaughtered me last night because I WAS INNOCENT YOU BASTARDS and so I feel somehow I'll be getting randomly killed for no good reason anyways.
10:55 [+Scotsman] lol
10:56 * Banichi wonders whether dead people should leave #townspeople, on the one hand they're devoiced and so can't interfere too much, on the other it might create a tense atmosphere as the numbers on-channel dwindle
10:56 [+edith|bed] I feel paranoia is a great reason to massacre the rest of the channel thanks.
10:56 [+Banichi] heh
11:02 Pavanne set -v Banichi
11:03 * edith|bed reboots
11:03 <-- edith|bed leaves
11:04 [@Pavanne] erm, I know I should have got to #corpses first, but I can I be invited please?
11:15 [+adam] erk
11:15 [+adam] who died?
11:15 [+Scotsman] Banichi, from the website
11:16 [+adam] aww
11:17 [+adam] also, 9:53? no-one was even up by then
11:18 [+adam] Scotsman is the only person with an IRC alibi
11:18 [+Scotsman] I said something just before it
11:18 [+adam] mind you, you could have been in a computer room in TH
11:18 [+Scotsman] that would be rather keen :)
11:19 [+Scotsman] I have a witness - Draco
11:19 [+Scotsman] we were both here at the time
11:19 [+adam] hm, you've been logged on from icarus since 8:11
11:19 [+Scotsman] yup
11:19 [+adam] I guess you're innocent
11:20 [+Scotsman] I think it might be Phate
11:20 [+adam] I was thinking that too
11:20 [+adam] although to be honest I'd have thought Banichi could take him in a fight
11:20 [+adam] possibly he snuck up
11:21 [+Scotsman] hmmm
11:21 [+adam] seems kind of unsubtle though, killing Banichi in the middle of TH
11:21 [+adam] but banichi doesn't live there so it's not like someone would have been lurking his staircase
11:21 [+Scotsman] I think he had a DoS meeting or a Tutor meeting or something
11:21 [+adam] hm
11:22 [+Scotsman] which Phate would have known the time of
11:22 [+adam] and Phate would have known about that ... right
11:23 [+adam] Scotsman: but wait, you knew about it too
11:23 [+Scotsman] about what?
11:23 [+adam] that Banichi had a tutor meeting this morning
11:23 [+adam] so it's also possible that you're mafia and you had an associate murder Banichi at that time and place to implicate Phate
11:24 [+adam] I mean, it seems more likely that Phate is mafia, but it's not certain
11:24 [+Scotsman] ponders
11:24 [+Scotsman] true, I suppose
11:25 * adam worries that his unidling at 10:08 is consistent with someone killing Banichi at 9:53 and then running from TH to Mem Court in order to give himself an approximate alibi
11:26 [+adam] but then I'd have done better pretending to be asleep all morning
11:26 [+Scotsman] hmmm
11:26 [+adam] also I can make it in less than 15 minutes
11:26 [+Scotsman] mebbe you stopped to talk to Banichi
11:26 [+adam] I just thought I'd say it before anyone else did
11:27 [+adam] but then I wouldn't have been in a hurry
11:27 [+Scotsman] ah, try to throw us off the scent by implicating yourself first?
11:27 [+adam] well, if someone had pointed it out later you might have all been drawn in by the novelty of the suggestion
11:27 [+adam] and done something ill-advised
11:28 * adam thinks it's ironic that he and Scotsman are the ones trying to defend themselves when they have the best IRC alibis
11:28 [+Scotsman] I just lost the game
11:28 [+adam] damn
11:28 [+Scotsman] adam: that's cos we're the only ones here
11:28 [+adam] hey, is my roommate allowed to act as a witness?
11:28 [+Scotsman] i dunno
11:29 [+adam] I guess if he is people would have to be allowed to kill him
11:29 [+Scotsman] is there any reason we can trust him not to lie for you?
11:29 [+adam] well, not really
11:29 [+adam] can we trust Draco not to lie for you?
11:29 [+Scotsman] again, not really :)
11:30 * Scotsman considers shooting japanese tourists outside his window
11:30 [+adam] ok, who, if they were mafia, would want to kill Banichi first?
11:30 * adam still thinks Phate
11:30 [+Scotsman] yeah - they live close together
11:30 [+adam] or possibly one of us, of course
11:30 [+Scotsman] well, yes
11:30 [+adam] but I'd have left it until lectures started, probably
11:31 [+Scotsman] mm
11:31 [+adam] hang on a sec
11:31 [+adam] you were on icarus at 9:50, but icarus is in TH main site now
11:31 [+adam] so that's no alibi
11:31 [+Scotsman] not exactly an alibi, no
11:32 [+Scotsman] but I was at my computer within minutes of the shooting
11:32 [+Scotsman] unfortunately, the shooting took place within minutes of the computer
11:32 [+Scotsman] it could be an attempt to frame me, but I like to think I have some subtlety
11:33 * adam gives the network connection back to his roommate
11:34 [+Scotsman] get a hub :)
11:54 [+adam] s'ok, sorted it now
11:54 [+adam] mem court is full of gowned freshers!
11:57 --> Monkey joins
11:58 [+adam] morning Mercutio
11:59 [@Pavanne] hello :)
11:59 [+adam] Pavanne: type /mode #townspeople +v monkey
11:59 Pavanne set +v Monkey
11:59 [@Pavanne] adam: I do know the command...
11:59 [+adam] sorry, I wasn't sure
11:59 [@Pavanne] but yes, I forgot
12:00 [+adam] Monkey: where were you at 9:53?
12:01 [+Monkey] Bed.
12:01 [+adam] figures
12:01 [+Scotsman] got a witness?
12:02 [+adam] his teddy bear?
12:02 [+Monkey] Scotsman: Unfortunately not.
12:02 [+Scotsman] :(
12:03 [+Monkey] I reckon it was Scotsman killing the mafia again.
12:04 [+Scotsman] just 'cos I've got a proven track record :)
12:04 [+adam] Scotsman: if you admit to killing Banichi we'll probably all believe that it was your anti-mafia intuition again
12:04 [+Scotsman] I did say I was going to kill him in the pub last night :)
12:05 [+Monkey] You did indeed.
12:05 [+adam] and did you?
12:05 [+Scotsman] I snuck up on him as he walked to the library
12:05 [+adam] this morning?
12:05 [+Scotsman] yes, at 09.53
12:05 [+adam] and killed him?
12:05 [+Scotsman] I'd just spoken at 09.50 when I saw him from my window
12:06 [+Scotsman] point-blank, cap gun shot yes
12:06 [+Scotsman] he didn't even see me
12:06 [+adam] ok
12:06 [+adam] why did you kill him?
12:06 [+Scotsman] 1) I'd said I would last night, so it seemed a good idea
12:06 [+Scotsman] 2) He's an evil, shifty dude even if he isn't mafia :)
12:07 [+Scotsman] 3) I want to be able to eat meals in college in relative safety
12:07 [+Monkey] All in favour of lynching Scotsman?
12:07 [+Scotsman] 4) He shot me when I had two broken arms
12:07 [+adam] Monkey: I say we wait for him to kill Phate first
12:07 [+Scotsman] why?
12:08 [+Monkey] He's Phate
12:08 [+Scotsman] good point
12:08 [+adam] because then I won't have any players in my lectures come thursday
12:08 [+Scotsman] adam: :)
12:08 [+adam] plus what Monkey said
12:08 [+Monkey] Jacob wants to know if anyone has a spare AT power supply.
12:08 [+adam] sorry, no
12:09 [+Scotsman] not a live one, no
12:09 [@Pavanne] oooh, shock development, Scotsman claims to have shot Banichi
12:09 [+Monkey] We've got a dead one, it's not much use.
12:09 [+adam] Pavanne: we know
12:09 [@Pavanne] yes, I only just read it :)
12:09 [+Scotsman] adam: I think she was doing the voice-over recap for viewers who tuned in late
12:09 [+Monkey] I reckon he's lying to cover up for someone else.
12:09 [+Scotsman] why would I do that, Monkey?
12:09 [+adam] Monkey: how would that benefit him?
12:10 [@Pavanne] I think I'll try to headline major allegations on updates
12:10 [+Monkey] Dunno, just stirring things up.
12:10 [+Scotsman] :)
12:10 * adam hopes Scotsman is the werewolf
12:11 [+adam] otherwise we'll have two people randomly killing everyone they meet
12:11 [+Scotsman] adam: I'm still convinced it's a good plan
12:12 * adam checks the part II lecture timetable nervously
12:12 [+Scotsman] eek, we have lectures?
12:12 [+Scotsman] aw crap
12:15 [+adam] Scotsman: you probably don't have to go
12:15 [+adam] unless you want that 2.i
12:15 [+Scotsman] hmmm
12:16 [+Phate] morning all
12:17 [+adam] morning Phate
12:17 [+adam] you'll be glad to know we've stopped suspecting you of being mafia for now
12:17 [+thr33] morning
12:17 [+adam] morning thr33
12:17 [+Phate] i see i've been suspected of being mafia already.
12:17 [+Phate] adam: oh, for now.. thats comforting (:
12:17 [+adam] Phate: not any more, Scotsman admitted to the murder you were suspected of
12:17 [+thr33] adam: I was saying morning to Phate, I've been up for a while :)
12:17 [+thr33] but good morning to you too anyway
12:17 [+adam] thr33: well, I haven't said good morning to you yet
12:18 [+Phate] yes, but scotsman has now been actively encouraged to kill me..
12:18 [@Pavanne] hi Phate
12:18 [+adam] Phate: so kill him first
12:18 [+Phate] morning jenny
12:18 [+adam] do it now
12:18 [+Scotsman] eep
12:18 [+Phate] lol
12:18 [+Scotsman] adam: you seem to be taking a large interest in getting me dead
12:18 [+Monkey] Nobody's actively encouraged to kill anyone. We're playing the happy fuzzy bunny game.
12:19 * Scotsman is trying to work out how to get his lecture timetable into Evolution
12:19 [@Pavanne] I actively encourage everyone to do killing.
12:19 [+adam] Phate: the rules of the game in your .plan are wrong, by the way
12:19 [@Pavanne] I'd rather they had some kind of justification, but it's not my place to judge.
12:20 [+Phate] bah. surely that means you just lost ?
12:20 [+adam] dunno, I forget when I lasyt lost
12:20 [+adam] but the second and third sentences in rule 3 should be in rule 2
12:21 [+Phate] maybe ill just move one of them to balance it out..
12:21 [+Scotsman] Pavanne: howsabout "It's the same game plan I've had for the last two games" as a justification?
12:21 [@Pavanne] Scotsman: It's not my place to judge
12:22 * Pavanne finishes updating irc summary
12:23 [+Phate] Pavanne: is the freshers fair a no-kill zone?
12:23 [@Pavanne] yes
12:23 [+Phate] aah, good (:
12:23 [+thr33] :)
12:23 [+adam] and you're OOB approaching and leaving if you're helping there
12:24 [@Pavanne] morning thr33
12:24 [+thr33] hi
12:24 [+Phate] btw, i have an alabi for thismorning if anyone still suspects that i killed banichi
12:24 [+Scotsman] oh yeah?
12:24 [+Monkey] No, but I think you probably mong fish.
12:24 [+adam] Phate: I don't, but what is it?
12:25 [+Phate] adam: i didnt say right away because it would involve revealing some sensetive information..
12:25 [@Pavanne] Monkey: now now, don't be rude
12:25 [+adam] ok, I do suspect you killed Banichi. what's your alibi?
12:25 [+Phate] lol
12:25 [+Monkey] He's a frickin' trout farmer.
12:26 [+Phate] (:
12:30 [+Monkey] Anyway, I'm off to set up my computer. Anyone wants to kill me, feel free to drop by.
12:35 * Scotsman has the feeling he's really going to dislike his timetable by about two weeks in :(
12:35 [+Phate] hmm.. according to my profile, im supposed to be deeply offended if anyone calls me a fishmonger..
12:35 [@Pavanne] that's a point, I should choose my timetable
12:36 [+Phate] Scotsman: if you've got all your lectures in Evolution, could export them to an ical for me plz?
12:36 [+Scotsman] umm, no
12:37 [+Scotsman] you're not going to my lectures and I don't want you lurking them ;-)
12:37 [+Phate] lol.. i was considering going to your security lectures
12:37 [+Scotsman] I also have no idea how to do so...
12:37 [+Phate] ah
12:38 [+Scotsman] Check your mail... crosses fingers
12:38 [+Phate] that looks about right.. cheers (:
12:38 [+Scotsman] cool
12:39 [+Phate] meh, korganizer wont load id
12:40 [+Phate] it*
12:40 [+Scotsman] oh well, that's 'cos you use lame k-stuff ;-)
12:40 * Phate ignores the troll
12:44 * Pavanne goes off for a bit. No-one kill anyone I wouldn't kill.
12:55 --> jon joins
12:55 * Scotsman gets panicked by a fresher sitting in his staircase
12:55 --> Snapdragon joins
13:02 <-- Snapdragon leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
13:09 Pavanne set +v jon
13:09 * Inquisitor staggers out of bed...
13:09 [+Scotsman] hey Inquisitor
13:10 [+Inquisitor] Hiya. Who died?
13:10 [+Scotsman] Banichi
13:11 [+Inquisitor] Hmmm... Has it been proven that e was being a dodgy git as promised, or is there suspicion of foul play afoot?
13:11 [@Pavanne] Hi Inquisitor
13:12 [@Pavanne] erm, did anyone try to modify my configuration file for logging?
13:12 [+Inquisitor] Hiya.
13:12 -!- You're now known as Pavanne|TDS 13:12 [+Scotsman] Pavanne|TDS: not me
13:12 [@Pavanne|TDS] Warning: Configuration file was modified while irssi was running. Saving
13:12 [@Pavanne|TDS] configuration to file '/home/jmc80/.irssi/config.autosave' instead.
13:12 [@Pavanne|TDS] Use /SAVE or /RELOAD to get rid of this message.
13:12 [@Pavanne|TDS] should I worry?
13:12 [+Scotsman] did you copy the one from banichi's folder?
13:13 [+Scotsman] [yesterday]
13:13 [+thr33] just /reload if you want to use the new config
13:13 [+Scotsman] mebbe your turning on of logging had an effect?
13:13 * Scotsman looks for more straws to clutch at
13:14 * Pavanne|TDS decides to ignore it as it seems to be still working
13:14 [@Pavanne|TDS] thanks
13:15 * Inquisitor finished SB.
13:21 [+adam] mm, shopping in gametime
13:21 [+adam] always fun
13:22 [+jon] i love shopping in gametime :)
13:22 [+Scotsman] like last game?
13:22 [+jon] yes
13:23 [+jon] but normally im a bit more careful
13:24 [+adam] standing at the checkout in sainsbury's is the most nerve-wracking
13:24 [+adam] 'cause you can't really run
13:25 [+jon] which is why i dont worry about it, just try to make it as sj
13:25 [+jon] short as poss
13:26 * adam saw lots of assassins in sainsbury's last mayweek
13:27 [+adam] but I was dead for most of them
13:27 [+jon] you can only go to sainsbury's when you are dead... sounds kinda spooky
13:29 * Inquisitor used to go to the Newmarket Road Tescos.
13:34 [+Inquisitor] Gah. College being useless. I'm not very graduated, y'know...
13:35 [+jon] not very graduated? hows that?
13:36 [+adam] no-one knows whether part III mathmos are supposed to be graduates or not
13:36 [+Inquisitor] Some graduands do silly things like leave.
13:37 [+Inquisitor] The porters asked me that yesterday. My response 'Are you asking the LEA, the acomodation department, the bursery, the maths department.... ?'
13:40 * adam notes that the prettylogger doesn't seem quite perfect
13:40 [+Scotsman] it's not quite perfect
13:40 [+Scotsman] what's wrong with it?
13:40 [+adam] it gets confused by the users line
13:40 [+adam] see 10:47
13:41 [+Scotsman] yeah, pavanne must have /names at that point
13:41 [+adam] ah, and that breaks it?
13:41 [+Scotsman] yeah, due to the way Irssi logs I think
13:44 [+adam] also it's kind of confusing that you can't colour actions
13:45 [+Scotsman] 'cos I can't tell whether the person is voiced or not
13:45 [+Scotsman] [without fiddling with nick-tracking options at any rate]
13:47 [+adam] right, hence 'can't' rather than 'don't'
13:47 [+Scotsman] indeed
13:47 [+Scotsman] but nick-tracking gets confused too easily
13:47 [+Scotsman] and I didn't care all that much :)
13:54 * Inquisitor has to go into town for a while. Unspeakable things must be done to my University Card...
13:55 [+adam] someone kill him!
13:55 [+adam] um, if he's mafia, that is
13:56 [+Inquisitor] I'm not.
13:56 [+Scotsman] I've had enough of random killings for the day
13:56 [+Inquisitor] Also, I'm taking a slightly windy route, so don't know exactly when I'll get to that office they have...
13:57 [+Inquisitor] Scotsman: Market Square, 3:00. Bring your own Banana.
13:57 [+Inquisitor] Or perhaps not.
13:57 [+Scotsman] hmmm, banana
13:58 [+Scotsman] can i throw bananas?
13:58 [+Inquisitor] Not at me...
13:58 [+Inquisitor] Bye.
13:58 [+Scotsman] oh ok
13:58 [+Scotsman] byebye
13:59 --> Pufferfish joins
13:59 * Scotsman prods Pavanne|TDS
13:59 [+Scotsman] Pufferfish: you don't have voice yet
13:59 [+thr33] prod Kirika
14:03 Kirika set +v Pufferfish
14:03 [+Scotsman] yay
14:05 [+Pufferfish] yay!
14:05 * Pufferfish has an alibi for Banichi's death: I was in a lecture at the time :)
14:05 [+Scotsman] oh, I killed him
14:05 [+adam] Pufferfish: you also have the fact that Scotsman admitted to the murder
14:05 [+Pufferfish] well yes :)
14:05 [+Pufferfish] but I just wanted to moan that I had a lecture today
14:06 [+Scotsman] oh dear
14:06 [+Scotsman] point
14:06 [+thr33] on what?
14:06 [+thr33] term hasn't even started ...
14:06 [+Pufferfish] "Induction into [subject] and guidelines for library usage"
14:06 [+adam] some third-years seem to have this silly timetable that starts today
14:06 [+thr33] ridiculous
14:07 [+Pufferfish] I don't mind desperately though, because we don't have Saturday lectures any more
14:08 [+adam] yay!
14:08 * adam has four more
14:09 [+thr33] meh, I have Saturday lectures all this term
14:10 [+adam] thr33: you do?
14:10 [+thr33] yes
14:10 [+thr33] in physics
14:10 [+adam] oh, you're one of those silly physicists
14:11 [+thr33] no, I'm a non-silly physicist :P
14:13 [+adam] can you honestly say you don't think quantum physics is silly?
14:15 [+thr33] well, maybe just a little ... :)
14:16 [+Scotsman] hmm, I can see Phate
14:16 [+Scotsman] should I get him?
14:16 [+adam] if you like
14:16 [+adam] where is he?
14:16 [+Scotsman] just gone to see his tutor I think
14:17 [+adam] is he dodgy enough to kill?
14:17 [+Scotsman] I think he'd kill me if he had the chance
14:19 [+adam] even if he was innocent?
14:19 -!- mode/#townspeople [+v Pufferfish] by Pavanne|TDS 14:19 [+Scotsman] well, I've admitted to nobbling Banichi
14:19 [+Scotsman] hey Pavanne|TDS
14:19 [+Scotsman] ach hell, I can't risk it - he's going down
14:20 [+Scotsman] but not by me
14:20 [+Scotsman] my knees are shaking too much :s
14:21 [+adam] he's going down but not by you?
14:23 [+Scotsman] mebbe someone will get him on his way home
14:23 [+adam] one of your mafia buddies?
14:23 [+Pufferfish] where's he living, and where's his tutor's office?
14:24 [+Scotsman] he's living in Clems this year
14:24 * Scotsman checks his door is locked
14:24 [+Pufferfish] realises her door isn't locked
14:24 [+Pufferfish] locks it
14:24 [+Scotsman] :)
14:25 [+Pufferfish] I don't have an automatically locking door this year, which is a Pain
14:25 * adam wonders if locking doors actually necessary in this game or whether no-one would bother trying
14:25 --> Snapdragon joins
14:25 [+Pufferfish] I always try doors, just in case
14:26 [+adam] Pufferfish: the door in my room last year didn't lock automatically but it was great because you didn't need to turn the handle to pull it open
14:26 [+Pufferfish] seems as if I have the worst of both worlds then
14:26 [+adam] possibly
14:28 -!- You're now known as Pavanne 14:33 <-- Snapdragon leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
14:36 --> Abner joins
14:37 <-- Abner leaves (Client Quit)
14:39 [@Pavanne] ooops
14:55 [+Scotsman] adam: I don't have mafia buddies
14:55 [+Scotsman] (just noticing scrollback, sorry)
15:11 * adam is bored, someone kill someone
15:12 [+Scotsman] come over here then
15:12 [+adam] no, too far away
15:12 [+adam] come and stand outside my window and I'll shoot you
15:12 [+Scotsman] ok
15:14 [+Pufferfish] the same offer applies to my window, and it's on the first floor
15:14 [+Scotsman] if I can stand outside your window i'm doing well then ;-)
15:14 * Scotsman decides he needs new computer bits
15:15 [+adam] there are some on mem court lawn
15:15 * Scotsman also notes he needs money
15:15 [+Scotsman] adam: computer bits?
15:15 [+adam] yes
15:15 * Pufferfish puts some computer bits on the grass of Tree Court and waits
15:15 [+adam] shiny ones
15:15 [+Scotsman] ooh
15:15 [+Scotsman] goes - hold on, you're not tricking me are you?
15:15 [+adam] er
15:15 [+adam] would I?
15:15 [+Scotsman] you might do, 'cos you're evil
15:16 [+adam] am not
15:16 [+Scotsman] am too
15:16 [+Pufferfish] giggle
15:16 [+adam] am not
15:16 [+Scotsman] mebbe Pufferfish is
15:16 [+adam] maybe she is
15:16 [+adam] go and ask her
15:16 [+Scotsman] nah, I'll trust her for now
15:16 [+adam] Pufferfish, are you evil?
15:17 * Scotsman fiddles with the focus on his webcam
15:17 [+Pufferfish] adam: not usually
15:17 [+adam] what about today?
15:17 [+Pufferfish] well, I could be an evil alien-possessed menace
15:18 [+Scotsman] eek
15:18 [+Pufferfish] or a werewolf
15:19 [+Pufferfish] or just an ordinary townsperson
15:19 [+Pufferfish] There can't actually be that many townspeople, given the mafia and the police and the werewolf and the Seers
15:19 [+Scotsman] 6 or 7 mebbe
15:19 [+Scotsman] roughly half the game size
15:19 [+adam] well, hrm
15:20 * adam tries to remember whether Pavanne said how many there were of any roles
15:20 [+Scotsman] 1 werewolf
15:20 [+adam] did she say how many illuminati or seers there were?
15:20 [+Scotsman] no, but I'm guessing not more than 2 of either
15:20 [+adam] say 3-5 total
15:20 [+Scotsman] yeah
15:20 [+adam] and 3-5 mafia, probably
15:21 [+Scotsman] yes
15:21 [+adam] so 4-8 townspeople
15:21 [+Scotsman] 5 mafia may be too high, but otherwise yes
15:21 [+adam] I'd be surprised if there were 5 mafia, 5 illum/seers and a werewolf
15:21 [+Scotsman] yes
15:22 [+adam] I'm guessing something like 4/2/2/1 or 4/3/2/1 is most likely
15:22 [+adam] maybe only 3 mafia since there's a wofl too, I guess
15:22 [+Scotsman] hmmm
15:23 [+adam] but this is the biggest mafia game so far, right?
15:24 [+Scotsman] The first was 13, the second 11 or something like that, so yes
15:24 [+adam] 4 mafia and a wolf isn't insane then
15:24 [+Scotsman] mmm
15:27 * Pavanne looks guilty for being online, and confirms that there is 1 wolf and 2 independent Seers
15:27 [+Scotsman] ahh
15:27 [+Scotsman] hello Pavanne
15:27 [@Pavanne] I'm only online to sort out my options, honest
15:27 [+Scotsman] :)
15:32 * Scotsman regrets not having a computer desk which faces the door
15:33 [+adam] Scotsman: move it?
15:33 [+Scotsman] no, 'cos (1) I'm sharing the room so I can't just rearrange everything and (2) if I move it the sun would shine on the screen :(
15:33 [+adam] aw
15:35 * Pavanne moved all her furniture around when she got here, partly to make a suitable bomb shelter
15:35 [+Scotsman] :)
15:35 * Scotsman has a ready-made bomb shelter
15:36 [@Pavanne] a roommate?
15:36 [+Scotsman] a bedroom a long way from the front door, but yes, him too
15:37 [+Scotsman] I'll need to ask Ric just how much of my furniture I can register as shelters
15:38 [+Scotsman] anyone know when he's getting back to Cam?
15:38 [+adam] sets seem nice for bombsheltering
15:38 [+Scotsman] yeah :)
15:39 [+adam] also, what's the deal with shared rooms and indirect door attacks?
15:39 [@Pavanne] usually you go wanted.
15:40 [+Pufferfish] In my game you went wanted if the player had specified it was shared
15:40 [+adam] ok, excellent
15:40 [+Pufferfish] if the player didn't say it was a shared room, they would have gone wanted
15:40 * Scotsman notes he'll need to leave any decisions over whether to play assassins this term until after tomorrow's wrist slappings from Tutors and DoS
15:40 [+Pufferfish] but it never happened
15:40 [@Pavanne] Hmmm, I think I was going to bomb someone but stopped when I got there because it was a set
15:41 [@Pavanne] could I have just gone back, reported it was a set and made him wanted?
15:41 [@Pavanne] I can't remember what game, though, or who...
15:41 [+Pufferfish] presumably here "set" = shared room
15:41 [+Scotsman] where does the name 'set' come from?
15:42 [+Pufferfish] a "set" of bedroom and living room
15:42 [@Kirika] a set of rooms?
15:42 [+Pufferfish] as opposed to a bedsit
15:42 [@Pavanne] Pufferfish: yes, well, it had two names on the door anyway dso I didn't bomb it
15:42 [+Scotsman] hmmm, suppose so
15:42 [+Scotsman] hi Kirika
15:42 [@Kirika] hi Scotsman
15:42 [+Pufferfish] if there are two names on the door I wouldn't make anyone wanted for not saying so in the signup
15:42 [+Pufferfish] because it's obvious from outside that there are two people in the room
15:42 * Kirika just had frantic call from Snapdragon "My computer doesn't work!"
15:42 [+Pufferfish] However I would add that data to and future targettting emails sent
15:43 [+Pufferfish] If, on the other hand, there is no evidence that it's a shared room, that's playing silly buggers and should be punished
15:43 * Pavanne is probably capable of bombing shared rooms without looking at the writing
15:44 [@Pavanne] anyway, this is not #townspeople stuff
15:44 [+adam] true
15:44 [+adam] would you rather we went to #assassins?
15:45 [@Pavanne] ummm, I'd rather have this log fairly concise and about the mafia game, for the benefit of those who have to read sb
15:45 [+Scotsman] fair enough
15:54 -!- You're now known as Pav|swimming 16:43 -!- You're now known as Pavanne 16:58 * adam hopes the mafia are going to do something
16:58 [+adam] if this game drags on for ages it would be lame
16:58 [+Monkey] Maybe they already have.
16:58 [+adam] you mean Banichi? or something else not up yet?
16:58 [+Monkey] I mean Banichi.
16:59 [@Pavanne] adam: I really really hope that too, don't worry
16:59 [+adam] well, Scotsman might be mafia, but he might just be generally murderous so we can't conclude anything
16:59 [+Monkey] Yes. But being generally murderous is a damn good cover for being mafia.
17:00 [+adam] true
17:00 [+adam] but it seems a little over the top to set it up two games previously
17:00 [+Monkey] I was thinking more of using his reputation to his advantage.
17:01 [+Monkey] Rather than actually planning it in advance.
17:02 [+jon] anyone else dead yet?
17:02 [+Monkey] Nope.
17:02 [@Pavanne] not as far as I've heard
17:03 [+jon] i spose 1 a day will make this last for 2 weeks...
17:03 [@Pavanne] that would be a very bad thing
17:04 [+Pufferfish] it'll probably pick up a bit when (everyone else's) lectures start
17:04 [@Pavanne] also, not everyone has to die
17:04 [@Pavanne] depends how evenly matched our sides are
17:05 [+jon] true
17:05 [@Pavanne] and if it really slows down, I will announce the name of the least active mafioso.
17:06 [@Pavanne] and then the werewolf- it's in the rules
17:06 [@Pavanne] but I really really hope it doesn't come to that
17:06 [+Scotsman] mmm, interesting
17:06 [+adam] if it really slows down you could increase the rate of seer checks
17:07 [@Pavanne] adam: I'll do that first, anyway
17:07 [@Pavanne] but this does give the mafia an incentive to do stuff
17:07 [+Scotsman] when is the first check? Tomorrow, 3pm? or did you move that away from the Fresher's Fair?
17:07 [@Pavanne] on index page, 2.45pm
17:07 [@Pavanne] so didn't move it very far
17:08 * Scotsman needs to work on his whole "reading what's actually on the webpage"
17:08 [@Pavanne] the time of next check will always be on the index page, so the mafia can pretend to be illuminati betrter :)
17:08 [+Scotsman] :)
17:08 [+Scotsman] oh, point of information, jon - what's your address?
17:09 [@Pavanne] argh, muppet
17:09 [@Kirika] Scotsman: need to know....
17:09 * Pavanne updates
17:09 [+Scotsman] Kirika: yes
17:09 [@Kirika] why?
17:09 [@Kirika] (Its M30 anyhow)
17:09 [+Scotsman] 'cos it's not fair on us who have their addresses up already :)
17:10 [+jon] sorry, everyone, i have emailed Pavanne. it's 11 east court.
17:10 [@Kirika] Scotsman: anyone competent can find a catz address theres a big list up in the plodge listed in alphabetical order
17:10 [+Scotsman] Kirika: wtf?
17:10 [@Kirika] ah, other jon
17:10 [+jon] but if you get to east court, its written on a plaque anyway.
17:10 [@Pavanne] It's entirely my silly fault, I had the email and it slipped my mind
17:10 * Kirika is confused
17:10 [+Scotsman] yeah, jon jon not Kirika jon
17:10 [+Scotsman] sorry
17:12 [@Pavanne] is that the only address not up?
17:12 [+Scotsman] i think so
17:13 [@Pavanne] good.
17:14 * Pavanne realises she should send everyone an email at the time of the illuminati/ Seer check
17:14 [+Scotsman] yes
17:14 [+adam] yes, probably
17:14 [+Monkey] Makes sense.
17:14 [@Pavanne] sigh
17:15 [+adam] in the case of the mafia and werewolf it should say "FEAR"
17:15 [@Pavanne] :) and in the case of the ordinary townsfolk, "sorry for bothering you"
17:16 [+Scotsman] and then we check the size of each players mail spool before and after to see how long a message they got...
17:16 [+Scotsman] ponders
17:16 [+Monkey] The headers would most likely muck that up.
17:16 [+jon] Scotsman: i get lots of emails, so that wouldnt help.
17:16 [+Scotsman] hmmm, possibly
17:16 [@Pavanne] er, I could make them all the same length- I tried to make them as similar as possible in the roles one
17:16 [+Scotsman] jon: more than one a minute?
17:17 * Monkey goes to find people and plot tonight's activities
17:18 * Pavanne starts composing the emails :S
17:18 [+Scotsman] ooh plotting
17:18 [+Monkey] These will likely involve drinking, not killing.
17:18 [+Scotsman] ah, fair enough
17:18 [+adam] Pavanne: don't you need to know who the seers and illum are checking?
17:18 [@Pavanne] adam: not to get all emails the same length
17:19 [@Pavanne] since "yes" and "no" will be all that needs to be added
17:19 [+Monkey] You can just pad with spaces.
17:19 [+Monkey] Anyway, I away
17:19 [+adam] bye
17:19 [+Scotsman] byebye
17:21 --> Minister joins
17:21 Pavanne set +v Minister
17:22 [+adam] one dead so far
17:22 [+Minister] Hi, I'v eonly just got in, so I'll get up to speed in a bit-what do we know?
17:22 [+Scotsman] i killed Banichi
17:23 [+adam] and nothing else interesting happened
17:23 [+Minister] Er, I thought the idea was that people didn't confess what they'd done (although with Banichi I might understand)
17:24 [+Minister] Anyway, I have a couple of things to do, will chat in a few minutes
17:25 [+adam] Scotsman is just murderous though
17:25 [+Scotsman] and I'd predicted his death the night before
17:25 [+Scotsman] [and to him...
17:27 [+adam] also, you can talk, Mr. "my-alibi-is-that-I-was-trying-to-kil-the-victim-at-the-time"
17:27 [+Scotsman] heh
17:29 [+Inquisitor] Minister: I think the point was that Scotsman was bloody suspicious anyway, especially given the location of the death, so he might as well come clean, and claim to be less mafia-like, and by so doing, hoping to garner less suspicion that by denying it.
17:29 * Pavanne finishes composing 14 emails likely to be very close to the same length
17:30 [+Scotsman] Pavanne: :)
17:30 [+Inquisitor] That said, it does look a little 'I killed him because I could... But I'm not mafia/werewolf! Honest!'. Still, if there's exactly one survivor, they do win...
17:30 [+Scotsman] which is what I said right at the start of the first game :)
17:40 [@Pavanne] OTOH, if you're a townsperson with no evidence, you are likely to be killing one of your own
17:42 [+Inquisitor] Well, if we assume that there are (erm... consensus seemed to be that 5 mafia was too many, so we'll guess 3-4, plus a werewolf) 4-5 hostiles, yourself, and Banichi, who we'll say for the sake of worst-case was technically innocent, that leaves not that many more people on your side than theirs.
17:43 [+Scotsman] Banichi is basically on his own side anyway ;-)
17:43 [+Minister] How many players are there?
17:43 [+Scotsman] 15 (14 now)
17:43 [+Inquisitor] 15.
17:44 [+Inquisitor] Yes. It's called #corpses, thanks to somebody...
17:44 [+Scotsman] :)
17:44 [@Pavanne] hehe
17:44 [+Scotsman] that's not logging, btw
17:44 [+Scotsman] which is prolly a good thing
17:45 [+Inquisitor] So... 7-8 innocents on your side, and 5-4 hostiles.
17:45 [@Pavanne] I think it may be logging, just not in public_html
17:45 [+Scotsman] Pavanne: good
17:46 [+Inquisitor] Hmm.... Odds aren't much better than 1 in 3. I suggest not killing at random.
17:46 [+Scotsman] (may want to check that before the action hots up ;-) )
17:46 [+Inquisitor] Mike.
17:46 [+Scotsman] shrug
17:46 [+Scotsman] it wasn't random, it was Banichi
17:46 [+Inquisitor] Right... Just saying, is all.
17:46 [+Scotsman] grins
17:47 * Pavanne checks
17:47 [@Pavanne] yes, only there is nothing said yet
17:47 [+Inquisitor] It would start to look rather suspicious if you did. At which point you'd better hope you're mafia, because otherwise everybody will want you dead.
17:47 [+Scotsman] heh, fair point
17:47 [+Scotsman] Pavanne: good
17:48 [+Minister] So, if you're claiming the kill Scotsman, do you have a motive? Or just because he looked shifty? I seem to remember it working in the last 2 games:)
17:48 [+Scotsman] I had 4 points earlier
17:49 [+Scotsman] 1 was revenge for last game, when i had 2 broken arms :)
17:49 [+Inquisitor] Hmmm... The ratio is pretty aggressive. Even 4 in 14 would be pretty bad. Were this the party version, we'd be a bit screwed.
17:49 [+Scotsman] unless Banichi happened to be mafia [knowing my track record] when it's only 3 in 14
17:50 * Pavanne cannot confirm the original number of mafia or illuminati
17:50 [+Scotsman] hmmmm
17:50 [+Inquisitor] As it is... Well, how do the dynamics compare in live action? I'd assume that it was worse, since the townspeople didn't even have the 'you must lynch somebody' to cause them to kill people for suspicion, but instead we wait for proof.
17:50 * Scotsman wonders if Pavanne was playing silly buggers with numbers...
17:50 [+Minister] Well, my favourite tactic in this game is if in doubt shoot, but I'm not sure how justified it is
17:50 [+Inquisitor] Scotsman: That's going to depend on 3, 4 or 5 mafia.
17:50 [+Scotsman] yeah
17:50 [+Inquisitor] Although I agree that 5 is unlikely.
17:51 [+adam] Inquisitor: on the other hand in this version the mafia have to kill all the townspeople to win, not just enough to get a majority
17:52 [+Inquisitor] adam: True, but once the mafia have a majority, if they still have uncertainty on their side, that's getting on for a win, since everybody will shoot on sight, except the mafia with each other.
17:52 [@Pavanne] yes, that's the payback the mafia have
17:53 [+adam] true
17:53 [+Inquisitor] I dunno, we had a 3 in 13, where two mafia died early, and Pav couldn't maintain secrecy (cheers, Sista)...
17:53 [+Inquisitor] Then what happened in the other game?
17:53 [+Inquisitor] 3 in 11, I think.
17:53 [@Pavanne] the first game was 4 in 13
17:54 [+Scotsman] the first game had 4
17:54 [+adam] 4 in 13, three mafia died early
17:54 [+adam] in the first game
17:54 [+Scotsman] unfortunately the last one was Pavanne
17:54 [@Pavanne] ;)
17:54 [@Pavanne] I seem to recall Ric telling JJ to go after my minions first...
17:54 [+Inquisitor] Ah, that's right. Scotsman got lucky, didn't he...
17:55 [+Scotsman] lucky? my plan paid off
17:55 [+Inquisitor] Erm... Yes. Shoot anyone who looks shifty?
17:55 [+Scotsman] yup
17:55 [+Inquisitor] Like, say, Banichi?
17:55 [+Scotsman] I would have shot him
17:55 [+adam] the second one was 4 in 11, I think, and one mafia died early and two stayed hidden until the duel
17:55 [+Scotsman] adam: yeah
17:56 [+Inquisitor] Oh yes, there was a duel, wasn't there.
17:56 [+Inquisitor] What's our time limit?
17:56 [+adam] main game start
17:56 [+adam] whenever that is
17:56 [+Inquisitor] Which is?
17:56 [+adam] ask Ric
17:56 [+Scotsman] not decided yet I don't think
17:56 * Inquisitor guesses... erm... friday week.
17:56 [+Scotsman] sounds suitable
17:57 [+Scotsman] just over a week after the fair
17:57 [+Inquisitor] Need a week for signup, but they can get new addresses in by the end of Friday easily enough.
17:58 [@Pavanne] I looked in the archives, game started one time on the 18th
17:58 [@Pavanne] am really hoping for a fast game :S
17:58 [+Inquisitor] Scotsman: She's talking to you...
17:59 [+Scotsman] :)
17:59 [+adam] Pavanne: have identifies every day, that'll speed things up
18:00 [@Pavanne] I thought I'd give it a day for things to happen
18:01 [+adam] but nothing has
18:01 [+adam] well, it has
18:01 [+Inquisitor] Anyway, nobody has any predictable appointments to speak of until Thursday.
18:01 [+adam] but there's nothing to speculate about since Scotsman confessed
18:02 * adam wonders why he's actually playing this game and not doing something more sociable with his first week back
18:02 [+Inquisitor] Well, we can speculate over whether he's an innocent kill-happy nutter, or a guilty one.
18:14 --> Sis|Unpacking joins
18:17 [@Pavanne] hiya Sis|Unpacking
18:19 --> Snapdragon joins
18:20 [+adam] hi sis, snap
18:21 Pavanne set +v Snapdragon
18:21 [@Pavanne] would it be really bad to op some players so they can voice people while I'm out?
18:21 [+Snapdragon] not so long as it's me you op
18:22 [+adam] just op ones you trust
18:22 [@Pavanne] that's the problem :)
18:22 [+adam] or find more interested nonplayers
18:22 [+thr33] you can trust me ;)
18:22 [@Pavanne] Your job as op would to to voice players who join the channel, and only that
18:22 [+Inquisitor] Heh... This is what you wnt a bot for...
18:22 [@Kirika] persuade everyone to run inside a screen so they don't need reviocing?
18:22 [@Kirika] or persuade someone to run an autovoice script?
18:23 [+Pufferfish] well, we'd all be able to report an op who played silly buggers anyway
18:23 [+Inquisitor] (Kim could actually be set up to allow certain people to voice others, without giving them other powers)
18:23 [+thr33] or tell them not to turn off their computers? ;)
18:23 [@Pavanne] okay...
18:23 [+Pufferfish] I don't have a problem with a player being opped
18:23 Pavanne set +o Pufferfish
18:23 Pavanne set +o Inquisitor
18:23 [@Inquisitor] That said, opping players works...
18:23 Pavanne set +o adam
18:23 Pavanne set +o thr33
18:23 Pavanne set +o Snapdragon
18:23 [@adam] muahaha
18:23 Pavanne set +o Minister
18:24 [@adam] of course it'll make the logs look different
18:24 [@Pavanne] anyone else want it?
18:24 [@Pufferfish] pav: you can probably op more than once
18:24 [@Pavanne] yes, more blue
18:24 [@Pufferfish] erm, more than one person at a time
18:24 [@Kirika] are we oping everyone?
18:24 [@Pavanne] gp
18:24 [@thr33] Kirika: everyone pav trusts
18:24 * Snapdragon wonders if he can kick-ban everyone really quickly
18:24 [@Pavanne] Kirika: yes... just so they can let people talk
18:24 [@thr33] so not Scotsman ;)
18:24 * Snapdragon wonders if there is any point in doing so
18:24 Pavanne set -o Snapdragon
18:24 [@Inquisitor] Can ops kick other ops?
18:25 [@Pufferfish] yep
18:25 [@adam] Inquisitor: yes
18:25 Kirika set +ooo jon Minister Phate
18:25 Pavanne set +o Scotsman
18:25 [@Inquisitor] That could lead to some silly things happening.
18:25 [@Kirika] OK?
18:25 [@adam] even if not they could deop and then kick them
18:25 [@Pavanne] errrr, please don't
18:25 * Kirika thinks everyone on here is old enough not to play silly buggers
18:25 * Inquisitor sees why people like bots with decent permissions structures to run their channels.
18:25 [@Pavanne] I'm trusting you to let everyone have their say
18:25 [@thr33] Inquisitor: or chanserv
18:25 [@Inquisitor] Oh, sure, this one should be fine...
18:26 [@Inquisitor] thr33: That is a bot, surely?
18:26 [@Kirika] if the umpire states noone should be kicked, and only deopped on death, then they can eject anyone from the game for being silly
18:26 [@thr33] no, it is lower level - a bot can get kicked too
18:27 [@Inquisitor] thr33: ChanServe is never on any channels, and presumably has some special flags set by the service operator, but other than that...
18:27 [@Inquisitor] Anyway, kicking only takes you off a channel, right?
18:27 [@Pufferfish] yep
18:27 [@thr33] yes
18:27 [@Pufferfish] you can't kick people off servers unless you have UberPowers. I know this.
18:27 [@Pufferfish] Grr.
18:27 [@thr33] but if you're banned then you can't rejoin
18:27 [@Inquisitor] So you have just the bot opped, and let people use it to kick/voice, if they're allowed to.
18:28 [@Inquisitor] So... How would one kick chanserve?
18:28 [@Pavanne] Indeed. I will thunderbotl anyone who plays major silly buggers
18:28 [@Pavanne] that'll speed up the game
18:28 [@Pufferfish] that's how the Pratchett channels work, and it's always been fine for us
18:28 [@thr33] Inquisitor: chanserv isn't a bot, it's extra code added to the ircd
18:28 [@adam] Inquisitor: chanserv doesn't technically exist
18:28 [@adam] yeah, what thr33 said
18:28 * Inquisitor is merely starting to understand what the whole palava with 3 level permissions, and many, many perm types, in kibot was about.
18:28 [@thr33] although I think you can make it join channels
18:28 [@Kirika] Inquisitor: killall ircd would probably do it
18:29 [Users #townspeople] 18:29 [@adam ] [@Kirika ] [@Phate ] [@thr33 ] [ Banichi ]
18:29 [@Inquisitor] [@Minister] [@Pufferfish] [+Monkey ] [ Sis|Unpacking]
18:29 [@jon ] [@Pavanne ] [@Scotsman ] [+Snapdragon]
18:29 -!- Irssi: #townspeople: Total of 14 nicks [10 ops, 0 halfops, 2 voices, 2 normal] 18:29 [@Inquisitor] thr33: I don't see how this makes it not a bot. Except that it's run by the people who run the server...
18:29 Pavanne set +o Monkey
18:29 [@Inquisitor] ::shrug:: seems to be a question of semantics.
18:29 [@thr33] we don't have it anyway, it's not installed on this server
18:30 [@adam] Inquisitor: it's not a bot because it doesn't connect to the IRC server as a suer
18:30 [@adam] user
18:30 [@Inquisitor] adam: Ah, fair enough.
18:30 [@adam] also, Pavanne is probably going to get upset that we're talking compsci on #townspeople again
18:31 [@Pavanne] I wouldn't call my reaction upset
18:31 [@Kirika] similar with nickserv etc. and other services
18:31 [@Pavanne] mildly disapproving...
18:31 [+Snapdragon] yeah, well I reckon you made Scotsman kill him
18:31 [@thr33] ooh, can we make Scotsman kill anyone we want?
18:31 [@Kirika] thr33: just point and shoot
18:32 [@Pavanne] how would I make Scxotty do anything?
18:32 [@Inquisitor] Scotsman: Kill everyone who isn't on my side.
18:32 [@Kirika] Pavanne: its all quite simple for you
18:32 [+Snapdragon] Pavanne: I meant adam made him do it
18:32 [@Pavanne] I guess "kill Banichi or I thunderbolt you" would do it...
18:33 * Pavanne tries to get the hang of absolute power
18:33 <-- Snapdragon leaves
18:40 [@Scotsman] phate is dead!
18:40 [@Scotsman] [having just had dinner with him]
18:40 [@Pufferfish] you killed him too?
18:40 [@Scotsman] no - but I jumped a mile when he came up behind me :s
18:40 [@Pufferfish] grin
18:41 [@thr33] when did he die?
18:41 --> Snapdragon joins
18:41 * Pufferfish suspects she has no alibi because any witnesses I call will be assumed to be in my pay
18:41 [@Scotsman] I'm not sure - but I'd been standing in the queue for dinner - too many freshers around atm
18:41 [@Monkey] I bumped into Edith in Churchill around 6ish, if that's any good as an alibi.
18:42 [@Scotsman] didn't kill him?
18:42 [@Monkey] Nah. He put his hands up.
18:42 [@Pavanne] can you give me any details you know, so I can update before going out?
18:43 [@Pufferfish] OTOH, one of the people who was where I was was Tom Forster, who is hopefully known to enough of you and reliable
18:43 [@Scotsman] Pavanne: I don't know anythng - he came up behind me and said "boo" before telling me has was actually dead
18:47 * Pavanne puts up what she knowsx
18:48 [@Scotsman] ooh - a report?
18:49 [@Pavanne] not very much
18:49 <-- Sis|Unpacking leaves
18:49 [@Pavanne] I trust you trusting him he's dead, is all
18:49 --> Katamarino joins
18:49 Pavanne set +v Katamarino
18:50 [@Pufferfish] I thought you weren't allowed to lie about your vital status
18:50 [@Pavanne] you're not
18:50 [@Monkey] No, but Scotty could lie about Phate's.
18:50 [@Pavanne] so if he wasn't dead then he is now
18:50 [@Pavanne] um, Scotty assures me he is dead, and I want to confirm thAT BEFORE GOINGF out
18:51 * jon has no alibi except that i have been frantically phoning and emailing ppl about the damned freshers fair
18:51 * Inquisitor has Nick as an alibi
18:52 * adam probably has no alibi, but since we don't know when or where he died it all seems a bit pointless
18:52 [@Inquisitor] And Edith, from 6:30.
18:52 * Pavanne goes out- don't do anything nasty
18:53 [@Pavanne] oh, caius fresahers' fair is oob for helpers when they're actually on stalls
18:53 [@Pavanne] as are other freshers' fairs
18:53 [@Scotsman] 'k
18:53 [@Pavanne] not for visitors between visitors
18:54 [@Scotsman] have a good evening Pavanne
18:54 [@Minister] Yep. My alibi is that I was in hall with Ben Durbin
18:55 [+Katamarino] what time do i need an alibi for?
18:55 [+Katamarino] :p
18:55 <-- Snapdragon leaves (I don't want to let the smoke out)
19:02 <-- Minister leaves
19:38 --> Minister joins
19:40 [@thr33] hi Minister
19:43 [+Katamarino] oh well, if anyone cares, alibi is I have been in kent all day and havent killed anyone! :)
19:46 adam set +v Minister
19:48 [@Scotsman] oooh +os
19:49 * Scotsman missed that development
19:50 [@adam] you nearly didn't get one
19:51 --> SupperingSis joins
19:51 [+Minister] Has anyone claimed the kill of Jeff?
19:51 [+Minister] Or does anyone know anything?
19:51 [@adam] all we know is Scotsman claims Phate told him he was dead
19:51 [@Scotsman] adam: :(
19:51 [@Scotsman] we have yet to have any confirmation from phate or anyone and Pavanne has gone out for the night
19:52 * adam tries phoning Phate, but he doesn't answer
19:52 [@thr33] hmm
19:53 [@thr33] maybe Phate and Scotsman are in league?
19:53 [+Minister] It's possible
19:53 [@adam] thr33: you mean Scotsman is convincing us all that Phate is dead so we won't be wary when he leaps out and kills us?
19:54 Scotsman set +v SupperingSis
19:54 [@thr33] yeah, something like that
19:54 [+Minister] It would be a very clever way of operating...
19:54 Scotsman set -v Sista
19:54 [@thr33] Minister: too clever for those two? ;)
19:55 [@Scotsman] thr33: hopefully Phate will report and you'll see he is dead
19:55 [@adam] except that if Phate turns out not to be dead then he and Scotsman would be quite plainly mafia
19:55 [@Scotsman] indeed
19:56 <-- SupperingSis leaves
19:57 [+Minister] Scotsman: Did he give any details of time of death?
19:57 [@Scotsman] Minister: no, 'cos he was dead
19:57 [@Scotsman] so I didn't ask any questions
19:57 [+Minister] Where were you when you saw him?
19:57 [@Scotsman] I was in the queue for dinner and he came up behind me and said "boo"
19:57 [+Minister] OK
19:57 [@Scotsman] and I jumped 1ft in the air :)
19:59 [@thr33] hehe
19:59 [@thr33] Phate likes doing that to people
20:26 --> Sista joins
20:29 [@Phate] umm, why have we all got ops in #townspeople?
20:29 [+Katamarino] i don't :'(
20:30 [@Scotsman] Phate: so that way we can +v players who join
20:30 [+Minister] It's so that we can op when Pavanne isn't around
20:32 [@thr33] Phate: are you dead?
20:34 [+Minister] Ah! Ohate
20:34 [+Minister] Phate even.
20:34 [+Minister] No comment. Grr....I wonder if the Scotsman conspiracy is true.
20:35 [@thr33] hmmmmm
20:35 [@thr33] quite possibly we should lynch them both
20:35 [@Scotsman] umm
20:35 [@Scotsman] he is dead
20:35 [@Scotsman] honest!
20:35 [@Phate] i am dead :(
20:35 [@Scotsman] he told me
20:35 [@thr33] ahh
20:35 [@thr33] ok
20:36 [@Scotsman] ok to deop now?
20:36 [@thr33] Phate: what time?
20:36 [@Scotsman] thr33: shut up
20:36 Scotsman set -o Phate
20:36 [+Phate] 1 sec
20:36 Scotsman set -v Phate
20:36 [@thr33] heh, isn't that an allowed thing to know?
20:36 [@Scotsman] not from him
20:36 [@thr33] oh
20:36 [@Scotsman] we have to wait for reports I think
20:36 [@thr33] sorry :)
20:36 [@Scotsman] :)
20:36 [@thr33] k
20:37 [+Minister] Bad luck Phate. I will try to avenge you.
20:37 [@Scotsman] we don't want this game to be muppetised whilst Pavanne isn't around
20:37 [+Minister] Unless it was suicide just to confuse us
20:37 [@thr33] lol
20:37 [@Scotsman] [not that I'm saying Phate would blab, but we want to remove the chance]
20:38 [+Minister] Man, that would be confusing
20:38 [+Katamarino] lol
20:38 [+Katamarino] i am already confused!
20:38 [@Scotsman] heh
21:18 [@Kirika] Settlers, M30 Catz, now, directoins in #assasssins
21:18 [@Kirika] You must agree no kill
21:35 --> Abner joins
21:37 [+Minister] Hi Abner
21:37 [+Minister] Are you happy for us to have a no kill agreement at our shared society Abner?
21:38 [@Kirika] <Snapdragon> don't trust him Abner, he's evil
21:38 [+Minister] meeeeeee?
21:38 [@Kirika] yep, you
21:39 [@Kirika] you're evil
21:39 [+Minister] That's harsh
21:39 [+Minister] I might crush the brains of infants, but I'm not really evil
21:40 [@Kirika] well, for most defintions of evil you are included if you kill babies
21:45 Kirika set +v Abner
21:45 [+Abner] Thank you
21:47 [+Abner] NKA for shared society will be fine Minister.
21:50 [+Abner] Good night.
21:51 <-- Abner leaves
21:58 <-- SupperingSis leaves (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:57 * Minister returns
22:57 [+Minister] Didn't kill anyone :-(
23:04 [+Katamarino] lol
23:06 [+Minister] If you'd like to wander onto my corridor...
23:07 [@Scotsman] ls *.mpg
23:07 [@Scotsman] no, that ought to go into my shell terminal
23:08 * Minister understands that
23:47 <-- Banichi leaves

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00:03 [@adam] my, it's quiet here
00:03 [@adam] presumably because everyone is playing settlers
00:04 [@Pavanne] well, I'm about to write an email to Bjoern, and go to bed
00:04 <-- Katamarino leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
00:04 [@Pavanne] but I don't count
00:05 * adam has had an evening remarkably devoid of people trying to kill him
00:05 [+Minister] I'm around adam
00:05 [+Minister] adam: come up to my coridor any time
00:06 [@adam] I didn't say I wanted people to try to kill me
00:08 [+Minister] Really? Makes life much moe exciting
00:08 [@adam] no-one's admitted to killing Phate, I assume?
00:08 [@adam] Minister: I can do without excitement at my time of life
00:08 [+Minister] No. /me reads website
00:08 [@Pavanne] if I didn't want people to try to kill me, I wouldn't play assassins...
00:09 * adam wonders why he actually is playing
00:09 [+Minister] The body, once again with a blast wound in the back of the head, was found in the Trinity Hall porters' lodge. There was an exceptional quantity of blood smeared about the floor.
00:09 [@Pavanne] there's a serious flaw in that
00:09 [+Minister] Right, head shot from behind. In Tit Hall plodge. I wonder whether he was leaving or entering
00:09 [@adam] so no-one has seen anyone coming yet
00:10 [@adam] it looks rather like Scotsman again
00:10 [+Minister] 6p.m. sounds like hall time to me, I guess he was coming in
00:10 [@adam] but he denies it this time
00:10 [@adam] yeah, could probably have been anyone who knew what time TH hall is
00:10 [+Minister] Yes, he said Jeff came up to him and told him he was dead
00:10 [+Minister] Funny how Scotsman survived given that he was in the hall queue
00:10 [@adam] although how do you sneak up behind someone as they go into the plodge?
00:11 [+Minister] yes good point, if Phate was entering, someone must have come up behind him-seen him in town?
00:11 [@adam] if he wasn't being cautious you might be able to hide in the alcove where the pidges are
00:11 [@Pavanne] I don't know which way he was facing, incidentally
00:11 [@adam] but it'd be very risky, if he saw you there you'd be totally cornered
00:12 [@Pavanne] the smears suggested the corpse had been moved a little
00:12 [@adam] oho
00:13 [+Minister] hmmm...I don't know the plodge very well. It does sound risky
00:13 [@adam] are you allowed to tell us what this means in game terms? he was killed near TH plodge and the killer moved his corpse there?
00:13 [@adam] Minister: it's the typical layout, a long desk with a door opposite either end, except one end has a long alcove with pigeonholes
00:13 [@adam] (I note that the typical layout I describe is not the layout of Selwyn plodge, ofc)
00:14 [@Pavanne] If he had been dragged any distance, there would have been a trail of blood.
00:15 [@adam] so he was killed in the plodge?
00:15 [@Pavanne] Indeed. But for some reason, someone moved him slightly, or maybe tried to move him.
00:16 [+Minister] hmmm...
00:16 [@Pavanne] There was a terrible lot of blood
00:16 [+Minister] I take it you can't say whether the bullet hole was band-shaped or pellet-shaped or other?
00:16 [@Pavanne] (well, he was missing the back of his head, poor chap)
00:16 [@Pavanne] It was a blast wound.
00:17 [@adam] bang kill, I assume
00:17 [@Pavanne] (yes)
00:17 [@adam] anything of note on the body?
00:18 [@Pavanne] Not that I know.
00:18 [@adam] just wondering what this deal with trying to move the body around was
00:18 [@adam] any claw or bite marks?
00:18 [+Minister] Hmm..Scotsman did ask to leave notes as a rule last game
00:18 [@Pavanne] No, just the blast wound.
00:19 [@Pavanne] Minister: well, he did once.
00:19 [+Minister] I think he planned to write more
00:20 [@adam] did it look as though a werewolf might have been sniffing around at the body to see if it had the stench of guilt on it?
00:25 [@Pavanne] The werewolf attends the official (and not represented) funeral- it doesn't need to leave marlks on corpses.
00:27 [+Minister] It would make life much easier if it did
00:27 [@Pavanne] hmmm, is it really bad that after about 36 hours of vegetarianism I have a terrible desire for a gardies burger?
00:27 [@Pavanne] Minister: not for the werewolf :)
00:28 [@adam] Pavanne: get a gardies vegeburger
00:28 [@Pavanne] adam: I will next time
00:28 [@Pavanne] right now, it's non-trivial
00:31 [@adam] was Phate killed at exactly 18:00?
00:31 [@Pavanne] All forensic evidence available to me suggests so.
00:32 [@adam] ok
00:32 * adam is checking IRC alibis
00:32 * Inquisitor has been occupied here since 7:00. Edith can alibi me, and vice versa.
00:32 [@Pavanne] though this is not one of the more precisely determinable situations
00:32 [@Inquisitor] What news of late? I'm vaguely aware of phate dying.
00:33 [@Pavanne] More evidence on the manner of death.
00:33 [@adam] phate died around 6, capgunned in TH plodge
00:35 --> Edith|breakfast joins
00:36 <-- edith|bed leaves
00:36 --> Edith joins
00:36 Pavanne set +v Edith
00:36 [+edith|bed] That's better.
00:36 [+edith|bed] Incidentally my housemates are bastards.
00:36 [+edith|bed] I'm not saying why
00:38 [+Minister] Not even if I ask?
00:38 [+edith|bed] Yes
00:39 [+Minister] I won't ask then
00:39 [@Inquisitor] It's almost entirely unrelated to Mafia.
00:39 [+edith|bed] now should I try and hug Tom or will he shoot me?
00:39 [@Inquisitor] Yes...
00:40 [+edith|bed] Nah, hug net, he's not listening
00:40 [@Inquisitor] I've told you, trying to hug me will be interpreted as an attack, and is specifically excluded from our no-kill agreement.
00:40 * Inquisitor notes net beating up Edith in the background.
00:41 [+edith|bed] ow
00:41 [+Minister] You guys have a no-kill? Boring
00:42 [@Inquisitor] Within the house and surrounds only.
00:42 [@adam] I think just within their house and surrounding area
00:42 [@adam] timing
00:42 [@Inquisitor] Oh, and when popping to the shop.
00:42 [@Pavanne] for social reasons seems sensible
00:42 [+edith|bed] Put it like this. Either we have a no kill agreement or one of us dies fast.
00:42 [@Inquisitor] It would be impossibly paranoia-inducing to live here otherwise.
00:42 [+Minister] I should have a word with Ross on similar grounds
00:42 [@Inquisitor] Ross lives near you?
00:42 * edith|bed waves at Inquisitor
00:43 * Inquisitor waves back.
00:43 [+Minister] Edith: what if you're both illuminati?
00:43 [+edith|bed] Then we kill one just to put up an appearance
00:43 [@adam] Minister: the odds are small
00:43 [@Inquisitor] Minister: Then we'd know, and not kill each other. We made the agreement before reading our character types.
00:43 [+Minister] Inq: Same college, he has keys to most of the stuff I have keys to
00:44 [@adam] your room?
00:44 [@Inquisitor] Minister: Up to you, I guess, but would it significantly impede your life to avoid seing each other by surprise?
00:44 * Inquisitor can't keep a locked door between himself and Edith.
00:45 [+edith|bed] Well you could but it would involve stealing my keys and I would get annoyed pretty quickly
00:45 [@adam] Inquisitor: you could lock him inside the house and leave the key in the outside of the lock
00:45 [@Pavanne] No-one steals anyone's keys for assassins purposes, PLEASE
00:46 [@Inquisitor] Erm... There are multiple doors. And the screwdriver trick works.
00:46 [@Inquisitor] And no, we're not doing that. There's a 'no silly buggers' too.
00:47 [+Minister] He doesn't have my room key, but he is around in college
00:58 * adam sleeps
00:59 [@adam] g'night
01:00 [@Pavanne] goodnight
01:04 [+Minister] nn
01:08 * Minister decides it's safe to go out now
01:42 [@thr33] gah!
01:42 [@thr33] you people make too much scrollback
01:42 * thr33 will read in the morning
01:43 --> Snapdragon joins
01:44 Pavanne set +v Snapdragon
01:44 [+Snapdragon] woo
01:44 [+Snapdragon] ph34r me all those that hear my voice
01:45 [@Pavanne] I think it's just me rigfht now, and I don't ph34r you 'cos I'm outside your village
01:46 [+Minister] I ph34r him
01:47 [+Snapdragon] you should ph34r me, else you are not properly human
01:47 [+Snapdragon] arrgh, Pav is an alien
01:47 [@Pavanne] it's possible
01:48 [@Pavanne] though not one you need to worry aboiut
01:49 [+Minister] Are you the werewolf?
01:49 [@thr33] she is the bringer of death!!
01:49 [+Snapdragon] beware Pavanne
01:49 [+Snapdragon] and also the ides of march
01:49 [@Pavanne] that was last game! Don't shoot the messenger
01:50 [@thr33] Pavanne: the game where noone was trying?
01:50 [@Pavanne] no, the first game
01:50 [@thr33] ok
01:50 [@Pavanne] someone was trying there
01:50 [@thr33] :P
01:50 [@Pavanne] several, in fact, until I shot the,m
01:51 [+Snapdragon] and then got killed
01:51 [+Snapdragon] thanks to my l33t plan
01:51 * Inquisitor is awake.
01:51 [@Pavanne] it was a l33t plan
01:51 [@Pavanne] especially the "gun not working" bit
01:51 [+Snapdragon] I know, of course it was, it was my plan
01:52 [@Pavanne] and the losing an arm bit was a stroke of genius :)
01:54 [+Snapdragon] ahh, all to lull you into a false sense of security
01:54 [+Snapdragon] (and it's not a proper fight unless I lose at least one limb)
01:54 [+Minister] They were trying in the second game, they just didn't have much success
01:55 [+Snapdragon] I seem to recall spending hours in Tit Hall after failing to kill Banichi
01:55 [@Pavanne] yes, to be fair they were trying
01:55 [+Snapdragon] of course, if I'd not been lame enough to miss him in the first place
01:55 [@Pavanne] there was just a generally lower level of carnage
01:55 [@Pavanne] so far, I am pleased with the level of carnage here.
01:56 [@Pavanne] will probably step up to 1 Illuminati/ Seer check per day to reflect the rapid pace
01:57 [+Snapdragon] assuming people continue to die tomorrow ?
01:57 [@Pavanne] ummm, and probably if they don't as well
01:58 [@Pavanne] to help it along :)
01:59 [@Inquisitor] Erm... two deaths to date...
01:59 [@Inquisitor] I guess you want about one check per two kills, so...
02:00 [@Pavanne] depends- it's a mechanism for speeding the game up, mostly
02:00 [@Pavanne] but also should not get hopelessly left behind by the game
02:00 [+Snapdragon] well, mafia doesn't quite work like normal assassins, but surely we'd assume some sort of exponential tye decay in the death rate ?
02:03 [@Pavanne] not necessarily- more evidence becomes available the more deaths there have been, generally
02:03 [@Pavanne] so people might decide who to attack
02:03 [+Snapdragon] hmm, true
02:04 [+Snapdragon] I'd've thought it tailed off a bit towards the end though
02:04 [@Pavanne] did in second game, got really hot in first
02:04 [+Snapdragon] but maybe that's a function of not having enough police checks
02:04 [+Snapdragon] (or all the police dying early on)
02:05 [@Pavanne] possibly, is still very experimental
02:05 [+Snapdragon] yeah, not enough data to run on
02:05 [+Snapdragon] and depends quite a lot on who is mafia
02:05 [+Snapdragon] e.g Scotsamn
02:05 [+Snapdragon] *Scotsman
02:06 [@Pavanne] To take a random example.
02:07 [+Snapdragon] totally random
02:07 [@thr33] lol
02:07 [+Snapdragon] he's certainly not mafia in any way
02:07 [+Snapdragon] at all
02:08 [@Pavanne] I couldn't possibly comment.
02:14 [+Snapdragon] oh well, time for bed I think
02:14 <-- Snapdragon leaves (Mustn't let the smoke out)
05:33 <-- Minister leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
07:17 <-- edith|bed leaves (Ping timeout: 361 seconds)
07:25 <-- Inquisitor leaves (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:26 --> Inquisitor joins
07:40 * Scotsman wakes up
07:42 [@Scotsman] my computer is still being random :(
08:00 * Kirika is awake!
08:01 [@Kirika] (at this unholy hour!)
08:02 [@Scotsman] how was last night?
08:06 [@Kirika] quite good
08:06 [@Kirika] we played settlers, then spent 3 hours discussing compsci.mathmo type stuff
08:07 [@Kirika] {recursive algorithms; coding and crypto; random walks}
08:07 * Kirika still has Snapdragon's vodka
08:07 [@Kirika] (but it only has a finger left in it)
08:08 [@Scotsman] ummm
08:08 [@Scotsman] oh, of vodka?
08:08 * Kirika wonders what the bedder is going to think of him iwth a large bottle of malibu and some wine in the bin and an almost empty bottle of vodka on the tabel
09:31 [@Scotsman] checks door is locked
09:31 * Scotsman thinks he's being too paranoid
09:40 [@adam] possibly
09:40 Scotsman set +v Inquisitor
09:41 --> Pseudodragon joins
09:41 [@Scotsman] umm
09:41 Pavanne set +v Pseudodragon
09:41 <-- Inquisitor leaves (Ping timeout: 361 seconds)
09:41 [@Pavanne] hello Tom
10:47 -!- You're now known as Pavanne|TDS 10:56 --> Abner joins
11:00 --> Minister joins
11:01 Scotsman set +vv Abner Minister
11:01 [@Scotsman] morning again guys
11:01 [@adam] anyone dead?
11:02 [@Scotsman] kill anyone?
11:02 [+Abner] Anything of note happened?
11:02 [+Minister] I had a tutor meeting
11:03 [+Abner] Any fancy theories I haven't come across?
11:03 [@adam] Scotsman admitted to one of the kills
11:04 [@adam] and denies the other
11:04 [@adam] oh, Scotsman, when is hall in TH?
11:04 [+Minister] Although it was on his turf
11:04 [+Abner] Any other suspects?
11:05 [@adam] well, Scotsman and Phate were best placed for banichi's death
11:05 [@adam] and Scotsman was best placed for Phate's
11:06 [+Abner] This being Scotsman it may just be homicidal mania, not mafia membership
11:06 [@adam] well yes, he's a maniac anyway
11:06 [@Scotsman] :)
11:06 [@adam] but he's not owning up to killing Phate
11:07 [+Minister] Scotsman: What time did you see Phate at?
11:07 [@Scotsman] about 18.15 - there were so many freshers in the queue that I didn't eat until half past
11:09 [@adam] can you think of any reason he might have been in the plodge at 6?
11:09 [@Scotsman] he'd have been en-route from Clems to hall
11:09 [@adam] ok, but he was shot from behind
11:10 [@adam] so someone must have followed him in
11:10 [@Scotsman] in the p'lodge. I suppose he could have been at his pigeon hole
11:10 [@jon] whats all this about dragging bodies around on the news?
11:11 [@adam] Pavanne said that Phate's body had been moved around or something, but not any appreciable distance
11:11 [@adam] ie. he was killing inside the plodge
11:11 [@adam] so I dunno what that's about
11:11 [@adam] s/ing/ed/
11:11 [+Abner] What sort of wounds were found on him?
11:12 [@jon] a blast to the back of the head
11:12 [@adam] cap-gun
11:12 [@adam] presumably he didn't see whoever it was coming
11:13 [+Abner] And Banichi was killed by a what?
11:13 [@adam] same way
11:13 [+Abner] That might be of note
11:13 [+Abner] but then again...
11:13 [@adam] mike said he walked up behind him as he was going into the library and shot him
11:14 [@jon] then again capgunning someone is the most stylish method
11:14 [@adam] jon: not knifing them?
11:14 [@jon] ok, second most stylish then
11:15 [+Abner] What about garrotting?
11:15 [@adam] has anyone ever actually been garotted?
11:15 [+Abner] I think there was one in Michaelmas last year.
11:15 [@adam] carrying the piano wire around would be a pain though
11:16 [@jon] adam: it has to be a tie/toilet paper
11:16 [@jon] a tie is very easy to carry around
11:16 [@adam] yeah, but I mean carrying a roll of toilet paper around would be annoying
11:16 [@adam] hm, I forgot you can use a tie
11:17 [+Abner] Teh case I'm thinking of involved an old school tie
11:17 [@adam] yes, I remember now
11:19 --> Duncan joins
11:21 --> gonzo joins
11:23 [+Abner] Bedders always make me nervous!
11:23 [@jon] i met mine for the first time just now.
11:23 [@jon] when she walked in withou knocking i was getting changed.
11:23 [@jon] not ideal!
11:24 [+Abner] I haven't seen my regular one yet as far as I know.
11:24 [+Abner] One of them was knocking on my door just now
11:24 [+Abner] Yesterday another one (?) wanted to change my bin!
11:26 [@adam] Abner: how come you're in the same room as last year?
11:27 [+Abner] I had an agreement with the vice-president of the RCSA.
11:28 [+Abner] As I have Asperger's it was thought I might wish to avoid the stress of the room ballot and related things.
11:28 [@adam] ah, ok
11:28 [+Abner] I have things to do.
11:28 [+Abner] Will return (I hope)
11:28 [@adam] good luck not dying
11:28 [@adam] unless you're mafia
11:28 <-- Abner leaves
11:32 [+Pseudodragon] Has Scotsman claimed responsibility for phate's death?
11:32 --> Snapdragon joins
11:32 adam set +v Snapdragon
11:33 [@adam] Inquisitor: no, he denies it
11:33 [@thr33] morning
11:33 [@adam] morning Snapdragon, thr33
11:33 [+Snapdragon] morning peeps
11:34 [+Pseudodragon] Well, should we change the topic to something which doesn't sound like he's admitted it?
11:34 [@adam] crap
11:35 [@jon] go ahead adam
11:35 [@jon] change it back
11:35 [@adam] I saw you'd done it but I got ctrl+J confused with ctrl+U
11:36 [@jon] ok. i dont understand what that means, but never mind.
11:36 [+Pseudodragon] Right... Now, back to lynching people...
11:36 [@Pavanne|TDS] I don't think Scotsman should claim responsibility for Banichi. He's not Scotsman's fault.
11:38 -!- You're now known as Pavanne 11:40 * Kirika observes SCO-[ts]-man
11:40 [@Kirika] may be unfortuante
11:41 [@adam] Kirika|fair: only to linux geeks
11:43 [@adam] right, I'm going for a shower
11:43 [@adam] if anyone wishes to attempt to lurk said shower, I wish you the very best of luck
11:43 [@Scotsman] :)
11:43 [@adam] since it's inside my room
11:43 [@Pavanne] Slight case of death on website
11:43 * Scotsman returns from town
11:43 [@Scotsman] oog
11:43 [@adam] Pavanne: only slight?
11:43 * Scotsman incriminates himself accidentally
11:43 [@Pavanne] yes, it wasn't a player
11:43 [+Snapdragon] heh
11:43 [@adam] ah
11:44 [@Scotsman] oh few
11:44 [@Scotsman] *phe
11:44 [@Scotsman] grrrrr
11:44 [@Scotsman] evil computer
11:44 [@adam] someone really has something against tit hall
11:44 [@Pavanne] it seems to be a really exciting place in every mafia game
11:44 [+Pseudodragon] Okay... Who shot Polly? And how is she, these days?
11:44 [@thr33] maybe Scotsman will kill himself next
11:44 [@Scotsman] mm, yes
11:44 [@adam] Scotsman: did you kill polly?
11:45 [@Scotsman] nope
11:45 [+Snapdragon] aha! that proves it
11:45 [+Snapdragon] it took you too long to deny it
11:45 [@Scotsman] oh shut up
11:45 [@adam] in that case whoever was in tit hall was probably looking for you
11:45 [@Monkey] Ooh, death.
11:45 [@Scotsman] adam: eek
11:45 [@adam] I bet you were seconds away from death
11:45 [+Snapdragon] and it wasn't even done very well
11:46 [@Scotsman] 'cos my computer is being crap again
11:46 [@adam] Snapdragon: in that they shot her point-blank in the chest?
11:46 [@Scotsman] 88888888888888888888888888888888
11:46 [@Scotsman] grr
11:46 [+Snapdragon] adam: no, scotsman's denial
11:46 [@adam] oh, I see
11:46 [+Snapdragon] he's obviously totally and utterly evil in every possible way
11:46 [@adam] yes, but we knew that already
11:46 [+Pseudodragon] Ah well. At least we eat mutton tonight.
11:46 [@Scotsman] :)
11:47 * adam really showers now
11:47 [@Scotsman] 10.20? I have an alibi I think
11:47 [@thr33] who is this sheep?
11:47 [@Scotsman] 10:19 < Scotsman> hey Sista
11:47 [@Scotsman] [on #assassins]
11:47 [@Pavanne] well, she wasn't a player, so she becomes a sheep
11:47 [@thr33] ahh
11:47 [@Pavanne] she's a Trinity Hall student.
11:48 [@Scotsman] that's three of us dead within 36 hours!
11:48 [@thr33] she was killed to keep her quite?
11:48 [@Scotsman] her quite what?
11:48 [@thr33] quiet
11:48 [@Scotsman] sorry
11:50 [+Pseudodragon] Hmmm... Pav: Policy on wtnesses to events?
11:50 [+Pseudodragon] Non-player witnesses, that is...
11:51 * Scotsman checks his door is locked
11:51 [@Pavanne] ummm, please don't question them if they're dead, they should be silent
11:52 [@Pavanne] if they're alive, sure, ask them
11:52 [@Pavanne] or let them volunteer information
11:52 [+Pseudodragon] So, could this have been someone silencing her?
11:52 [@Pavanne] with the exception of Catherine, who is a huge grey area
11:52 [@Scotsman] Pavanne: surely not that huge?
11:52 [@Pavanne] and should be assumed silent.
11:52 [+Pseudodragon] Scotsman: Got there before me...
11:53 [@Pavanne] well, a petite and pretty grey area then :)
11:53 [@Scotsman] :)
11:53 [@Scotsman] nods
11:53 [@Pavanne] she's promised not to say anything to anyone
11:53 [@Pavanne] about mafia
11:53 [@Scotsman] ah
11:53 [+Pseudodragon] Now... had any other event occurred at about the same time, it would be on the news by now, right?
11:53 * Scotsman adds "Buy a laser pointer" to his To-Do list
11:54 [+Snapdragon] Scotsman: get the green one from thinkgeek
11:54 [@Scotsman] Inquisitor: prolly, if we assume she was killed by the same murdered
11:54 [@Scotsman] Snapdragon: ooh?
11:54 [+Snapdragon] it goes about 3miles
11:54 [@Pavanne] Inquisitor: I am not currently updating anything
11:54 [@Scotsman] :)
11:54 [+Snapdragon] and you can actually see the beam, not just the dot
11:54 [+Snapdragon] it's soooooo cool
11:54 [+Pseudodragon] Pavanne: So, there was no event that Polly can have been witness to, then?
11:54 [@Scotsman] oh I like the keyboard
11:54 [+Pseudodragon] Event = atempt/murder?
11:54 [+Pseudodragon] (Are attempts reported?)
11:55 [@Scotsman] ouch, at $80 i'd have to
11:55 [+Snapdragon] Inquisitor: unless she saw something yesterday
11:55 [@Scotsman] Snapdragon: I can't afford that one...
11:56 [+Snapdragon] Scotsman: It is a bit pricey, but ti's also rather cool
11:56 [@Scotsman] true
11:56 [+Pseudodragon] Hmmm... Point. I guess someone (Scotsman) could have realised she was a valid witness, and offed her.
11:57 [@Scotsman] mee?
11:57 [+Pseudodragon] Or any of the other guilty parties currently on a killing spree in Tit Hall...
11:57 [@Pavanne] Inquisitor: no-one hgas reported any further event
11:57 [+Pseudodragon] It has to be you, or whoever killed Phate.
11:58 [@Scotsman] it wasn't me - I haven't even met Polly yet
11:58 [+Pseudodragon] And, I believe, you have no reason to cover up Banichi's death.
11:58 [+Pseudodragon] Scotsman: That's not a convincing argument.
11:58 [+Pseudodragon] So, it could be whoever killed phate, covering up.
11:59 [+Pseudodragon] Hmmm... Polly lives(ed) in college this year, doesn't she?
11:59 [@Scotsman] no
11:59 [@Scotsman] she got kicked out and is living at home I think
11:59 [+Pseudodragon] Erm... why'd she get kicked out?
11:59 [@Scotsman] not enough rooms on-site
11:59 [@Scotsman] or something
12:00 [+Pseudodragon] Ahhh... That sucks a bit.
12:00 [+Pseudodragon] Still, I guess it's not too far for her.
12:01 [+Pseudodragon] Hmmm... So, chances of her being around at 6 yesterday are quite small.
12:01 [+Pseudodragon] And Tit Hall isn't an ideal place to lurk her, anyway.
12:02 [+Pseudodragon] My guess is that someone was trying to kill Scotsman, and happened to run into her.
12:02 [+Pseudodragon] And was recognised...
12:03 [+Pseudodragon] How many people doesn't she recognise (and, of course, recognise her?)
12:03 [+Pseudodragon] Too many.
12:04 * Pseudodragon will stop talking to himself now.
12:04 [@Scotsman] might be a plan
12:04 [@Pavanne] You hsave good points Inquisitor, keep going on-topic :)
12:06 [+Pseudodragon] Nah... Talking too much is a bad habit to be in when playing Mafia. It always makes people suspicious of you.
12:06 [+Pseudodragon] (Or, at best, makes the mafia kill you)
12:06 [+Pseudodragon] Although... that is the party version.
12:06 [+Pseudodragon] And I do so anyway.
12:07 [+Snapdragon] I've found randomly claiming roles also leads to lower life expectancy
12:07 [@Scotsman] :)
12:07 [@Pavanne] being interesting generally lkeads to lower life expectancy
12:07 [@adam] yeah, but it's more fun
12:07 [+Snapdragon] it's always fun when half the game claim to be police
12:07 [@Pavanne] keeping your head down is the best way to survive, but you're better making a valient effort to win
12:07 [+Snapdragon] and the rest to be the other police who were secret
12:08 [@Pavanne] Snapdragon: yes :)
12:08 [@Pavanne] the werewolf might be the best person to keep their head down, since thye can hardly sacrifice their life for their side
12:09 [@Pavanne] but if they're the last hostile left and don't do anything for a few days, I will announce their identity
12:09 [@adam] personally if I was the werewolf I'd say "to hell with it, I'm never gonna win, let's go kill people"
12:09 [+Pseudodragon] Pavanne: But the werewolf would be best served by killing everyone...
12:09 [@Pavanne] (which does not necessarily apply here, they could be dead)
12:09 [+Pseudodragon] Not that I'm thinking of anyone here.
12:09 [@Pavanne] Inquisitor: but killing people is even riskier in mafia than in a normal game
12:09 [@adam] Pavanne: you're not going to tell us if the mafia is wiped out but the wolf is still alve, right?
12:10 [+Pseudodragon] I believe she said she wouldn't.
12:10 [@Pavanne] adam: Not unless the werewolf is the last hostile and is being boring
12:10 [+Pseudodragon] Which is tricky, because we don't know if we're trying to track down the remains of an organisation, or someone who'd been maverik all game.
12:11 [@Pavanne] The werewolf is potentially very hard to identify if they aren't an obvious raging psycho
12:11 [+Pseudodragon] Pavanne: What if there is only one innocent left, and they're being boring? Does the same apply? (Symmetry, and all...)
12:11 [@adam] I'd say if we kill 4 people who were plainly working together odds are the wolf is the one left
12:11 [@adam] but tat probably won't happen
12:11 [@Pavanne] No, because the mafia have the fun role in which they have more certainty about who to kill
12:11 [+Pseudodragon] (And, for that matter, I'm worried that might happen to me...)
12:11 [@Pavanne] the payback for this is that they have to keep the game moving
12:12 [+Pseudodragon] Werewolf can just kill anyone.
12:12 [@Pavanne] yes, also a fun role
12:12 [@Pavanne] but the werewolf has an almost impossible task to win the game, so I'm not threatening them until after the mafia
12:13 [@Pavanne] Of course, the werewolf could be dead.
12:13 [+Pseudodragon] Yes, yes, and there could have been only two mafia.
12:13 [@Pavanne] It's possible.
12:13 [+Pseudodragon] Or there could be 14 people all organised into competing mafias.
12:14 [@Pavanne] ummmm, I did say no silly buggers.
12:14 [@Scotsman] :)
12:14 [+Pseudodragon] (Based on the information that I have, of course...)
12:14 [+Pseudodragon] Pavanne: Okay, okay....
12:14 [@Pavanne] There is only one mafia, and it initially contained more than one person.
12:14 [@Scotsman] and only one werewolf?
12:14 [@adam] does the mafia contain less than six people?
12:14 [@Pavanne] Initially there was one werewolf, and roles cannot change
12:14 [+Pseudodragon] Pavanne: Do you assert more than two?
12:14 [@Pavanne] Inquisitor: no
12:15 [@Scotsman] adam: I would hope so
12:15 [+Pseudodragon] Right. So the mafia could be dead, then?
12:15 [@Pavanne] adam: I can't comment
12:15 [@Pavanne] Inquisitor: they could be.
12:15 [@Scotsman] that would be amusing
12:15 [+Pseudodragon] Seems unlikely.
12:15 [@adam] Inquisitor: it seems unlikely that we'd have a two-person mafia even if Pavanne won't say it's impossible
12:15 [@Scotsman] I think we decided on 3 or 4 yesterday
12:15 [@adam] also, bear in mind that only the mafia know their targets yet, so you'd have to be extremely lucky
12:15 * Scotsman waves
12:16 * Pseudodragon imagines Scotsman as werewolf killing off the two mafia by accident, and then being lynched the next day for being suspicious, ending the game in record time.
12:16 [@Scotsman] :)
12:16 [@Pavanne] A certain amount of common sense did apply to my choosing of numbers.
12:16 [+Pseudodragon] Pavanne: Something you're famed for.
12:16 [@Scotsman] ooh
12:16 [@Pavanne] that's why it was only a certain amount
12:17 [@Pavanne] you can try to judge the numbers by evaluating how much I have.
12:17 [@adam] well, we know two seers and a werewolf
12:17 [+Pseudodragon] UI think we narrowed it down to 2-5...
12:17 [@adam] plus an unknown number of mafia and illuminati
12:17 [@adam] Pavanne: is there more that one illuminatus?
12:18 [@Pavanne] I can't comment
12:18 [@adam] are there fewer illuminati than mafia?
12:18 [@Pavanne] I can't comment
12:18 [+Pseudodragon] She won't have done as many illuminati as mafia, or else they'd just be another mafia, with two advantages (not needing to kill everyone, and knowing who they need to kill, to an extent).
12:18 [@Scotsman] adam: I'd imagine it'd be 1 illuminatus for 2/3 mafia and 2 for 4+
12:18 * adam hopes so, or the illuminati victory condition is - right
12:19 [@Pavanne] It all depends on how much common sense you think I have. :)
12:19 [+Pseudodragon] Aftar all, the illuminati win if they kill all non-illuminati, unlike, say, the mafia.
12:19 * adam still thinks 4 mafia and 2 illuminati is most likely
12:20 [@Scotsman] Inquisitor: surely that's exactly as for the mafia?
12:20 * Pseudodragon thinks 3:2, 4:2, or 5:2 most likely, but yeah, 4 seems right. (although, based on past games, 5 would be a better ratio... Hmmm.... what does Pav think a werewolf is worth?)
12:20 [+Pseudodragon] Scotsman: Quite...
12:20 [@Scotsman] oh, sorry, was that sarcasm?
12:20 [+Pseudodragon] Yes.
12:20 [@Scotsman] ah
12:23 [@Pavanne] and do I have exceptional mafia sympathies based on my past player history? :)
12:23 [@Scotsman] heh
12:24 [+Snapdragon] hurrah, I can program in C
12:24 * Snapdragon still prefers perl though
12:25 [@Scotsman] yay
12:25 [@Scotsman] me too
12:25 * adam doesn't understand perl
12:26 [+Snapdragon] problem is perl doesn't do maths very quickly :-(
12:26 [+Snapdragon] and I ahve to do lots of maths
12:26 [@Scotsman] ah, true
12:26 [+Snapdragon] *have
12:26 [+Snapdragon] but I think I'll keep using perl for a while, cos C is silly
12:27 [@adam] use ocaml
12:27 [@adam] also, we're offtopic again
12:27 [@Scotsman] indeed
12:27 [+Pseudodragon] Python!!!
12:27 [@Pavanne] I may kick people for doing that gratuituously, you know...
12:28 [@adam] yay python!
12:28 [@adam] except it's a bit slow for maths
12:28 Pavanne set -o adam
12:28 [+adam] but you have the extra time you saved using python to code it
12:28 Pavanne set -o Scotsman
12:28 * adam cries
12:28 Pavanne set -o Inquisitor
12:28 [+Scotsman] awww
12:28 [Users #townspeople] 12:28 [@jon ] [@Pavanne ] [+adam ] [+Scotsman ] [ gonzo]
12:28 [@Kirika] [@Pufferfish] [+Inquisitor ] [+Snapdragon] [ Phate]
12:28 [@Monkey ] [@thr33 ] [+Minister|meeting] [ Duncan ]
12:28 -!- Irssi: #townspeople: Total of 14 nicks [6 ops, 0 halfops, 5 voices, 3 normal] 12:28 * Pseudodragon was tempted to deop Pav first.
12:28 [+Scotsman] I didn't do anything
12:28 * Scotsman mopes
12:28 [+adam] also, me and Scotsman are the only ones who've been voicing people
12:28 [+Pseudodragon] Ah well. I shaln't stop talking about that, after all...
12:28 [@Pavanne] yes, I didn't make them all work together :)
12:29 [+Pseudodragon] Hmmm... I wasn't opped anyway.
12:29 [+Scotsman] adam: indeed
12:29 [+adam] what if jon, Monkey, Pufferfish and thr33 are the mafia?
12:29 [+adam] what then, eh?
12:29 [+Scotsman] indeed
12:29 [+Scotsman] they could be
12:29 [@Pavanne] I will possibly reop you, provided you talk about computer stuff on a not-so-specifically-topiced channel
12:29 [+Pseudodragon] Python's oly a factor of 10 slower. Since all time intensive calculations are O(n*n) or higher anyway, that's really not a big difference.
12:30 -!- Inquisitor was kicked from #townspeople by Pavanne [Pavanne] 12:30 [+Scotsman] rofl
12:30 [@Pavanne] ooops :)
12:30 [+adam] Pavanne: I was the one who said we were offtopic in the first place!
12:30 [@Pavanne] adam: I was worried you might have computer-talk sympathies
12:30 [+Scotsman] ooh, he's quit
12:30 [+adam] what do you think I am, some sort of mathmo?
12:30 [+Scotsman] :)
12:31 [@Pavanne] erm, do I have to invite him back <sheepish>
12:31 [+Scotsman] no
12:31 [+adam] no, #townspeople isn't invite-only
12:31 [+adam] if he was on #corpses you'd have to
12:31 [@Pavanne] so he can rejoin despite being kicked?
12:31 [+adam] yes
12:31 [@Pavanne] good :)
12:32 [+adam] if you'd kickbanned him he wouldn't be able to
12:32 [+Scotsman] nods
12:32 [@Pavanne] and to answer your question, if the ops here are all mafia, I'll probably hear about them doing anything except voicing players who turn up
12:32 [+adam] it wasn't a serious objection
12:33 [@Pavanne] it isn't a very serious issue ;) but I don't have absolute power very often...
12:33 [+Scotsman] adam: if they're mafia it would make it obvious
12:33 [+Scotsman] Pavanne: you don't have it now
12:33 [@Pavanne] Scotsman: darn!
12:33 [+Scotsman] :)
12:34 * adam wonders why inquisitor shows up as Pseudodragon in the log
12:35 [+Scotsman] 'cos that was what he was known as
12:35 [+Scotsman] my script gets confused
12:35 [+adam] I thought you didn't do nick-tracking?
12:35 [+Scotsman] it does bits, but not to any intelligent extent
12:35 * adam wonders if this is ontopic or not
12:35 [+Scotsman] we'll soon find out
12:35 [+adam] also, the script can't deal with kick messages
12:36 [+Scotsman] it hasn't happened before, i don't think
12:36 [+Scotsman] glares at Pavanne
12:36 [+adam] we're normally all so nice
12:38 [+Scotsman] two hours 'til the first check
12:39 [+adam] maybe then things will get moving
12:39 [+Scotsman] nods
12:50 * Minister finishes meeting
12:51 [+Minister] I see someone really has a grudge against Tit Hall
12:51 [+adam] yes
12:51 [+adam] we think it's Scotsman
12:52 [+Minister] trying to overthrow from the inside is he?
12:52 [+Minister] would make sense, but why?
12:52 * adam is relieved to see the target is Tit Hallers rather than second-year compscis
12:52 [+Minister] Was she any danger to him?
12:53 [+adam] someone suggested she might have witnessed Phate's death
12:53 [+Minister] You'd have imagined that the killer would have disposed of her there and then, tho
12:53 [+adam] yeah, unless he didn't realise she was a danger at the time
12:53 [+adam] I admit it seems unlikely
12:54 [+Minister] I've just read sb, I think I like the theory that someone had gone to lurk Scotsman, but ran into Polly who could give the game away
12:54 [+adam] true
12:55 [+adam] in which case we have no idea who'd be trying to kill Scotsman
12:55 [+Minister] Well, he's an obvious target
12:55 [+adam] hey, are porters viable witnesses?
12:55 [+adam] Minister: exactly, so anyone could have been after him
13:01 [@Pavanne] adam: if you can ask them without making them very disturbed, yes
13:03 [@Pavanne] it really depends on how much of a sense of humour they have
13:03 * Pavanne reconsiders this on the basis that she really doesn't want people shooting porters to keep them quiet
13:04 [@Pavanne] Okay: no, sorry
13:06 -!- Topic for #townspeople: Security around village tightened following deaths in Tit Hall. Scotsman claims innocent responsibility for Banichi's death. 13:06 -!- Topic set by Pavanne|TDS [Tue Oct 7 11:36:49 2003] 13:08 [@Pavanne] You are allowed to kill people who aren't from trinity hall, you know
13:09 --> Sista joins
13:10 <-- SupperingSis leaves (rebooting time methinks)
13:10 --> Abner joins
13:13 * Scotsman returns from lunch
13:13 [+Scotsman] Pavanne: please op me again - we need people who are around to +v others
13:15 Pavanne set +v Abner
13:15 [@Pavanne] hiya Abner
13:15 [@Pavanne] what do you think?
13:15 Pavanne set +o Scotsman
13:15 [@Scotsman] thanks Pavanne
13:15 Pavanne set +o adam
13:18 * Scotsman checks door is locked
13:19 [+Snapdragon] why ? you ar evil and don't need to bother
13:19 [+Snapdragon] unless you are the werewolf
13:19 [+Snapdragon] aha!
13:19 [+Snapdragon] that's it
13:20 [@Pavanne] out of interest, who does the channle think the seers/ illuminati should check, if there are any seers/ illuminati left?
13:21 * Scotsman points a finger at Snapdragon
13:21 [+Snapdragon] yeah, check me
13:21 [+Snapdragon] prove my innocence
13:23 [@Scotsman] hah
13:24 [+Snapdragon] don't you 'hah' at me, you evil scum
13:26 * Pavanne thinks that one of the interesting things about mafia games is that you really see someone using the same personality each time
13:26 [@Scotsman] :)
13:37 * jon notes that the asda stall rocks
13:37 <-- Snapdragon leaves (Don't let the smoke out)
13:38 [@adam] asda stall?
13:38 [@jon] at the freshers fair
13:38 [@adam] what are they giving away?
13:38 [@jon] they hnd out a bag of shopping
13:38 [@adam] wow neat
13:39 [@adam] with student food like pasta and stuff?
13:39 [@jon] chocolate money, niknaks, blue charge, tango, etc etc
13:39 [@adam] ooh
13:39 [@jon] no, nothing that healthy!
13:39 [@adam] free stuff!
13:39 [@jon] yes indeed
14:18 * adam returns from DoS meeting, still alive
14:18 [@adam] only two heart-stopping shocks so far today
14:21 [@Scotsman] 2?
14:22 [@adam] one when I was wandering around earlier and a random guy came around the corner and started running towards me
14:22 [@adam] one when I came out of the DoS meeting and a girl who looked like bryony was sitting on the stairs opposite
14:22 [@Scotsman] eek
14:24 [+Minister] was it bryony?
14:25 [@adam] no
14:25 [@adam] I think it was some random fresher
14:26 [@jon] did you pull a gun on her?
14:26 [@adam] also I saw hannah in town but that was less scary
14:26 [@adam] jon|htmling: no, I realised it wasn't in time
14:27 [@adam] I'd been hoping no-one was going to be lame enough to shoot me literally as I was walking through the door of my DoS' office, because I didn't want to have to wave my RBG around in front of him
14:27 [@Scotsman] heh
14:27 [@Scotsman] "Yes, I'm honestly going to work harder this term, I just have to shoot this person"
14:28 [@adam] actually it was the most impersonal DoS meeting ever
14:28 [@adam] I assume he just gave exactly the same talk to all the new 1B compscis
14:52 [@adam] ooh, the illuminati and seers should be a little more informed by now
14:53 [@Scotsman] no sign of Pavanne
14:56 [@Pavanne] emails sent
14:57 [@Pavanne] if I've cocked it up somehow I'll sort it out later
14:57 * Pavanne runs
14:57 [@Scotsman] have fun
15:19 <-- jon leaves (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:22 [+Abner] It all seems ratehr quiet
15:23 [@adam] yes
15:23 [@adam] hopefully the illuminati or one of the seers know something now
15:23 [@adam] and can exact justice
15:23 [+Abner] I have just been watching my vidio of the film Waterloo with another Binsonite
15:24 [@adam] Binsonite?
15:24 [+Abner] Someone from roBINSON
15:26 [@adam] oh, I see
15:31 [+Abner] I assumed most people would recognise the term.
15:33 [@adam] I assume I would if I knew more binsonites myself
15:40 [+Abner] I suppose that we aren't an interesting lot, on the whole
15:40 [+Abner] Hardly any assassins, hardly any anything
15:52 --> jon|htmling joins
15:54 <-- jon leaves
15:54 --> jon joins
15:54 [+Abner] Not much happening
15:56 [@adam] no
15:56 [@adam] we're waiting for the mafia to strike again
15:58 adam set +o jon
15:58 [@jon] thanks!
16:01 <-- Abner leaves (Ping timeout: 361 seconds)
16:10 [+Minister] quiet afternoon
16:10 [+Minister] hope all the freshers are signing up
16:10 <-- Minister leaves
17:02 --> Minister joins
17:35 <-- Minister leaves
17:38 --> Minister joins
17:55 --> Sis|DoSMeeting joins
17:55 <-- Sis|DoSMeeting leaves
17:55 --> Sista joins
18:03 Pavanne set +v Minister
18:04 -!- Topic for #townspeople: Security around village tightened following deaths in Tit Hall. Scotsman claims innocent responsibility for Banichi's death. 18:04 -!- Topic set by Pavanne|TDS [Tue Oct 7 11:36:49 2003] 18:17 <-- SupperingSis leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
18:34 --> Inquisitor joins
19:16 --> Sista joins
19:20 Pavanne set +v Inquisitor
19:53 * Pseudodragon departs to meet some people, for something...
20:03 <-- Duncan leaves (Lost terminal)
20:04 [@adam] perhaps the tightened security around the village should be loosened again
20:04 [@adam] then someone might die
20:10 [@thr33] why would I be mafia?
20:10 * thr33 doesn't have time to read all the scrollback, just /lastlog
20:14 [@adam] did anyone say you were mafia?
20:15 [@thr33] you did apparently
20:15 [@thr33] well you said "what if..."
20:15 [@thr33] ok, different
20:32 [@adam] that was just because I was annoyed at being deopped
21:53 --> Snapdragon joins
22:00 <-- SupperingSis leaves
23:05 --> Katamarino joins
23:10 adam set +v Katamarino
23:10 [+Katamarino] ta
23:10 [+Katamarino] sorry i havent been around, my network connection has been down...
23:10 * Katamarino wonders if we know who any mafia are yet
23:12 [@adam] if anyone knows, they're not saying
23:12 [@adam] I mean, I assume the mafia know, dunno about anyone else
23:13 [@adam] no-one's come out to say they're illuminati and have found some mafia or whatever
23:14 [+Katamarino] ah well
23:14 [+Katamarino] lol, one would think the mafia might know!
23:15 [@adam] yeah, but they won't own up
23:18 [+Katamarino] funny that
23:28 * Pseudodragon returns.
23:29 [@adam] hi Inq. killed anyone?
23:30 [+Pseudodragon] Not to the best of my knowledge. Cycling in Cambridge is always a dodgy proposition...
23:30 [@adam] what a dull game
23:31 [@adam] this wouldn't have happened if I was mafia
23:31 [@adam] I'd have made a horribly botched attempt on someone and got killed for it by now
23:31 [+Pseudodragon] If some of these Illuminati would speak up, and tell us who to kill, there might be more.
23:31 [@adam] ok, anyone illuminati?
23:31 [+Pseudodragon] Were I trying to kill people, I'd be facing the problem that I have no idea where to find them...
23:32 [+Pseudodragon] SOMEONE must have checked Scotsman?!?
23:32 [@adam] no-one's said so
23:32 [+Pseudodragon] I'm guessing about three seperate checks, TBH.
23:32 [@adam] so either he's innocent, or he's mafia but the illuminati don't want to give themselves away yet
23:32 [+Pseudodragon] Voice Snap.
23:33 adam set +v Snapdragon
23:34 [+Pseudodragon] Well, and the Seers. Were he werewolf, I'd believe that behaviour.
23:34 [@adam] hm
23:34 [@adam] I guess if the seers checked him and he was the werewolf, they may as well say so, since their role has no further value
23:36 [+Snapdragon] mike is mafia
23:36 [+Snapdragon] (but I'm not police)
23:36 [@adam] you're just claiming it's self-evident?
23:37 [+Snapdragon] it is a truth that is self-evident that Mike is mafia
23:37 [@adam] I'm inclined to agree
23:37 [+Snapdragon] (bearing in mind he's never yet been mafia, it's a statistical certainty)
23:37 [@adam] although of course it can be tested independently also
23:37 [+Pseudodragon] I don't see that it's self-evident that he's mafia and not either a werewolf, or framed (whomever might have been lurking Tit Hall, killing Polly, and also phate)
23:37 [@adam] Snapdragon: you have also never been mafia
23:38 [+Snapdragon] adam: but at least I've been police
23:38 [+Snapdragon] mike has been nothing
23:38 * Pseudodragon has never been either.
23:38 [+Katamarino] me either, but it IS my first game
23:38 * adam refrains from pointing out Snapdragon's mathematical error
23:39 [+Snapdragon] adam: you recall the Jenny weighting that forces it
23:39 [+Snapdragon] ?
23:39 [@adam] weighting?
23:39 * adam has a vision of people trying lead weights to Pavanne
23:39 [@adam] tying
23:39 [+Pseudodragon] Her rules claim 'about 20%' which would be 3 mafia.
23:40 * Pseudodragon has to go again, since tjm is trying to show him anime...
23:40 [@adam] poor you
23:40 [+Snapdragon] the 'aww, poor mike deserves to be something cool for once'
23:40 [+Snapdragon] weighting
23:41 [@adam] Snapdragon: yeah, but I don't think she'd redraw if the game was balanced but mike was not mafia
23:42 [@Monkey] Hi everybody
23:42 [@Monkey] Would like to point out that I killed Woollgar in the Castle Inn around 9:30ish
23:42 [@Monkey] He ran at me, I drew and shot him.
23:43 [@adam] ah
23:43 [@adam] interesting
23:43 [+Snapdragon] you lie
23:43 [@Monkey] Turned out he hadn't even seen me, and was just in a rush to go, but I think I was justified.
23:43 [@adam] haha
23:44 [@Monkey] Also, I didn't think he was much use for killing the mafia, so I might as well kill him in case he was a mafioso.
23:44 [@Monkey] (No offence, Johnathan, if you're reading)
23:44 [+Katamarino] unless he WAS mafia...
23:44 [+Katamarino] oh
23:44 [+Katamarino] ignore
23:44 [+Katamarino] me
23:44 [@adam] ok, so technically if you only realised he hadn't seen you after he was dead you shouldn't be able to tell us that
23:45 [@adam] unless you're LYING and you MURDERED him
23:45 [@Monkey] Ah, sorry. Yes. Shouldn't tell you that.
23:45 [+Pseudodragon] Right...
23:45 [@adam] since if you thought he was attacking you, that ought to be all we know
23:46 [@Monkey] Am a little drunk, as a result of being in the Castle Inn since I killed him.
23:46 [@adam] haha
23:46 [@Monkey] Although he may have been lying.
23:46 [@adam] true, although I'm fairly sure lying after you're dead violates rule 1.2.2
23:47 [@Monkey] Indeed.
23:47 [@Monkey] And I don't think Woollgar would lie.
23:47 [@Monkey] He's not exactly the devious type/
23:47 [+Snapdragon] but you would
23:47 [+Snapdragon] LIAR sir!
23:48 [@Monkey] Mr Osbo(u)rn(e), have you been drinking?
23:48 [+Snapdragon] Indeed I have sir
23:48 [+Snapdragon] and I still am
23:48 [+Pseudodragon] So... We now really rather suspect one or the other.
23:48 [+Pseudodragon] Erm... Any evidence of ether working with others.
23:49 [+Pseudodragon] Monkey was in Chruchill, and saw Edith (both confirm this), but didn't kill him.
23:49 [@adam] it could be an innocent mistake, of course
23:49 [+Pseudodragon] About 6, on Mon, IIRC.
23:49 [@adam] and that could be either because both are mafia or neither are
23:49 [+Pseudodragon] adam: It could. And Scotsman could be totally innocent.
23:49 [+Pseudodragon] adam: Well, yes... That was my point.
23:50 [@adam] Monkey: could you tell us more about this meeting twixt you and Edith?
23:50 [+Pseudodragon] Shrug. Just voicing obvious suspicion...
23:50 [@Monkey] I was sitting next to the door, and he ran towards the door.
23:50 [+Snapdragon] oooh, someone used the word 'twixt'
23:51 [@adam] like, did you see each other at the same time, or would one of you had a chance to ambush and kill the other?
23:51 [@Monkey] adam: I was going to the CUR programming meeting (5-8 yesterday, Churchill bar)
23:51 [@Monkey] I saw Edith as I walked in the door of Churchill and he was coming from the can machine near the bar.
23:52 [@Monkey] We saw each other at a considerable distance (too far for either of us to shoot)
23:52 [@Monkey] He put his hands up, so I did as well.
23:52 [@Monkey] We kept them up until we were well past each other.
23:53 [+Pseudodragon] I'm asking Edith his story - he's not currently reading this log.
23:53 [@Monkey] We both looked back over our shoulders afterwards to be sure we were both holding our hands up.
23:53 [@adam] if he'd been mafia and you not, do you think he'd have been in a reasonable position to try to kill you?
23:54 [+Pseudodragon] Edith produced the same story.
23:54 [@Monkey] He'd have been able to start a gunfight, but I doubt he'd have killed me without me having a decent chance.
23:54 [+Pseudodragon] But adds that he wasn't well armed, and would have died, had Monkey tried to kill him seriously.
23:54 --> Edith joins
23:54 [@Monkey] Hiya Edith
23:54 * Pseudodragon prodded Edith online...
23:54 [+Pseudodragon] Voice Edith.
23:55 adam set +v Edith
23:55 [@Monkey] I also saw Rosie in town earlier yesterday.
23:55 [@Monkey] She ducked into Catz before we got close, but I had a chat with Ralph about Freshers' Fair.
23:55 [+edith|bed] Right, I'll be catching up the log (or at least bits of it) but fill me on the current controversy
23:56 [@Monkey] Would have been about ten to four.
23:56 [@adam] well, three dead in tit hall, scotsman admits to killing banichi but denies killing phate or an innocent
23:56 [@adam] monkey killed woollgar due to a misunderstanding, allegedly
23:57 [@adam] Monkey: ducked into catz as in saw you coming and ran away?
23:58 [@Monkey] No, don't think she saw me, just was going into Catz.
23:58 [@adam] how come you had a chat with ralph then?
23:58 [@Monkey] I followed, as wanted to talk to her about FF.
23:58 [@Monkey] Saw Ralph at door to plodge, and decided to give him message to pass on, rather than risk confrontation.
23:59 [@adam] ok
23:59 [@adam] so she didn't know you were there, so we can't conclude she's not vicious from her failure to attack you?
23:59 [@Monkey] She might have known, don't know.
23:59 [@Monkey] Was surrounded by a crowd of fresher mathmos that I was showing around, so it's plausible she didn't see me.

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00:00 [@adam] ok
00:00 [@Monkey] I certainly spotted her from a good distance.
00:00 [@adam] so it would also have been impractical for you to have attacked her?
00:00 [@Monkey] No, I probably could have taken a shot or two if I wanted.
00:00 [@adam] had you wanted to do so? because of being responsible for aforementioned freshers?
00:00 [@adam] hm, ok
00:00 * adam crossexamine crossexamine
00:01 [@Monkey] Whether I'd have gotten her or not would have depended on whether she saw me, which, as I said, I don't know.
00:01 [@adam] ok
00:02 [@Monkey] I'm keeping people waiting now, so I'm going offline. Think I've said everything there is to say. Will be on tomorrow.
00:02 [@adam] ok
00:02 [@adam] try not to die, unless you're mafia
00:02 [@Monkey] Have emailed Jenny with details of this evening.
00:03 * adam realises his door has been unlocked all evening
00:03 [@adam] damn roommate
00:04 [+Snapdragon] heh
00:07 <-- edith|bed leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
00:07 --> Pseudodragon joins
00:07 <-- Pseudodragon leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
00:08 adam set +v Pseudodragon
00:14 --> Inquisitor joins
00:16 <-- Pseudodragon leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
00:24 <-- Katamarino leaves (AnacųnŠa · "That which has not yet been taught directly can never be taught directly")
00:29 [@adam] bedtime
00:29 adam set +v Inquisitor
00:29 [@adam] goodnight, channel
00:30 [+Snapdragon] nn adam
00:30 adam set +ooo Minister Snapdragon Inquisitor
00:30 * adam detaches
00:36 * Snapdragon takes over the channel
01:20 Scotsman set -o Snapdragon
01:29 [+Snapdragon] l4m3r
01:40 jon set +o Snapdragon
01:42 [@Snapdragon] yay
01:44 jon set -oooo adam Inquisitor Kirika|bed Minister
01:45 [@jon] awww it doesnt let you do 10 deops!
01:45 jon set +oooo adam Inquisitor Kirika|bed Minister
01:45 [@jon] trying to take over the channel in style is out then
01:46 [@Snapdragon] yeah, four is the max
01:46 [@Snapdragon] (I think
01:46 [@Snapdragon] )
01:46 [@Snapdragon] wait till about 3am though
01:47 Monkey set -o jon
01:48 [@Monkey] No offence, but people like that need watching.
01:48 Snapdragon set -o Monkey
01:48 [@Snapdragon] don't abuse the power
01:48 [+Monkey] You cad.
01:48 <-- Pseudodragon leaves (Ping timeout: 361 seconds)
01:48 Snapdragon set +o jon
01:48 --> Inquisitor joins
01:48 Snapdragon set +v Inquisitor
01:48 Snapdragon set +v gonzo
01:49 Snapdragon set +v gonzo
01:49 Snapdragon set +v Monkey
01:49 [@Snapdragon] better
01:49 [+Monkey] Yay.
01:49 [+Monkey] Can I have my +o back, please?
01:50 [@Snapdragon] will you behave ?
01:50 jon set +o Monkey
01:50 [@Monkey] Of course. Was jon that was removing everybody.
01:50 [@jon] note that i was just seeing if it was possible to do 10 simultaneous deops
01:51 [@Monkey] Sure.
01:51 [@jon] and also note that i put them all back immediately
01:52 [@Monkey] Sure.
01:52 [@Minister] Did I just read that Nokes is dead?
01:52 [@Minister] Haha
01:52 [@Monkey] 'tis funny indeed.
01:52 [@jon] Minister: i know :D
01:53 [@Minister] Well done jon
01:53 [@Monkey] Minister: Is gonzo with you?
01:53 [@Minister] Was it any good at Snap's?
01:53 [@Minister] No
01:53 [@jon] twasnt too hard when his crossbow jammed, tbf
01:53 [@Monkey] Ah. Wanted to apologise to her for leaving the Castle Inn before she got there.
01:53 [@Minister] I suspect I was the other to stand her up, but I was at formal, a decent commitment
01:54 [@Monkey] I was feeling a bit jumpy after the Woollgar incident, and the place filled with Robinson freshers.
01:54 [@Snapdragon] Monkey: she was a little upset, but I'm sure if you grovel it will be ok
01:54 [@Monkey] I did give her an interesting weapon earlier.
01:55 [@Minister] Yes, if it's the one she told me about
01:55 [@Minister] Any idea who is mafia, I'm really not up to speed with the game yet
01:55 [@Minister] Although I'm less than convinced with the "self-defence" on Woollgar
01:55 [@Snapdragon] is it one of the ones you can only get in Ireland nowadays, as they've been banned everywhere else ?
01:55 [@Snapdragon] Mike is mafia
01:55 [@Monkey] I was a bit drunk, to be honest.
01:55 [@Snapdragon] as is Monkey
01:55 [@Scotsman] Snapdragon: oi!
01:55 [@Snapdragon] possibly other people
01:56 [@Snapdragon] certainly not me
01:56 [@Snapdragon] I just want to find my primes
01:56 [@Monkey] And he ran at me. Maybe if I was sober, I'd have let him go, but as it was, reflexes kicked in.
01:56 [@Monkey] Snapdragon: Actually, I got it in Canada
01:59 [@Minister] Hmm, where were you exactly?
01:59 [@Monkey] Do you know the Castle Inn well?
01:59 [@Minister] reasonably
02:00 [@Monkey] I was sitting on the couch next to the door which is furthest down the hill.
02:00 [@Monkey] He came down the stairs, running, so I had a clear view of him.
02:00 [@Minister] OK, so he was inside as well running at you?
02:00 [@Minister] Yep, I suppose it's understabdable then
02:00 [@Monkey] I drew, and shot him as he came near.
02:01 [@Minister] Well, it sounds plausible
02:01 [@Monkey] I was scared shitless that you were going to turn up and get the wrong idea, to be honest.
02:02 [@Snapdragon] LIAR sir!
02:02 [@Snapdragon] once again I accuse you
02:02 [@Monkey] Do you bite your thumb at me sir?
02:03 [@Snapdragon] I do sir. I bite my thumb at you
02:04 [@Monkey] Dammit, he's deviating from the script.
02:04 [@Monkey] I can't work under these conditions.
02:04 [@Snapdragon] (Well, mainly misquoting due to being drunk)
02:04 [@Snapdragon] shall we just have a fight anyway
02:04 [@Minister] I was at Selwyn formal then playing bridge on my corridor unarmed all evening
02:04 [@Minister] Jacob could confirm!
02:04 [@Snapdragon] as that's the whole point of the first bit
02:05 [@Monkey] Ah. We called Abi, and invited her, before the incident, and I assumed she was bringing you.
02:05 * Pseudodragon was with friends in Jesus. Christine Clarke is the only assassin-related one of them. I'm going to kill IRSSI and go to bed now. Probably not back until after fair tomorrow.
02:05 [@Minister] no.
02:05 [@Scotsman] goodnight Inquisitor
02:05 [@Minister] See you-don't try killing mew now
02:05 [@Snapdragon] nn
02:05 [@Monkey] G'night Inquisitor
02:06 * Minister is on the early shift at freshers fair so should go to bed too
02:06 [+Pseudodragon] NN all.
02:06 <-- Pseudodragon leaves (Staring into the Void)
02:06 [@Minister] See you later tomorrow then
02:06 [@Monkey] Minister: Will was talking to her, and said she implied you were with her.
02:06 [@Minister] haven't seen her today
02:06 [@Monkey] Oh, fair enough.
02:06 [@Minister] :-(
02:07 <-- Minister leaves
02:07 [@Scotsman] oh
02:07 [@Monkey] And with that, he was gone..
02:08 [@thr33] yo
02:08 [@thr33] Ich bin ein Townspersone
02:09 [@Monkey] 'ello thr33
02:09 [@Monkey] There's a guy on my staircase looks just like you.
02:09 [@Monkey] Scared the shit out of me.
02:09 [@Snapdragon] a chocolate doughnut?
02:09 [@Snapdragon] hmmm, odd
02:09 [@thr33] Monkey: lol
02:26 <-- Snapdragon leaves (Don't let the smoke out)
02:26 <-- jon leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
02:34 --> jon joins
02:40 * Pavanne returneth home (the rose and the rock)
02:40 * Scotsman grins
02:40 * thr33 hides from Pavanne
02:40 [@Monkey] Speak of the devil.
02:40 [@Scotsman] indeedy
02:40 [@Scotsman] well, speak of Pavanne
02:41 [@Monkey] That too.
02:41 [@thr33] (and curses his forgetfullness)
02:41 [@Pavanne] oi. Respect for da umpire, please. :)
02:41 * Scotsman pats Pavanne on the head - there, there.
02:41 * Monkey salutes respectfully
05:32 * Scotsman feels that being paranoid on the way to the toilet at half past 05 is taking things a little seriously
05:33 * Scotsman feels distinctly unwell, and takes himself back off to bed :(
09:25 Kirika set +o jon
09:26 <-- gonzo leaves
09:47 * adam wakes
10:22 --> Katamarino joins
10:28 --> Sista joins
10:28 Scotsman set +v Katamarino
10:34 <-- Katamarino leaves (AnacųnŠa · "If you can't learn to do it well, you should learn to enjoy doing it badly")
11:24 <-- SupperingSis leaves (brb)
11:34 [@Pufferfish] morning everyone
12:08 [@Pavanne] morning
12:08 [@Pufferfish] it's afternoon now :)
12:09 [@Pavanne] darn, what happened to morning then?
12:09 [@Pufferfish] it buggered off, I think
12:09 [@Pufferfish] realised too many people were ignoring
12:09 [@Pufferfish] it
12:10 [@Pavanne] I was in a lecture
12:11 [@Pavanne] could someone please be dead?
12:13 [@Scotsman] sorry
12:15 * Pufferfish is not dead
12:16 [@Pavanne] erm, good, of course
12:16 * Pufferfish has seen one player during the whole thing, except at the freshers fair
12:16 [@Pavanne] I didn't run into anyone in town either, I was quite disappointed
12:16 [@Pavanne] Still, Seer/ Illuminati check at 3pm
12:16 [@Scotsman] that's rapid
12:17 [@Pavanne] Assuming there are some Seers or Illuminati left, it should help.
12:17 [@Pufferfish] I think given the number of deaths so far, it's quite likely
12:18 [@Pavanne] any speculation on who should be checked?
12:18 -!- Topic for #townspeople: Security around village tightened following deaths. Can we please have some more? 12:18 -!- Topic set by Pavanne [Tue Oct 7 18:05:08 2003] 12:19 [@Scotsman] Monkey
12:19 [@Pufferfish] scotty: what about you?
12:20 [@Scotsman] I assume everyone checked me yesterday
12:21 [@Pavanne] I couldn't possibly comment. :)
12:24 [@jon] Pavanne: see pm
12:24 [@Scotsman] oooh, sneaky business from jon?
12:25 [@jon] no im in limbo and i dont like it
12:27 [@jon] actually im 95% dead
12:27 [@Scotsman] umm
12:27 [@Scotsman] ooh
12:27 [@Scotsman] in a game sense?
12:27 [@jon] sorry, 95% chance of being dead. in a game sense
12:28 [@Scotsman] right
12:35 <-- jon leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
12:36 [@Pufferfish] I take it he's dead then ;)
12:36 --> jon joins
12:36 [@Scotsman] heh
12:42 <-- jon leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
13:10 [@Scotsman] any news about jon?
13:10 [@Pavanne] Death. Suffering. Pain.
13:10 [@Scotsman] ooh
13:10 [@Pavanne] Use of a piece of string and a map.
13:11 * Scotsman notes Pavanne has finally started talking sense
13:11 [@Pavanne] See webpage
13:11 [@Scotsman] am trying
13:11 [@Scotsman] you just haven't updated the player list yet
13:12 [@Pavanne] have dsone now
13:12 [@Scotsman] cool
13:13 [@Scotsman] unfortunately, I have no alibi save that I was in bed, feeling mildly ill
13:14 * Pavanne is considering putting up extra headlines for deaths nobody admits to :)
13:14 [@Scotsman] such as?
13:16 [@Pavanne] "Shock! Unexplained death!"
13:16 [@Scotsman] ahh
13:21 --> Snapdragon joins
13:21 Scotsman set +v Snapdragon
13:21 [@Scotsman] hi Snapdragon
13:22 [+Snapdragon] hi Scotty
13:22 * Monkey returns home, deaded
13:22 [@Scotsman] !
13:28 --> jon joins
13:28 Scotsman set -o Monkey
13:29 Scotsman set -v Monkey
13:34 [+Snapdragon] Did monker wait an hour before telling us ?
13:34 [+Snapdragon] as per the rules
13:35 [@Pavanne] yes, he did
13:36 [+Snapdragon] ooooh
13:36 [+Snapdragon] that was clever
13:37 --> JonJ joins
13:42 <-- jon leaves (Ping timeout: 361 seconds)
13:45 <-- JonJ leaves (Ping timeout: 361 seconds)
13:48 --> Minister joins
13:49 Scotsman set +v Minister
13:49 [+Minister] Thankyou-we appear to have more deaths
13:49 [@Scotsman] yes
13:49 [@Pavanne] We do.
13:49 [+Minister] Er, Scotsman, not that I'm suggesting you're shifty or anything, but do you have an alibi?
13:49 * Minister reads log
13:50 [@Pavanne] or two if you're feeling generous :)
13:50 [@Scotsman] Minister: Not for Jowett, but I think I do for Monkey
13:52 [+Minister] On the log, you say you were in bed, for the first one, what about for the second then?
13:53 [@Scotsman] i was talking 3 minutes later
13:53 [+Minister] Hmmm, Silver Street to Tit hall in 3 mins, it's doable
13:53 [@Scotsman] and 3 minutes earlier
13:53 [@Scotsman] [on #assassins]
13:53 [@Scotsman] not both ways just to run into Monkey tho
13:53 [+Minister] Ah, that's more solid. So someone except you is doing some killing?
13:53 [@Scotsman] yes :)
13:53 [+Minister] Presumably?
13:54 [@Scotsman] but we knew that
13:54 [@Scotsman] I didn't kill Phate
13:55 [+Minister] Of course ot
13:55 [+Minister] +n
13:58 --> Katamarino joins
13:58 Pavanne set +v Katamarino
13:59 [+Katamarino] :)
13:59 --> Sista joins
13:59 [@Pavanne] hello
13:59 [+Katamarino] hi there
14:00 [+Minister] Hi
14:00 [@Scotsman] afternoon
14:00 [+Minister] I've just noticed that the log says "adam wakes" at 9.47. He'd have had enough time to get back to Mem Court
14:00 [@Scotsman] nods
14:04 [+Minister] I went to an early prayer meeting, then walked up to the FF with Jamie Siklos Sect
14:05 [@Scotsman] you could have done it, then
14:05 [+Minister] And stayed at the FF past Martin's death-Abi could vouch for that
14:05 [+Minister] No, we didn't leave that early
14:05 [@Scotsman] hmmm
14:05 [+Snapdragon] I was asleep, enjoying my last day of not-having-lectures
14:06 [+Minister] Although we did walk past the front gate of Emma
14:07 <-- SupperingSis leaves (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:17 --> Inquisitor joins
14:18 Scotsman set +v Inquisitor
14:18 [@Scotsman] yes
14:19 [+Pseudodragon] Hmmm... So. I've been incommunicando since last night. Adam said nothing happed up until he left (11? 12? Not sure), but he might have been lying. Any news?
14:19 [@Scotsman] jon's dead, monkey's dead
14:20 [+Snapdragon] everybody's dead Dave.
14:20 [+Pseudodragon] Ah. Should we topic it?
14:20 [@Scotsman] could do
14:20 [+Pseudodragon] Well, requests for more deaths seem rather... insensitive at such a time.
14:20 [+Pseudodragon] Erm.. lemme look at the news a sec.
14:23 [+Pseudodragon] Which pavement is the 'left hand one'?
14:24 [+Pseudodragon] Gah. Any admissions/suspicions?
14:25 [+Snapdragon] not especially so
14:25 [+Snapdragon] except Scotty
14:25 [@Scotsman] hey
14:25 [+Snapdragon] but that's almost a tradition now
14:25 [+Pseudodragon] You suspect him, or he's admitted to something?
14:26 [+Snapdragon] no matter if he did it or not
14:26 [+Snapdragon] or even if he could have done it
14:26 [+Pseudodragon] I see. Given which, I shall give that opinion all the weight it deserves.
14:26 [+Snapdragon] indeed
14:27 [+Snapdragon] approx nil would be about right
14:27 * Pavanne has to be gone for a bit, don't have any disputed incidents please
14:27 [@Scotsman] what incident was disputed?
14:27 [@Scotsman] jjs?
14:28 [+Pseudodragon] Well, if monkey was shot in the back, I guess it's less likely to be him.
14:28 [@Scotsman] monkey?
14:28 [@Scotsman] or me?
14:29 [+Pseudodragon] Erm... I meant that monkey isn't the sort to dispute the sort of incident which is a shot to the back. Sounds like a clean kill of an unaware person. Sort of like phate and Banichi, in fact.
14:30 [@Scotsman] ahh
14:30 [@Scotsman] nods
14:30 [+Pseudodragon] JJ seems to have gotton wet, and it sounds like a lurker.
14:30 [@Pavanne] hmm, still seems to be working
14:30 [@Scotsman] Pavanne: the CD?
14:30 [+Pseudodragon] (Any other live players who might legitimately be going that way?)
14:30 [@Pavanne] yes, I borrowed a paper clip ;_)
14:31 [@Scotsman] :)
14:31 [+Pseudodragon] Pavanne: Can you tell us which incident was disputed, how, or why?
14:31 [@Pavanne] I didnb't actually say any had been
14:31 [@Pavanne] I said please don't.
14:31 [@Scotsman] hmmm
14:31 [+Pseudodragon] Ah, sorry. Assumed from the wording...
14:32 [@Scotsman] so whay did JJ mean when he said "95% dead"?
14:32 [+Pseudodragon] Eh? When?
14:32 [+Pseudodragon] Logs?
14:32 [@Scotsman] 12:27 <@jon> actually im 95% dead
14:32 [@Pavanne] he's 100% dead.
14:33 [+Pseudodragon] So, are you saying there were no disputed incidents, or simply that you aren't prepared to say anything?
14:33 [@Scotsman] could well be either
14:33 [@Pavanne] Does it matter? Surely it's exactly the same from your point of view
14:34 [+Pseudodragon] Pavanne: Well, they're certainly different states. Not sure now how it changes things, but...
14:34 [@Pavanne] not at all.
14:37 [+Pseudodragon] A disputed incident is different from a clean kill.
14:40 [@Pavanne] All kills so far have been pretty clean.
14:42 --> jon joins
14:44 <-- jon leaves (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:44 --> jon joins
14:53 [@Pavanne] right, illuminati/ Seer check
14:53 <-- jon leaves
14:53 --> jon joins
14:54 --> Sista joins
14:56 <-- jon leaves (Client Quit)
15:00 <-- SupperingSis leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
15:02 * Minister types something to prove he's in
15:05 * Kirika thinks that look suspicious
15:09 * Pavanne finishes sending seer/ illuminati check emails
15:15 * Minister is still here
15:15 [+Minister] Kirika: Many people don't accept "I was in my room" as a random alibi
15:19 [+Pseudodragon] Did we move to a 24h period?
15:19 [@Pavanne] checks? Yes.
15:19 * adam returns from FF
15:19 [+Pseudodragon] Well, near enough...
15:19 [@adam] someone told me jon and monkey are dead!
15:19 [@Pavanne] Alas, yes.
15:19 [+Pseudodragon] Yes. It's on news.
15:20 [+Pseudodragon] Hmmm. EVERY 24h? This should be, if not over, at least open warfare, soon.
15:20 [+Pseudodragon] Good, I guess, since we're dying fast.
15:21 [@Pavanne] over, open warfare, whatever ;)
15:21 [+Pseudodragon] Erm... yes...
15:21 [@Pavanne] it does assume that there are still some seers/ illuminati out there
15:22 [+Minister] That's true
15:22 [@Pavanne] and I would go on bothering you all even if there weren't
15:23 [+Pseudodragon] If both illuminati were dead, I guess it wouldn't do much. Otherwise..
15:23 [@Pavanne] well, there may also be a werewolf still out there
15:23 [@Pavanne] being murdered in one's bed by a crazed lycanthrope is not much better than by evil mafiosi
15:24 [+Pseudodragon] Yes, but I think we can deal with a mafia of 1 more easily of a mafia of 3-5.
15:26 * adam reads scrollback
15:26 [@adam] damn, no-one suspects anyone
15:27 [+Pseudodragon] Snapdragon: suspects Scotsman. Still.
15:27 [@Pavanne] Snapdragon suspects everyone. Still.
15:29 [+Minister] I'm confused
15:30 [+Pseudodragon] You too?
15:34 * Pavanne is too, but at least not to do with mafia.
15:35 * Pseudodragon mutters darkly.
15:55 [@adam] hmm
15:55 [@adam] monkey died at 12.10
15:56 * adam wonders who might have been en route to FF at that point
15:57 * adam notes that Inquisitor was, but his route probably wouldn't go via silver street
16:00 * Pseudodragon left Jesus at about 12:15.
16:01 [+Pseudodragon] Course meeting. Ran on, having been scheduled late...
16:05 [@adam] so you said
16:07 [+Pseudodragon] Hmmm... Point. Only to you and Minister, though.
16:07 [@adam] yes
16:10 [+Pseudodragon] What's the list of non-IRC players run to? Bryony and Olly.
16:11 [@thr33] I am Olly
16:11 [+Pseudodragon] Ah. For some reason, this wasn't obvious from your nick.
16:11 [@thr33] :P
16:11 [@thr33] but my /whois is remarkably helpful
16:11 [+Pseudodragon] So it is.
16:12 [+Pseudodragon] Oh, of course, Edith's not online.
16:13 [@adam] bryony's sometimes online, but I don't think she has a network connection yet
16:15 [+Pseudodragon] Makes sense.
16:15 [@adam] but, ten players alive, of whom eight are on now
16:15 [@adam] and edith and bryony are the others
16:15 * Pseudodragon has to go for a bit.
16:16 [@adam] bye
16:16 [@adam] don't get killed, unless you're mafia
16:16 [+Pseudodragon] Thanks.
16:17 [@adam] Pavanne: ping?
16:26 [@adam] alternatively
16:26 [@adam] Katamarino: ping?
16:31 * adam reflects on the fact that Katamarino is one of the most likely people to have been on silver street at 12.10, and would like to hear his alibi
16:42 [+Katamarino] back, it seems my timing is impeccable!
16:43 [+Katamarino] I was on the sailing stand at the freshers fair from 10.45 until 1.40
16:43 [+Katamarino] and there are people there who can confirm if needed
16:43 * Katamarino goes to see who is actually dead...
16:44 [+Minister] I saw Katamarino at about 11 on the stand
16:44 [+Katamarino] indeed, we had a chat :)
16:44 [@adam] ok, in which case
16:45 [@adam] the only people who I can see habitually walking along silver street are me, ric and ross, and we were all at the freshers' fair at the time
17:02 * Pufferfish waves
17:03 * Scotsman waves
17:07 [@adam] either of you kill monkey?
17:07 [@Scotsman] no - I haven't seen monkey for days
17:07 [@Scotsman] [since fair yesterday]
17:07 [@adam] well, you won't be seeing him anymore, because someone shot him dead on silver street at 12.10
17:08 [@Scotsman] indeed
17:08 [@adam] and I don't know who'd have a reason to be walking along silver street at that time
17:09 [@Pufferfish] Someone from Selwyn seems an obvious guess :)
17:09 [+Minister] Indeed it does. But we were both at the freshers' fair
17:10 [@adam] Pufferfish: sure, except I was at the FF with Ric at the time and Ric claims Ross was too
17:10 [+Katamarino] yep, handing out leaflets :s
17:10 * Pufferfish was on IRC at the time
17:10 * Scotsman still hasn't seen Katamarino yet, which is prolly just as well as he can't remember what he looks like :s
17:10 [@Pufferfish] and I have an alibi for all morning that I was in lectures
17:10 [+Katamarino] lol
17:11 [@adam] Scotsman and Pufferfish have fairly good IRC alibis for Monkey
17:11 [+Minister] Right, I'm going to disappear cos there's someone here who might be able to sort out my linux issues. Hopefully see you on the other side
17:11 [@adam] Katamarino, Minister and me were at the FF
17:11 [@Scotsman] Minister: good luck
17:11 [+Minister] adam certainly was, Kat probably was
17:11 <-- Minister leaves
17:11 [@Pufferfish] not, say, on his way to the Freshers Fair
17:12 [@Pufferfish] ?
17:12 [@adam] ric claimed to have seen him at 11.45
17:12 [@Scotsman] whose?
17:12 [+Katamarino] i had been there since 10.45ish
17:12 [@Pufferfish] hmm, Bryony's a second year mathmo, isn't she?
17:12 [@Scotsman] nods
17:12 [@adam] yes
17:12 [@adam] possible candidates seem to be thr33, bryony, Edith and Inquisitor
17:12 [@Pufferfish] so presumably has lectures on Mill Rd...
17:13 [@Scotsman] ooh
17:13 [@Scotsman] started today?
17:13 [@Pufferfish] dunno
17:13 [@adam] inquisitor claims to have an alibi
17:13 [@Scotsman] hmm
17:13 [@adam] I'd have thought they'd start tomorrow
17:13 [@adam] lemme see if I can find a reporter
17:13 [@Scotsman] adam: not everyone's
17:13 [@Pufferfish] well mine started on monday
17:13 [@adam] Scotsman: but the majority
17:13 [@Scotsman] true
17:13 [@Pufferfish] and even if people don't have lectures they sometimes have to go to sign up for stuff
17:13 [@adam] minister could have told us if he'd not gone
17:13 [@Pufferfish] though probably not mathmos
17:14 [@thr33] adam: I have an alibi
17:14 [@Scotsman] hah
17:14 [@Scotsman] hi thr33
17:14 [@thr33] hi
17:14 [@Scotsman] not seen you around much
17:14 [@thr33] around where?
17:14 [@Scotsman] on here
17:14 [@adam] thr33: oh, yeah, you said
17:14 [@Pufferfish] does this alibi involve having other Caians you've bribed saying you were with them? ;)
17:14 [@Scotsman] what's your alibi?
17:14 [@thr33] I was on the caving stand
17:15 [@thr33] Scotsman: oh right, I've been busy :S
17:15 [@thr33] not helped by a stupid girl locking my bike to the railing outside KK today
17:16 [@adam] inquisitor claimed he had a course meeting in Jesus that ended at 12.15
17:16 [@Scotsman] thr33: hehehe
17:16 [@thr33] she managed to wrap her lock around my brake cable
17:16 [@adam] and then had to rush to FF
17:16 [@thr33] so I had to get the council to cut it off, after seeing the police
17:16 [@thr33] and it took ages
17:16 [@adam] I can confirm he got there at about 12.25 smelling all sweaty
17:16 [@thr33] interesting
17:16 [@Scotsman] why did you sniff him, adam, some sort of weird mafia greeting?
17:17 * adam didn't sniff anyone
17:17 [@adam] also I saw Edith at the fair around that time, but I'm not sure exactly when
17:17 [@Scotsman] I saw edith too
17:18 [@adam] Scotsman: when? you weren't at the fair when monkey died, were you?
17:18 * adam knows Scotsman got there at about 3 because he passed him just inside the no-kill zone
17:19 [@adam] I guess this makes bryony a prime suspect for monkey's death
17:19 [@Scotsman] adam: indeed :)
17:20 [@adam] but then maybe that's just because she's not here and so hasn't had a chance to give us her alibi
17:20 [@thr33] yes, this is a bit unfair
17:20 [@Pufferfish] hmm, I've not seen Bryony for ages
17:21 [+Katamarino] i don't think i even know what she looks like!
17:21 [@adam] Katamarino: she was at the pubmeet
17:21 [+Katamarino] ohhh yes
17:21 [+Katamarino] now i do :)
17:21 [+Katamarino] its rosemary i was thinking of
17:21 [+Katamarino] my bad
17:23 [@Pufferfish] katamarino: we've met. Ric and you came to see me last Michaelmas
17:23 [+Katamarino] indeed, but you dont know just how poor my memory of faces is :p
17:24 * adam wonders if anyone has a way of getting in touch with bryony to ask what her alibi is
17:24 [@thr33] I could see if she is in next door?
17:24 [@Pufferfish] adam: email?
17:24 [@adam] thr33: if she's in, that would work
17:24 [@Pufferfish] thr33: that might be a silly thing to do if she's mafia...
17:24 [@thr33] but I doubt she will answer if I knock
17:24 [@adam] Pufferfish: I gather they have a no-kill agreement in their house
17:24 [@thr33] Pufferfish: we have a no kill
17:24 [@Scotsman] thr33: I'll bet
17:25 [@Pufferfish] she isn't signed into MSN, but I don't think she's got an internet connection yet
17:25 * thr33 goes to look
17:29 * adam wonders where thr33 is, and whether bryony would break a no-kill if she was mafia
17:30 [@adam] she must be in, or he'd be back by now
17:30 [@Scotsman] adam: I reckon so, if she thought it would bring the end of the game quickly
17:30 [+Katamarino] poor olly :(
17:31 * adam also wonders what the no-announcing-death-on-irc rule would mean thr33 would have to do were that the case
17:31 [@Pufferfish] sign in and not answer when we asked if he's dead, I think
17:32 [@adam] that would make it pretty plain he was dead, though
17:32 [@adam] I wonder if he'd just have to stay off irc for an hour
17:32 [@Pufferfish] it's not in the rules that you have to
17:32 [@adam] I also wonder if this rule is less well thought-out than it could be
17:32 [@Pufferfish] adam: most rules are until someone plays silly buggers
17:33 * adam claims win-by-paradox
17:33 [@thr33] this is bryony on ollys connection
17:33 [@adam] hi bryony
17:33 [@Scotsman] hi bryony
17:33 [@Scotsman] kill thr33?
17:33 [@thr33] allthough my connection came through this afternoon so i can go next door again
17:33 [@thr33] nope
17:33 [@adam] kill monkey?
17:33 [@thr33] he's here and alive
17:33 [@thr33] nope
17:34 [@thr33] i was in my room
17:34 [@adam] where were you at 12.10?
17:34 [@adam] hm
17:34 [@thr33] thinking about cooking sausauges
17:34 [@adam] can anyone confirm this?
17:34 [@adam] anyone we can trust, that is
17:34 [@thr33] not really.. i talked to pete downstairs at some point round about then
17:34 [@adam] did you subsequently cook said sausages?
17:34 [@adam] if so you could show us an empty sausage packet
17:34 [@thr33] i'm an innocent townsperson!!
17:35 [@adam] you're also the only person with no provable alibi for monkey's death
17:35 [@thr33] i didn't kill him
17:35 [@adam] ok, we believe you
17:35 [@Pufferfish] Lynch! Lynch!
17:35 [@Pufferfish] ;-)
17:35 [@thr33] has anyone actually checked all the nice unprovable alibis yet
17:36 [@adam] thr33: no, because it's easier to work out whose needs checking first
17:36 [@adam] scotsman and pufferfish were on irc at the time
17:36 [@adam] me and ric were at the assassins stall at the FF and will vouch for one another, although admittedly we could both be mafia
17:37 [@Pufferfish] presumably other assassins saw you there?
17:37 [+Katamarino] i did, i could see them from my stand
17:37 [@adam] Pufferfish: the other assassin who'd seen us there shortly beforehand was later found lying on silver street with a hole in him
17:37 [@Pufferfish] Ah.
17:38 [@adam] ric and Katamarino similarly vouch that one another were there
17:38 [@adam] so all three of us would have to be mafia to be lying
17:38 [@Scotsman] nods
17:38 [@Pufferfish] and there's also the consideration that someone must have been on the stall at the time
17:38 [@Pufferfish] Ric's shift was from 10-12 today
17:38 [@adam] this leaves thr33, bryony, edith and inquisitor
17:39 [@Pufferfish] so I'm happy to believe it wasn't him
17:39 [@thr33] bryony is going to set up her computer
17:39 [@adam] thr33 claims to have been on the caving stall
17:39 [@adam] bye bryony
17:39 [@adam] and I saw him around the fair at some point, although I'm not sure of the exact time
17:40 [@thr33] adam: I was, I went outside at 12.15 though
17:40 [+Katamarino] are we sure there are no holes in thr33's story
17:40 [+Katamarino] boom boom
17:40 [@thr33] then I found my bike locked up
17:40 [@adam] presumably we could ask someone if his story about having to have his bike cut free by the council was true
17:40 [@thr33] so I stood around for a bit looking at ways to untangle it
17:40 [@thr33] then I walked home to get my penknife
17:41 [@thr33] then got back to the bike, but was unable to rescue it
17:41 [@thr33] so I went back into KK and back on the caving stand
17:41 [@Pufferfish] If I see anyone who lives with them I'll ask, but they could have been primed
17:41 [@adam] of course, if you'd left slightly earlier you might have seen monkey leaving KK and followed him
17:41 [@thr33] I didn't see monkey at KK
17:41 [@adam] although I don't know why you'd have followed as far as silver street before you struck
17:42 [@thr33] I was back in KK on the caving stand by 12.40
17:42 [@adam] so, thr33 has an alibi but it's slightly tenuous
17:42 [@thr33] you can ask Dave Loeffler
17:42 [@thr33] he was on there with me
17:42 [@adam] Edith I know was around the fair too, but again I didn't check what time I saw him
17:43 [@adam] so it could have been him
17:43 * Kirika wonders if hes allowed to confirm or deny stuff, or has to keep out of it
17:43 [@adam] Inquisitor was supposed to have been on the assassins stall at 12 but arrived late due to a course meeting, or so he claimed
17:43 [@Pufferfish] kirika: seeing as people are using other non-players as witnesses, I don't see why not
17:43 [@thr33] do you have to be dead?
17:43 [@thr33] (to not be allowed to comment)
17:44 [@adam] I hope he wouldn't have deliberately been late for that in order to kill someone
17:44 [@Kirika] in that case, I confirm Ric was there at 10 for a fiar while, and was later sighted upstairs near CULES with Abi
17:44 [@adam] thr33: I think so
17:44 [@adam] Ric was certainly in the fair from 11 until 12
17:44 [@Kirika] Edith was at the fair until sometime between 1.30 and 2.00
17:44 [@adam] and he was around the fair for a fair while after that
17:44 [@Pufferfish] I saw him at 3 ish
17:45 [@thr33] well Inquisitor's seems the most tenuous to me
17:45 [@Scotsman] after bryony's?
17:45 [@adam] Inquisitor and bryony are the obvious suspects, I think
17:45 [@Kirika] what time was the murder committed?
17:46 [@adam] 12.10
17:46 [@adam] silver street
17:46 --> bryony joins
17:46 Scotsman set +v bryony
17:46 [@Kirika] well I'm fairly certain you were at the soc fair thenish
17:46 [+bryony] yay
17:46 [@adam] hello
17:46 [+bryony] hello
17:47 [@adam] we've been doing the alibi dance again
17:47 [+bryony] shall go read sb
17:47 [@adam] and Inquisitor's story is also weak
17:47 [@adam] the last three days' log is on the website somewhere
17:48 [@Scotsman] http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~jmc80/mafia/nice_log.cgi?log=townspeople
17:48 [@Scotsman] I think
17:48 [@Scotsman] that's a no
17:48 [+bryony] yup, got it
17:48 [+bryony] well, got it off the website anyway
17:48 [@Scotsman] make it a "mafia3" rather than mafia
17:48 [@thr33] http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~jmc80/mafia3/nice_log.cgi?log=townspeople
17:48 [@Scotsman] fine
17:48 [@thr33] bryony: happy reading ;)
17:48 [@adam] see you in several hours
17:49 [@Scotsman] :)
17:49 [@thr33] you should make the compsci bits a different colour
17:49 [@thr33] so they are easier to skip :)
17:49 [@Scotsman] thr33: and how do i do that? :)
17:49 [@Scotsman] mebbe we ought to get people to prefix technical discussion with [x]
17:49 [@thr33] heh
17:52 * adam suspects that bryony and Inquisitor have earned themselves an illuminati/seer check tomorrow
17:55 --> jon joins
17:55 [@Scotsman] adam: maybe the illuminati will actually do something then
17:56 [@adam] it'd be nice
17:56 [@adam] hi, o dead one
17:56 [@Scotsman] he can't respond
17:56 [@adam] I know
17:56 [@Scotsman] good, good
17:57 [@Scotsman] I think there's a pubmeet tonight - 6pm Bunshop
17:57 [@thr33] pubmeet for who?
17:57 [@thr33] isn't that in 2 minutes?
17:58 [@Scotsman] thr33: yeah, but the bunshop is near
17:58 [@adam] yes
17:58 [@Scotsman] and anyone who wants to go
17:58 [@adam] and pubmeet for whom?
17:58 [@thr33] hmm, not that near for me
17:58 [@adam] wouldn't we all die?
17:58 [@Scotsman] Snapdragon and I are no-killed for it
17:58 [@Scotsman] Pfish may be there?
17:58 [@Pufferfish] Pfish isn't going- tired and no money
17:58 * thr33 will go if there is no kill
17:59 * Scotsman will offer no-kill to anyone who wants one
17:59 * adam is tempted
18:00 * adam hopes this isn't related to kirika's anime showing
18:00 * Scotsman hopes not
18:00 <-- bryony leaves (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:01 [@Scotsman] see people there - no-kill en-route?
18:01 [@thr33] ok
18:02 --> bryony joins
18:02 [@adam] presumably only negotiated no-kill, but I'm happy not to kill anyone who's not trying to kill me
18:02 adam set +v bryony
18:03 * adam hopes everyone at the pubmeet is party to this no-kill
18:03 [@thr33] I am
18:05 * adam will just go and hope no-one shoots him
18:11 --> Minister joins
18:27 --> Pseudodragon joins
18:27 <-- Pseudodragon leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
18:33 -!- mode/#townspeople [+o Pseudodragon] by Kirika|busy 18:33 [@Kirika] ls
18:33 [@Kirika] crap should be /names
18:34 [@Kirika] are jon/Minister dead/alive?
18:34 * Kirika leaves someone else to op them
18:34 * Kirika goes again
18:35 <-- Pseudodragon leaves
18:35 --> Inquisitor joins
18:35 -!- mode/#townspeople [+o Inquisitor] by Kirika|busy 18:35 [@Pseudodragon] Ping, again?
18:35 [@Kirika] you cna speak as I've opped you
18:35 [@Pseudodragon] Ahh. I can speak. Good.
18:35 [@Kirika] Inquisitor: pong
18:36 * Kirika really goes now
18:37 [@Pavanne] okay, you can't kill each other in pubmeet
18:38 [@Pavanne] I wish people would give me more warning of these things, there's going to be a problem if someone shoots someone else outside it when they think it's no-kill
18:39 * Pseudodragon reads the rest of SB.
18:40 * Pseudodragon counts the number of accusing voices carefully.
18:41 * Pavanne decides, apropos of it not having brought to her attention during the ample time she was on irc, that lkike any other society meeting it's only no-kill in the pub.
18:43 * Pufferfish gets back from a Caius hall that didn't actually taste horrible
18:43 [@Pufferfish] because it was so spicy you couldn't taste anything else :)
18:44 [@Pavanne] good
18:51 [@Pseudodragon] Pufferfish: That's what Jesus curries are like. Caused me to learn to cook my own.
18:53 [@Pufferfish] usually Caius "Curry" isn't worthy of the name
18:53 [@Pufferfish] This was "spiced flied chicken", but thankfully it didn't have flies on it
18:53 * Pufferfish suspects an engrish tlansration plobrem
18:54 --> Sista joins
19:01 --> Edith joins
19:05 Inquisitor set +v Edith
19:06 [+edith|bed] YAY!
19:08 [@Pavanne] ? Hello Edith
19:13 [+edith|bed] Hello
19:38 [+edith|bed] Erm, would it be possible to assassinate Cthulhu if I get bored?
19:43 [@Pavanne] how much amusement would you derive from this exercise?
19:43 [+edith|bed] much. Cthulhu belongs to Tom
19:44 * Pavanne wonders how she would report this
19:45 [+edith|bed] The Grave digger's Elder God was strung up and shot by The General?
19:45 [@Pavanne] I couldn't possibly confirm that you did it
19:45 [+edith|bed] Not that I've done it yet.
19:45 [+edith|bed] i could admit to it.
19:45 [+edith|bed] Or Tom could do it and everybody would think that it was me
19:45 [@Pavanne] I could report that you claim to have done so.
19:45 [@Pavanne] That would be subtle.
19:46 * Pavanne suspects that this is as bad as compsci chat
19:46 [+edith|bed] Pointless, but subtle.
19:46 [+edith|bed] Nah, we've got lots futher to sink before that happens.
19:46 [@Pavanne] I think so, but I don't think compscis would agree
19:47 [+edith|bed] Anyway, Tom has made curry, I go to eat.
19:59 <-- SupperingSis leaves
21:17 --> Pseudodragon joins
21:17 <-- Pseudodragon leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
21:18 [+edith|bed] Now who could that be
21:38 <-- edith|bed leaves
22:45 <-- Pseudodragon leaves
22:45 --> Inquisitor joins
23:53 [@Scotsman] evening
23:53 [@Scotsman] gosh, quiet
23:54 Scotsman set +vv Inquisitor Minister
23:54 [+Minister] ta
23:54 [+Minister] Not much happened tonight by the looks of things
23:54 [@Scotsman] no
23:55 [@Scotsman] had drinks and played games

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00:00 [+Minister] Where were you, I came by the bun shop but no-one was around, so went to Kirika's for a little anime
00:01 [+Snapdragon] we gave up on the bun shop at about 7.30ish
00:01 [+Snapdragon] then went to R+Rs
00:02 [+Minister] I might have been a little late then :)
00:02 * adam gets home
00:02 [@Scotsman] hey adam
00:03 [@Scotsman] Minister: sorry :)
00:03 [+Minister] No worries
00:03 * adam sees Pavanne's annoyance at not being warned of pubmeet, notes that he assumed the no-kill was player-negotiated
00:04 [@Scotsman] adam: it was
00:04 [@adam] right
00:04 * Pseudodragon was at different anime.
00:04 [@adam] if another player had come in and killed us all I wouldn't have complained
00:04 [@Scotsman] no
00:04 [+Snapdragon] no, well, a bit
00:04 [@Scotsman] they would have had fun trying
00:04 [@Scotsman] all 4 of us were a bit jumpy
00:04 [+Snapdragon] but we'd've taken it
00:05 [@Scotsman] yeah
00:05 [@adam] Snapdragon: of course, me, Scotsman and thr33 could all have been mafia
00:05 [@adam] and the fourth mafioso could have come and killed you
00:05 [@adam] which would have been an amusing trick
00:05 [@Scotsman] indeed
00:05 [@adam] we'd have had to rely on no-one else turning up though
00:06 [+Snapdragon] s/could all have been/are/
00:06 [+Minister] Has anyone actually claimed to be any role yet?
00:07 [@Scotsman] no
00:07 [+Minister] In the first two games, people were claiming statuses by now
00:07 [@Scotsman] which leads me to suspect the Illuminati are lazy buggers and haven't checked the right people yet :)
00:07 [+Snapdragon] I'm a townsperson
00:07 [@Scotsman] Me too! </aol>
00:07 [@adam] who are the right people?
00:07 [@Scotsman] adam: mafia
00:07 [@adam] the ones who are -- timing
00:08 [@Scotsman] timing what?
00:08 [@Scotsman] ;-)
00:08 [@adam] I was just wondering if you thought you knew who the mafia were and were annoyed 'cause the illum hadn't checked them
00:08 * Scotsman thinks he's been playing IF too long
00:08 [@Scotsman] agent@icarus:~/public_html/stuff/Adventures/Completed$ look
00:08 [@Scotsman] usage: look [-df] [-t char] string [file ...]
00:08 [@adam] haha
00:08 [@adam] have you seen the IF shell thing?
00:08 [@Scotsman] no...
00:09 [@adam] I think it's just a load of aliases, 'enter' to 'cd', 'out' to 'cd ..', 'look' to 'ls' and so on
00:09 [@adam] it's on the archive somewhere
00:09 [@Scotsman] yeah
00:09 [@Scotsman] looks
00:09 [@adam] you can pick up files and drop them elsewhere, which moves them
00:09 [@Scotsman] ooh nice
00:10 [@adam] also, owooga! owooga! offtopic alert!
00:10 [+Snapdragon] sir? are you sure ? it does mean changing the bulb
00:10 [@Scotsman] lol
00:10 [@adam] haha
00:13 <-- bryony leaves
00:15 [@adam] ok, bedtime
00:15 [@adam] since, lectures tomorrow and so on
00:15 [@adam] goodnight channel
00:15 [+Pseudodragon] Night.
00:15 * Pseudodragon should do the same.
00:20 [@Scotsman] goodnight
00:22 [+Pseudodragon] I said 'should' alas.
00:23 [@Scotsman] indeed
00:23 * Scotsman will just read his webcomics before bed
00:25 * Minister should probably retire shortly as well
00:27 * Pseudodragon actually goes to bed, now.
00:27 [@Scotsman] nn Inquisitor
00:28 <-- Pseudodragon leaves (Staring into the Void)
01:11 <-- Katamarino leaves (AnacųnŠa · "Old age is always fifteen years older than I am")
08:01 --> Sista joins
08:14 -!- You're now known as Pav|working 08:28 [+Snapdragon] Scotsman is evil
08:28 [+Snapdragon] and mafia
08:29 [@Scotsman] hey
08:29 [@Scotsman] not as evil as you
08:30 [@Scotsman] 'evil James;
08:30 [+Snapdragon] it's just a playful nickname
08:31 [+Snapdragon] whereas you really are evil incarnate
08:32 [+Snapdragon] viz such sayings as 'as evil as Scotsman', 'Scotsman can quote scripture', 'Scotsman's Advocate'
08:32 [+Snapdragon] etc
09:14 [@adam] hm, I have too much hair
09:14 [@adam] also, morning
10:55 --> Katamarino joins
11:30 adam set +v Katamarino
11:50 [@Pufferfish] urgh. I'm ill.
11:50 <-- jon leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
13:04 --> Inquisitor joins
13:11 Scotsman set +v Inquisitor
13:12 [+Minister] Morning
13:12 [@Scotsman] hey hey
13:13 [@Scotsman] anything happen?
13:13 * Scotsman assumes not
13:14 [+Minister] Well I had some lectures, and can vouch an alibi for Snapdragon for most of the morning
13:14 [@Scotsman] okey-dokey
13:14 * Scotsman ponders lunch options and decides it's prolly noodles
13:14 * Scotsman goes to cook them
13:16 * Pseudodragon was informed by Kirika where Scotsman was, and went 'ah, good. That means I've avoided him'.
13:19 * adam returns from lectures
13:21 [@adam] no-one dead?
13:22 [+Pseudodragon] Not so far as we know.
13:23 [@Pav|working] everyone survived lectures?
13:23 -!- You're now known as Pavanne 13:23 [@Pavanne] darn
13:23 [+Pseudodragon] Good fun lectures?
13:24 [@Pavanne] I don't know. The Hive Mind is still not entirely sure what it's going to do this year.
13:25 [+Minister] Lectures are always fun...yeah
13:26 [+Pseudodragon] Ah, you're sticking with the Girton Collective, then?
13:26 [+Pseudodragon] I seem to be diverging significantly from most of Jesus.
13:26 [@Pavanne] of course. I lost the ability to think independently sometime last year.
13:27 [+Minister] Do you know where his room is?
13:29 [+Pseudodragon] Mind you, the people scheduling lectures seem not to have imagined that someone would want to do my combination of courses. I practically hav more courses that clash than ones I want to do.
13:43 --> Pseudodragon joins
13:43 <-- Pseudodragon leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
13:44 <-- Pseudodragon leaves (Client Quit)
13:55 [@Scotsman] waves
13:56 [@adam] hello
13:56 [@adam] you dead?
14:00 [@Scotsman] nope
14:00 [@Scotsman] you?
14:05 [@adam] no
14:05 [@adam] was wondering about seeing if you were in TH lunch queue
14:05 [@adam] decided against it
14:06 [@Scotsman] awww
14:06 [@Scotsman] want to come round and check now?
14:11 [@adam] no
14:11 [@adam] I don't have any more lectures in the CL
14:11 [@adam] so I'm not especially worried that you'll kill me
14:11 * Pufferfish waves
14:11 [@adam] hi Pufferfish
14:13 [@Scotsman] hey Pufferfish
14:13 [@Scotsman] adam: you shouldn't be worried anyway
14:14 [@adam] why not? because you're not mafia?
14:14 * Kirika observes that based on past experience you shouldn't go within sight of the Scotsman unless you're =on his side and he knows it
14:14 [@Scotsman] indeed
14:14 [@Scotsman] umm, that's going to look bad on the logs
14:25 [@Scotsman] hi Pavanne
14:25 [@Scotsman] no
14:25 * Scotsman fails to "/sb end" after reading scrollback
14:26 * Scotsman hides
14:33 -!- You're now known as Pav|crumble 14:52 -!- You're now known as Pavanne 14:54 [@Scotsman] hehe
14:54 [@thr33] lol
14:54 [+Snapdragon] Tom looked quite paranoid when he was in the CMS though
14:55 [@Scotsman] :)
14:56 [@Pavanne] Oh, and mafia III titles... "Alien versus Predator"?
15:00 [+Minister] "Ed Nokes is James Osborn's pet dog"
15:01 * Scotsman likes Aliens v Predator
15:01 [@Scotsman] :)
15:02 [@Scotsman] very good Pavanne
15:04 [@Scotsman] still got 10 players alive atm?
15:06 [@Pavanne] nobody has told me otherwise
15:06 [@adam] I killed all nine other players this morning
15:07 [@Scotsman] lies!
15:07 [+Minister] Well you must have killed yourself then, so I win :)
15:07 * adam was lying
15:07 [@Scotsman] ah! evil mafioso!
15:09 [+Minister] He lies!
15:21 [+Minister] Is everyone out killing each other?
15:21 [@adam] could be
15:21 [@Scotsman] apparently
15:21 [@thr33] yeah
15:21 * Pavanne hopes so
15:30 * Minister thinks it's optomistic
15:31 * Scotsman thinks it's optimistic
15:32 * Minister should lern how to spell
15:32 * Pavanne is considering announcing the name of the least active mafioso, or the werewolf if we are out of mafiosi, if there are 2 days without a kill
15:33 [@Scotsman] eep
15:33 [@Scotsman] kill spree!
15:33 * Scotsman checks the website
15:33 [@Scotsman] it's only been one so far
15:33 [@Scotsman] aww nuts :(
15:36 [+Minister] is someone dead?
15:36 [@Scotsman] NO
15:36 --> bryony joins
15:36 Scotsman set +v bryony
15:36 [@Scotsman] but we have to wait a day
15:36 [+bryony] 'lo
15:36 [@Scotsman] hey
15:37 [@Pavanne] hiya bryony
15:37 [+Minister] oh right!
15:37 [+Minister] hi bryony
15:38 [@Pavanne] everyone survived lectures :(
15:42 [+bryony] the lovely peaceful townspeople go about their daily buisness undisturbed by alien menaces..
15:42 [@Scotsman] nods
15:42 [@Scotsman] 'cept you
15:42 [@Scotsman] evil mafia woman
15:43 [@Pavanne] bryony: if they go undisturbed long enough, I will announce the name of the least active mafioso, or the werewolf if we're out of them
15:43 [@thr33] I imagine that would end the game quickly (the last option)
15:45 [@Pavanne] Yes. If it were the case.
15:45 [@Scotsman] will you tell us if the person you name is mafia/werewolf?
15:45 [@Pavanne] No.
15:46 [@Scotsman] okay
15:46 [@Pavanne] Hostile is hostile.
15:46 * Pavanne can see a massive great problem with this plan
15:46 [@adam] what?
15:46 [@Pavanne] in that it penalises townspeople (if there are any left) acting on their own hunbches
15:47 * adam envisages the mafia using the named person as bait in a trap
15:47 [@Scotsman] in what way?
15:47 [@Scotsman] adam: why, don't like being bait?
15:47 [@adam] Pavanne: so do it if there's no mafia activity for some period
15:47 [@adam] and don't say what the period is
15:47 [@adam] make it somewhere between 36 and 60 hours
15:47 [@Pavanne] yes, basically I'm going to do it if the mafia/ werewolf are being a bit lame
15:47 [@adam] right
15:48 [@Pavanne] but it does mean I can't be at all specific about it
15:48 [@adam] sure
15:48 [@adam] do you need to be?
15:48 [@Pavanne] as if someone confesses to a murder, and then I announce the name of a hostile, the person who apparently committed the murder is off scot free
15:48 [@Scotsman] indeed
15:49 [@Pavanne] it also potentially leads to the situation of people claiming to have made kills when they haven't.
15:49 * Pavanne would be quite amused by this, but really hopes it won't come to that
15:49 [@adam] I suggest that you use your own judgement in deciding when it's necessary and don't explain to us how you're making the judgement call
15:49 [@Pavanne] yes, but if the hostiles don't know it could happen, they're not encouraged
15:50 [@Pavanne] so- I will announce the name of a hostile if the hostiles are being l4m3
15:50 [@adam] you said that at the beginning, of course
15:50 [@adam] and I don't think they need to know the details
15:50 [@Pavanne] good thing, because there are no details
15:50 [@adam] you probably shouldn't announce it immediately after someone is killed by a townsperson, of course
15:51 [@Pavanne] indeed. That was more or less my plan.
15:51 [@Pavanne] I don't really want to crank up the checks any more, because it's a nuisance emailing everyone every 24 hours
15:52 [@adam] and you can't do it over irc because edith and bryony and so on aren't on often enough
15:52 [@Pavanne] I'd do it as a government announcement on the website ;)
15:53 [@Pavanne] "Hostile activity sunk to such a low that government agents were able to investigate the village"
15:53 [@adam] hee hee
15:53 [@adam] "said government agents were unfortunately killed by innocent vigilantes for being suspicious"
15:54 [@Pavanne] "but managed to get out a message to base recommending the elimination of X"
15:54 [@Pavanne] "because X is the least of the village's problems"
16:14 [+Katamarino] well, here comes 2 hours of grippingly exciting supervision
16:14 [+Katamarino] see you all later :(
16:15 [@Scotsman] have fun
16:15 [+Katamarino] lol, i wish
16:15 [+Katamarino] bye
16:16 * adam wonders who'll be lurking Katamarino's room in two hours' time
16:55 --> Inquisitor joins
16:55 Scotsman set +v Inquisitor
17:04 [@adam] assassin in my staircase!
17:04 [@adam] he shot at my roommate
17:04 [@Scotsman] ooooh
17:04 [@Pavanne] oooooh
17:05 [+bryony] oooh!
17:05 [@adam] "short, brown hair"
17:05 [@adam] thr33?
17:05 [@Scotsman] yeah could be
17:05 [+bryony] ross?
17:05 [@thr33] adam: what?
17:05 [@Scotsman] \h
17:06 [+Pseudodragon] Erm... Who?
17:06 [@Scotsman] need a hand?
17:06 [@Kirika] Scotsman: who are you asking?
17:06 [@Scotsman] adam
17:06 [@thr33] hehe, a murder on IRC
17:06 * Pseudodragon is here, and Edith is, too.
17:06 * Pufferfish is also here
17:07 [+Pseudodragon] Which is waaaaaay too far out to get there in time.
17:07 [+Pseudodragon] Snap, go?
17:07 [@Pufferfish] and doesn't have short hair, and if it were a girl they'd have probably said so
17:07 [+Pseudodragon] Erm... Scotsman, sorry...
17:07 [@Scotsman] yeah
17:07 [+Snapdragon] how about a lying Katamarino ?
17:07 * Pufferfish thinks it's Ross
17:07 [+Pseudodragon] Eh?
17:07 [@Scotsman] oh the git
17:07 [+Pseudodragon] He's quite tall, isn't he?
17:08 * thr33 hears someone shout "lynch"
17:08 [+Snapdragon] 2hour supervision my proverbial
17:08 [@Pufferfish] Not that I remember
17:08 [+Snapdragon] short brown hair though
17:08 [@Pufferfish] about the same height as Ric, IIRC
17:08 [@thr33] this could all be a set up by adam of course
17:08 [@Pufferfish] and yes, short brown hair
17:08 * Pseudodragon has had them, but...
17:08 [@Pufferfish] quite light brown
17:08 [+Snapdragon] adam: get a better measure for 'short'
17:08 [+Pseudodragon] Gah. Memory. I thought Ross had blackish hair.
17:09 [@Pavanne] a photo is available for the asking...
17:09 [+Pseudodragon] Hmmm... If you stuck a link up, that might be good.
17:09 [+Snapdragon] I can't go and help, I'm too busy being lazy
17:09 [@adam] anyone wanna come see who it is?
17:09 [@Scotsman] yeah ok
17:09 [@adam] if he leaves I can shoot him
17:09 [@adam] but I can't open the door
17:11 * Pseudodragon would take at least 10mins to arrive.
17:11 [@thr33] me too
17:11 [+Pseudodragon] Scotsman: Why are you still here?
17:12 [@Pavanne] Inquisitor: I don't want to let copies be public.
17:12 [@Pavanne] He does look tall and has light brown hair
17:12 [@Pavanne] (however much you trust my judgement- he's not short, blonde and demure)
17:13 * Snapdragon notes Ric has fairly short hair nowadays
17:13 [+Snapdragon] but I'd hope he wouldn't be lame enough to ge the wrong person
17:13 [@thr33] I was wondering while in a bank today - is that a no kill zone?
17:14 [+Snapdragon] I'd advise against the use of guns
17:14 [@thr33] playing about with guns and things in there might not be a good idea :)
17:14 [@thr33] exactly
17:14 [+Pseudodragon] Ric's hair is noticably dark, and he's taller than me, I think.
17:15 [@Pavanne] No. It's not a no kill zone, but if you get in trouble with authority, you're on your own
17:16 [+Pseudodragon] Oh, Pavanne, can I check: The part III room at the CMS - which is effectively a computer room, with about 20 desk spaces, some pidgeonholes, and attached locker rooms, and meetimng rooms - does that behave as a computer room (OOB 9-5:30, etc etc)?
17:16 [@thr33] Pavanne: k
17:16 * Pseudodragon observes that it should be swipe carded, but that isn't really a problem for people.
17:16 [@Pavanne] Inquisitor: how separate are the computery bits and the locker room bits?
17:17 [+Pseudodragon] There's a door. It's normally closed.
17:17 [+Pseudodragon] I guess the room is, space-wise, about half computer room.
17:17 [+Pseudodragon] (the other bits are seperate, and it would be nice of they were OOB too, since it's part of the same area, but...)
17:18 [@Pavanne] are they supervision type rooms, or corridors?
17:18 [+Pseudodragon] The meeting rooms are supervision type rooms. They'd hold 10 people, but no more.
17:19 [+Pseudodragon] They are only connected They are only accessible through the computery bit.
17:19 [@Pavanne] how much disturbance would be caused by a fight in the outer, non-computery bit?
17:20 [+Pseudodragon] It's a corridor with lockers, and a small drinks prep type area. None, I guess. It's just not a good place to lurk (you can see out into all of it, from the computer bit, and you'd be very cornered while lurking).
17:20 [@Pavanne] then it's in bounds.
17:20 [@Pavanne] sorry
17:20 [+Pseudodragon] But disturbance would be no worse than any of the other corriodors in that pavillon, I guess.
17:21 [@Kirika] Pavanne: probably best to think of it as a library with a computer room, as iirc most people are working in there, or do they sit around and use it as a common room, inqusitor?
17:21 [+Pseudodragon] And the computery bit?
17:21 [@Pavanne] oob, if it's truly a comnputery room
17:21 [+Pseudodragon] Kirika: Not sure, yet. Not seen it being used properly.
17:21 [@Pavanne] Kirika: are there plenty of true library bits to work in?
17:22 [+Pseudodragon] So far, however, it's been used as a computer room, with a couple of people working on tables, socialy.
17:22 [+Pseudodragon] Pavanne: Hell yeah.
17:22 [@Kirika] there is the CMS library, but thats the specfic Part III room with computers only Part III's can use
17:22 [@Pavanne] bit like the CMS canteen then, really
17:22 [+Pseudodragon] The whole Moore library.
17:22 [+Pseudodragon] Pavanne: No, less socialising.
17:22 [+Pseudodragon] But yes.
17:23 [+Pseudodragon] IMO, make the computery room a computer room, and the rest in-bounds.
17:23 [+Pseudodragon] I just want to clarify properly.
17:23 [@Pavanne] The computery bit is a computer room, bounded by the doors even if they're open
17:23 [+Pseudodragon] Kirika: It's going PWF, so you'll be able to use it, too.
17:23 [@Kirika] oooh, yay!
17:23 [+Pseudodragon] Kirika: Although, it is swipe carded...
17:23 [@Pavanne] the supervision rooms are supervision rooms and therefore oob
17:23 [+Pseudodragon] It has a free photocopier, too.
17:23 [@Kirika] Inquisitor: thats never been a problem for me before
17:24 [+Pseudodragon] Kirika: Well, no...
17:24 * Kirika has been in on a number of occasions
17:24 * Pseudodragon went in for the first time, yesterday.
17:24 [@Pavanne] hmm, I could look at all my old supervisor reports online
17:24 * Pavanne throws away the password to do so
17:25 * Pseudodragon keeps it, but never uses it.
17:28 [+Pseudodragon] adam: Still alive?
17:31 [@thr33] hmm
17:31 [@thr33] he still has +o
17:31 [+Snapdragon] lets hope he's not in his 'silent hour'
17:32 [@thr33] he will only get deopped after an hour?
17:32 [+Snapdragon] he's not allowed to say he's dead on channel for an hour after it happens
17:32 [@adam] ok, I am still alive
17:32 [+Snapdragon] hurrah
17:32 [@thr33] cool
17:32 [@adam] mike came over, scouted out the staircase
17:33 [@adam] I talked to him at long distance through an open window
17:33 [@adam] he says whoever it was escaped, probably out of a window in the staircase
17:33 [@thr33] hmm, did he see them then?
17:33 [+Snapdragon] or they are working together
17:33 [@thr33] quite
17:33 --> Pseudodragon joins
17:33 [@adam] so either they did escape or mike is mafia and lying for them in order to get me killed
17:34 --> jon joins
17:34 <-- Pseudodragon leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
17:37 <-- Pseudodragon leaves (Client Quit)
17:38 * adam wonders who it was
17:39 * adam thinks Katamarino is the best bet
17:40 [@Pufferfish] I can't think of anyone else who fits the description
17:40 [@adam] could be ric, but I don't see ric thinking that I'd open my door if he knocked
17:40 [@Pufferfish] although "short brown hair" is a good description for someone lying to use, as it fits so many people
17:41 [@adam] true
17:41 [+Snapdragon] unless adam wanted bryony dead
17:41 [+Snapdragon] then short, with brown hair would be better. :-)
17:41 [@adam] well, technically I shouldn't know that description
17:41 [@adam] because my roommate was dead when he said it, but I didn't realise that at the time
17:42 [@thr33] adam: ok, we'll all forget it
17:42 [@adam] I'm not sure who's ruled out anyway, apart from maybe bryony
17:42 [@adam] since everyone else was online
17:42 [@Pufferfish] and me, although I'm here anyway
17:43 [@adam] edith, I guess
17:43 [@adam] but I wouldn't expect most of you to try knocking on my door
17:44 [+Snapdragon] but what about the fact that we know you have a poorly trained roommate
17:44 [@adam] Snapdragon: if the person had then run into the room I'm pretty sure I would have killed him
17:45 [@Pavanne] ooops
17:45 [+Snapdragon] ah, oh well then
17:45 [+Snapdragon] (noting anyone stupid enough to run into a room deserves whatever they get)
17:46 [@Pavanne] if you knock, anyway
17:47 <-- SupperingSis leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
17:49 * adam will be very interested to talk to Ross when he gets back to IRC
17:50 [@thr33] can't we just lynch him anyway?
17:50 [@adam] thr33: sure, go and kill him
17:50 [@thr33] :)
17:53 [@Pavanne] a lynching!
18:00 --> Sista joins
18:02 --> Edith joins
18:04 Pavanne set +v Edith
18:06 [+edith|bed] Oook?
18:06 [@Pavanne] oook
18:06 [+edith|bed] Ok I can talk.
18:06 [+edith|bed] Wish I had something to talk about
18:06 [@Pavanne] read sb?
18:07 [+edith|bed] nah, dull and nothing's happened anyways
18:07 * adam notes that thr33 has been idle since I told him to go kill Ross
18:07 [@Pavanne] well, we had a slightly exciting incident with adam's roommate
18:07 * adam wonders if he's doing so
18:07 [@Pavanne] we can but hope
18:08 [@Pufferfish] would be nice
18:20 <-- SupperingSis leaves
18:34 * Pavanne giggles
18:36 [+Minister] Evening all
18:36 * Minister reads sb
18:38 [@adam] it's all very exciting
18:38 [@Pavanne] it has indeed
18:38 * adam notes that everyone except Katamarino and Minister were on IRC at the time
18:39 [@adam] oh, and Edith, I think
18:44 [+Minister] Yes, I'm afraid I have a really lame alibi, I was chatting with an old school friend who has just come up
18:44 [+Katamarino] i have returned
18:44 [+Katamarino] and am very disapointed in you all to suspect me :;(
18:45 [@adam] Katamarino: where exactly have you been then?
18:45 [@adam] I'm also intrigued that you read all the scrollback before saying anything at all
18:46 [+Katamarino] always do!
18:46 [@adam] how long did it take you?
18:46 * Scotsman is back!
18:46 [+Katamarino] take me to what?
18:46 [+Katamarino] read?
18:46 [@adam] read the scrollback, yes
18:46 [+Katamarino] not very long, there wasnt alot of it!
18:47 [+Katamarino] anyway...
18:47 [+Katamarino] i was trying to kill a mafiosi...
18:47 [@adam] so where was your supervision?
18:47 [@adam] oh?
18:47 [+Katamarino] my one hour supervision was in college
18:47 [@adam] you admit that you were trying to kill me, but claim I'm a mafioso?
18:47 Pavanne set -v thr33
18:47 [+Katamarino] yes
18:47 [@Scotsman] thr33's dead?
18:47 [+Minister] Is he dead?
18:48 [@adam] and did you kill thr33?
18:48 [+Katamarino] i dont even know who thr33 is!
18:48 [+Katamarino] no dice there, sorry
18:48 [@adam] have you killed anyone today?
18:48 * adam checks website
18:48 [+Katamarino] no
18:48 [+Minister] Can you tell us any details?
18:48 [@adam] what makes you think I'm a mafioso?
18:48 [+Katamarino] minister - details of my stalking ofthe evil mafia? :)
18:49 * Minister can't access the website :-(
18:49 [+Katamarino] adam - i can't reveal a source...
18:49 * adam can't either
18:49 [@Scotsman] eek
18:49 [@adam] Katamarino: you're saying that you think I'm mafia but you have no reason to do so?
18:49 [@Scotsman] Connection refused?
18:49 [+Katamarino] hmm, i cant get on srcf at all
18:49 [+Minister] I was asking Pavanne if she could release details
18:49 * adam can't see kern's webserver
18:49 [+Katamarino] adam - i'm saying i shall keep my reasons to myself at this time
18:49 [@adam] Katamarino: that makes you incredibly suspicious
18:49 [+Katamarino] but believe them valid
18:50 [@Scotsman] yeah yeah
18:51 [@adam] Katamarino: so do you claim to be illuminati yourself, or that someone else told you I was mafia?
18:51 [+Katamarino] one of those is correct
18:51 Pavanne set -v Minister
18:51 Pavanne set -v Pufferfish
18:51 [@adam] !!
18:51 [@adam] holy shit
18:51 [+Katamarino] omg, more kills????
18:51 [@adam] are all these people dead?
18:51 [@Scotsman] ooh
18:51 [+bryony] is everyone dead?
18:51 [@Scotsman] apparently
18:51 [+Katamarino] ye gods
18:51 [@Scotsman] everybody's dead bryony
18:51 [+bryony] slaughter at cauis hall?
18:52 [@Pavanne] Carnage
18:52 [@adam] Pavanne: given that none of us can see the website, can you release details?
18:52 [+bryony] oops caius
18:52 [+Katamarino] 'everybody's dead dave'... lol
18:52 [@adam] hm, that would account for thr33 and Pufferfish
18:52 [@adam] but why Minister?
18:52 [@Pavanne] They all died around 18:10-18:15
18:52 [@Scotsman] mebbe he went in to get them and bryony survived to shoot him?
18:52 [@Pavanne] outside Caius Hall
18:52 [+bryony] so in the queue
18:52 [@Pavanne] as did Ralph, Chris Field and Simon Sprague
18:53 [@Pavanne] why is website inaccessible?
18:53 [@Scotsman] shrug
18:53 [+Katamarino] geez, thats going to be quite an update
18:53 * Pavanne is trying to put it up so it'll be there for later
18:53 [@adam] thr33, Pufferfish and Minister were all killed outside caius hall?
18:53 [@Pavanne] yes
18:53 * adam wonders why Minister was there
18:53 [+Katamarino] how?
18:53 [@Scotsman] sounds like a water-weapon splash?
18:54 [@Scotsman] but would that not be illegal?
18:54 [@adam] maybe they were all mafia, someone saw them plotting together and killed them all?
18:54 [@Scotsman] oooh, that would be funny
18:54 [@adam] could explain why ric was there too
18:54 [@Scotsman] nods
18:55 [@adam] bryony, did you go to hall today?
18:55 [+bryony] who is Simon Sprague?
18:55 [+bryony] nope
18:55 [+bryony] ive been on the phone to gf for an hour
18:55 [+edith|bed] Is the game still on?
18:55 [@adam] bryony: sounds like you had a lucky escape
18:55 [+bryony] yup, and thats just the food
18:55 [@adam] haha
18:56 [@adam] more than half the gamesize dead, then
18:56 [+Katamarino] that would be great if some mafia had been taken down
18:56 [@adam] Katamarino: do you claim to myseteriously know that any of them are mafia too?
18:57 [+Katamarino] i do not
18:57 [+edith|bed] Erm, so to summerise: "What the Fuck?!?"
18:57 [+Katamarino] lol, I think Edith has it rather nicely there!
18:57 [@Scotsman] looks like some people made a bad move going to Caius tonight
18:57 [+edith|bed] So who's dead?
18:58 Scotsman set -o Pufferfish
18:58 [+Katamarino] many, it seems
18:58 Scotsman set -o thr33
18:58 * adam has the uneasy feeling this is more like slaughter of innocents than a massive attack on the mafia
18:58 [+Katamarino] will we have enough ops left...
18:58 [@adam] unless they really were all mafia
18:58 [@Scotsman] there's me and kirika and adam and Pavanne
18:58 [@Pavanne] is it possible to have an op with no voice?
18:58 [+Katamarino] cool
18:58 [@Scotsman] Pavanne: no
18:58 [@Pavanne] Katamarino: would you know what to do with ops?
18:58 [+Katamarino] i would
18:59 [@Pavanne] the job is basically to be sensible and voice all live players who turn up
18:59 [+Katamarino] sure thing
18:59 [+Katamarino] i have used it a fair bit before
18:59 [@Pavanne] I reserve the right to kick people who are playing silly bugger ::)
18:59 [@Pavanne] s
18:59 [@Scotsman] hehe
18:59 Pavanne set +o Katamarino
18:59 [@Katamarino] lol
19:00 * Katamarino eagerly awaits the websites return
19:02 --> Twig joins
19:03 Scotsman set +v Twig
19:03 [@Scotsman] what are you, Twig ?
19:03 [+Twig] (Edith): Cheers, just got droped by Kern
19:03 [@Scotsman] 'k
19:03 [+Twig] INNOCENT!
19:05 [+Twig] Right, so Pufferfish, Minister, thr33, and two others just got killed?
19:05 <-- edith|bed leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
19:05 [+bryony] where exactly did it happen?
19:05 [@adam] those three and some non-player assassins
19:05 [+Twig] Which none-players?
19:05 [+bryony] definately outside, by the entrance to caius?
19:05 * adam still can't get to the website
19:05 [@Pavanne] bryony: outside Caius hall
19:06 <-- Minister leaves
19:06 [+Twig] Website still down for me too
19:06 [@Pavanne] I have no more details
19:06 [@adam] Pavanne: on the stairs leading to hall, or outside the building?
19:06 [@adam] damn
19:06 [@Pavanne] sorry
19:06 --> Ric joins
19:06 [@adam] can you ask the killer for clarification?
19:06 [@adam] hi ric, sorry to hear the news
19:07 [@adam] what I'm most curious about now is why Ric was in caius
19:08 [@adam] if he went there to kill someone, who killed him?
19:08 * Pavanne is trying to find out
19:08 [+Twig] who is trh33 again?
19:08 [@Pavanne] The bodies of Pufferfish and Ric were extremely close together
19:08 [@adam] Pavanne: were they all standing together when they died, or were bodies scattered around the area?
19:08 [@adam] aha
19:08 [@Pavanne] Edith: Olly Madge
19:08 [@Pavanne] thr33 was a little separated, and very riddled with holes
19:09 [+Twig] right.
19:09 [@adam] ok, so maybe ric went to see pufferfish
19:09 [@adam] possibly because they were both mafia
19:09 [@adam] they saw thr33 and killed him
19:09 [@adam] then who killed them?
19:10 [@adam] if I remember the timing of caius hall right, it can't have been bryony unless she then didn't go to hall
19:10 [@adam] or maybe ric went to kill olly, shot him and then he and pufferfish simultaneously knifed each other?
19:10 [@adam] it seems hard to get away from the conclusion that someone else muct have been there too
19:11 [@Scotsman] website back
19:12 [+bryony] pfish spoke at 18:08
19:13 [@Scotsman] Pavanne: you've got the hyperlink for Pufferfish's dead slightly wrong
19:13 [@Scotsman] s/d\b/th/
19:13 [@Pavanne] just slightly
19:14 [@Scotsman] nods
19:14 [@adam] hm, yeah, so she must have gone down to hall just after that
19:14 [@Scotsman] and surprised Ric?
19:14 [@adam] I don't know
19:14 [@Scotsman] hmm
19:14 [@adam] I want to know who the other killer was
19:15 [@adam] since there must have been one
19:15 <-- Twig leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
19:15 [@Scotsman] ric could have killed the first caians, and then double-killed with Rosie, but that doesn't explain Owen and Sprage
19:15 [@Katamarino] unless they were caught in the cross fire
19:15 [@adam] it looks like ric and rosie died at the same time
19:16 [@adam] possibly after one of them killed olly
19:16 --> Twig joins
19:16 [@adam] I imagine someone shot ric, rosie, simon and ralph while they were all standing together
19:16 Scotsman set +v Twig
19:16 [@Scotsman] and then scarpered
19:16 [@Scotsman] that's possible
19:16 [@adam] I don't know why chris would have been killed
19:16 [@Katamarino] that would have been a hell of a massacre
19:16 [+Twig] For fecks sake, what is wrong with kern?
19:17 [+bryony] If someone was lurking it would make sense
19:17 [@Scotsman] hmmm
19:17 [+Twig] Who knew about the Caius hall meeting though?
19:17 [+bryony] only if it was someone chris would have recognised tho
19:18 [@adam] ok, have we checked who wasn't on irc at the time?
19:18 [@Scotsman] i wasn't, but I was at Tit Hall hall
19:18 [+bryony] olly had a legitimate reason to be in Caius, I don't think he would have needed to shoot chris
19:18 [@Scotsman] [starts at 6]
19:19 [+bryony] Katamarino got back at 18:44
19:19 [@adam] hang on
19:19 [@adam] ric was on at 18.36
19:19 [+bryony] minister spoke at 18:36
19:19 [@adam] so he didn't eat in caius hall
19:19 [+bryony] wasn't he dead by then? how came the speaking?
19:19 [@Katamarino] i had my supervision after stalking adam, and proceeded to join friends in hall
19:20 [@Pavanne] right, updated version up
19:20 [@adam] so maybe he went to kill olly, killed chris to stop him warning anyone, and after shooting olly went to talk to his fellow mafioso rosie when someone killed both of them
19:20 [@Pavanne] I'm slightly fed up with trying to describe the position of piles of corpses
19:20 [@adam] bryony: no-one had devoiced him yet
19:20 [@Scotsman] Pavanne: :)
19:20 [@adam] nokes was shot too?
19:20 [@adam] bloody hell
19:20 [@Scotsman] again?
19:20 [@Scotsman] heh
19:20 [@Pavanne] I didn't update immediately
19:20 [@Katamarino] i have never met nokes, i want to see his mustache
19:20 [@Pavanne] for obvious reasons
19:20 [+bryony] hehe
19:21 [@adam] "riddled with rubber bands" sounds potentially like ric's style
19:21 [@Scotsman] yeah
19:21 [@adam] although indoors I guess most people would be using an rbg
19:23 [@adam] the suspicion I am forming is that ric and rosie were mafia, ric came to kill olly while rosie stayed on irc to make sure she had an alibi, then ric stopped to talk to rosie and someone else killed both of them
19:23 [@Scotsman] then the question is, who?
19:23 [@adam] this only makes sense if the unknown person is the wolf, or if they saw ric kill olly
19:23 [@adam] and in the latter case I'd expect them to admit to it
19:23 --> Twig joins
19:23 -!- mode/#townspeople [+v Twig] by adam, Scotsman 19:23 [@Scotsman] having fun?
19:23 [+Twig] gr...
19:23 * Twig slaps Edith
19:24 [@Katamarino] lol
19:24 [@adam] so, who didn't have an alibi for 18.05-18.15?
19:25 [+bryony] Katamarino, Inquisitor
19:25 [@Katamarino] i dont have an IRC one, but you could always ask my supervisor :)
19:25 [@adam] everyone except me and edith
19:25 [+Twig] and Tom. I'll vouch for Tom, he didn't have time
19:25 <-- Twig leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
19:25 [@adam] could have been Snapdragon, I guess
19:26 [@adam] could have been Katamarino, but I'm inclined to believe he had a supervision and just lied about the length to try to convince people that he wasn't attacking me
19:26 [@Katamarino] and we can see how well that worked, lol :S
19:27 [@adam] yeah, now we know you're mafia
19:27 [@adam] well, I do
19:28 [@adam] does Scotsman have an alibi?
19:28 [@Scotsman] only being at Hall
19:28 [@Katamarino] you mean you want everyone else to THINK i am ;)
19:28 [@adam] so, maybe Scotsman, maybe Snapdragon
19:30 [+bryony] Rosie and ric were both killed by a "single bullet"
19:30 [@adam] so they didn't see whoever it was coming
19:30 [@Katamarino] sounds like an RPG - i'd have thought an RBG user would have fired off the lot if there were that many targets
19:31 [@adam] Pavanne: can you confirm anything further about rosie/ric's cause of death?
19:31 [+bryony] yup, but they're slow
19:31 [@adam] right, with an rpg you wouldn't have had time to get both before one reacted
19:31 [@Katamarino] true
19:31 [+bryony] i would have thought they would be pretty wary about standing around in public together
19:32 [@Katamarino] unless it was from behind
19:32 [@adam] bryony: would they have had any way to know you weren't going to be at hall?
19:32 [+bryony] no
19:32 [+bryony] i would expect them to be watching out for me
19:32 [@adam] right
19:33 [@adam] but maybe they were watching the entrance, and thr33's killer came out from hall and shot them in the back
19:33 [+bryony] maybe they could have been both facing outwards & got from inside
19:33 [@adam] except if ric didn't kill thr33 the theory doesn't make much sense any more
19:33 [+bryony] lol
19:33 [+bryony] who would have been in the hall?
19:35 --> Twig_ joins
19:35 Scotsman set +v Twig_
19:35 * Twig_ slaps Twig
19:35 [@adam] if they were watching the entrance surely they'd have checked that there was no-one inside first?
19:35 [+Twig_] Grrrr.....
19:35 [@adam] unless olly was working with them, they sent him in to check, someone killed him and then came out and got them
19:35 [@adam] but why would they do that?
19:36 [@adam] unless it was an ambush for bryony
19:36 <-- Twig leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
19:36 [+Twig_] how far is caius hall from clare?
19:37 [@Katamarino] which bit of clare?
19:37 [+Twig_] where adam is
19:37 [+bryony] three people is quite a big ambush for little me when olly lives next to me and could let anyone in thru the front door
19:37 [@Scotsman] where is Caius hall?
19:37 [@Katamarino] not far
19:37 [@Katamarino] 5 mins, less if one hurries i reckon
19:37 [+bryony] just round the corner :)
19:37 [@Katamarino] dont know, i have never been in caius
19:37 [+Twig_] Not quite enough time for it to be adam then.
19:38 * adam doesn't think he could make it in five minutes
19:38 [@adam] I'm in memorial court on the far side of the river
19:38 [+Twig_] It strikes me that the thr33 could have been random as he had left publicly on the channel
19:38 [@adam] I could maybe make it if I wasn't being cautious at all
19:38 [@adam] but I would be
19:38 [+Twig_] If anyone can make it from Oblivion to Caius hall in 1 minute I suggest they sprint for the university
19:39 [@adam] especially since katamarino might have still been outside my door
19:39 [@Katamarino] hmm, hes got a point
19:41 [@Katamarino] he didnt see my ridiculously cunning escape.
19:41 [+bryony] katamarino, when exactly was your supervision?
19:41 [@adam] Katamarino: did you go out of the window?
19:41 [@Katamarino] bryony - 5.30 to 6.30
19:41 [@Katamarino] adam - no comment
19:42 [@adam] Katamarino: you did, then
19:42 [@adam] we assumed you must have
19:43 --> Twig joins
19:43 Scotsman set +v Twig
19:43 [+Twig] I'm tmepted to kill Tom for silly buggers by eating all our bandwidth
19:44 [+Twig] He has 5 bit torrents running at once.
19:44 [@Scotsman] heh
19:44 * adam wonders where Snapdragon is
19:45 <-- Twig_ leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
19:45 [@Scotsman] prolly dining at Caius Hall on Mutton
19:45 [@adam] haha
19:45 [@adam] hmm
19:45 [+bryony] lol
19:46 [+bryony] mutton.. we should be so lucky
19:46 [+bryony] makes a change from plastic chicken
19:46 [@Scotsman] eek
19:46 [+Twig] So there must be at most 3 mafia left
19:46 [+Twig] which suggests that one is dead.
19:47 [@adam] why?
19:47 [+Twig] Tom reckoned there were 4 mafia and if there were 4 left they would outnumber everyone else and the game would be over.
19:47 [@adam] no
19:47 [+Twig] no?
19:47 [@Scotsman] no
19:47 [+Twig] no?
19:47 [@adam] the game doesn't end until only one side is left
19:47 [@Scotsman] it doesn't work like that in this game
19:47 * Twig should really read the rules at some point.
19:47 [@Scotsman] :-)
19:48 [@adam] in party mafia you have to end once the mafia have the majority because at that point they can no longer be lynched
19:48 [+Twig] So theoretically I could be the only innocent person left alive?
19:48 [@adam] Twig: if there were five mafia and a werewolf, yes
19:48 [+Twig] I am so screwed.
19:48 [@adam] and every single kill had been of an innocent
19:49 [@adam] it's not likely, in other words
19:50 * adam is still very puzzled by what happened in caius
19:50 [@Katamarino] woooo, i got a free toy with my shreddies
19:50 [@adam] well done
19:51 [@Katamarino] thankyou
19:54 --> Twig_ joins
19:54 -!- mode/#townspeople [+v Twig_] by Katamarino, Scotsman 19:55 <-- Twig leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
19:55 [@adam] hee hee
19:56 <-- bryony leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
19:57 [+Twig_] This is pissing me off
19:57 --> bryony joins
19:57 [+Twig_] hey you
19:57 adam set +v bryony
19:58 [+bryony] who me?
19:58 * Scotsman prods bryony - don't you start
19:58 [@adam] did Pavanne say what weapon rosie and ric were killed with?
19:59 [+bryony] single bullet to the heart
19:59 [@adam] but band or pellet?
19:59 [@adam] or capgun?
20:00 [@adam] I guess you'd need a rubber band gun to get them both at once
20:00 [@adam] and I'm not sure Scotsman has one
20:01 [@adam] which casts suspicion on snapdragon, or maybe inquisitor if edith is mafia too and covering for him
20:02 [@Katamarino] What about an RPG in each hand...
20:03 [@adam] ok, that would be scotsman's style very much, I guess
20:04 [@Scotsman] i'm not that much of a psycho :)
20:04 [@Scotsman] I'd also give my right arm to be ambidextrous
20:04 [@Katamarino] lol
20:05 <-- Twig_ leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
20:05 --> Twig joins
20:05 Scotsman set +v Twig
20:05 * Twig growls
20:06 [@Katamarino] eeeek, the werewolf!
20:06 [+Twig] ?
20:06 [+Twig] oh that.
20:06 * Katamarino imagines a wolf would growl
20:07 [+Twig] Just a pissed off old Military man who has a Undertaker for a housemate and keeps getting cut off.
20:07 [@Katamarino] lol
20:07 [@Katamarino] that would have been my next guess
20:08 [+Twig] Good Good. Right. I've wasted enogh time here. I'm off to tidy up and then maybe do a little reading.
20:08 [@Scotsman] have fun
20:08 [@Katamarino] bye
20:15 <-- Twig leaves (Ping timeout: 361 seconds)
20:26 [+bryony] so who's online now?
21:16 --> Twig_ joins
21:31 <-- Twig_ leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
21:31 --> Sista joins
22:07 --> felix joins
22:13 <-- SupperingSis leaves
23:21 Kirika set +v felix
23:21 Kirika set +o jon
23:21 * Kirika assumes no ones shot these types yet
23:21 [@Kirika] anyone still alive and wanting +v PM me
23:28 [+felix] ah
23:28 [+felix] cool
23:28 * felix wondws who would be interested to know he passed mike & ross walking down to tithall. Mike had retrieved my guns from olly.
23:30 [+bryony] oooh very interesting
23:31 [+felix] this was at about 6:20
23:32 [+bryony] so a rather recent retrieval then
23:35 [+felix] yeah
23:44 [+bryony] Ric is ross' alibi for Martin
23:44 [+felix] yeah, we know who killed him yet?
23:44 [+bryony] who, ric?
23:44 [+felix] yeah
23:45 [+bryony] no-ones confessed to anything
23:45 [+felix] ahh
23:45 [+felix] well, like I say ross and mike were happilly wandering back to tithall just after
23:46 [+felix] and I'm sure that eye-witness reports of mike killing jeff aren't neccessary either
23:46 [+bryony] suspect they happily wandered there from adam's
23:47 [+felix] .. having retrieved my guns from olly... who would have had them while he was alive
23:47 [+felix] possibly
23:48 [+felix] I should say "'retrieved'"
23:51 [+bryony] Current theory - Ric, Ross & Mike raided Caius, shot Chris (who would recognise them), Rosie got Ric & mike & ross got Rosie and all assassiny bystanders
23:52 [+felix] I'd go with that
23:53 * Kirika comments that James was nowhere around at the time in quesiton
23:54 [+bryony] is that a statement?
23:56 --> Inquisitor joins
23:57 Kirika set +v Inquisitor
23:57 * Kirika thinks this one yet lives
23:58 * Pseudodragon does.
23:59 * Pseudodragon has, incidentally, been in Girton snce 7. I was having dinner with Pavanne, although she has said she'll be unable to confirm this. Her network access is down, incidentally.
23:59 [+Snapdragon] tra la la
23:59 [+Snapdragon] hi everyone

Oct 10 : [Home][Oct 06] [Oct 07] [Oct 08] [Oct 09] [Oct 10] [Oct 11] [Oct 12] [Oct 13] [Oct 14] [Oct 15] [Oct 16] [Latest]
00:00 [@Kirika] hiya Snapdragon
00:00 [+Pseudodragon] Hi.
00:01 [+Snapdragon] bit of carnage, looked fun
00:01 [+Snapdragon] sorry I missed it
00:01 [+Pseudodragon] Not especially sorry I missed it, but...
00:02 * Pseudodragon complains about the size of the log file.
00:02 [+Pseudodragon] Some of us are only on DSL, you know...
00:02 [@Kirika] Inquisitor: I can bz2 it for you
00:03 [@Scotsman] evening
00:03 [@Kirika] (or, if you have an SRCF acct you could too)
00:03 [+Pseudodragon] Really, don't worry... I was joking.
00:03 <-- bryony leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
00:03 * Scotsman needs to 'fix' felix tomorrow
00:03 [@Scotsman] evil git
00:03 [+Pseudodragon] Oh yes. Could do that, I guess. Scrolling is the slow bit, really.
00:04 [@Kirika] less is more
00:09 --> Pseudodragon joins
00:09 <-- Pseudodragon leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
00:10 <-- felix leaves
00:10 Kirika set +v Pseudodragon
00:11 [+Pseudodragon] GAH!
00:11 [+Pseudodragon] It's annoyoing me, too.
00:11 [@Kirika] Pseudodragon: run a screen on kern?
00:11 [+Pseudodragon] Kirika: Good idea. Must learn to use screen sometime.
00:12 [@Scotsman] i
00:12 * Scotsman plays too many adventure games
00:12 [+Pseudodragon] Actually, it's IRSSI that's the real problem. Kibot was coping fine.
00:12 * Pseudodragon has, at least, finished SB.
00:13 [+Pseudodragon] I was wth Edith and Nick 17:00ish to 18:45, when I left for Girton.
00:13 [+Pseudodragon] Someone was asking, I seem to recall.
00:14 [+Pseudodragon] Other than that. Erm... EEK.
00:14 [+Snapdragon] having a quiet intimate dinner with Jenny ?
00:14 [+Snapdragon] all alone ?
00:14 [+Snapdragon] in Girton ?
00:14 [+Snapdragon] oh, suits you sir.
00:16 [@Scotsman] mmmmm
00:18 * Katamarino wonders if jon is opped cause we needed ops or if he is alive again
00:19 --> Inquisitor joins
00:19 Scotsman set +v Inquisitor
00:20 [@Scotsman] hey Inquisitor
00:20 <-- Pseudodragon leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
00:20 [@Scotsman] your house still having fun connecting to the 'net?
00:23 [+Pseudodragon] Mostly the fault of running BT, I suspect. I've now throttled it to 20k/s max upload, which should be notably less than what we actually have.
00:27 <-- jon leaves (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:28 [+Pseudodragon] Hmmm... Throttled it, and it now runs massively faster in both directions. Silly system.
00:29 [@Scotsman] :)
00:32 <-- Pseudodragon leaves (Remote closed the connection)
00:39 <-- Katamarino leaves (AnacųnŠa · "Anybody can win -- unless there happens to be a second entry")
01:30 <-- Ric leaves
08:41 --> bryony joins
08:47 * Pavanne materialises briefly
08:48 adam set +v bryony
08:48 * adam blinks, wakes up
08:51 <-- bryony leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
08:54 * Pavanne should really clarify some stuff, but since she doesn't know what happened either, cannot as yet.
08:54 [@Pavanne] like what Ric and Rosie were shot with.
08:55 [@Pavanne] I believe, however, the entry wounds were both in the chest, and the corpses were facing one another.
08:56 [@adam] interesting
08:57 * Pavanne puts this on the website anyway
09:07 [@adam] just say who killed them and have done with it
09:10 [@adam] oh no!
09:10 [@adam] scotsman killed the hamsters!
09:13 * adam assumes everyone has worked out by now that Mike and Ross are the mafia
09:18 [@adam] ooh
09:22 * adam realises both of them have lectures all morning
10:06 * Pavanne realises she should update on the hamsters' accusations
11:08 --> Katamarino joins
11:27 --> Minister joins
11:52 --> bryony joins
11:57 --> gandalf joins
11:58 <-- gandalf leaves
12:56 --> Sista joins
13:23 adam set +vv bryony Katamarino
13:23 [+Katamarino] ta
13:24 Pavanne set +o Katamarino
13:24 * Katamarino feels special :)
13:25 * Pavanne has computer problems, and so probably needs more ops
13:27 [+Snapdragon] Pav: what is the OOB status for the party ?
13:27 [+Snapdragon] hopefully something, else it'll be very messy
13:27 [@Pavanne] People going to the party are OOB.
13:28 [@Pavanne] If you're within 200m, and PLEASE don't try to lurk people before that
13:28 <-- bryony leaves
13:29 --> Banichi joins
13:30 Pavanne set +o Banichi
13:32 [@adam] special banichi
13:32 [@Banichi] adam: eh?
13:32 [@adam] you have an @
13:32 [@Banichi] and?
13:32 [@adam] it makes you special
13:32 [@Banichi] oooh
13:36 [@Kirika] adam: don't go givingin him ideas
13:36 [@adam] ok
13:36 [@Banichi] I'm officially here to answer illuminati/seer queries if Pavanne isn't back in time
13:37 [@adam] Banichi you suck
13:37 * Kirika thinks most ppl on here have a good idea whos mafia now
13:37 [@Banichi] heh
13:37 [@Pavanne] Banichi: can you manage to send everyone emails at the same time?
13:38 * Pavanne really really intends to be back for 3
13:38 [@Banichi] ummmmm
13:38 [@Banichi] do I have to email everyone?
13:38 [@Pavanne] I did...
13:38 [@Banichi] ok
13:39 [@Banichi] I'll just mail all live players according to the website then
13:39 * Pavanne goes to ask if her computer has just fallen off the internet again
13:39 [@Pavanne] yes please. Feel free to thraten the mafioa.
13:39 [@Pavanne] And the werewolf.
13:39 [@Banichi] okie
13:39 * Pavanne sets off hopefully
13:39 * Banichi composes email
13:40 [@Banichi] echo Oi, you! Get on with it! Or else! | mail -s "Hurry up mafia" mafia@lists.cam.ac.uk
13:46 [@Scotsman] :)
13:46 * Scotsman saw Pavanne earlier today - but wasn't seen! Woo
13:46 [@Katamarino] lol
13:47 --> jon joins
13:48 --> bryony joins
13:48 Scotsman set +v bryony
13:48 [@Scotsman] woo!
13:48 [+bryony] woo?
13:48 * Scotsman finds his email from yesterday
13:48 [@Scotsman] I thought I'd deleted it
13:55 [@Pavanne] yay!
13:56 [@Scotsman] hey Pavanne
13:56 [@Scotsman] back already?
13:56 [@Pavanne] only on girton public computer
13:56 [@Scotsman] ahh
13:56 [@Pavanne] and well done :)
13:56 [@Scotsman] grins
13:56 [@Pavanne] I was possibly less than entirely paranoid ;)
13:56 [@Scotsman] nods
13:56 [@Scotsman] I was being rather paranoid
14:02 * Pavanne cannot imagine why.
14:02 -!- Topic for #townspeople: Carnage in Caius! What the Fuck?!? Pufferfish, thr33, Minister dead outside Caius hall. 14:02 -!- Topic set by Pavanne [Thu Oct 9 19:00:04 2003] 14:02 [@Scotsman] 'cos of evil thingummy spread by felix last night
14:02 [@Scotsman] propaganda
14:02 [+Snapdragon] truth
14:03 [@Scotsman] Snapdragon: don't see you doing anything to stop the spread of rampant evil tho
14:04 [@Banichi] Pavanne: :)
14:04 * Katamarino gets the feeling that someone gave felix a story to implicate us and then killed him before he could be questioned in depth...
14:05 [@Scotsman] ooh possibly
14:05 [@Scotsman] or he could have been playing silly buggers
14:05 [@Katamarino] indeed
14:05 [@Pavanne] felix?
14:05 [@Scotsman] nods
14:05 [@Scotsman] the dead one
14:05 * Banichi remains silent
14:05 [@Scotsman] Banichi: correct
14:05 [@Banichi] heh
14:05 [@Scotsman] being dead
14:05 [@Pavanne] someone playing shot him, unless hamsters have got really really well-equipped
14:06 [@Banichi] Pavanne: it's a mathmo hamster, let's not forget that ;)
14:06 [@Scotsman] they could have both had an argument and killed themselves
14:06 [@Katamarino] indeed
14:06 [@Pavanne] Jen and Matt?
14:06 [@Scotsman] nods
14:06 [@Katamarino] were they found with weapons?
14:07 [@Pavanne] Non-players cannot make kills in this game (or any other assassins game)
14:07 [@Scotsman] awww
14:07 [@Pavanne] even of one another.
14:07 [@Scotsman] ooh, witness shooting just got safer!
14:07 [@Katamarino] lol
14:07 [@Scotsman] tee hee
14:07 * Pavanne giggles
14:07 [@Pavanne] at this rate there aren't going to be any animals left in the village
14:07 [@Katamarino] hmmm, 14 hours of peace
14:07 [@Scotsman] or people
14:08 [@Scotsman] *locks door&
14:08 [@Katamarino] you mean it wasn't already locked?? :p
14:08 [@Scotsman] it may have been
14:08 [@Scotsman] I just made sure
14:08 [@Katamarino] heh
14:09 * Pavanne prepares emails for everyone
14:09 [@Katamarino] yay, email!
14:09 [@Scotsman] woo
14:09 [@Katamarino] full moon tonight - is the werewolf alive i wonder...
14:09 [@Pavanne] only the illuminati and seers get anything interesting, of course
14:10 [@Scotsman] heh
14:10 [@Katamarino] if we're alive anway!
14:10 [@Scotsman] what do the mafia get, Snapdragon?
14:10 [@Banichi] ooh ooh, do I get some?
14:10 [@Katamarino] umm
14:10 [@Katamarino] they
14:10 * Banichi giggles
14:12 * Pavanne decides to write Banichi an email too, just so he doesn't feel left out
14:13 [@Scotsman] awww :)
14:14 [@Banichi] yay :)
14:14 * Banichi huggles Pavanne
14:16 [@Pavanne] eeek, a corpse hug
14:16 [@Scotsman] mmmm necrophilia
14:17 [+Snapdragon] not necrophilia
14:17 [+Snapdragon] surely
14:17 [@Scotsman] I think so
14:17 * Pavanne suspects Banichi shouldn't say much...
14:17 Scotsman set -o Banichi
14:17 [@Scotsman] easily solved
14:17 <-- Banichi leaves
14:17 [@Pavanne] I feel guilty now
14:17 [@Scotsman] awww
14:18 * Scotsman doesn't
14:18 [@Scotsman] guilt is for the mafia, eh Snapdragon
14:18 [@Katamarino] lol
14:19 --> Banichi joins
14:19 [@Scotsman] read label
14:19 [@Scotsman] ack
14:20 * Pavanne wonders what Scotsman is labelled
14:20 [@Scotsman] you're welcome to investigate
14:20 [@adam] hee hee
14:20 [@adam] Scotsman: what are you playing?
14:21 [@Scotsman] "night.z5"
14:21 [@adam] what's the game called? type 'version'
14:21 [@Scotsman] awooga awooga
14:21 <-- Banichi leaves
14:21 [@adam] oh, I recognise the name
14:21 [@adam] but I've not played it
14:21 [@Scotsman] hint
14:21 [@Scotsman] eek
14:21 [@Scotsman] dammit
14:21 [@adam] haha
14:22 [@adam] now we know you're weak
14:22 [@Scotsman] heh
14:22 [@Scotsman] well, I can't do these puzzles on my own :(
14:23 <-- jon leaves
14:24 --> jon|wineshopping joins
14:30 [Users #townspeople] 14:30 [@adam ] [@Pavanne ] [+Snapdragon ] [ Monkey ] [ Sista]
14:30 [@Katamarino] [@Scotsman] [ jon|wineshopping] [ Phate ] [ thr33]
14:30 [@Kirika ] [+bryony ] [ Minister ] [ Pufferfish]
14:30 -!- Irssi: #townspeople: Total of 14 nicks [5 ops, 0 halfops, 2 voices, 7 normal] 15:04 * Scotsman listens to Kate Rusby, drinks Ginger Beer and reckons life is good
15:42 --> Inquisitor joins
15:42 Scotsman set +v Inquisitor
15:42 [+Pseudodragon] Cheers.
15:43 [+Pseudodragon] Any news to speak of?
15:43 [@Scotsman] don't think so
15:45 [+Pseudodragon] Who lives in F staircase?
15:45 [@adam] felix, I expect
15:45 [+Pseudodragon] Ahhhh... Yes, that would make sense.
16:54 <-- Minister leaves
17:42 -!- Topic for #townspeople: Carnage in Caius| Peace reigns around lectures| Illuminatus/ Seer check 3pm| Party OOB within 200m or alternatively NO SILLY BUGGERS 17:42 -!- Topic set by Pavanne [Fri Oct 10 14:03:31 2003] 17:58 [@adam] oh man
17:58 [@adam] let's finish this mafia game quickly then, I want a few days of non-paranoia
17:59 [@Kirika] adam: go knock on Scotsman's door and say "hey, I'm mafia, kill me"
18:00 [@adam] but kirika lying is bad
18:00 [+Pseudodragon] So is being mafia.
18:01 [@adam] right
18:01 [@adam] good job I'm not, really
18:01 [@adam] are you mafia, Inquisitor?
18:01 [@Kirika] adam: then knock on Scotsmans door and say "I'm not mafia, please shoot me"
18:01 [+Pseudodragon] No.
18:02 [+Pseudodragon] But if I went and told Scotsman I was, he'd probably just shoot me anyway.
18:02 [@adam] this is true
18:02 [+Pseudodragon] Or that I wasn't, for that matter.
18:02 [@adam] also true
18:02 [+Pseudodragon] Not that he's a bit kill-happy...
18:03 [@adam] of course not
18:03 [@adam] and he certainly isn't mafia
18:03 [+Pseudodragon] Indeed.
18:04 [+Pseudodragon] Hmmm... He and Ross were working together, weren't they? (So said felix, IIRC)
18:04 [+Pseudodragon] Maybe they're just kill-happy illuminati?
18:04 [+Pseudodragon] Wouldn't be the first time...
18:05 [@Pavanne] are they bothering to claim to be?
18:07 [@adam] no
18:08 [+Pseudodragon] Not TTBoMK.
18:08 * Pavanne decides to help these possibly-illuminati along by giving them two checks next time
18:08 [@adam] two checks tomorrow?
18:08 [@Pavanne] yes
18:08 [+Pseudodragon] Erm... we've had... 3 checks so far?
18:08 [@Pavanne] of course, there may not be any left...
18:08 [@adam] you should put it to a vote, see if anyone dares seem like a bad guy by voting no
18:08 [+Pseudodragon] So, with two more checks, that is every non-illuminati player checked, possibly.
18:09 [+Pseudodragon] Chances are, of course, they checked some people who died.
18:09 [+Pseudodragon] And it's moderatl likely that at least one of them has died, too.
18:09 [@Pavanne] Indeed, it's possible that they're all dead.
18:09 [+Pseudodragon] Even so, we know we have to hunt down soon.
18:09 [+Pseudodragon] Pavanne: Well, clearly.
18:09 [@Pavanne] does anyone want to vote against the idea? :)
18:10 [+Pseudodragon] Indeed, the mafia could be wiped out, meaning that giving the illuminati extra checks is pointless.
18:10 [+Pseudodragon] I wonder why you didn't mention the Seers.
18:10 [@adam] is Pavanne giving seers extra checks too?
18:10 [@Pavanne] yes, I give them both simultaneously
18:10 [+Pseudodragon] So... 4 seer checks...
18:11 [@Pavanne] apologies, I title all the emails Seer/ Illuminati check (as you all know)
18:11 [@adam] if both seers are alive, yeah
18:11 [+Pseudodragon] Seems a little silly, since as far as we can tell, almost every meeting of players has resulted in a fatality so far...
18:11 [@adam] and if they coordinate it
18:11 * adam isn't convinced any seers or illuminati are left anyway
18:11 * Pavanne isn't commenting, but hopes the hostiles are worried by the news
18:11 [+Pseudodragon] adam: Well, they'd have to be in secret communication, since nobody has claimed to be one.
18:12 [@adam] yeah
18:12 [@adam] I'd have thought someone would be out by now
18:12 * Pseudodragon observes that the kill-rate is far higher than the endgame of a main game, and exponential decay, due to no encounters, is taking a toll.
18:13 [@adam] er
18:13 [@Pavanne] Inquisitor: everyone knows each other here
18:13 [@adam] three deaths yesterday doesn't sound like slowing down
18:13 [@Pavanne] and the hostiles and townspeople ought to be getting ever more desperate
18:13 [+Pseudodragon] adam: Well, pav sounds worried about something.
18:13 [@Pavanne] I don't want a slowdown... :)
18:14 [@adam] it seems fairly clear that it's mike and ross versus the rest of us
18:14 [+Pseudodragon] Maybe we're just facing one remaining mafiosa, and he's a bit inactive, so...
18:14 [+Pseudodragon] adam: Well, why would she be making them more active? They would appear to be plausibly keen anyway.
18:15 [@adam] Inquisitor: you think there are three mafia left?
18:15 [@Pavanne] I'd like everyone to have a break from paranoia before main gam starts
18:15 [@Scotsman] Pavanne: we've killed half the game-size between us in 4 days, I don't think a slowdown is on the cards
18:15 [@Scotsman] Pavanne: ach, I need to keep the level of paranoia up :)
18:15 [+Pseudodragon] Erm... Actually, I was thinking that maybe it's a werewolf who's lying too low, but...
18:16 [@Pavanne] then someone must need a wolfpelt for their floor
18:16 * Pseudodragon is worried by the bloodthirstiness of the Reporter.
18:16 [@adam] we've no idea who the wolf is, I guess
18:16 [@adam] they might be dead, even
18:16 [+Pseudodragon] And nobody is publically claiming to be Seer, so...
18:16 [@Pavanne] Tbh, I like to keep it tense
18:16 [@Pavanne] it's more interesting when people are forced into acts of desperation :)
18:17 [+Pseudodragon] Pavanne: But silly if this coincides with everyone just not meeting each other.
18:17 [@Pavanne] then they'd better try a bit harder to meet each other
18:17 [+Pseudodragon] Ahhh. Guess you'd better hope the mafia has someone less averse to lurking than me.
18:18 * adam is hoping that all of the mafia are averse to lurking, in fact
18:18 [@Pavanne] grin
18:18 * Pseudodragon doesn't mind being lurked. It gets people killed, and they generally aren't him.
18:18 [@Pavanne] well, there are some active players capable of serious killing left
18:19 [@Pavanne] I don' really care who dies, as long as people keep dying :)
18:19 [+Pseudodragon] I seeeeeee....
18:19 [+Pseudodragon] adam: Scotsman's door it is...
18:19 [+Pseudodragon] Or we could kill lots of innocents for you.
18:20 <-- jon|wineshopping leaves
18:20 * adam doesn't really want to die
18:20 [@Scotsman] eek
18:20 [@adam] I just want all the mafia to die
18:20 --> jon joins
18:20 * Scotsman wouldn't mind a wolfpelt - I could put it in front of my fireplace
18:20 [@Pavanne] I just want everyone to die. Is that too much to ask?
18:20 [@adam] Scotsman: you have a fireplace?
18:20 [@Scotsman] well, fsdo "fireplace"
18:20 [@Scotsman] Pavanne: yes
18:20 [@adam] does it have a chimney?
18:20 [@Scotsman] not as such
18:21 [@Scotsman] and it's been boarded up
18:21 [@adam] and does the chimney come out on an accessible part of the roof?
18:21 [@adam] dammit
18:21 [+Pseudodragon] Pavanne: Would you object terribly if when the last two double-killed, one was only hit in an arm, or something?
18:21 [@Scotsman] and has an electric heater on it
18:21 [@Pavanne] Inquisitor: it all depends on how quick they are about it :)
18:21 * Pavanne isn't really that bloodthirsty.
18:21 * Scotsman splutters on his water
18:22 * Pseudodragon wonders if Pavanne would keep the game going after all the hostiles died, just for fun. (I have done it before, when running mafia... Three mafia and two townsfolk, trying to decide who to lynch... 'twas funny)
18:22 [@Scotsman] hehe
18:22 * Pseudodragon rereads Pavanne's comment, and double-takes.
18:22 [@Pavanne] Inquisitor: it depends on how quick they are about it :)
18:23 * Pavanne wouldn't play such silly buggers- there are hostiles left
18:23 [@Scotsman] yeah, obviously adam, Snapdragon and Bryony
18:23 * Pseudodragon decides to hide until this 'stirring' thing has an effect...
18:23 [@Scotsman] and Ross
18:23 [@Scotsman] and Inquisitor
18:23 [@Scotsman] and little old me, innocent townsperson man
18:23 [+Pseudodragon] You missed one.
18:23 [+Pseudodragon] (Edith)
18:23 [@Scotsman] oh
18:24 [@Scotsman] and Edith
18:24 [@Scotsman] all 6 of you are out to get me
18:24 [+Pseudodragon] Definitly.
18:24 [@Scotsman] eek
18:24 [+Pseudodragon] Well, maybe.
18:24 [@Scotsman] doing a good job of it so far
18:24 [@Pavanne] yep, you're holding the game up Scotsman
18:24 [@Scotsman] oh, sorry
18:27 * Pavanne thinks that if there were 2 players left, calling a duel would be quite reasonable.
18:27 [@adam] 7 is less practical
18:28 [@Pavanne] yes. I'm hoping the hostiles won't force anyone to it
18:29 * Pseudodragon wonders about the dynamics of a 7 way duel, with reasonably unknown alliances, and possible actual backstabbing.
18:30 [+Pseudodragon] Hmmmm... Where to have it? Harvey Court Gardens might be nonlinear enough.
18:30 [+Pseudodragon] Pavanne: If there are only two players left, it's obvious that they're enemies. That sounds quite dull.
18:31 [@Pavanne] Inquisitor: the hostiles still have 7 days
18:31 [@Pavanne] If they don't manage anything at all, I will reveal their identity.
18:31 [@Pavanne] on the basis that they're not hostile enough :)
18:31 [@Scotsman] Pavanne: bloody hell, you want this game over quick
18:31 * Scotsman decides to not do anything just to annoy Pavanne
18:32 [@Pavanne] please :)
18:32 [@Scotsman] ok
18:32 [@adam] Scotsman: does that include not doing anything while someone is walking up to you with a gun?
18:32 [@Scotsman] no, but rather than fighting I'll run away
18:32 [@Scotsman] and I have yet to see anyone carrying a gun this game...
18:32 [@adam] that's cause they're hidden
18:32 [@Scotsman] ah, mebbe that's it
18:32 [@adam] wasn't rosie carrying a gun when you killed her?
18:32 [@Scotsman] I didn't kill rosie
18:32 * Pavanne considers sending herself in as a l33t government agent to kill anyone she meets
18:33 [@adam] damn, that trick failed
18:33 [@Scotsman] Pavanne: hah, come and get me if you think you're hard enough
18:33 * Pavanne decides that would be silly
18:33 [@adam] Pavanne: what would happen if you died?
18:33 [@Pavanne] adam: I feel very very silly
18:33 [@Scotsman] adam: everyone wins
18:33 [@Scotsman] and I get the body
18:34 [@Scotsman] Pavanne: for the benefit of everyone on channel, can Illuminati / Seers check dead people in their checks?
18:34 [@Pavanne] No.
18:34 * adam thought not
18:34 [@Scotsman] then we have at most 3 days before checks become useless
18:35 [@adam] they may be useless already, if all illuminati/seers are dead
18:35 --> Edith|elsewhere joins
18:35 * Pavanne has an email from Bjoern making her very mellow
18:35 Scotsman set +v Edith|elsewhere
18:35 Pavanne set +v Edith|elsewhere
18:35 [@Scotsman] adam: indeed
18:35 [@adam] I'm not convinced I see the point in accelerating checks, I admit
18:35 [@Scotsman] Pavanne: mellow?
18:35 [@Pavanne] worry the hostiles :)
18:35 [@Scotsman] Pavanne: nothing else appears to
18:35 * Pseudodragon needs to know when and where to find the mafia, before he can consider ignoring this aversion to lurking.
18:35 [@Scotsman] Inquisitor: Snapdragon's room, later tonight
18:35 * Pseudodragon also needs not to be horrendously horrendously busy.
18:35 [@Scotsman] ah, true
18:36 [@adam] Inquisitor: Katamarino's room, later tonight
18:36 [@Scotsman] i've had 8 lectures in two days, so I'm bushed
18:36 [@Scotsman] and in adam's room, now
18:36 [+Pseudodragon] Erm....
18:36 [@Scotsman] nods
18:36 [@adam] eek! mafia in my room?
18:36 * adam checks
18:36 [+Twig] Now the question is: do I have mafia in the same room as me?
18:36 [+Pseudodragon] Hmmm... I think I literally don't have time to lurk tomorrow.
18:37 [@adam] no, no mafia
18:37 [+Pseudodragon] Do I look guilty?
18:37 [@adam] I even looked in the wardrobe
18:37 [+Twig] Inquisitor: of what?
18:37 [@adam] Edith|somewhere: if you did, would anyone tell you when tom can read irc over your shoulder?
18:38 [+Pseudodragon] We aren't reading over each others' shoulders.
18:38 [+Pseudodragon] Comes under 'no silly buggers'.
18:38 [@adam] ah, ok
18:38 [+Twig] How about using binoculars to read over your shoulder?
18:38 [+Twig] (it can be done)
18:38 [+Pseudodragon] How about shooting you while you're asleep. With your CPS.
18:38 [@Pavanne] comes under the heading of...
18:38 [@Scotsman] hehehe
18:39 [@Scotsman] really?
18:39 [@Pavanne] do you two not trust one another or something?
18:39 [@adam] well, one of them might be mafia
18:39 [@Scotsman] I don't trust either one of them
18:39 [@Scotsman] [or adam[
18:39 [+Pseudodragon] Pavanne: We can't, reasonably, can we?
18:39 [+Twig] Of course I trust Tom: I trust him to be a devious git,
18:39 [+Pseudodragon] I, however, trust Edith to play silly buggers.
18:39 [@Pavanne] Inquisitor: indeed, I was just generally expressing shock :)
18:40 [+Twig] Actually we both have pretty good alibis for the Caius gunning so that lends him some credibility.
18:41 [+Pseudodragon] Except that our only not-us alibi is Nick.
18:41 [+Pseudodragon] Oh, and being on IRC at times which make it hard for us to have done it.
18:46 [+Twig] but not impossible
18:46 [+Twig] if we were really cunning.
18:46 [+Twig] My alibi is that I'm Edith. I find this to be more than adequate.
18:46 [@Scotsman] i don't
18:47 [+Twig] How about not being seen in the area, unlike some poeple?
18:47 [+Twig] How about typing stuff on IRC
18:47 [@Pavanne] this, from the person who argues "I'm Scotsman, I'm a mad psychopath, does that make mafia then?"
18:47 [+Twig] How about siting next to an innocent who will vouch for me?
18:47 [+Twig] I fully believe Scotsman is mafia.
18:47 [+Twig] Someone competant go kill him
18:47 [@Scotsman] Pavanne: shush
18:48 [@Scotsman] Edith|somewhere: hah
18:48 [+Twig] nononono it's: Muahahahahahaha!
18:48 [@Scotsman] no
18:48 [+Twig] You got to get the evil laughter right if you're going to be mafia
18:49 [@Scotsman] there you go then
18:49 * Pavanne practices
18:49 [@Scotsman] Pavanne: we know you're mafia
18:49 [@Scotsman] :)
18:50 [@Pavanne] So it's okay if I get tipsy and announce I am? ;)
18:50 [@Scotsman] yeah
18:51 * Pavanne has no intention of doing that.
18:51 [@Scotsman] that's cos you're sober atm
18:51 [@Scotsman] alcohol can rapidly alter plans :)
18:52 [+Twig] If I get tipsy and announce what I am I'll be ok, you know why?
18:52 [@adam] why?
18:52 [+Pseudodragon] He says that quite often.
18:53 [+Twig] Maybe it's true?
18:53 [+Pseudodragon] It could be...
18:53 [@Scotsman] nah
18:55 [+Twig] Alright, I'm not specifically guilty of anything. does that make things better?
19:02 [+Pseudodragon] Cruelty to rocks?
19:06 [+Twig] Appart from that.
20:02 <-- jon leaves
20:23 --> richardA_ joins
21:40 [+Twig] Anyone dead yet>
21:40 [+Twig] ?
21:40 <-- Twig leaves (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:43 [@Katamarino] apparently miss Bryony 'Mafia' Baines has been stalking me :-o

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00:00 [+Pseudodragon] Fascinating... I made it back from the party alive, btw. Pavanne... Well, hopefully she'll not drink any more.
00:11 [+bryony] interesting quote from your neighbours katamarino.. "where's ross?", "Oh, he's probably out assassinating people again"
00:11 [+Pseudodragon] He's playeb before, right?
00:11 [@Katamarino] i have, all last year :)
00:11 [+Pseudodragon] Oh, incidentally, bryony: What's this I hear about you and Snap?
00:11 [+bryony] these are first years
00:12 [+Pseudodragon] There was a strong suggestion that you were working together...
00:12 [+bryony] i have no idea
00:12 [+Pseudodragon] So? If he's explaind it to them, it's a reasonable turn of phrase.
00:12 [+Pseudodragon] I see. But you do admit that you were trying to kill Ross.
00:12 [+Pseudodragon] Actually, I'm suspicious as hell of Ross, and only fairly suspicious of you, but...
00:13 [@Katamarino] who are first years...?
00:13 [@Katamarino] my neighbours are all second year like me
00:13 [+bryony] he's oh so blatantly mafia
00:13 [+Pseudodragon] Well, you would say that (if, say, you and Snap were working together... And were, f/ex, mafia with the deceased Ric)...
00:14 [+bryony] really? okay, i didn't get that impression but i really only talked to them in order to get my shoes back
00:14 [@Katamarino] they thought you were a fresher, lol
00:14 [+Pseudodragon] Hmmm... Actually, you could be working with Ross, and just pretending that you'd been trying to kill him.
00:14 * Pseudodragon should stop trying to work this out when drunk. I don't really trust any of you.
00:15 [+bryony] Well i was there, go ask his neighbours
00:15 [+Pseudodragon] Yeah, right... Like I'd bother.
00:15 [+bryony] :-)
00:15 [+bryony] well i'm going to sleep
00:15 [+Pseudodragon] (Also like I'd put myself just outside the door o a probably-mafia.)
00:15 [+Pseudodragon] nn
00:16 * Pseudodragon should too.
00:17 [+bryony] night all
00:17 <-- bryony leaves
00:58 <-- Pseudodragon leaves (Staring into the Void)
02:06 <-- Katamarino leaves (AnacųnŠa · "Any order that can be misunderstood has been misunderstood")
03:07 [@Kirika] nn everyone
03:07 * Kirika observes ppl are still at the party
03:07 [@Kirika] and the following two observations:
03:07 [@Kirika] badgers
03:07 [@Kirika] game
03:08 [@Kirika] </random possibly drunk utterances>
03:08 [@Kirika] (and now, the oral sex)
03:28 [@Scotsman] mmmm oral sex
04:14 [@Pavanne] No thanks.
04:15 [@Scotsman] aww
09:16 --> bryony joins
10:05 adam set +v bryony
10:15 [+bryony] morning
10:40 [@Scotsman] yup
10:40 [@Scotsman] why weren't you partying last night, bryony ?
10:41 [@Scotsman] plotting evil mafia things with edith?
11:29 --> Edith|knackered joins
11:30 Pavanne set +v Edith|knackered
11:33 [+Twig] I wish to point out that the CURS Squash this afternoon is very much an official society event. So nah!
11:34 [@adam] so the mafia just have to lurk outside?
11:34 [+Twig] I wish to point out I might not actually be there.
11:35 [@Pavanne] minor update for anyone interested
11:36 [@Scotsman] oooh
11:36 [+Twig] oh
11:36 [+Twig] So The Farmer shot one of his sheep. How uninteresting.
11:37 [@Scotsman] gah evil woman
11:37 [@adam] hm, that would rule if all the hungover people were innocent
11:37 [@adam] but that's obviously not the case since Scotsman is mafia
11:37 [@Scotsman] no I'm not - you are!
11:38 [@adam] am not!
11:38 [@Scotsman] am too
11:38 [@adam] I know you are!
11:38 [+Twig] Well, I would like to admit to being....
11:38 [@Scotsman] ponders
11:38 [+Twig] INNOCENT!
11:38 * Kirika suggest that everyone lynch adam and Scotsman
11:38 [@Scotsman] more liquid!
11:38 [@Pavanne] adam: if nothing happens, the hungover people are clearly the hostiles :)
11:38 [@Kirika] Pavanne: or otherwise engaged
11:38 [@Pavanne] Kirika: alas, yes
11:38 [@adam] or the mafia are doing nothing to make the hungover people suspect one another
11:39 [@Pavanne] sigh
11:39 [@Kirika] quite
11:39 * Twig is tempted to go and shoot innocents outside the door of another player to screw with people's minds.
11:39 [@Pavanne] Please don't
11:39 [+Twig] Oh alright then.
11:40 * Pavanne is quite fed up with doing sheep updates
11:40 [@Scotsman] hehe
11:41 [+Twig] I could shoot Cthulhu
11:42 [@Pavanne] silly bugger
11:43 [+Twig] yes
11:43 [@Scotsman] oooh owww
11:43 * Scotsman turns volume down
11:44 [@Scotsman] Pavanne: what time is the check today?
11:44 [@Pavanne] 3pm
11:44 [@Scotsman] and is it two people?
11:44 [@Pavanne] Yes. 2 people for every surviving group.
11:44 [@Scotsman] sigh
11:44 [@adam] sorry Scotsman, everyone will know you're mafia soon
11:45 * adam assumes most of the checkers are dead, of course
11:45 [@Scotsman] hmmmm
11:45 [@Pavanne] Either a) be pleased that the townspeople are getting extra information or b) go kill the checkers
11:45 [@Pavanne] or c) assume they're all dead :)
11:46 [@Scotsman] or we could sit on IRC in complete safety and make sarky comments about you Pavanne
11:47 [+Twig] Oooo, do we poor innocent townspeople get to check on people this turn? Rather than getting an e-mail which basically goes: "You're an innocent, you're there to be slaughtered. Ha Ha Ha."
11:47 * Pavanne 's mouth is stuck closed with Sarah's toffee, so she can't reply to that
11:48 [@Pavanne] Edith: no, sorry. Figure out who's mafia on your own, then kill them, and you won't get slaughtered
11:49 [+Twig] Thanks, but I prefer the approach more commonly refered to as "hiding in terror"
12:00 * Twig decides that I can wait another half hour before setting off for Johns
12:01 * Kirika thinks there may or may not be carnage today
12:01 * Twig agrees
12:01 [@Kirika] in particular in at the
12:02 * Twig resolves to shoot Kirika on principle for that last comment.
12:02 * Kirika resolves to stab Edith mercilessly at the first oppurtunity
12:02 [@adam] such violence
12:03 [+Twig] What can I say. I like to play with the sheep.
12:03 [@Pavanne] Shocking, isn't it? Especially that they're only talking about merciless killing...
12:04 [+Twig] Hey, when you have Jonn Hogg+Bunny Love as a suggestion for a game it tends to but you in a coma for a few days.
12:05 * Kirika doesn't understand Edith's lsat comment and thinks this can only be a good thing
12:05 * Twig too
12:12 [+Twig] I have one thing to say to the mafia: Bring it on!
12:28 [+bryony] oooh, the CURS thing is today?
12:53 <-- bryony leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
12:54 --> jon joins
12:54 --> bryony joins
12:56 Scotsman set +v bryony
13:34 * Scotsman twiddles thumbs and waits for things to happen
13:36 [@adam] Scotsman: go kill edith
13:36 * Pavanne has mental images now of edith being attacked by a Kirika-sheep
13:37 [@Scotsman] adam: ok
14:10 <-- SupperingSis leaves (Trillian (http://www.ceruleanstudios.com))
14:12 --> Sista joins
15:19 <-- SupperingSis leaves (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:21 --> Sista joins
16:13 --> Katamarino joins
16:15 Scotsman set +v Katamarino
17:12 <-- SupperingSis leaves (Trillian (http://www.ceruleanstudios.com))
18:09 * Kirika observes that nothing happend this afternoon as 4 of the living players were all in one room planning to take over the world
18:09 [@Scotsman] :)
18:09 [@Scotsman] 4?
18:09 [@Kirika] {Bryony, James, Tom, Edith}
18:09 [@Scotsman] oh right?
18:10 [@Scotsman] interesting
18:10 * Kirika observes thats what happens at CURS in general
18:10 [@Scotsman] ahhhh
18:10 [@Scotsman] nods
18:11 * Kirika wonders if there was any bloodshed on the way out
18:11 [@Scotsman] would be interesting
18:12 * Kirika observes that Tom left suggesting that he should give James back his pellet, and Edith was contemplating CPSs
19:22 --> Sista joins
19:25 <-- bryony leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
19:32 <-- SupperingSis leaves (lovely laundry)
20:08 --> Sista joins
20:40 <-- SupperingSis leaves (Trillian (http://www.ceruleanstudios.com))
20:53 [+Twig] Damm it, I didn't kill Kirika
20:54 [+Twig] Well, at least I murdered Cthulhu
20:58 [@adam] well done
21:03 --> Sista joins
21:05 <-- SupperingSis leaves
21:05 --> Sista|here joins
21:23 <-- Sista|here leaves
21:28 [+Twig] I'm tempted to shoot nick for random bad jokes.
21:31 [+Twig] I am seriously tempted
21:36 <-- Twig leaves (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:19 --> Edith|nowhere joins
22:21 <-- Twig leaves
22:56 --> Edith joins
23:06 adam set +v Edith
23:06 [+Twig] w00t!
23:06 [+Twig] I wish I had something to say other than, Cthulhu lies dead, but w00t! anyways
23:20 <-- Twig leaves (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:31 --> Sista joins
23:42 [@Scotsman] anything happen?
23:43 [+Snapdragon] we're still hiding from you
23:43 [@Scotsman] me?
23:43 [@Scotsman] I'm not doing anything
23:43 [+Snapdragon] you missed me going to the bar without any weapons at all
23:44 [@Scotsman] aww
23:44 [@Scotsman] I went for curry with only two guns
23:45 [+Snapdragon] good curry ?
23:45 [+Katamarino] i want curry :(
23:45 [+Snapdragon] Katamarino: so do I
23:45 [+Snapdragon] now
23:45 [@Scotsman] yeah, it was
23:45 [+Katamarino] ok, shall we?
23:45 [+Katamarino] wheres open?
23:45 [+Katamarino] :p
23:45 [@Scotsman] you guys all come round and stand in front of Tit hall and I'll decide
23:46 [+Katamarino] ok, good plan :)
23:46 * Snapdragon can wait
23:46 [+Katamarino] lol

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00:16 <-- SupperingSis leaves
00:22 <-- jon leaves
00:22 --> jonisinbed joins
00:27 --> bryony joins
00:28 Scotsman set +v bryony
00:28 [@Scotsman] hey there
00:29 [+bryony] hello evil mafia :)
00:29 [@Scotsman] me?
00:30 [@Scotsman] you've been listening to Snapdragon again haven't you?
00:30 [@Scotsman] sigh
00:30 [+Snapdragon] heh
00:30 [+Snapdragon] bryony loves me more than she loves you :-P
00:31 [+bryony] oh yes, all he does is rant and rave
00:31 [+Snapdragon] in a nice way
00:32 [@Scotsman] Snapdragon: :(
00:32 [+bryony] nothing has happened :-(
00:32 [@Scotsman] no I know
00:32 [+bryony] peaceful village
00:32 [@Scotsman] maybe there are no mafia left
00:32 [+bryony] shall go to sleep then
00:32 [@Scotsman] goodnight then
00:32 [+bryony] nn
00:32 [+Snapdragon] nn
00:32 <-- bryony leaves
01:58 [@Scotsman] goodnight all
02:57 <-- Katamarino leaves (AnacųnŠa · "Beauty is only skin deep, ugly goes to the bone")
10:53 --> Sista joins
11:13 --> Edith joins
11:22 adam set +v Edith
11:50 --> bryony joins
11:57 Scotsman set +v bryony
12:04 <-- jonisinbed leaves
12:04 --> jon joins
12:08 [+Twig] Anyone up for randomly killing Scotsman?
12:08 [+bryony] oooh talkies
12:08 * Kirika
12:08 [+bryony] yay, when?
12:08 [+Twig] not sure. I just got bored of nothing happening.
12:08 [@Kirika] can we do Edith|probably bashing too?
12:08 * Scotsman waves
12:08 [@adam] hi Scotsman
12:08 [@Scotsman] you just missed me folks
12:09 [+Twig] Kirika: can I drop a car on your head?
12:09 [@Scotsman] I've been out and about for the last 2 hours :s
12:09 [@adam] we could all go and stand outside his staircase with guns pointed at the door
12:09 [@Kirika] Edith|probably: I'd like to see you try (with a non-real car)
12:09 [@Scotsman] adam: oh, please do
12:09 [+Twig] Scotsman: Look behind you!
12:09 [@Scotsman] i'm getting bored
12:09 [@adam] actually, we could get a proper lynch mob together
12:09 [+bryony] i'm getting bored
12:09 [@adam] there hasn't been one yet
12:09 [+Twig] Alternativly we could stand outside his lectures armed to the teeth
12:10 [+bryony] grr, i almost paid tit hall a visit
12:10 [+Twig] I did.
12:10 [+Twig] I was looking for Clare buttery at the time...
12:10 [@Scotsman] awww
12:10 [@Scotsman] i was lurking outside your house, bryony ;-)
12:10 [+bryony] i was lurking outside ross' room, lol
12:10 [@adam] why were you looking for Clare buttery?
12:10 [+Twig] CUPhot Squash
12:11 [+Twig] I wandered into the wrong college.
12:11 [@adam] ah ok
12:11 [+Twig] F34R M3!
12:11 [+Twig] Or something.
12:11 [@Scotsman] Edith|probably: eek
12:11 [+Twig] Kirika: That's all of us....
12:11 [@Scotsman] mmm sandwiches
12:12 [@Kirika] Edith|probably: why, yes, I think it is
12:15 --> Katamarino joins
12:16 -!- mode/#townspeople [+v Katamarino] by Scotsman, adam 12:16 [+Katamarino] ta
12:16 [+Twig] Alright, how about we organise a drunken Lynch mob and go around lynching interesting sheep?
12:16 [@Scotsman] sound good
12:16 [@Scotsman] i have lots of alcohol
12:16 [+Twig] I deny having lots of sheep.
12:19 [+Twig] Well, someones out to kill me hen
12:19 [+Twig] then
12:19 [+Twig] I just got a phone call, it hung up when I answered.
12:19 [@Scotsman] i'm not
12:19 [+Katamarino] scary :s
12:19 [@Scotsman] i don't have your number
12:19 [+Twig] Obviously this is some form of trap I've fallen into.
12:20 [+Twig] Fortunetally I have the perfect defence: Tom will help me!
12:20 [+Twig] << >> erm.....
12:21 <-- Twig leaves
12:22 [@Scotsman] heh
12:26 [+Katamarino] apparently there is a mafia in my kitchen
12:26 [+Katamarino] i am preparing to sally out
12:26 [@adam] really?
12:26 [+Katamarino] wish me luck!
12:27 [@adam] which one?
12:27 [@adam] who is it?
12:27 [+Katamarino] dont know
12:27 [+Katamarino] but i had a phone call from my friend
12:27 [+Katamarino] if you dont hear from me for an hour, i have fallen....
12:27 [@adam] we'll be rooting for the good guys, don't worry
12:28 [+Katamarino] they'd gone it seems
12:28 [+Katamarino] oh well
12:28 [@adam] shame
12:28 [@Scotsman] it must be snap
12:28 [@adam] did your friend give a description?
12:28 [@Scotsman] or Tom
12:29 [@Scotsman] everyone else is here
12:29 [+Katamarino] about to phone him and get one
12:29 [+Katamarino] his phones off
12:29 [+Katamarino] ah well
12:29 [+Katamarino] bbs
12:33 [+bryony] lalalaaa
12:34 [@Scotsman] ?
12:35 [@Pavanne] oooh, action?
12:36 * Pavanne looks mildly hopeful
12:36 [@Scotsman] aww, poor Pavanne
12:39 [+Katamarino] sorry Pav, the evl lurker had gone
12:39 [@Pavanne] awww ;)
12:44 [+Katamarino] description is in, it was Bryony 'Mafia' Baynes again :p
12:44 --> Edith joins
12:44 [@Pavanne] I'm impressed with her running ability
12:44 Pavanne set +v Edith
12:45 [+Katamarino] lol
12:45 [@Scotsman] she was there earlier
12:45 [@adam] ooh, bryony was trying to kill you?
12:45 [@Scotsman] 12:10 <+bryony> i was lurking outside ross' room, lol
12:45 [@adam] oh yeah
12:45 [+Katamarino] oh yes :p
12:46 [@Pavanne] good for bryony
12:46 [@Scotsman] gsh
12:46 [@Scotsman] I was trying to kill her at the time :(
12:46 [@Pavanne] at least someone is trying :)
12:46 [+Katamarino] lol
12:46 [@Pavanne] good for you too then
12:46 [+Katamarino] i was asleep at the time...
12:46 [+bryony] scotsman, come back!
12:46 [@Scotsman] and doesn't snap ever go to the bathroom?
12:46 [@Scotsman] bryony: OK!
12:46 * Pavanne notes that subtlety seems to have gone out of the window
12:47 [@Scotsman] well, by now the illuminati should know the identities of everyone left
12:47 * Twig shoots subtle as it flys past
12:47 [@adam] or the illuminati are dead
12:47 [@adam] if the illuminati do know everything, I wish they'd say so
12:47 [@Scotsman] nods
12:48 [+Snapdragon] I know everything, but I'm just arrogant
12:48 [+Snapdragon] :-)
12:48 [@adam] morning snap
12:48 [@Scotsman] hehe
12:48 [@Scotsman] hi Snapdragon
12:48 [+Twig] I think Tom is still in bed.
12:48 [@adam] murder him while he sleeps!
12:49 [+Twig] Nah, no-kill agreement.
12:49 [@adam] true
12:49 [@adam] plus he might be innocent
12:49 [@adam] what a strange concept
12:49 [+Twig] Just that he couldn't have been lurking Katamarino
12:49 [+Twig] Tom Garnett is most certainly not innocent.
12:49 [@adam] I guess he looks quite like bryony
12:50 [+bryony] I was lurking katamarino
12:50 [@Scotsman] lol
12:50 [+Twig] He may not be specifically guilty but he's not innocent
12:50 [+Twig] bryony: ah
12:50 [+bryony] i'm sure i would have noticed someone else in the bathroom
12:50 [@adam] I thought Katamarino said the assassin was in the kitchen?
12:50 [+Twig] Can we get a quotes log for this channel?
12:50 [+Katamarino] no, I was lurking Katamarino!
12:50 [@Scotsman] I did when it was me and Sista
12:50 [+Twig] I am Sparticus!
12:51 [+Snapdragon] Oh aye ?
12:51 * Pavanne updates on the minor happenings of the past day
12:51 [+Twig] You mean Cthulhu?
12:51 [@Pavanne] for starters
12:51 * Twig checks
12:52 [+Twig] fair enough.
12:52 [+Twig] In short: people got bored yesterday.
12:52 [@Pavanne] yep :)
12:52 [@Scotsman] :)
12:52 [@Pavanne] Another double Seer/ Illuminati check today, if anyone is interested
12:52 [@adam] except they're all dead
12:52 [@adam] or really stupid
12:52 * Katamarino wonders how to explain the fact that pretty girls keep hiding in the bathroom waiting for me to my neighbours...
12:53 [@Scotsman] just say "I have better sideburns than you"
12:53 [@adam] I'd have thought it'd be easier to explain pretty girls in your bathroom than ugly old men
12:53 [+Snapdragon] Katamarino: In the obvious way
12:53 [+Snapdragon] "she's just shy"
12:53 [+Snapdragon] :-)
12:53 [+Katamarino] 3 good answers, indeed
12:53 [+bryony] it might be harder to explain the guns that way
12:53 [+Katamarino] lol, very true
12:53 [@Pavanne] I had to explain strange and very very unsubtle men hanging about last year
12:54 [@Pavanne] I'd far rather try to explain a Bryony
12:54 [+Snapdragon] "Don't worry, it's just Nokes"
12:54 [@adam] if it was nokes you could just claim they'd had some sort of nightmare
12:54 [@Pavanne] True, true.
12:54 [@Kirika] adam: don't forget Banichi too
12:54 [+Twig] Or it was a porn film being shot.
12:54 [@Kirika] and Scotsman
12:54 [@adam] belatedly, yay for having better sideburns also
12:55 [@Pavanne] but then you have to explain wanting all the details of who was with him and where he was standing
12:55 [@Scotsman] i'd like the opportunity to have to explain why Bryony was in my bathroom :(
12:55 [@Scotsman] adam: :)
12:55 [@adam] Pavanne: so pretend to be a psychoanalyst
12:55 [+Twig] I'd be quite disturbed if Bryony was in my bathroom. I thought we had better security
12:55 [@adam] maybe tom let her in
12:56 [+Twig] That might contitute a breach of our nsba
12:56 [@Kirika] Pavanne: tell the truth?
12:56 [@adam] only if she was there for assassins purposes
12:56 [+Twig] well yes.
12:56 [+bryony] your no kill includes not letting others in?
12:57 [@adam] I'm sure there are a whole host of other reasons why bryony might be in your bathroom
12:57 [@adam] she could have fallen off her bike on histon road and needed to wash the mud off her face
12:57 * Katamarino decides a camera to see whether people are lurking in the bathroom probably breaks laws in some way
12:57 [@adam] probably, yes
12:57 [@adam] kitchen might be acceptable
12:57 [@Scotsman] adam: indeed
12:58 [+bryony] kitchencam!
12:58 [@adam] actually I'd like a kitchencam
12:58 [+Twig] bryony: I think our no-kill include letting others in to do the killing for you. So you'd have to agree to our no-kill if you wanted in.
12:58 [+Katamarino] kitchen with a view of the bathroom door and MY door
12:58 [+bryony] the 24 hour live broadcast from selwyn kitchens
12:58 [+Katamarino] genius!
12:58 [+bryony] watching mould grow
12:58 [@adam] your room is off the kitchen?
12:58 [+Katamarino] mmmm, tasty
12:58 [@Pavanne] put it online so everyone can see when you have gone out
12:58 [+Katamarino] lol
12:59 [+Katamarino] or when i am cooking
12:59 [+Twig] Alternativly a 24 hour webcam of our back garden.
12:59 [+Katamarino] or hunting spiders with an RBG, thats always fun
12:59 [@Pavanne] Katamarino: nooo! Spiders are nice!
12:59 [+Twig] Katamarino: you're sick.
12:59 [@Pavanne] you should put them outside
12:59 [@adam] Edith: can we persuade your other housemate to let us in?
12:59 [+Katamarino] i dont mind them as long as they are not in my room - then its either them or me!
13:00 [@adam] just pick them up and move them
13:00 [+Katamarino] and i'm better armed than them
13:00 * Katamarino shudders
13:00 [+Katamarino] TOUCH them? :s
13:00 * bryony catches lots of spiders to dangle round her kitchen
13:00 [@Pavanne] you could have a pot
13:00 [@Scotsman] mmm pot
13:00 * Pavanne likes spiders, and doesn't generally get rid of them
13:00 [+Katamarino] hmmm, Pav might be on to something
13:00 * adam realised recently that picking up spiders is by far the easiest way to move them around
13:00 [@Scotsman] eek
13:01 [@Pavanne] adam: yes, but if you are arachnophobic a pot and piece of paper might be best
13:01 [@adam] true
13:01 [+bryony] although i've occasionally ended up with them caught in my hair by doing that
13:01 [@Pavanne] bryony: that's lucky though
13:01 [@adam] bryony: you're not supposed to pick them up with your hair
13:01 [+Twig] adam: I think you've just given us a good reason to shoot nick. He's a security hazard.
13:02 [+Katamarino] bugger, my lamp just blew up
13:02 [@adam] oops
13:02 [@Scotsman] heh
13:02 [@adam] I have a spare, want to borrow it?
13:02 [@Pavanne] hehehe
13:02 [+Katamarino] you're too kind, why don't you leave it on the ground in front of your open-a-crack window for me to pick up? ::)
13:02 [+Katamarino] spider smiley - ::::)
13:03 [@adam] sounds like a sensible arrangement to me
13:03 [+Katamarino] marvelous
13:03 [+Katamarino] :p
13:04 * adam realises his spare lamp is actually in sheffield
13:04 [+Katamarino] hmmm, bit of a walk
13:05 [@adam] actually there's a magic portal to sheffield just outside my window
13:05 [+Katamarino] wow, THERE'S a stroke of luck!
13:05 [@adam] yeah
13:05 [@adam] but it only works for people whose name begins with R
13:05 [+Katamarino] even better :)
13:05 [@adam] so you'll have to go
13:06 [@Scotsman] lol
13:06 [+Katamarino] sounds fair, as i'm borrowing the lamp
13:06 * Scotsman considers putting something like that in an IF game
13:06 * Scotsman needs to finish his at some point
13:06 [@Scotsman] adam: did you ever play troll?
13:07 [+Katamarino] is it one of those portals that you can't take toy guns through by any chance, so i'll have to leave them at home?
13:07 [@adam] teleporting around to get a lamp to the right place? that'd be Zork III
13:07 [@Scotsman] hehe
13:07 [@adam] Katamarino: I can't tell, since I can't use it anyway due to not having a name beginning with R
13:07 [@adam] leave the guns at home to be on the safe side
13:07 [+Katamarino] oh yes, of course
13:07 [+Katamarino] good idea
13:09 [@adam] Pavanne: the news page mentions Edith shooting Cthulhu but not bryony happily admitting she was trying to kill Ross?
13:09 [@Scotsman] i was lurking bryony and Snapdragon
13:10 [@adam] at once?
13:10 [@adam] woof
13:10 [@Scotsman] indeed
13:10 [+Snapdragon] I wish ;-)
13:10 [@Scotsman] nods
13:17 [+Twig] I suspect the Werewolf to be Matthew Garrett
13:17 [@Scotsman] ah, that would explain a lot
13:18 [@adam] yeah, but everyone is matthew garrett
13:18 [@Scotsman] i'm not
13:18 [+Katamarino] me either
13:24 [+Twig] When is the main game starting?
13:24 [+Katamarino] je n'ai aucune idee
13:24 [@adam] someone said friday or sunday
13:24 [@adam] so I'd really like to end this one soon
13:25 [@Scotsman] nods
13:27 [@adam] but not enough to kill myself in a stupid way, obviously
13:28 [+Katamarino] thats very soon considering the signups haven't gone out...
13:28 [@adam] ric says they're going out as soon as the rules are finalised
13:28 [@adam] which has not yet occurred
13:28 [+Katamarino] ahh, ok
13:30 --> Inquisitor joins
13:31 Scotsman set +v Inquisitor
13:31 [+Pseudodragon] Cheers.
13:31 [+Pseudodragon] News?
13:31 [@Scotsman] 'k
13:31 [@Scotsman] none, apparently
13:31 [@Scotsman] bryony's been trying to kill Ross
13:31 [@Scotsman] I've been trying to kill her and snap
13:32 [+Pseudodragon] Fair enough.
13:32 [+Pseudodragon] Erm... anyone produced an explanation for why Bryony and Snapdragon trust each other?
13:33 [@adam] do they?
13:33 [+bryony] we merely didn't kill one another once
13:34 [+Pseudodragon] Hmmm... Fair enough, I guess. Risky, but possibly worth it.
13:37 [@adam] when did you not kill each other?
13:39 [+Snapdragon] I'm not sure
13:39 [@adam] bryony?
13:46 [+Twig] Monkey and I didn't kill each other on sight so it's not that unusual. There may simply have been no motive
13:50 [+Pseudodragon] I'd me more impressed by failure to backstab, given the chance.
13:52 [+Twig] again, motive?
13:53 [+Pseudodragon] Werewolf and MAfia can be expected to backstab, given any reasonably anonymous setting. Thus if they had the chance, and didn't, they're either innocent, or more duplicious that the average bunny.
13:54 [+Snapdragon] well, I'm certainly not an average bunny
13:54 [+Twig] Or they had a no kill
13:54 [+Twig] Why do you not think they could be mafia?
13:55 [+Pseudodragon] Erm... I wonder why they trust each other, that isn't the same.
13:56 [+Twig] yes, but excluded mafia from your options.
13:56 [+Pseudodragon] It might indicate that they are mafia/illuminati, or it might be something which would give me a reason to trust them. Either would be worth knowing.
13:57 [@adam] do we know what mysterious circumstances they met in?
13:57 * Twig slaps Inquisitor
13:57 [+Pseudodragon] They 'forgot', apparently.
13:58 [+Twig] Ok, so currently the suspicious people I should be killing are Snapdragon&Bryony and Scotsman&Ross
13:58 [+Twig] I'll add Tom&adam to that to complete it.
13:59 [@Scotsman] yeah, come and kill me edith
14:00 [+Twig] Alright then.
14:00 [@Scotsman] cool
14:00 * Twig poses with gun in a dramatic fashion
14:04 [@adam] you have to do that closer to him to actually kill him
14:05 [@Scotsman] indeed
14:05 [+Pseudodragon] He's scaring Nick by demonstrating just how good his aim is...
14:07 [+Pseudodragon] And he just shot at me with a cap gun...
14:07 [+Pseudodragon] From 2.5 m away.
14:07 [+Pseudodragon] The room now smells of cap.
14:26 * Twig reboots
14:26 <-- Twig leaves (oblivion has tex 9-11)
14:32 --> Edith|probably joins
14:33 adam set +v Edith|probably
14:33 [+Twig] Yay!
14:33 [+Twig] Right. I have an announcement.
14:33 [@Scotsman] eek
14:33 [+Twig] I have evidence of a Mafia member.
14:34 [@Scotsman] who?
14:34 [+Twig] One who has already been dispatched by my own hand.
14:34 [+Twig] http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~jrb61/Evidence.jpg
14:34 [@adam] Cthulhu?
14:34 [@Scotsman] goddang - I didn't expect that
14:34 [@adam] what a guess
14:34 [@adam] is cthulhu dead, though?
14:35 [+Twig] That is not dead which can eternal lie.... etc.
14:35 [@adam] yeah, but I hear that with strange aeons even death may die
14:35 [+Twig] talk to CUWoCs
14:36 [+Twig] Right. I gots stuff to be doing.
14:37 [@Scotsman] go and kill mafia Edith|killingMaf
14:38 [@adam] yeah, start with Scotsman
14:38 [@Scotsman] meeee?
14:39 * Twig ia
14:44 [+bryony] Hmm, squashes are OOB aren't they?
14:45 [+Pseudodragon] Better be...
14:45 * Pseudodragon considers Scotsman arriving at that CURS squash.
14:45 [@adam] they're society meetings, so I assume so
14:45 [@adam] but the way in and out isn't
15:09 * Pavanne pops up to do check, having finally (grrrr) found a internet-connected computer that is functioning
15:10 [@Scotsman] hi Pavanne
15:11 [@Pavanne] hi
15:12 [@Pavanne] and squashes probabl;y count as official society meetings of sorts
15:21 [+Pseudodragon] The 'regularly scheduled' bit finally got dropped, so...
16:10 * Scotsman notes bryony has been very quiet
16:10 [@Scotsman] I wonder if she's in my bathroom
16:10 [@Scotsman] crosses fingers
16:10 [@Pavanne] that isn't nice speculation about a lady
16:10 [@adam] Scotsman: go and look
16:10 [+Pseudodragon] Pavanne: Yes, but about Bryony?
16:11 [@adam] Inquisitor: that isn't very nice
16:11 [@Scotsman] no :(
16:11 [+Pseudodragon] She was hiding in Ross' toilet before...
16:11 [@Pavanne] She says she was, anyway
16:11 [@Scotsman] must be true then
16:11 [@adam] although Ross said she was in the kitchen
16:12 [+Pseudodragon] Well, anyway, dearly as I love her, I don't think I'd describe her as a 'lady' on a regular basis...
16:13 [@adam] would you really describe her as anything on a regular basis? do people frequently come up to you asking for a description of bryony?
16:15 [+Pseudodragon] Hmmm... I've been asked who she was a few times, which I guess counts.
16:15 [+Pseudodragon] Generally it's people I'm in conversation with, anyway, though.
16:15 [@Scotsman] who is that masked girl anyway?
16:17 * Pavanne specifies allegations by people that they have been lurking one another
16:18 [@Pavanne] this seems really funny to me
16:19 [@Pavanne] mafia is about the mafia trying to stay hidden enough time to get a majority or near-majority of gamesize
16:20 [+Pseudodragon] Indeed. And while we suspect we have them down to just two (versus our 5), actually killing them is quite tedious.
16:20 [+Pseudodragon] As, apparently, is their killing us.
16:21 [+Snapdragon] I expect for there to be attempts at lectures tomorrow
16:22 [+Pseudodragon] Hmmm... How many of us at the CMS?
16:22 [@adam] Snapdragon: unless everyone has lectures all morning
16:22 [@adam] Inquisitor: well, neither of the mafia are
16:22 [+Snapdragon] adam: true
16:22 [+Pseudodragon] True. But they may well come visiting, since some of us will.
16:23 [@adam] Scotsman has lectures all morning tomorrow
16:23 [+Pseudodragon] Times and places?
16:24 [@adam] WGB lecture theatres, 9, 10, 11 and 12, I think
16:24 [@adam] oh, not 9
16:24 [+Pseudodragon] So, 9 at the CMS, f/ex...
16:25 [@adam] it's possible
16:25 * Pseudodragon shall (still) be paranoid.
16:26 [+Pseudodragon] Incidentally, felix was wrong about the number of entrances to the CMS site. It's got 5 distinct ones.
16:27 * adam pities anyone lurking there, then
16:27 [+Pseudodragon] I think two spotters could see all of them, but certainly not ambush them all.
16:27 [+Pseudodragon] And there are so many ways into the building complex...
16:27 [@adam] it's perfect assassin territory, really
16:28 [+Pseudodragon] With home ground advantage to those with swipe cards, and knowledge of which rooms their lectures are in...
16:28 [+Pseudodragon] The lecture rooms for part III are spread over 3 floors, and 5 pavillions...
16:29 [+Snapdragon] ours are only 2 floors and 4 pavilions (I think)
16:30 [+Pseudodragon] And, of course, yours have only about two per timetable slot, if that.
16:30 [+Pseudodragon] I seems to have a choice of about 6 every slot. (Or, at any rate, when ones I like are on).
16:31 [+Snapdragon] true, and they tend to be faily close together even then
16:31 * Pseudodragon hasn't studied that page of the Reporter in detail.
17:13 [@Pavanne] you just have to predict which entrance they'll take :)
17:17 [+Snapdragon] or get someone on each entrance
17:18 [+Snapdragon] or get them as they leave their room
17:26 [@Scotsman] ach
17:26 * Scotsman is bored
17:27 [+Snapdragon] hey scotty
17:27 [@Scotsman] hey
17:27 [@Scotsman] you weren't in the bar!
17:28 [@Scotsman] and adam - you didn't chase me!
17:28 [+Snapdragon] me ?
17:29 [+Snapdragon] why would I be in the bar ? just cos it's open for the rugby
17:29 [+Snapdragon] I'm a good boy, I'm working
17:29 [@Scotsman] :)
17:31 [@Scotsman] checks door
17:31 [@Scotsman] Bryony still isn't lurking in my bathroom :(
17:31 [@Scotsman] checks bedroom
17:31 [@Scotsman] nope :(
17:32 [+Katamarino] shes not lurking here either
17:33 [@Scotsman] darn it
17:33 [@Scotsman] what do we have to do to get bryony standing around on our corridor?
17:34 [+Snapdragon] ask her nicely ?
17:34 [@Scotsman] ooh - that might work
17:40 [+bryony] go on then, ask me nicely :)
17:40 [+bryony] and
17:40 [+bryony] Just to get things straight
17:41 [@Scotsman] bryony: would you be prepared to come and lurk in my shower? umm, bathroom?
17:41 [+bryony] I spent most of the time in Ross' kitchen but moved to the bathroom after his neighbour announced loudly "Theres an assassin in the kitchen"
17:41 [@Scotsman] ahh
17:42 [+Katamarino] lol
17:42 [+bryony] Scotsman: certainly, if you'd like to leave your room unlocked when you go out in future..
17:42 [@Scotsman] i can't - it automatically locks :(
17:42 [+bryony] Ross, you were a pretty heavy sleeper, there was a fire alarm going on for about 10 minutes
17:43 [@Scotsman] lol
17:43 [+Katamarino] really!!??!?!
17:43 [+bryony] Scotsman: wedge it open with some textbooks
17:43 [+bryony] yes
17:43 [@Scotsman] bryony: ooh, I could do
17:43 [+Katamarino] lol
17:43 [+Katamarino] didnt hear a thing
17:43 [@Scotsman] yes, that's a plan
17:44 [+bryony] Scotsman: go on...
17:44 [@Scotsman] right - when will you be round?
17:44 [+Snapdragon] bryony: don't give the poor boy ideas
17:44 [+bryony] i wasn't sure if i was allowed to shoot you during a fire drill anyway
17:44 [@Scotsman] oh please, give me ideas
17:45 [+Snapdragon] Nokes, lamppost, whipped cream
17:45 [+Snapdragon] run with it
17:45 [@Scotsman] eeew
17:46 [@Scotsman] it wasn't nokes
17:51 [@Scotsman] bryony: ok - my door is open, feel free to pop round
17:52 <-- jon leaves (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:54 [+bryony] shall see what we can do
17:55 [@Scotsman] yay
17:55 [@Pavanne] yay
17:56 [+Snapdragon] unyay
17:56 [+Snapdragon] (just to be different)
17:56 [@Scotsman] you want to come too, Pavanne?
17:57 [+bryony] don't to forget to leave all your guns in a bucket outside the plodge
17:57 [@Scotsman] ok
17:57 [@Pavanne] Scotsman: no, I'm going to talk to Bjoern and then start my evil mafiaing for the main game
17:57 [@Scotsman] oh ok
17:58 * Scotsman contemplates signing up for the main game
17:58 * Pavanne contemplates as well
17:58 [@Pavanne] you can do evil mafiaing with me if you like :)
17:58 * Snapdragon has a mafia of 31 or so
17:58 [+Snapdragon] so far
17:58 [@Scotsman] Pavanne: ooh yeah :)
17:58 [@Scotsman] Snapdragon: cool
17:59 * Pavanne actually has a mafia of 0, but does anyone believe that?
17:59 [+Snapdragon] no
17:59 [+Snapdragon] as it must be at least 1
17:59 [+Snapdragon] i.e. yourself
17:59 [@Pavanne] not if I don't play
17:59 [+Snapdragon] unless you go mental again
17:59 [@Scotsman] :)
17:59 [@Pavanne] or get snowballed
18:01 [+Snapdragon] then you're just dead
18:01 [+Snapdragon] and it's only cos it was kyle
18:01 [+Snapdragon] damnit
18:01 [@adam] Snapdragon: revenge this term
18:01 [+Snapdragon] assuming he plays
18:02 [@adam] which is worth more, not going wanted or getting revenge on kyle?
18:02 [@Pavanne] Snapdragon: surely if I'm mental, I'm just a m,ental mafia?
18:02 [+Snapdragon] not going wanted
18:02 [+Snapdragon] Pavanne: no, in the self-destructive trying to get yourself killed sense
18:02 [+Snapdragon] i.e. randomly going wanted
18:02 [@adam] Snapdragon: just 'cause you want a PhD
18:02 [@Pavanne] Snapdragon: them I'm a mafia with rather odd goals
18:03 [+Snapdragon] adam: it's the only PhD I'm ever likely to get
18:03 [@adam] you could invent a new kind
18:03 [@adam] and award yourself one
18:03 [+Snapdragon] James Osborn, MA Cantab, MA Assassins, PHD SnapU ?
18:03 [@Kirika] ?
18:04 [@adam] ITYM PhD SnappyD
18:04 [@Pavanne] :)
18:04 [@Kirika] :)
18:04 * Scotsman goes to ambush bryony
18:05 [@Scotsman] tee hee
18:05 [@adam] where?
18:05 [@Scotsman] between here and St. Pauls Road
18:05 [+Snapdragon] oooh, contraversial
18:05 [@adam] oh, is she coming to kill you?
18:05 [@Scotsman] i hope so
18:06 [@adam] how do you know?
18:06 [@Scotsman] she said so
18:06 [@adam] she might have lied, of course
18:06 [+bryony] i wouldn't lie..
18:06 [@Scotsman] see
18:07 [@Scotsman] she's blatantly just about to turn up here
18:07 [@adam] ok, then she must be on the way
18:07 [@Scotsman] yeah
18:07 [@Scotsman] so I'd better go and ambush her
18:07 [@Scotsman] wish me luck
18:07 [+Snapdragon] good luck
18:07 * adam wishes the townsperson luck
18:07 [+bryony] :p
18:07 [@Scotsman] oh well, two out of three ain't bad
18:08 [+Snapdragon] unless it's all mafia plotting
18:08 [+Snapdragon] and they are just pretending
18:08 [@adam] Scotsman and bryony are the mafia!
18:08 [+Snapdragon] and me!
18:08 [+Snapdragon] ooops
18:08 * Pavanne wishes everyone luck impartially
18:08 [@adam] we're all mafia!
18:09 [+Pseudodragon] Edith went somewhere a while back. He took lots of guns.
18:09 [@adam] really? cool
18:09 [+Pseudodragon] Different mafias, though/
18:09 [@adam] maybe he'll kill someone, at least
18:09 [@adam] ross would be good
18:09 [+Pseudodragon] He claimed it was to attack Scotty, but I think it was something unrelated.
18:10 [@adam] how many guns is lots of guns?
18:10 [@adam] three, or ten?
18:10 [+Pseudodragon] 'Bout 3, I think.
18:10 [+Pseudodragon] More than he usually takes anywhere.
18:10 [@adam] ooh good
18:11 [@adam] Scotsman: go and check if bryony's in your bathroom again
18:12 [+bryony] quantum bryony
18:12 [+Pseudodragon] Indeed.
18:12 [+Pseudodragon] Or just borrowed felix's laptop.
18:13 [@adam] bryony: that should be your mayweek pseudonym
18:13 [@adam] or someone else's maingame one
18:13 [@Pavanne] oh, that'll do if I run out of imagination
18:17 [@adam] Scotsman: how about the two of us go and lurk bryony's house?
18:18 --> jon joins
18:20 [@adam] alternatively, if no-one is going to do anything, we could form a no-kill agreement for the evening and go for a curry or something
18:29 [@adam] whenever people go idle on this channel I always wonder which of them is killing which
18:29 [@Pavanne] I hope someone is
18:30 [@adam] well, scotty and bryony just went idle
18:30 [@Scotsman] woo
18:30 [@adam] damn
18:30 [@Scotsman] well, she might be here ;-)
18:31 [@adam] you can but hope
18:31 [@Scotsman] oh I do
18:33 [@Scotsman] but she isn't here :(
18:33 [@Scotsman] and I failed to run into Edith
18:33 [@adam] so what now?
18:34 [@Scotsman] I sit on IRC all night as the mafia are obviously lame
18:34 [@adam] oh, I see, you just went to hall
18:34 [@Scotsman] yep
18:34 [@Scotsman] with a clever piece of misdirection to make you all think I was chasing Bryony
18:39 [@Scotsman] goes for a walk
18:39 [@adam] he lies!
18:42 [+Pseudodragon] So... we shouldn't rush round to kill him?
18:42 [@adam] well, he'll turn out to have really been going for a walk, unless you rely on this to go hide in his staircase in which case he will kill you
18:46 [+Pseudodragon] Encouraging.
19:21 [@Scotsman] definitely l4m3
19:21 [@Scotsman] adam: do I>
19:22 [@Pavanne] I want to kill people!
19:23 [@Scotsman] come round and kill me, Pavanne ;-)
19:23 * Pavanne is going to do some ergo training and then some notes reading
19:23 [@Scotsman] aww
19:23 [@Pavanne] sorry.
19:24 [@Scotsman] you could come round and not kill me?
19:24 * Scotsman just missed Snapdragon leaving Tit Hall :(
19:24 [@Pavanne] going to work, honest
19:24 [@Scotsman] sigh
19:24 [@Pavanne] awwwww, poor Scotsman
19:24 [@Pavanne] so friendly...
19:25 [@Scotsman] yeah, I've managed to fail to convince either bryony or yourself to come round today :(
19:25 [@Pavanne] awwwwwwww :(
19:25 <-- SupperingSis leaves (Trillian (http://www.ceruleanstudios.com))
19:26 [@Scotsman] ho hum, prolly ought to do something constructive in that case
21:28 * Scotsman returns from Chess
21:28 [@Scotsman] wow
21:28 [@Scotsman] lots happened
21:38 [+Pseudodragon] You jest?
21:38 [@Scotsman] yes
21:38 [@Scotsman] that was my sarcastic tone of voice
22:34 [+Twig] Anyone dead yet?
22:34 [+Twig] I almost killed someone but I was too lazy
22:35 [@Scotsman] hey Edith
22:39 [+Twig] hey
22:51 --> Sista joins
22:59 [+Katamarino] ATTACK!
22:59 [+Katamarino] i just got shot at through my wiindow!
22:59 [+Katamarino] thank god for net curtains!
23:00 [+Katamarino] heeeeelp!
23:00 [+Snapdragon] ummm
23:00 [+Snapdragon] no
23:02 [@Kirika] erm... no.
23:02 [+Katamarino] oh well
23:02 * Kirika observes that Scotsman hasn't been seen recentyl
23:02 [+Katamarino] guess i'll just sit here then :)
23:02 [@Pavanne] except on #assassins
23:02 [@Kirika] and that staging an attack between mafia members is a cunning plan
23:03 [+Katamarino] the attacker was female and considerably more attractive than mike, no offence to him
23:03 [@Kirika] Pavanne: when was that?
23:03 [@Kirika] aha. a bryony.
23:03 [@Kirika] (unless we're describing Edith here)
23:04 [@Scotsman] me?
23:04 [@Scotsman] mm bryony
23:05 * Kirika wonders if we should send that comment to NBryony in order to offer her a justification for killing Scotsman (as if she'd need one)
23:05 [@Pavanne] I got mistaken for Edith too
23:06 [@Scotsman] hahaha
23:06 [+Snapdragon] hahaha
23:06 [+Snapdragon] hahahahahahahahahahaha
23:06 [@Pavanne] and I look more like him than she does
23:06 [+Snapdragon] in fact
23:06 [@Pavanne] though I obviously haven't forgiven Kirika :)
23:06 [@Scotsman] :)
23:07 [@Kirika] Pavanne: it was only a case of that was the most probable person
23:07 [@Kirika] you waved at me, frankly, you deserved what you got.
23:08 [@Pavanne] Er.
23:08 [+Twig] Oh.. dear... God.... I do not look like Pavanne
23:08 [@Pavanne] you cross with Kirika too?
23:08 [+Snapdragon] oooh, who is most offended
23:08 [+Twig] Don't make me kill Tom then suicide I'm drunk enough to do it
23:09 [+Twig] but not sober enough to aim
23:09 [@Pavanne] then stab him....
23:09 [+Twig] I'd miss
23:09 * Twig sways
23:10 [@Kirika] edith: fall on your own sword
23:10 [+Twig] I'd miss
23:11 * Katamarino kisses the net curtains and sallys forth to do battle
23:13 [+Twig] Kill Kill Kill
23:13 [+Twig] !
23:13 [@Kirika] oh well, there goes a corpse
23:14 * Pavanne looks hopeful
23:14 * Snapdragon does too
23:14 [@Scotsman] Pavanne: waiting for more necrophilia opportunities?
23:14 [@Pavanne] more?
23:14 [@Pavanne] I've never had any yet
23:15 [@Kirika] Pavanne: yeh, right. we believe you.
23:15 [@Scotsman] nods
23:19 [@Pavanne] minor update
23:20 [@Scotsman] ooh
23:20 [@Scotsman] eek
23:21 [+Twig] Oh my god. Sheep killed. Not me!
23:21 [+Twig] I had the oppertunity to shoot the local MP today but decided this might be a Bad Idea (TM)
23:21 [@Pavanne] thank you for not doing
23:21 [@Pavanne] really thank you
23:21 [+Twig] heh
23:22 [+Twig] I was sober by the time she left
23:24 <-- jon leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
23:25 [+bryony] he sallied forth?
23:26 [+bryony] damn, i would have stayed if i knew there would be sallying
23:26 [+Snapdragon] apparently so
23:26 [@Scotsman] you could come over here and sally...
23:26 [+Snapdragon] if he'd sallied first it may have been more fun
23:26 [+bryony] i came over there and sallied
23:26 [@Scotsman] here?
23:26 [@Scotsman] awww
23:26 [@Scotsman] when?
23:26 [+bryony] but the door wasn't open so i went to caius hall instead
23:26 [@Scotsman] oh, sorry
23:26 [@Scotsman] what time?
23:26 <-- SupperingSis leaves
23:28 [+bryony] um, 6:30ish
23:29 [+bryony] someone in a black t-shirt with white writing on ran out your door
23:30 [@Pavanne] awwww
23:30 [@Pavanne] you lot have been missing one another all day
23:30 [+bryony] :(
23:30 [+Snapdragon] I was in Tit Hall around that time too
23:30 [@Scotsman] bryony: yeah, that was me
23:30 [@Scotsman] 6:30?
23:30 [+bryony] grr
23:30 [@Scotsman] I think I was chasing snap
23:31 [@Scotsman] grrr
23:31 [+bryony] maybe slightly later?
23:31 [+bryony] hehe
23:31 [@Scotsman] you could have shouted "Oi! Mike! Stop sallying!"
23:31 [+Snapdragon] I went to McDonalds
23:31 [@Scotsman] ack
23:31 [@Pavanne] Oi! People! Sally!
23:31 [@Scotsman] I went and lurked in your bathroom again :(
23:31 [+Snapdragon] lol
23:32 [@Kirika] Scotsman: you're stalking Pavanne until she gets a restraining order?
23:32 [@Scotsman] yes
23:32 [@Scotsman] damn
23:32 [@Scotsman] no
23:35 [@Pavanne] I won't get a restraining order
23:35 [@Pavanne] Catherine might
23:35 [@Scotsman] oh good
23:35 [@Scotsman] cat?
23:35 [@Scotsman] I don't stalk her
23:35 [@Scotsman] she just ignores my MSNs :(
23:35 [@Kirika] Scotsman: /ignores?
23:35 [@Scotsman] no, just closes the window
23:36 [@Pavanne] she doesn't mean to, I think
23:36 [@Scotsman] hmmmm
23:36 [@Kirika] damn incompetnt girtonina natscis
23:36 --> Sista joins
23:36 [+Snapdragon] she prolly does
23:36 [@Scotsman] Kirika: indeed
23:36 [+Snapdragon] just hates you
23:37 [+Snapdragon] hi Sista
23:37 [@Scotsman] Snapdragon: yeah, that's what I reckoned :(
23:37 Kirika set +v Scotsman
23:37 [@Pavanne] girtonian natscis are that incompetent
23:37 [@Pavanne] really
23:37 Pavanne set +v Sista
23:37 [@Kirika] Pavanne: but not when it comes to killing in your case?
23:37 [@Pavanne] I am completely incompetent
23:37 [@Kirika] (or indeed relising that shes about to duplicate someone)
23:37 [Users #townspeople] 23:37 [@adam ] [@Scotsman] [+Inquisitor] [+Snapdragon] [ Pufferfish]
23:37 [@Kirika ] [+bryony ] [+Katamarino] [ Monkey ] [ richardA_ ]
23:37 [@Pavanne] [+edith ] [+Sista ] [ Phate ] [ thr33 ]
23:37 -!- Irssi: #townspeople: Total of 15 nicks [4 ops, 0 halfops, 6 voices, 5 normal] 23:38 [@Pavanne] duplicate? That sounds worrying
23:38 [@Pavanne] Even if it was Bjoern...
23:38 [@Scotsman] ummm
23:38 [+SupperingSis] ooh I can speak now
23:39 [+SupperingSis] yay!
23:39 [@Scotsman] yeh :(
23:39 [+SupperingSis] mwahahahahaha!
23:39 [@Pavanne] yes... but I would prefer this channel stayed on-topic...
23:39 [@Pavanne] depending on precise definition of on-topic
23:39 [@Scotsman] nothing is actually happening
23:39 [@Kirika] Pavanne: no hope of that.
23:39 [@Scotsman] everyone suspects everyone else
23:39 [+SupperingSis] Scotty: whats up? only the mafia have anything to fear
23:39 [@Scotsman] Sista: i'm not afraid
23:39 [@Scotsman] i'm just bored
23:39 [@Pavanne] No, the innocent have lots to fear too
23:40 [+SupperingSis] why would Scotty fear me? I can't kill him
23:40 [@Scotsman] indeed
23:40 [+SupperingSis] all I can do is bear witness
23:40 [+SupperingSis] but he still no happy
23:40 [@Pavanne] Scotsman: are you going to gardi's?
23:40 [+SupperingSis] i wonder why
23:40 [@Scotsman] I answered that on #townspeople
23:40 [@Scotsman] 23:35 < Kirika> I noticed
23:40 [@Scotsman] oh pants
23:40 [@Scotsman] Pavanne: yes, i intend to
23:40 * Scotsman fails to hit the left mouse button, spectacularly
23:41 [@Scotsman] Pavanne: why?
23:41 [@Pavanne] oh, I was hoping you'd get shot or shoot someone
23:41 [@Scotsman] awww
23:41 [@Pavanne] I'm not fussy about which...
23:41 [@Scotsman] cries

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00:17 [@adam] well done edith
00:18 [+Twig] .....
00:18 [+Twig] ?
00:18 [@adam] for sobering up
00:19 [@Pavanne] adam: maybe he didn't mean to
00:19 [+Pseudodragon] He is not sober yet...
00:19 [+Snapdragon] it's more a stated goal than an actual occurence
00:20 [+Twig] I could hug tom top hsow how sober ~I am
00:20 [+Twig] or I could try and type
00:20 [@Pavanne] go hug Inquisitor
00:20 [+Twig] he might kill me
00:20 [+Twig] he threatens it
00:20 [+Pseudodragon] If he does, I kill him. We've establisghed this.
00:20 [+Twig] Tom is nasty
00:20 [+Twig] Rah!
00:20 [@adam] yes, he is. kill him
00:21 [+Pseudodragon] Or, alternatively, tasteful.
00:21 [+Twig] nasty man!
00:21 [+Pseudodragon] adam: Do you want the townsfolk slaughtering each other?
00:21 [@adam] well, no, but it'd bring the game closer to ending
00:21 [+Pseudodragon] In a bad way...
00:21 [+Twig] Elly hugs me
00:22 [@adam] ok, true
00:22 [+Twig] I could shoot Cthulhu and his Alien lover if it helps.
00:22 [@adam] you already have
00:22 [@Pavanne] someone already did shoot Cthulu
00:23 [+Twig] Wasn't me
00:23 [+Pseudodragon] I saw him.
00:23 [@adam] has anyone claimed to have executed all those freshers outside john's yet?
00:23 [@Pavanne] that was a reversal of normal causal effect
00:24 [+Pseudodragon] He admitted it. That's all.
00:24 <-- bryony leaves
00:24 [@Pavanne] who admitted what?
00:25 [@adam] edith admitted to being drunk
00:25 [+Pseudodragon] Indeed.
00:36 [+Katamarino] back now
00:37 [@Pavanne] any comments?
00:37 [+Katamarino] i sallied, saw bugger all, and went for a walk
00:37 [+Katamarino] altogether rather uneventful
00:39 [@Pavanne] awwww
00:39 [+Katamarino] :(
00:39 [+Katamarino] next time, hopefully i wont just have unloaded by guns and have to spend ages redoing them
00:44 * Scotsman ejects visitors
00:44 [@adam] who were they?
00:45 [@Scotsman] Monkey and banichi
00:45 [@adam] aha
00:45 [@adam] dangerous sort
00:45 [@Scotsman] dead sort
00:45 [@adam] true
01:16 [@Scotsman] quiet, innit
01:20 [+Katamarino] mmm
01:26 <-- Katamarino leaves (AnacųnŠa · "If you don't like the answer, you shouldn't have asked the question")
08:33 [@Scotsman] morning Edith
08:34 [+Twig] <mumble>
08:34 [+Twig] morning
08:48 [+Twig] Right, I'm off to Spectroscopic methods
08:49 [@Scotsman] ooh
10:32 <-- Pseudodragon leaves (Staring into the Void)
10:57 --> Katamarino joins
10:58 Scotsman set +v Katamarino
12:12 --> bryony joins
12:18 Pavanne set -v adam
12:18 * Pavanne reports sad happeneings
12:18 [@Pavanne] -e
12:18 [@Pavanne] Alas.
12:19 [+Katamarino] hey bryony
12:24 [+SupperingSis] noooo!
12:24 [+Katamarino] and then there were 6
12:24 [@Pavanne] good thing too
12:27 [+Snapdragon] bah
12:27 * Snapdragon bleeds messily
12:27 [+SupperingSis] Snap - dead?
12:27 [+Snapdragon] yeah
12:27 [+SupperingSis] :O
12:28 [+Katamarino] can someone voice bryony?
12:28 [+Katamarino] or can i have ops? :)
12:28 [+Snapdragon] and devoice me
12:29 Pavanne set +v bryony
12:29 Pavanne set -v Snapdragon
12:29 Pavanne set +o Katamarino
12:29 [@Katamarino] :)
12:29 * bryony starts to feel very alone..
12:29 [+SupperingSis] aww
12:30 [@Katamarino] you can come and collect your bands if you want :p
12:30 [@Pavanne] Snapdragon: could you please give me, like, some details?
12:30 [@Pavanne] apart from "bleeding messily"
12:30 [+SupperingSis] it wasnt me - i only turn ppl into cute ikkle animals
12:33 [+bryony] both this morning at 8:40?
12:33 [@Pavanne] no
12:34 [@Pavanne] I haven't got a time out of Snapdragon yet
12:34 [@Katamarino] another death!?
12:34 [@Katamarino] neat
12:46 [+bryony] damn, i really wanted to live to be 20..
12:46 [@Pavanne] awwwww, you are young!
12:56 * Katamarino just found another of bryony's bands on the windowsill
13:37 * Kirika just saw Tom in the marketpalce, he said he'd shot Snapdragon in the CMS at about 12
13:37 [@Kirika] apparently Snapdragon was trying to shoot him. Whether this goes with the tale "I was quicker at drawing than him" I'll leave others to decide
13:43 [@Scotsman] adam tried to kill me earlier
13:44 [@Scotsman] as did "evil mafiosa" bryony
13:51 [@Scotsman] wow, lots happening :s
13:51 [@Scotsman] only 5 players left
13:57 [+bryony] when did adam try to kill you?
13:57 [@Scotsman] about 09.35
13:57 [@Scotsman] [the time on the site is wrong]
13:57 [+bryony] aah okay
13:57 [+bryony] did he die shortly after?
13:57 [@Scotsman] nods
13:59 [+bryony] hmm, i was sposed to be at the CMS for 12
13:59 [@Scotsman] oooh, mebbe you killed Snapd you evil mafiosa
14:00 [+bryony] toms already admitted to it
14:00 [@Scotsman] who to?
14:01 [+bryony] scroll back...
14:01 [@Scotsman] Kirika? Oh, like I trust him
14:01 [+bryony] hehe
14:02 [@Scotsman] thanks for lurking me earlier, btw
14:03 [+bryony] hm, in future i will shoot before checking its actually you
14:03 [@Scotsman] maybe a good plan
14:04 [@Scotsman] I think that was the fastest I've ever gone down those stairs
14:04 [+bryony] although you seem to be next to the dean
14:04 [@Scotsman] nods
14:04 [@Scotsman] did you pick up the pellet outside my door?
14:04 [@Scotsman] [staircase door]
14:04 [+bryony] i didn't leave one did I?
14:04 [@Scotsman] no, I did
14:04 [+bryony] oh
14:05 [+bryony] no
14:05 [@Scotsman] ok
14:05 [@Scotsman] I missed it on the way in
14:05 [+bryony] goes to lurk pellet
14:05 * Katamarino decides i want to be in Underworld
14:05 [+bryony] werewolf or vampire?
14:06 [@Scotsman] gets pellet
14:08 [@Katamarino] vampire of course!
14:13 [+bryony] not uber werevamp?
14:16 [@Katamarino] nah, that was a bit ugly
14:16 [+bryony] hmm, black eyes tho
14:18 [@Katamarino] true
14:19 [@Katamarino] whatever floats your boat :p
14:30 [@Scotsman] bryony: did one of my neighbours come into the staircase as you were leaving?
14:31 [@Scotsman] she looked at me rather funny as I was standing outside Tit hall :s
14:46 [+bryony] what, today?
14:46 [@Scotsman] yeah :(
14:48 [+bryony] nope, unless she saw me just as i left
14:48 [+bryony] she'd have no reason to link me to you tho
14:49 [+bryony] (apart fom the shiny guns of course...
14:49 [@Scotsman] nods
14:49 * Scotsman is going to have to warn neighbours about assassins :s
14:50 [@Katamarino] lol
14:50 [@Katamarino] i wondr if i should paint my rubber band guns...
14:53 [+bryony] paint them shiny
14:53 [@Katamarino] tempting
14:53 [@Katamarino] i could do one black with flames
14:54 [+bryony] pretty
14:55 [@Katamarino] if unoriginal!
14:55 [+bryony] paint flowers
15:03 [@Katamarino] good plan!
15:05 * Kirika points out he just talked to Sista's corpse
15:06 [+bryony] hehe, oh dear
15:06 [@Kirika] I'd conjecture that either she saw somthing in the CMS that she shouldn't have, or that someone was trying to incriminate tom
15:06 [+bryony] dangerous place, those CATAM lectures
15:06 [@Kirika] [given she died at the bottom of the staircase, or so I hear)
15:06 * SupperingSis weturns.......dead
15:07 [@Kirika] however, it would appear that Bryony knows far too much about Sista's death
15:07 [@Kirika] and is ideally suited to catching Sista if Sista said "I'm going out now"
15:10 * SupperingSis remains as quiet as a corpse
15:10 Kirika set -v Sista
15:10 * bryony has been on irc
15:10 [@Kirika] there we go
15:11 [@Kirika] bryony: has she?
15:11 [+bryony] and cant defend myself properly because my fingers are covered in paint
15:11 [@Kirika] bryony: use spray paint, its easier
15:12 [+bryony] no, acrylics are pretty
15:29 [+bryony] hmm, ive made a mess
15:32 <-- SupperingSis leaves (unhappy poota...webooting time)
15:54 * Katamarino wonders if anyone here left a threatening empty packed of apples outside my door
16:06 <-- Katamarino leaves (AnacųnŠa · "Everything goes wrong all at once")
16:40 [+Twig] So when is this game of mafia starting then?
17:07 --> Katamarino joins
17:09 Scotsman set +v Kirika
17:09 Scotsman set +v Katamarino
17:09 [+Katamarino] op op op
17:10 [@Scotsman] no
17:10 [+Katamarino] huh
17:10 [@Scotsman] you're evil mafia
17:10 [+Katamarino] likewise :)
17:14 [+Twig] No. You're all innocent. I'm the mafia!
17:14 [+Twig] erm....
17:15 [+Twig] I didn't say that.
17:15 [+bryony] oooh, can I be mafia too?
17:15 [+Twig] ok
17:16 [+Twig] As long as Pavanne can be the werewolf.
17:18 * bryony is really really bored
17:19 [+Twig] Come to CUCAS tonight. I'm sure no one would possibly set up a trap.
17:19 [@Scotsman] indeed
17:19 [+bryony] lol, of course, its not like anyone knows about it..
17:20 [+Twig] of course
17:27 --> JamNCheez joins
17:28 <-- JamNCheez leaves
17:28 --> Sista joins
17:44 [+Twig] Olly, Phate, Banichi were all playing right?
17:45 [+bryony] yup
17:45 [+Twig] Guess who makes up 75% of the srcf committee?
17:45 [+Twig] And guess who have their squash in Trinity tonight?
17:45 [+bryony] tit hallers, so I've heard
17:46 [+Twig] A shame they're dead. That would have been fun
17:46 [+Twig] Anyway, I'd better be going
18:00 --> Inquisitor joins
18:09 <-- Pseudodragon leaves (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:19 --> Inquisitor joins
18:43 Scotsman set +v Inquisitor
18:43 Scotsman set -o adam
19:31 <-- SupperingSis leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
20:17 -!- You're now known as Pav|shower 20:23 --> AbF joins
20:23 <-- AbF leaves
20:24 --> AbF joins
20:24 <-- AbF leaves
20:25 -!- You're now known as Pav|Bjoern 20:59 [+Pseudodragon] Hello. Anyone alive?
21:00 [+bryony] I am
21:00 [+bryony] it seems that everyone is
21:00 [+bryony] unless you or edith have been up to something
21:01 [+Pseudodragon] I haven't.
21:01 [+Pseudodragon] Edith asserts that he hasn't.
21:02 [+bryony] i take it you aren't at CUCAS anymore then?
21:02 [+Pseudodragon] I never was.
21:02 [+bryony] aaah
21:02 [@Pav|Bjoern] everyone in a fortunately limited sense
21:02 [+bryony] edith doesn't seem to have been there either
21:02 [+Pseudodragon] (I've been at a friends house...)
21:03 [+Pseudodragon] You went to check?
21:03 [+bryony] nope
21:03 [+Pseudodragon] Erm... who did, then?
21:03 [+bryony] but im sure he's talked on irc
21:03 [+Pseudodragon] Hmmmm... /me SBs.
21:04 [+Pseudodragon] Can't see any, but...
21:04 [+Twig] CUCAS was fun.
21:04 [+Twig] I assume.
21:22 [+Twig] Anyone dead yet?
21:22 [+bryony] nope
21:23 [+bryony] so unless ross and mike are having a nasty run in right now...
21:23 [+Katamarino] i'm not, dont know about mike!
21:23 [+Katamarino] :p
21:23 [@Pav|Bjoern] Mike is probably capable of having a nasty run in with himself
21:24 * Katamarino turns my rbg the other way so it doesnt go off itself and shoot me...
21:24 [+Twig] So is everybody wussing into a small cocoon and hiding like cowards or is it just me?
21:27 * Pseudodragon is hiding, too.
21:27 [+Twig] Can I hide under your chair Tom?
21:27 [+Pseudodragon] No.
21:27 [+Twig] Aw...
21:27 * Pav|Bjoern is not hiding
21:28 [@Pav|Bjoern] except from work
21:28 [+Pseudodragon] But is immortal.
21:28 [@Pav|Bjoern] that helps, yes
21:28 [@Pav|Bjoern] it's next week I'm going to hide
21:32 [+Twig] Erm, I spent the night making Silver bullets, does that count as work?
21:34 [+Pseudodragon] So... who's the werewolf?
21:35 [+Twig] Cthulhu!
21:35 [@Pav|Bjoern] Cthulu's dead
21:35 [+Pseudodragon] IT'S GOT TWO Hs!!!!!
21:35 [+Twig] no, he's just sleeping.
21:36 [+Twig] AND A U!
21:36 [+Pseudodragon] Everybody makes that mistake.
21:36 [+Pseudodragon] (TWO, ACTUALLY)
21:37 * Twig shoots Cthulhu's u's off.
21:42 <-- Twig leaves (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:50 --> Edith joins
21:51 [+Pseudodragon] Edith wants voice...
21:53 -!- mode/#townspeople [+v Edith] by Pav|Bjoern 21:55 [+Twig] YAY! VOICE!
22:23 -!- You're now known as Pavanne 22:25 [+Twig] Anyone dead yet?
22:30 --> Sista joins
22:36 * Pavanne puts Sista's death on website
22:36 [@Pavanne] sowwy Sista
22:36 Pavanne set -v Sista
22:36 <-- SupperingSis leaves
22:39 [@Pavanne] Kirika: you must be one of the last innocents still alive
22:39 [@Kirika] Pavanne: quite
22:39 [@Kirika] not bad given my average number of contacts with living players is about 3 a day
22:39 [@Pavanne] I'm impressed
23:02 --> Sista|phone joins
23:32 <-- Sista|phone leaves
23:33 <-- bryony leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)

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00:27 * Pseudodragon considered shooting him today, but didn't.
00:27 [+Pseudodragon] No reason to, after all.
00:30 * Katamarino considers a shower
00:34 * Pseudodragon sleeps.
00:37 <-- Pseudodragon leaves
01:12 <-- Katamarino leaves (AnacųnŠa · "Nature always sides with the hidden flaw")
01:15 Kirika set +o Edith
01:15 Kirika set -o Scotsman
01:16 * Kirika dies messily
01:16 Kirika set -o Kirika
01:45 [@Twig] ?
01:45 [@Twig] What happened tonight?
01:45 * Twig checks site
01:47 [@Twig] Why is Cripps deopped?
01:47 [@Twig] Why am I opped?
01:47 [@Twig] What's happening?
01:48 [@Twig] Aggghhh!
01:48 [@Twig] That's the last time I take a late night trip to the domes during the middle of a game.
01:51 [@Twig] Ah well, at least no one will try and kill me in my sleep. I hope.
02:49 [+Scotsman] right#
02:49 [+Scotsman] can someone -v me>
02:50 <-- Scotsman leaves
06:56 --> Sis|bed joins
07:07 <-- Sis|bed leaves
07:07 --> Sista joins
07:56 --> bryony joins
08:03 <-- bryony leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
08:14 --> bryony joins
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09:10 --> bryony joins
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10:22 --> bryony joins
11:10 -!- mode/#townspeople [+v bryony] by Edith|lectures 11:36 [@Twig] sigh Anyone dead yet?
12:14 --> Inquisitor joins
12:15 -!- mode/#townspeople [+v Inquisitor] by Edith|lectures 12:15 -!- mode/#townspeople [+o Inquisitor] by Edith|lectures 12:17 Inquisitor set -v Kirika|bed
12:17 -!- mode/#townspeople [+o bryony] by Edith|lectures 12:17 [@Pseudodragon] Erm... Business may be boming, but I'm starting to feel quite lonely.
12:18 [@Twig] quite
13:13 --> Katamarino joins
13:31 <-- Kirika leaves
13:37 --> Scotsman joins
14:00 [@Pavanne] I'm delighted
14:00 Pavanne set -v Scotsman
14:00 [@Pavanne] sorry Scotty
14:24 [@bryony] there was a rumour that, should me and ross inconvieniently die, Edith and Tom will have a drunken rollerskate duel with larp swords
14:31 Pavanne set +v Katamarino
14:31 [+Katamarino] ta
14:33 Pavanne set +o Katamarino
14:33 [Users #townspeople] 14:33 [@bryony ] [@Katamarino] [ Monkey ] [ richardA_] [ Snapdragon]
14:33 [@Twig] [@Pavanne ] [ Phate ] [ Scotsman ] [ thr33 ]
14:33 [@Inquisitor ] [ adam ] [ Pufferfish] [ Sista ]
14:33 -!- Irssi: #townspeople: Total of 14 nicks [5 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 9 normal] 14:33 [@Katamarino] woo
14:33 * Katamarino thinks tom and edith should duel while me and bryony are still alive
15:06 <-- bryony leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
15:19 * Pavanne has few opinions on this, but it would be nice to see some more killing
15:50 [@Pseudodragon] bryony: Correct. That was one suggestion. Another was a pellet gun duel on a moving roundabout.
15:50 [@Pavanne] that might be interesting
15:51 [@Pseudodragon] Indeed.
15:51 [@Pseudodragon] Still, we're both innocent townsfolk, so in that case, the game would be over, right?
15:52 [@Pavanne] only if you both died, surely?
15:52 [@Pavanne] unless something happens to bryony and Katamarino
15:52 [@Pavanne] and what are the chances of that in this town?
15:53 [@Pseudodragon] Hmmm... About 1 in 2, I'd say.
18:55 --> bryony joins
19:01 Katamarino set +o bryony
19:02 [@Pseudodragon] Evening.
19:02 [@bryony] hello there
19:02 [@Pseudodragon] How's life?
19:03 [@Pseudodragon] And is there a party to celebrate?
19:03 [@bryony] I have been forbidden to go downstairs
19:03 [@bryony] but have just come back from punting
19:04 [@bryony] which was very pretty
19:04 [@Pseudodragon] Shiny...
19:04 [@bryony] punting, with bubblewrap
19:04 [@Pseudodragon] ferret shock?
19:06 [@bryony] there were no ferrets! denies everything
19:07 [@bryony] hmm, i shot two unnamed fluffy creatures of the fenlands
19:09 [@Pseudodragon] Tut tut. Did they look too much like Edith?
19:11 [@bryony] no, they looked more like two mathmos with a big oar
19:11 [@Pseudodragon] So... why?
19:12 [@bryony] they were splashing me
19:13 [@Pseudodragon] Aha.
19:13 [@Pseudodragon] They got wetted?
19:13 [@bryony] yup :)
19:14 [@Pseudodragon] Yaaaaay!
19:14 [@Pseudodragon] Properly CPSed, or something smaller?
19:15 [@bryony] 240
19:15 [@Pseudodragon] Does the job, I guess.
19:15 [@bryony] and not really wet..
19:16 [@Pseudodragon] Incidentally, if you remove the flow restrictor from a 310, you get a really quite nice one-shot weapon.
19:16 [@bryony] ooh, is a 310 the green & yellow one?
19:16 [@bryony] nope, thats a 270
19:17 [@Pseudodragon] Erm... it's got 4 zonnles.
19:17 [@Pseudodragon] nozzles*
19:17 [@bryony] hehe, okay, i know the one you mean
19:17 [@Pseudodragon] Turquoise and yellow, IIRC.
19:17 [@bryony] yup
19:17 [@bryony] but not the one with the torrential setting
19:18 [@Pseudodragon] Not convinced it's practical, but it's sure fun...
19:18 [@bryony] i think the compsci's have one
19:18 [@Pseudodragon] Torrential is the 3k, right?
19:18 [@bryony] yes, it's big!
19:18 [@Pseudodragon] They were going cheap in Tescos last term...
19:19 [@bryony] Nokes got me with one
19:19 [@Pseudodragon] Used to be Nokes'. Not sure whose it is now.
19:19 [@Pseudodragon] It's only really any use in that it doesn't run out... ever.
19:20 [@Pseudodragon] I liked my 1500...
19:20 [@bryony] what happened to it?
19:21 [@Pseudodragon] Old age. Seals went, I think. Might dismantle it sometime, and see if I can make it less safe, but still functional.
19:22 [@bryony] explody riot cannon :)
19:22 [@Pseudodragon] Indeed.
19:23 [@Pseudodragon] Ought to get me a 2k sometime, I guess...
19:24 [@Twig] Lets see, you're willing to tamper with Guns and make them less safe but you still think my Liquid Nitrogen Depth charges are a bad idea?
19:24 [@Twig] Hypocrit
19:24 [@bryony] Edith: are you planning on assassinating people in the swimming pool?
19:25 [@Pseudodragon] Punts, I think.
19:25 [@bryony] oooh, fun!
19:26 [@Pseudodragon] Possibly.
19:26 [@Pseudodragon] On a par with sodium, I suspect.
19:29 [@Twig] Nah. Rhodium is much better for that.
19:29 [@Pseudodragon] Yeeeeee-esssss.
19:29 [@Pseudodragon] How were you getting it far enough away from you?
19:42 <-- SupperingSis leaves (Trillian (http://www.ceruleanstudios.com))
19:52 * Pseudodragon heads off.
20:13 [@Twig] Hmmmmm, now should I run after Tom and kill him?
20:13 [@Twig] nah, too much effort
20:58 * Twig goes drinking in the centre of town like a good assassin
20:58 <-- Twig leaves (using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.1)
21:04 <-- bryony leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
21:11 --> Sista joins
21:12 * Pavanne thinks assassinating people in te swimming pool should not be on
22:07 --> Edith joins
22:40 --> jon joins
22:49 <-- Phate leaves
22:50 --> Phate joins
23:03 --> Phate joins
23:11 <-- Phate leaves (leaving)
23:30 <-- SupperingSis leaves

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00:09 <-- Katamarino leaves (AnacųnŠa · "If at first you don't succeed, you will never succeed")
00:44 <-- Scotsman leaves
01:50 <-- Twig leaves (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:50 --> Sista joins
08:25 --> bryony joins
08:32 Pavanne set +v bryony
11:18 --> Katamarino joins
12:31 <-- bryony leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
13:08 <-- SupperingSis leaves
14:39 <-- jon leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
14:45 <-- Snapdragon leaves (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)
15:44 --> Snapdragon joins
15:46 <-- Snapdragon leaves (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:46 --> Snapdragon joins
17:36 Pavanne set +v Katamarino
17:36 [+Katamarino] ta
17:41 --> Sista joins
17:41 <-- SupperingSis leaves (Remote closed the connection)
18:21 --> bryony joins
18:26 Pavanne set +v bryony
18:26 [@Pavanne] oh, since several people are here, what would be the opinion on some kind of duel if this thing doesn't conclude by the end of the week?
18:30 [+bryony] that would seem a good idea
18:30 [+bryony] :) i shall get creamed
18:31 [@Pavanne] you think you're the only one on your side?
18:31 [+bryony] no, im just useless full stop
18:32 [@Pavanne] I couldn't possibly comment :)
18:32 [+bryony] :)
18:32 * bryony wants a silly duel
18:33 * Pseudodragon thinks a circle of treachery would be fun. However, he notes that this isn't terribly fair to everyone else.
18:35 [+bryony] yes, that would be everyone apart from you
18:43 [+bryony] which is in fact the meaning of 'everyone else'
18:57 --> Sista joins
18:58 [@Pavanne] what is a circle of treachery?
18:59 [+bryony] it traditionally requires larp swords and backstabbing
18:59 [+bryony] or at least.. thwacking people when their backs are turned
19:00 [@Pavanne] I'd prefer more traditional assassins weapons
19:00 [@Pavanne] fluffy rabbits, that kind of thing
19:00 [+bryony] grin that would suit me
19:12 [+bryony] i only have fluffy lizards
19:12 [+bryony] would this be a problem?
19:13 [@Pavanne] I don't imagine so.
19:13 [@Pavanne] I have a fluffy lizard too somewhere, if anyone wants to borrow one
19:17 --> Scotsman joins
19:17 <-- Scotsman leaves
19:20 [@Pseudodragon] Saturday afternoon isn't currently problematic. I shall keep it free.
19:20 [@Pseudodragon] A fluffy-bunnies only duel would be funny, if silly.
19:22 [+bryony] Saturday afternoon I hopefully have tiggy here
19:22 [@Pavanne] would she want to watch?
19:22 [+bryony] probably :)
19:24 [@Pavanne] sigh I'd really rather you all killed each other you know
19:24 [+bryony] hm, the novelty of waiting for people has worn off though
19:25 [@Pavanne] I understand
19:25 [@Pseudodragon] Who's tiggy?
19:25 [@Pavanne] not that you've been doing it at all
19:25 * Pseudodragon spent a good deal of this afternoon viciously attacking bryony...
19:26 [@Pavanne] er, well done
19:26 * bryony spend a good deal of this afternoon dying
19:26 [@Pavanne] you lot are very good at making no-kill agreements
19:26 [+bryony] such a shame.. :p
19:26 [@Pavanne] you didn't feel like attacking one another with guns on the way in?
19:27 [@Pseudodragon] We arrived at different times.
19:27 [@Pseudodragon] bryony was lats.
19:27 [@Pseudodragon] late*
19:27 [@Pseudodragon] Or, to put it differently, didn't know where to find James' room.
19:27 [@Pavanne] sigh :)
19:28 [@Pseudodragon] And we were too knackered to try when leaving.
19:28 [@Pavanne] I suppose maybe you just don't believe one another ot be mafia, which is fair enough.
19:28 [@Pseudodragon] FWIW, I think we established that if it came to a swordfight, my side would probably win.
19:29 [@Pseudodragon] (Unless Ross is really good, and not telling people)
19:29 [+bryony] yes, unless you were duct-taped to a chair..
19:29 [@Pavanne] how about weapons of individual choice? :)
19:30 [@Pavanne] Inquisitor can use a sword if he likes
19:30 [@Pseudodragon] If I had a big shield, I'd really be quite tempted to go against CPSs with a sword.
19:30 [@Pavanne] how big a shield?
19:30 [+bryony] could hopefully still shoot out you legs
19:31 [@Pseudodragon] My umbrella, I guess.
19:31 [@Pavanne] I think your legs would get shot
19:31 [+bryony] and if shields were expected there would definately be onions
19:31 [@Pavanne] suggested venue?
19:31 [@Pseudodragon] Indeed. Not really thinking it's practical.
19:31 [@Pavanne] Girton has plenty of nice fields, but given the laziness of the players...
19:31 [+bryony] :)
19:31 [@Pseudodragon] :)
19:32 [+bryony] i havent got a (working) bike..
19:32 * Pseudodragon is quite happy to go a long way, just not to stand around for hours once he's there...
19:32 [@Pavanne] ah, problem, admittedly
19:32 [@Pseudodragon] Yeah... that's a major detail.
19:33 [@Pavanne] Ross has a car, of course
19:33 --> Edith joins
19:33 [@Pseudodragon] I'd probably suggest symmetric weaponary. Makes me feel less obliged to wander around borrowing random bits of kit from people...
19:33 Inquisitor set +v Edith
19:33 [+bryony] ooh, rossmobile
19:33 Inquisitor set +o Edith
19:34 Edith set +o bryony
19:34 [@Pseudodragon] That works...
19:34 Edith set +o Katamarino
19:34 [@bryony] yay, never been opped before
19:34 [@bryony] now what can i do..
19:34 [@Twig] op us
19:34 [@Pseudodragon] Kick Pavanne, for example.
19:34 [@Pavanne] you could....
19:36 * Pseudodragon has to go soon, if you feel like lurking the CUJA squash, you can...
19:36 [@Pavanne] go on go on
19:37 * bryony has no wish to lurk anyone
19:37 [@Pseudodragon] ... but that's not where I'm going, so you'll feel silly.
19:37 [@Twig] Inquisitor: I could lurk the CUJA squash...
19:37 * Pavanne hasn't lurked anyone for aaaages and rather misses the last bitr of it
19:37 [@Twig] but I know where you're really going tonight so...
19:38 [@bryony] hello edith hands over jaffa cakes
19:38 [@Twig] sorry, couldn't possibly say.
19:39 [@Pseudodragon] Come lurk if you want. It's in Arbury, and it's fortress-like, with many exits.
19:43 [@bryony] Ooh, same place as the games evening?
21:35 <-- SupperingSis leaves
21:51 [@Katamarino] swordfight!
21:51 [@Katamarino] this may be a bit late
21:51 [@Pavanne] do you do swordfighting?
21:52 [@Katamarino] ummm...no :p
21:52 * Katamarino looks innocent
21:53 [@Twig] I disagree
21:53 [@Twig] A swordfight is far too simple
21:53 [@Twig] Drunken Midnight Swordfight On Rollerskates!
21:54 [@Twig] On a bridge!
21:54 [@Pavanne] if you like :)
21:54 [@Katamarino] if someone lends me skates...
21:55 [@Twig] Alternativly a 4-way shootout on a rapidly spinning roundabout
21:56 [@Pavanne] doubles chess?
21:56 [@Katamarino] lol
21:57 [@Pavanne] randomly selected partners ;)
21:58 [@Twig] A game of Russian Roulette with a Joe Devils. Three bullets in the clip. I'll go last.
21:58 [@Katamarino] wow, what a great plan
21:58 [@Twig] .....
21:58 [@Pavanne] not bad
21:58 [@Twig] fine by me
22:36 [@Pseudodragon] bryony: No, actually. Do come along to games next week, if your bike is working (might be in Emma, actually) - it's fun (no-kill can be arranged if paranoid...)
22:37 [@Pseudodragon] If anyone has roller skates, I do think swordfighting in cloaks and big coats, while rollerskating, has sufficient... Erm... style.
22:37 [@Twig] Fool
22:38 [@Katamarino] lol
22:40 [@Katamarino] neat :p
22:40 [@Katamarino] did he get ya?
22:40 [@Pseudodragon] Ermmmm... The only one shooting at Edith was Nick.
22:40 [@Pseudodragon] He's dead now.
22:40 [@Pseudodragon] He was taking pot shots at me at the time, so...
22:41 [@Twig] All better now!
22:42 [@Twig] All thanks to...
22:42 [@Twig] TOM - SAN!!!!
22:42 * Twig decides not to hug tom
22:42 * Pseudodragon lowers multiple guns.
22:42 [@Pavanne] does that mean I have to update website? sigh
22:43 [@Pseudodragon] Only if you want to.
22:43 [@Pseudodragon] Two shots from a pellet rifle. One to his right arm, the second mid-torso.
22:43 [@Twig] Nick is our pet monkey for reference
22:43 [@Pavanne] okay :)
22:48 [@bryony] i have size 10 skates
22:48 [@bryony] that belong to my neighbour
22:48 [@Pseudodragon] Hmmm... That's about my size.
22:49 [@Katamarino] mine too...
22:49 [@Katamarino] one each?
22:49 [@bryony] unfortunately i have size 6 feet..
22:49 [@Pseudodragon] That works.
22:49 [@Pseudodragon] Oooh, oooh, how about ice skating?
22:49 [@bryony] does anyone have small skates?
22:49 [@Pseudodragon] Oddly, no.
22:49 [@bryony] Inquisitior: where?
22:50 [@bryony] day trip to oxford woo!
22:50 [@Pseudodragon] Peterborough, alas - although they're building one in Cambourne.
22:50 [@Pseudodragon] Takes about 50 minutes to drive there - I go occasionally, because it's fun...
22:51 [@Pseudodragon] (And, of course, wild ice, when the fens freeze. Got some proper fen runners...)
22:51 [@bryony] damn, so you might have a slight advantage then :)
22:52 * Twig has no skates, ice or not
22:53 [@Twig] So when do I recover from being shot by Nick so I can mutilate his corpse in a variety of interesting manners?
22:53 [@Pavanne] you're not hurt by a rampaging monkey
22:53 [@Pseudodragon] bryony: I'm not bad at ice skating. I ought to practice more often, but... Proper speed skates are sooooooo much fun. I reckon they double your speed on rough ice.
22:54 [@Pavanne] are you all keen on the idea of a duel?
22:54 [@Pseudodragon] Not especially. I just see it as inevitable.
22:54 [@Pseudodragon] Well, likely, anyway.
22:54 [@Twig] yeah. Preferably before I have to return the Garish Gun of Doom!
22:55 [@Pseudodragon] It would be less forced than any sort of 'act, or else!' from you, now.
22:55 [@Pavanne] you're happy to continue until friday, in case you run into one another and any of you is troubling to carry weapons
22:55 [@Pavanne] ?
22:55 [@Pavanne] well, or else what?
22:56 [@Twig] yes
22:57 [@Pseudodragon] Presumably you thunderbolt, since nothig much else will get people moving.
22:57 [@Twig] Continue to Friday then duel I feel.
22:57 * Pseudodragon agrees.
22:58 [@Pavanne] Inquisitor: but who to thunderbolt... and temptation to draw a name out of a hat is not that strong ;)
22:58 * Twig for being so bloody lazy
22:59 [@Pavanne] I couldn't possibly comment on who's been lazy or not, you see
23:00 [@Twig] I''d like to admit to being a lazy bugger.
23:01 [@Twig] an possibly a silly one too
23:13 [@Pseudodragon] And I suspect lynching by vote at this stage would not achieve a strict majority, so that option's out.
23:13 [@Pseudodragon] Could just toss a coin to decide who wins, I guess...
23:13 [@Pseudodragon] ;-)
23:14 [@Twig] Duel at the CMS or something?
23:14 [@Pseudodragon] Not ideal. Security, etc.
23:15 [@Twig] Actually a duel at the far end of chruchill fields at dusk is plausable. They have trees, buildings and open areas.
23:15 [@Twig] dusk is atmospheric but unnesscessary
23:16 [@Pseudodragon] Makes it hard to see, too.
23:16 [@Pavanne] have to be water
23:16 [@Pavanne] pellets don't show
23:18 -!- You're now known as Oasis 23:19 * Pseudodragon would prefer day, partly for this reason.
23:21 [@Twig] Plus it looks less dodgy when the porters spot us on CCTV. They know me so if they see me, rather than a mysterious wierd figure on the CCTV then they don't call the police.
23:22 [@Twig] The only problem is the cover is a bit linear so you have to run over open ground to bypass someone.
23:24 [@Pseudodragon] They know you... WITH HAIR...
23:26 [@Twig] They know me without. They generally know me as the wierd but harmless one so if I went to them and said "Is it ok if me and a few friends go and have a fight with toy guns down by the far side of the fields?" They'd say "Yeah, ok" and watch us on the monitors for a laugh.
23:27 [@Pseudodragon] Good baseline option, then.
23:28 [@Oasis] yep
23:32 [@Twig] Alternativly I suggest the Local branch of Natwest for a duel.
23:33 [@Pseudodragon] I prefer Lloyds. The pillars would be good cover.
23:35 [@Twig] And you can do funky Matrix stuff. Good point.
23:45 <-- Twig leaves (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))

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18:02 [@Pseudodragon] Opping would make bootstrap easier.
18:02 [@Pseudodragon] Ah. Right.
18:02 [@Oasis] there you are :)
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