Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Police List

Here is an incomplete list of members of a secret organisation known as the Volunteer Fire Department, charged with protecting Cambridge from fires both literal and metaphorical. Names will be added as we discover who more of them are:

The AuthorLemony Snicket
Ascended ParagonA Slightly Paler Kit Snicket
Vaguely Fiendish DevilSergeant Hartman
A Small, Everlasting Spark of Light in a Dark WorldThe Man with Glass Eyes, a Wooden Leg, and a Strangely Shaped Gash Across his Chest AKA The Man With Glass Eyes, A Wooden Leg, a Strangely Shaped Gash Across his Chest, Three Iron Fingers and a Burn Scar on his Shoulder
Poet LaureateIsadora Quagmire
A Member of a Shadowy OrganisationLachrymose Leech
A Member of a Shadowy OrganisationA Particularly Unfortunate Event
VolunteerBeatrice Snicket
VolunteerValallerie Firearms Dealer
Redeemed VolunteerThis is What Happens when you Repeatedly Hit a Cucco with a Sword
VolunteerDuncan Quagmire
VolunteerVFD's Youngest Poet
VolunteerSnow Gnats
VolunteerSpecial Orphan Running Exercises
VolunteerVolatile Flammable Device
VolunteerGuzma Reborn
VolunteerVoluminous Flood Drencher
VolunteerA Series of Fortunate Events?
VolunteerRean Schwarzer, The Azure Awakener
VolunteerThe Dewey Decimal System
Dragged back to the lightOminous Cawing

These have gone to fly ever upwards with the VFD eagles:

Paragon of VirtueThe Man with Glass Eyes
Paragon of TreasonKit Snicket
Reborn ParagonThe Man With Glass Eyes and a Wooden Leg
A Member of a Shadowy OrganisationFacilitator Ishmael
Very Frustrated DothrakiFacilitator Fishmail
A Member of a Shadowy OrganisationSergeant Hartman
VolunteerQuigley Quagmire

And these are the names of those who turned to the fire-starting side of the schism, and paid the price:

Chief of CorruptionThe Incredibly Docile ViperStarting fires
ArsonistBEN drowned...Starting fires

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