Michaelmas 2002 Mafia Game Awards

The Lemming award for first to die goes to The Innkeeper.

For being shot on the first morning by a trigger-happy psychopath who was coincidentally also mafia.

The Black Coat award for subtlety goes to The Lord of the Manor.

For shooting The Innkeeper for no in-game reason and publically admitting to it immediately.

The Adam Weishaupt award for best Illuminatus goes to The Vicar.

For bringing the remnants of the townspeople together for the first sign of organised resistance, before dying in action.

The Manson Family Award for teamwork goes to The Lord of the Manor, The Farmer and The Faith Healer.

For attacking Caius, all at once, with some success and much loss of secrecy.

The Fine Upstanding Citizen award goes to The Tree Surgeon.

For taking down the most dangerous mafioso, coming to exactly the right decisions about who to trust and for long hours of luckless lurking and shower inspecting.

The Matthew Garrett award for secrecy goes to The Shopkeeper

Because no-one appeared to suspect him of being the werewolf, despite him admitting to having killed The Author, until he was randomly picked off by the mafioso The Undertaker.

The Holzhauer award for psychopathy goes to The Lord of the Manor.

For killing three townspeople, including an illuminatus attacking him, trying to kill a few more, and generally being the scariest mafioso.

The Noble Sacrifice award for giving one's life for the townspeople goes to The Ichthyologist.

For double killing with the evil mafioso The Faith Healer the first mafioso to go down, in the mafia raid in Caius.

The Catherine Zentile award for the least innocent innocent goes to Matthew Johnson.

For telling everyone that he had just seen The Lord of the Manor and The Farmer walking back to Trinity Hall together after the Caius mafia orgy. And being immediately shot, but too late.

The Gonzo award for muppetry goes to The Lord of the Manor and The Farmer.

For not shooting Matthew Johnson when he walked past, presumably in a fit of misplaced sentimentality.

The John Wayne award for speed of draw goes to The Postman.

For getting his gun stuck in his coat pocket in a l4m3 way when attacked by The Undertaker.

The Little Lamb award for most suspicious looking innocent goes to The General.

For living in the same house as a mafioso and proclaiming his innocence frequently and unconvincingly.

The King Canute award for failing to hold back the tide goes to The Tree Surgeon.

For doing her best against a very strong mafia.

The David Blaine award for thinking outside the box goes to The Farmer.

For coshing his own mafia member, The Undertaker in order to gain access to the house of The General, in which Tom and Edith had a non-aggression pact. Sadly, Edith was out, but I was amused all the same.

The Godfather award for doing really well at mafia goes to The Undertaker.

For surviving, and killing 4 townspeople, despite being a generally lazy creature.

The mjg59 award for being about the only involved non-player not to get killed over the course of the game goes to Abi Baker.

For, well, not being killed, despite the otherwise extremely high death rate among the sheep.

Catherine Zentile also survived, amazingly, given that the rules stated she must not be shot. This might have been mostly because she lived in Girton in a no-kill zone.