Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - List of Players

Sorted by current score

Twm StoneApolloRoom 3, 70 Jesus LaneChrist'sFull WaterI am allergic to water, foam, and fluffy attack animals397311.41
Ben Mortishire-SmithPestilenceQ7, New CourtPembrokeNo Water123112.13
Alexander (Alex) HibbertBoreasBuckingham K, Room 3Magdalene Full WaterAllergic to nuts, so no commiseratory Snickers, please! Also, I will often have a female in my room. For the avoidance of doubt, I am not female. Finally, you are heartily encouraged to duel me, and all offers of such will be accepted (as far as is practicable).96109.00
Mark Coopervampire squashWolfson Building A12TrinityNo Water9384.72
Kim WardAthenaSomewhere in Athens, obviously. No fighting under my olive tree. (Address OoB)ChurchillCasual/social player. Umpire's note: this player's address is Out of Bounds, even if discovered/already known by other players.8381.45
Alexis de VivenotTinker Tailor Soldier TrumpPearce Hostel C17TrinityNo Water8357.74
Jared JeyaretnamFlying Spaghetti MonsterD5, Wolfson Building, Trinity CollegeTrinityNo Water8553.68
Freddie BrewerTrigger WarningY18, Wilson CourtFitzwilliamNo WaterI shall be playing music outside this Mayweek. OOB whenever my bassoon (instrument) is out of its case, or taking it out/packing it away, e.g. if I'm performing at a garden party (hint hint...) Be careful of other people's instruments out even if mine is away, and no water anywhere near instruments please.4044.00
Matt KayeRajesh Kai34 Panton Street, Room 5PembrokeFull Water7536.42
Lewis JonesHorse of TroyBotolph Court 24, CB2 3RDCorpus ChristiNo water5436.10
Harry SarsonDeathG5 Pembroke CollegePembrokeWater with care7734.39
Michael WarmanCharon's More Efficient Alternative16 Fitzwilliam Street, Room 1PeterhouseNo water until Sunday 12th, water with care from then on1030.00
Ben WeberFrozoneM09, Sherlock CourtSt Catharine'sWater with careThere are definitely NO mafias in Cambridge. At all. None. Also be careful of my laptop at the far end of the room when using water. But definitely no mafias, okay?2211.32
Kate LoweEuridicheepUnder the laurel treen/aNo WaterCasual/social player. Also, please don't kill my fiance! Umpire's note: this player's address is Out of Bounds, even if discovered/already known by other players.229.00
Alessandro MarianiYajnavalkyaNew Garden 28King'sWater with care015.00
Irina SavovaHelen of TroyNumber 6 Trumpington Street Room 3Corpus ChristiNo Water244.29
Sam TwistParis, Son of King of TroyRoom 39 Bene't hostel Bene't street CambridgeCorpus ChristiNo Waterthere are no notes233.68
Katie GibsonmoonquakesG2PembrokeWater with careCasual/social player. Oob while working Jesus May ball Monday-Tuesday,and John's May ball Tuesday-Wednesday121.32
Christopher BowringThe TRUMPINATORWhewell's Court B6TrinityNo Water121.32
Daniel ChivertonEl-AhrairahMallory D 6MagdaleneNo Water121.32
Ben SchreiberCerberusChapel court 3 Room 6JesusNo Water000.00
Shyam DhokiaHomunculusCripps Court B4St John'sWater with care000.00
Alexander HardwickHades, God of the UnderworldAcheron.Queens'No WaterI am the Umpire. You don't get any points for killing me. Although loads of you are planning to anyway, I know...Umpire's building is blanket Out of Bounds, and unauthorised entry is strictly forbidden.030.00
Hani El-BayZeus walks into a bar. Merkel pays.Wolfson Building, room D11TrinityWater with care120.00
Richard JonesTermerusRoom 104, ABC, HomertonHomertonNo Water000.00
Anna O'BrienNephthys (cause funerals yo)Room 24, Castlebrae, Clare College ColonyClareNo WaterPlease don't make me late for bumps!000.00
Jazz Darby CattoBoudiccaB35AGirtonNo WaterI've been known to frequent the Eagle000.00
Zheneng XieCyamitesMallory D5MagdaleneWater with care120.00
Mikaela BelcherNo-oneQueens' College, Walnut Tree Court, G5TrinityNo WaterTwo non assassins living at my address - please don't shoot them or their guests!120.00
Sean Thor HerronAssassiny McAssassinfaceRoom 21, Basing House, Magdalene Street, Magdalene CollegeMagdaleneWater with care13-5.00
Christopher Giles MartinHemi-Demi-SemigodEast Court 18, Emmanuel CollegeEmmanuelNo Water01-5.00
William Grace (Will)WarG8PembrokeWater with careIf using water, be careful of any electrical equipment!14-5.71
Katy DarwentGet Seth for warP11, Garden CourtSidney SussexNo Water02-8.68
James BrotherstonToken Catz StudentWoodlark 3St Catharine'sNo water14-8.68
Clara DingArtemisG13, Cripps, St John's CollegeSt John'sNo Water02-8.68
Karolina HesEcho321 Keynes buildingKing'sNo WaterIdeally, please avoid using water inside the building.02-8.68
Dimitrije ErdeljanVelesBlue Boar I6, TrinityTrinityNo Water16-17.36
Conrad AllisonBaconBull 19St Catharine'sNo Water04-20.00
Peter RuggKatarina2EChurchillNo WaterCasual/social player. Possibly going punting at about 3 on Wednesday 7th; doing the CUCaTS puzzlehunt around Cambridge from 4pm on Friday to 4pm on Saturday. I will not be in Cambridge after approximately noon on Sunday.05-20.71
Samuel MackeyDr Hannibal LecterW6Queens'No WaterOoB in the Catz May Ball queue on June 15th. Non-assassin roommate.15-20.71
Samuel KittlePoseidon't have a pseudonym so the Umpire chose this oneB23 Angel Court, Trinity CollegeTrinityNo Water06-24.39
Juliet ArmstrongFather ChristmasD19, Wolfson Building, Trinity CollegeTrinityNo Water05-25.00
Daniel James (Dan)FamineG7 Pembroke College main sitePembrokeFull Water06-28.68
Cyriac CyriacJohannes W4PembrokeFull Water08-31.42

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