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Over the years many different accolades, some good, some.... not so good, have been awarded to many people. This page lists all the awards and to whom they have been awarded.

The holders of MAs and PhDs can be found here. The chronological list of awards pages can be found here.

The Holzhauer Award for psychopathy

The Kenny Award for Dying Far Too Many Times

The Leek and Safe Award for most interesting weaponry

The Darwin Award for Death by Stupidity

The Harland Quinn Golden Quill Award for the most amusing reports

The Brutus Award for best betrayal

The Obfuscated Tutorial System Award for Silliest Pseudonym

The Zaphod Beeblebrox Award for Style

The Loloccoon Award for Survival

The Lemming Award for the first to die

The Catherine Zentile Award for least innocent innocent

The Yellow Streak Award for running away

The Laurel And Hardy Award for most amusing double-act

The Reversed Burden of Johannes Award for unintentionally killing innocents

The David Duffit Award for secrecy and deception

The Dr Kimble Award for surviving the longest time on the wanted list

The Mario Sainz-Martinez Award for cowwuption

The David and Goliath Award for Best Giant-Killing Activity by a New Player

The Richard Gibson Award for Marksmanship

The Robocop Award for killing wanted criminals

The Three Hours Early Award for Paranoia

The 'Do you have my fish?' Award for Excuse Least Likely To Get Someone To Open The Door

The 'Ginger Cake' Award for the 'smoothest' kill

The Gary Lineker Award for Sportsmanship

The Banker's Bonus Award for Profit

The 'I Shot the Sheriff' Award for Butchering Cops

The Maximus Decimus Meridius Award for Best Fight to the Death

The "nice try" Award for a valiant effort

The Bandwidth Bandit Award for Non-textual Reports

The Order of the Black Coat Award for Application of the Art of Disguise

The Butch Cassidy Award for Most Doomed Killing Spree

The 'My Hero' Award for the Biggest Fanclub

The Koom Valley Award for Best Ambush

The Orange Scarf Award for Subtlety

The Police Hero Medal for Outstanding Service

The Spawncamper Award for kill farming

The Couldn't Make It Up Award for Ironic Pseudonym Choice

The Eh? Award for Weirdest Assassins' Related Happening

The Jeffery Archer Award for Prolific Writing

The Pistols at Dawn Award for an addiction to duelling

The Three Weeks Early Award for signing up early

The *Twitch* award for Plot Derailment

The BAFTA Award for Best Actress

The Cuba '62 Award for Narrowly Averted Disaster

The Judas Award for Trying to Betray Someone, But They Miraculously Live Thanks to the Power of the Almighty

The Love Bug Award for unresolved sexual tension

The My Coat Is Just Big Boned Award for Weapon Concealment

The Show Must Go On Award for Devotion to The Guild

The Speedrun Award for Rapid Target Clearing

The Watcher On The Walls Award for dedicated ambushing

The Achievement Unlocked: Pacifist Award for Dedication to Not Using Weapons

The Dante Award for Divine Comedy

The Fake Simon Award for Psychological Warfare

The Gentleman's Award for Reverse Profit

The George R. R. Martin Award for Commitment To The Plot

The Lawyers at Dawn Award for Disputing Everything

The Mexican Standoff Award for tensest situation

The Not Dead Yet Award for failure to admit defeat

The Terminator Award for Best "I'll Be Back" moment

The Alvin, Simon, Theodore Award for most amusing triple-act

The Kit Jenkins award for most foolish pseudonym

The 'I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream' Award for Inventive Communication

The Adam Smith Award for Services to Economics

The Fluffy Bunny Collective for the Least Threatening Alliance

The Girton Award for the kill furthest from Cambridge

The Peace in the Middle East award for Fragile Alliances

The Pedants' Award for Attention to Detail

The Rasputin Award for Why Won't You Just Die?!

The Red/Blue Colourblind Award for Teamkilling

The Spawncamper Award for cheapest kill

The Martin Lester award for special (ab)use of bins

The Laurel Award for most amusing single-act

The "Say Hello To My Little Friend" Award for Excessive Firepower


The Bartholomew Schaf Award for Information Gathering

The Charge of the Light Brigade award for Brave but Doomed Attacks

The Dirty Dozen Award for the Most Amusing Duodecuple Act

The FIFA Independent Ethics Committee Award for Legitimate Business Practices

The League of Super Evil Award for Non-Game Based Nefariousness

The LinkedIn Award for Networking

The Mounted Division Award for Bicycle Warfare

The Nuclear Submarine Award for Mutually Assured Destruction

The Other Spawncamper Award for also kill farming

The Platinum Trophy Award for Completionism

The Social Butterfly Knife Award for Society Sweeping

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