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New on Sunday, 26 March

[5 Mar, 15:21 PM] The Duel!
[25 Feb, 20:24 PM] The Fleeting Shadow at the Corner of Your Eye as you Walk Home on a Moonless, Windless Night eats Extra-Strength Wasabi for breakfast.
[16 Feb, 12:55 PM] Quigley Quagmire goes very, very Corrupt.
[16 Feb, 10:08 AM] Pokemon Trainer Cambridge Blue not-so-silently kills The Silent Killer.
[9 Feb, 18:35 PM] More lurking...
[8 Feb, 19:47 PM] The dastardly Count Olaf is brought to justice by someone who is Not A Crazed Gunman
[8 Feb, 15:53 PM] Pokemon Trainer Cambridge Blue, Isadora Quagmire and Yandere Vocaloids' Senpai go a-hunting, but find not a soul...
[6 Feb, 14:09 PM] Kit Snicket kills Kim Warde... What an amusing misspelling?
[5 Feb, 18:34 PM] Mattathias steps on a frog.
[5 Feb, 17:45 PM] Pokemon Trainer Cambridge Blue goes searching for Guzma, to no avail...
[4 Feb, 02:58 AM] Is that... someone being murdered by Cafe Salmonella?
[3 Feb, 13:54 PM] The Shadow gets Quigley Quagmire with a cold, iron knife.
[2 Feb, 18:50 PM] Rean Schwarzer, the Azure Awakener murders Jack Daniels
[2 Feb, 09:09 AM] More poetry, as Twisted_Fate falls to Isadora Quagmire
[1 Feb, 12:05 PM] Isadora Quagmire kills Stephano, and leaves a charming couplet.
[31 Jan, 18:20 PM] How tragically, tragically poetic. frog kills his [REDACTED], VFD's Youngest Poet
[31 Jan, 15:58 PM] Some serioslyunforgunateebends go down, and The Quagmire Sapphires emerge victorious, while Her Majesty's Super Special Service receive an ominous note...
[31 Jan, 15:36 PM] Count Olaf at last reveals themself! Erectile Reptile is brought down by their dastardly plots.
[31 Jan, 13:01 PM] Are knives integrable? The Nevermore Tree takes a stab at proving this to The Alchemist
[31 Jan, 12:14 PM] More soul of wit: serioslyunforgunateebends gets 2kg04I5
[31 Jan, 10:54 AM] Pokemon Trainer Cambridge Blue makes clear her favourite choice of starter: Peterchilledwards3 falls while Ivan Lachrymose spectates the match.
[31 Jan, 08:50 AM] Beep... beep... Bang... Quigley Quagmire shoots Benjiamin Christopher Arnold in the heart.
[30 Jan, 20:38 PM] The Sagacious Slayer eats Peterchilledwards* for breakfast, Georgina Orwell for lunch, and culinary delights for dinner.
[30 Jan, 18:00 PM] What is this; more treason? VFD's Youngest Poet gets pasta puttanesca with a knife - how poetic.
[30 Jan, 13:05 PM] [Insert political joke here] - The Nevermore Tree kills The Donnie
[30 Jan, 13:50 PM] Kim Warde bravely slays The Incredibly Dangerous Viper
[30 Jan, 13:59 PM] Garrick Ollivander chokes on some pasta puttanesca
[30 Jan, 10:24 AM] Beau del'Air kills Link, VFD's Youngest Poet kills Beau del'Air, and everyone learns that [REDACTED] is quite a dangerous place at lecturetime.
[29 Jan, 22:24 PM] McManus-Winthrop Overpopulation Solutions Consultancy PLC stabs ??, bad luck: serioslyunforgunateebends got there first!
[19 Feb, 21:24 PM] The Minigame begins!
[24 Feb, 16:36 PM] Extra-Strength Wasabi spreads the fire to Jacques Snicket!
[26 Feb, 17:32 PM] Mattathias didn't order pizza, but The Gentleman brought him some anyway.
[27 Feb, 21:51 PM] The Lady and The Gentleman get Truck, Thunders
[23 Feb, 20:51 PM] Ominous Cawing sends The Entire First Chapter of The Bad Beginning onto the path of redemption.
[26 Feb, 13:21 PM] The Gentleman and Not A Crazed Gunman murder HoneyBadger69
[23 Feb, 14:44 PM] The Fleeting Shadow at the Corner of Your Eye as you Walk Home on a Moonless, Windless Night gets Extra-Strength Wasabi - first death of the Police War!
[17 Feb, 17:11 PM] The Lady is slightly scary. Just look at what she did to Athos
[17 Feb, 17:08 PM] The Gentleman takes out The Quagmire Sapphires
[17 Feb, 10:17 AM] Not A Crazed Gunman guns down Ivan Lachrymose in a show of crazed brutality.
[13 Feb, 11:07 AM] A Concerned Crow flies through The Shadow of the night.
[13 Feb, 10:04 AM] The Gentleman wears a Lily in his hat.
[11 Feb, 13:33 PM] The Incredulously Docile Viper slays The Sagacious Slayer with assistance from A Slightly Paler Kit Snicket
[9 Feb, 21:41 PM] Kit Snicket is killed by Guzma, but The Man With Glass Eyes, A Wooden Leg, a Strangely Shaped Gash Across his Chest, Three Iron Fingers and a Burn Scar on his Shoulder swiftly avenges her death.
[8 Feb, 19:53 PM] The Man with Glass Eyes, a Wooden Leg, and a Strangely Shaped Gash Across his Chest hunts down The Incredibly Deadly Sniper
[8 Feb, 17:33 PM] Not A Crazed Gunman does not shoot Dewey Denouement - nope, she stabs them.
[8 Feb, 17:23 PM] The Incredibly Deadly Sniper kills Caligula.
[8 Feb, 16:42 PM] The Incredibly Deadly Sniper proves to be incredibly deadly when sniping The Nevermore Tree
[8 Feb, 14:37 PM] Vice Principal Nero poetically stabs Kit Kat
[8 Feb, 10:09 AM] Count Olaf gets some UVH
[6 Feb, 18:42 PM] The Spyglass moodily destroys Atykhron, Destroyer of Moodle Sessions
[6 Feb, 18:00 PM] Battle of the animals! HoneyBadger69 comes out victorious over The Penguin of Death.
[6 Feb, 10:52 AM] Beatrice Snicket backstabs her friend Peterchilledwards1
[5 Feb, 19:39 PM] The Incredibly Deadly Viper eats The Real Estate Agent at dinner.
[4 Feb, 16:40 PM] Vice Principal Nero and The Incredibly Deadly Viper get A Man with a Tattoo of an Eye on his Ankle with their trousers down.
[4 Feb, 10:36 AM] Mattathias gets L outside lectures.
[4 Feb, 10:18 AM] The Gentleman kills Bookworm while Facilitator Fishmail looks on.
[3 Feb, 20:35 PM] Horizontal Flame and get rekd double-kill!
[3 Feb, 19:50 PM] Volunteer Feline Detective tries to investigate The Sagacious Slayer, but it all goes horribly wrong.
[3 Feb, 10:52 AM] Caligula kills lo oculto
[2 Feb, 20:57 PM] The Spyglass kills Leon Thotsky as This is What Happens when you Repeatedly Hit a Cucco with a Sword watches on.
[1 Feb, 21:33 PM] Al Funcoot is bitten by a Ssssnake
[1 Feb, 16:03 PM] McManus-Winthrop Overpopulation Solutions Consultancy PLC decides to close shop.
[2 Feb, 07:47 AM] The Gentleman, with a knife, chats to I said I wouldn't do this last term and then I did and then I made the same commitment again and am breaking it again.
[31 Jan, 19:31 PM] I said I wouldn't do this last term and then I did and then I made the same commitment again and am breaking it again., but at least I just killed Wasabi, so I've got that going for me I guess?
[30 Jan, 10:00 AM] Beans becomes toast at the hands of lo oculto
[29 Jan, 19:25 PM] All's fair in love and war, as 2kg04I5 gets A Culinary Equivalent to Horseradish in a heartbreaking betrayal.
[29 Jan, 19:20 PM] Peterchilledwards2 falls at the hands of The Silent Killer
[25 Feb, 14:31 PM] Whew! Judge Judy and Executioner gets The Entire First Chapter of The Bad Beginning, Ominous Cawing gets Judge Judy and Executioner, and then Special Orphan Running Exercises gets Ominous Cawing...
[4 Feb, 14:39 PM] Count Olaf goes on a rampage and (licitly) murders both incobash teams, including Miss Maheswaran, Fabled Flop and Alexander Homerton.
[1 Feb, 00:52 AM] More corruption: Count Olaf fails to kill BEN drowned..., Kit Snicket goes the treasonous route, and Sergeant Hartman proceeds to try to murder Kit Snicket for the lulz.

New on Saturday, 4 March

[4 Mar, 19:16 PM] The Umpire forgot to enter a headline.

New on Monday, 27 February

[27 Feb, 20:42 PM] The Incredibly Deadly Viper isn't so deadly today...
[26 Feb, 19:36 PM] A very close call.

New on Wednesday, 22 February

[22 Feb, 21:30 PM] The Police War begins!

New on Sunday, 19 February

[17 Feb, 09:32 AM] Quigley Quagmire is brought to justice.
[19 Feb, 03:14 AM] [CENSORED] goes down while the Umpire is sleeping.

New on Saturday, 18 February

[18 Feb, 19:21 PM] The Man with Glass Eyes, a Wooden Leg, and a Strangely Shaped Gash Across his Chest manages to take down Her Majesty's Super Special Service (Andrew Briggs)
[18 Feb, 08:59 AM] Jaqen H'ghar's murderous tendencies know no bounds, as Pokemon Trainer Cambridge Blue (Andrew Browne) falls to her machine gun.
[17 Feb, 19:17 PM] Mattathias muses poetically

New on Friday, 17 February

[17 Feb, 11:24 AM] Arthur Poe looks for more guardians.
[16 Feb, 16:21 PM] Dr Westmont incohunts in vain.
[17 Feb, 12:18 PM] The Incredibly Deadly Viper goes a hunting, but finds no prey.

New on Thursday, 16 February

[14 Feb, 13:06 PM] The Quagmire Sapphires sends Her Majesty's Super Special Service a Valentines poem.

New on Monday, 13 February

[12 Feb, 16:51 PM] Varsity was a thing!
[11 Feb, 14:02 PM] Mattathias has some lovely poetry to share.

New on Friday, 10 February

[9 Feb, 14:55 PM] A Concerned Crow seems concerned with the demise of others...
[9 Feb, 08:49 AM] Rean Schwarzer, the Azure Awakener goes looking for a Lily, but doesn't find any nice plants around.

New on Thursday, 9 February

[26 Jan, 23:04 PM] Bounties!
[9 Feb, 17:48 PM] Athos goes a-lurking...

New on Monday, 6 February

[6 Feb, 14:50 PM] Someone cowers in their room, hiding from The Quagmire Sapphires...
[4 Feb, 14:20 PM] Incobash!

New on Friday, 3 February

[3 Feb, 20:33 PM] Her Majesty's Super Special Service searches for Athos in vain.

New on Thursday, 2 February

[2 Feb, 11:22 AM] Volunteer Feline Detective goes a-skulking for UVH, but no luck...
[2 Feb, 19:03 PM] Poetry, but no kills, for Mattathias
[2 Feb, 18:58 PM] HoneyBadger69 goes hunting, but finds nothing...

New on Wednesday, 1 February

[1 Feb, 21:36 PM] Kit Snicket murders The Incredulously Docile Viper again.
[31 Jan, 19:50 PM] BEN drowned... declares allegiance to the fire-starting side of VFD; proceeds to murder The Gentleman, The Man With Glass Eyes and a Wooden Leg, Facilitator Ishmael and Sergeant Hartman.

New on Tuesday, 31 January

[31 Jan, 20:47 PM] Al Funcoot shoots Horizontal Flame, but in a church? Oh dear, someone's going Wanted.
[31 Jan, 13:30 PM] The Shadow stabs Dewey Denouement, but the world is quiet in this library...

New on Sunday, 29 January

[29 Jan, 07:24 AM] The Man with Glass Eyes goes hunting The Incredibly Docile Viper, but is murdered by snakebite and the avenging wrath of Kit Snicket.

New on Saturday, 28 January

[22 Jan, 14:00 PM] Lemony Snicket wishes you a Happy Murdering!

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