Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Police List

Here are the names and details of all those charged with protecting Cambridge from the undesirable elements of society:

RankPseudonymReal NameEmail AddressAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusNotes
Night\'s KingJon SnowTwm 3, 70 Jesus LaneChrist'sNo WaterMy house is out of bounds when players visit me.
Shade of her Former SelfQuaithe of the ShadowKim[REDACTED]ChurchillWater With CareNo attacking my staircase between midnight and 7am. If any Player, Police, Innocent or Accomplice has any game-related welfare concerns, they can bring them up with me either face-to-face or by email. I will be confidential. If any Police wants weapons loans, game advice, a hunting partner or an Off-Uni-Property Duel because they're bored, then they should drop me an email or turn up at my door and I will happily oblige :)
Metal MonsterSer Robert StrongCurtis M4, Sherlock CourtSt Catharine'sNo Water
Sept of the StrangerSleepy GaryBen, New CourtPembrokeNo Water
Sept of the StrangerGeneric Dothraki Horde Member AMichael Fitzwilliam Street, Room 1PeterhouseWater With Care
Sept of the StrangerGeneric Dothraki Horde Member GNancy Howard LodgeDowningWater With Care
Sept of the StrangerGeneric Dothraki Horde Member BAndrew Fitzwilliam Street, Room 7PeterhouseNo Water
Sept of the StrangerGeneric Dothraki Horde Member DDominic 3, 17 Fitzwilliam StreetPeterhouseWater With Care
Sept of the StrangerGeneric Dothraki Horde Member FJames 6, 17 Fitzwilliam StreetPeterhouseNo Water
Sept of the StrangerCatelyn StarkRuby 26, Flat 6, Univeristy court, 170a Lincoln Rd, Peterbrough. May also be found at Buckingham K, Room 3 - Magdalene College on some weekdays and the weekendARUNo WaterDuring the week at ARU, Young Street St. 10am to 4pm. If dedicated enough to go to Peterborough please don't kill my roommates.
Sept of the StrangerSmaugMikaela Hostel C6TrinityNo Water
Sept of the StrangerTowenThomas Orchard BuildingPembrokeNo Water
Sept of the StrangerGeneric Dothraki Horde Member EJonathan 3, 16 Fitzwilliam streetPeterhouseWater With Care
Sept of the StrangerGeneric Dothraki Horde Member CDuncan Fitwilliam street, rm 5PeterhouseNo Water
Sept of the StrangerRandom BannermanAlessandro Garden 28King'sWater With Care
Minion of the Many-Faced GodIce MaidenBen, Sherlock CourtSt Catharine'sNo WaterJust for the reference, I usually keep my room door Sher-locked!
Minion of the Many-Faced GodThe AlchemistMark Building A12TrinityNo Water
Minion of the Many-Faced GodThe Starved ManJamie 6b North CourtSt John'sWater With CareLive in a shared set- roommate is female (so identity won't be mistaken!), but she is not involved in the game for anyone's reference. Umpire's note:Be careful of computers with water
Minion of the Many-Faced GodPateNicholas, Cripps CourtSelwynNo WaterKnown as Nick
Minion of the Many-Faced GodGrey WormAlasdair, Cripps CourtSelwynNo Water
Minion of the Many-Faced GodTheon GreyjoyDan, Red Buildings courtPembrokeWater With Care
Minion of the Many-Faced GodHandsome JackMichael's 12St Catharine'sNo WaterOften found in L3. L3 has its own occupant.
Minion of the Many-Faced GodSamwell TarlyJoshua Court, B17TrinityFull Water
Minion of the Many-Faced GodRickon StarkDimitrije Boar I6TrinityNo Water
Minion of the Many-Faced GodemordnilapatonJames 3St Catharine'sNo Water
SellswordDaario NaharisPeter, North CourtChurchillNo Water
SellswordThe SquinterLee Water
SellswordThe WaifNoemi 40H, East CourtChurchillNo Water
SellswordPhantom with Cheesegrater (understudy)Jack Whewell's CourtTrinityNo WaterNo water in room plz+kthx. My room OOB on Thursday 6:30-9:30pm and Friday 8-9am please, I host society events.
SellswordThe LordlingClaire Huntingdon Road Room 4Murray EdwardsNo Water

These have gone to the great doughnut shop in the sky:

RankPseudonymReal NameCollege
The Prince that was PromisedJon SnowTwm StoneChrist's
King of the Andals and the First MenJon SnowTwm StoneChrist's
Ruler of the Seven KingdomsJon SnowTwm StoneChrist's
Lord Commander of the Night\'s WatchJon SnowTwm StoneChrist's
Bastard of WinterfellJon SnowTwm StoneChrist's
Turncloak CrowJon SnowTwm StoneChrist's
Hand of the KingEddard StarkAlexander (Alex) HibbertMagdalene
Lord Commander of the KingsguardEddard StarkAlexander (Alex) HibbertMagdalene
Minion of the Many-Faced GodThe WaifNoemi AmmaturoChurchill
Minion of the Many-Faced GodThe Kindly ManPeter RuggChurchill
Minion of the Many-Faced GodThe SquinterLee TomlinsonChurchill
Minion of the Many-Faced GodThe LordlingClaire FareyMurray Edwards
Minion of the Many-Faced GodPhantom with Cheesegrater (understudy)Jack RobinsonTrinity
Minion of the Many-Faced GodArya StarkGwilym KuiperSidney Sussex
Minion of the Many-Faced GodSuper Doctor Astronaut Peter CorbeauCurtis ReubensSt Catharine's

And these are the names of those who turned to the dark side of the Force, and paid the price:

RankPseudonymReal NameCollegeCrime
Soothsayer of the ShadowlandsQuaithe of the ShadowKim WardChurchillArranging a hit on an uninvolved player. Stabbing a non-bearing, non-wanted player.

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